Hot Meets Cold Chapter 1871

Beidou was the first to rush over to Ye Òàà¾Õ§, looking around.

At the sound of his voice, Ye ÒÒ glanced at Bei Dou, waiting for him to come, the cucumber dish was already cold.

“Sister Feng, is everything alright?” On the side, Seven Stars looked at Ye ÒÒ and spoke.

Ye ÒÒ shook her head slightly and said, “Nothing’s wrong.”

“It’s broad daylight and a clear sky, someone is actually as shameless as our Fearless Alliance, robbing in public, this is like preparing to rob us of our business!” Beidou said with a face full of indignation.

“Alliance Master, do you know where the other party is from?”

At this moment, the Grand Elder stepped forward and opened his mouth to ask.

When they went with Eleven to investigate the Fearless Alliance members being held by Si Bo Yi, they received a call saying that the Alliance Master had been intercepted by someone, and even their elite members of the Fearless Alliance could not manage it, so they concluded that the person who intercepted the Alliance Master was estimated to be from the Independent State.

“It should be from Independence State.” Ye ÒÒ said.

Hearing this from Ye ÒÒ, the Third Elder frowned in contemplation, and after a moment, spoke, “Alliance Master, is it possible that it could be someone from the Heavenless Association ……?”

Their side had just pitted the leader of the Heavenless Society, Si Bo Yi, into the police station, so it would be reasonable if they were retaliated by the Heavenless Society.

“I don’t think so.”

Given the size of the Heavenless Society, it should not be able to accommodate that strong man from before, and besides, that person had come with a very clear intention, not to take her name, but to come for the ring, so there should be no connection with the Heavenless Society.

“That’s strange …… Alliance Master, I heard several members of the Fearless Alliance say that that person was trying to rob your ring ……,” said the Grand Elder looking at Ye ÒÒ.

“Not bad.” Ye ÒÒÒ nodded her head very dryly and admitted.

“Alliance Master, what kind of ring is that, I wonder if it’s convenient to show me?” The Grand Elder said.

Ye ÒÒÒ did not think much of it, it was still unnecessary to set up defenses for people like the Grand Elder.

At that moment, Ye ÒÒ took the ring off his finger and handed it to the Grand Elder.

Seeing this, the Seven Stars and the Northern Dipper, as well as the Third Elder and the others, gathered around them.

The ring in the Grand Elder’s hand was ancient and unpretentious, they didn’t know what kind of material it was made of. On closer inspection, on the back of the ring, there was a small grass, the ring looked, on the contrary, ordinary.

“Have you finished reading it? show it to me when you’re done.” The Third Elder glanced at the Eldest Elder.

At the sound of his voice, the Eldest Elder handed the ring to the Third Elder.

The Grand Elder looked at it for a moment, but he could not see a single thing.

“Third Elder, come, come, give me this ring to look at.” Beidou hurriedly spoke towards the Third Elder and extended his hand.

However, the Third Elder glanced at Bei Dou and ignored him, directly handing the ring back to Ye ÒÒ.

“Alliance Master, this ring, it should be some years old, and, the material is rather special …… it should be considered relatively valuable ……,” the Third Elder pondered for a moment, and spoke towards Ye ÒÒ.

“Worth …… how much is it worth?” Ye ÒÒÒ asked subconsciously.

“It’s hard to say ……” The Third Elder shook his head, he wasn’t selling the ring, so how could he know how much it was worth?

“So, apart from being worth money, is there any other use for it?” Ye ÒÒ asked as he looked at the Third Elder.

“Other uses …… should still be worth money …… besides being worth money, I don’t see any other utility.” The Third Elder was dumbfounded, could there be any other usefulness to this ring?

Immediately, Ye ÒÒs gaze fell on the eldest elder.

The most knowledgeable person within the Fearless Alliance, as everyone knew, was the eldest elder, so perhaps the eldest elder knew the use of this ring.