Fortune Chapter 3265

With the power of the sword, he killed five strong foreigners in seconds! The youth who was carrying countless honors and legends at the moment was creating an even more spectacular, epic chapter of legends! Between the heavens and the earth, countless people in the God and Demon Continent were boiling and cheering, Ye Han alone killed twelve foreigner powerhouses in a row, letting everyone see a ray of hope, the balance of the battle was now leveled.

More than thirty alien powerhouses equivalent to giants were killed by Ye Han twelve in a row, and the remaining twenty or so alien powerhouses equivalent to giants were all fended off by more than twenty giants of the Divine and Demonic Continent.

As for those hundreds of foreign race powerhouses that carried sevenfold witch power and sevenfold Yuan power, with Ye Han around and the beings of the Divine Demon Continent, what waves could they possibly make?

At this moment, the youth with the brightest light in the sky instantly became a god-like existence among the beings of the God and Demon Continent, becoming the savior and guardian god in everyone’s heart! His position in the hearts of all beings leapt beyond all the masters of the Divine and Demonic Continent, overriding all living things! “With him here, the Divine Demon Continent can be kept safe for the time being!”

This thought flashed through the minds of all the giants, Ye Han’s terror, they all only went to be able to look up! At this moment, the most ugly face, the most terrified is the invasion to the God Demon Race of the foreigners strong, Ye Han’s strong, so that originally prepared in the God Demon Continent massacre, so that the God Demon Continent of the living beings to prostrate they all feel the death crisis! This world is not as weak as they thought, at least, the strength of that youth is not something they can fight against.

Above the void, Ye Han’s face was as cold as ice, his gaze looked around the entire battlefield, and then he once again strolled out and appeared beside the Holy Spirit Ancestor, and his appearance instantly caused the foreigner powerhouse who was fighting with the Holy Spirit Ancestor to flee towards the distance.

“Hmph, can you escape?

Invading my Divine Demon Continent and killing people of my own race, you group of extra-terrestrials are destined to die!”

Ye Han’s spatial ability was exerted, and the void that the foreigner powerhouse had retreated into immediately turned into a void prison, trapping this foreigner powerhouse in it instantly, and then Ye Han waved his hand, and under the release of spatial power, this foreigner trapped in it was instantly obliterated.

After killing a foreigner strongman again, Ye Han continued to take action, specializing in picking the foreigner strongman who carried eight weight witch power and eight weight Yuan power, as for those who carried seven weight witch power and seven weight Yuan power, it was just enough to give the God and Demon Continent’s group of super strongmen to practice their hands in less than half a quarter of an hour, Ye Han once again killed five foreigner strongmen who carried eight weight witch power and eight weight Yuan power.

With this series of actions down by Ye Han, now, the balance of the war had officially favored the side of the Divine Demon Continent! At this moment, the Divine Demon Continent already had several giants with their hands free, Ye Han had helped them kill the foreigner powerhouses, and only now did they have the chance to help the others.

However, the killing that belonged to Ye Han alone still hadn’t stopped yet, the hostility in his heart hadn’t all dispersed yet, only by killing all the foreign races in this heaven and earth would Ye Han be able to calm down.

Of course, after Ye Han’s killing, the crisis facing the Divine Demon Continent had been lifted, although tens of millions of lives had been paid for it, and half of the Central State had been paid for it, but, being able to kill all of the foreigners that had invaded, the Divine Demon Continent could only be saved from the doom! “Bodhisattva, this person, leave it to me!”

At this time, Ye Han appeared beside the Earth Store King Bodhisattva, the one who fought with the Earth Store King was that foreigner powerhouse who carried the ninth level of Yuan Power, this person was far stronger than all the giants in this heaven and earth, and only the Earth Store King Bodhisattva was able to fight against him.

“Arrogant brat, killing nearly twenty of my Jiu Li World’s powerhouses, today, this Lord God will definitely slaughter you!”

Seeing Ye Han’s arrival, this foreign race powerhouse’s killing intent was monstrous, for Ye Han, if it wasn’t for the Earthly Bodhisattva who had been pestering him, he would have wanted to personally go and get rid of Ye Han! “Foreigner, this is what I want to say to you as well, enter my Divine Demon Continent, you have to die!”

Ye Han did not have any extra words, the moment his fist blasted out, that power that could not be described in words, as if the sky and the earth were being turned upside down, where one fist went, everything in the heaven and earth was destroyed, even the power of the laws and rules were all dispersed, and that part of the world, completely turned into a heaven and earth that did not have the existence of any dao laws! “Divine Demon Clan brat, die!”

The foreigner powerhouse who carried the Nine Heavy Yuan Power similarly blasted his fist towards Ye Han.

Boom! The earth and sky exploded, everything trembled, two people under this clash of fists, as if two planets collided with each other, with two people as the center, a wave of world-destroying power spread in all directions towards the sky and the earth, so that in the surrounding battle of the God and the Devil Continent giants, the foreigners have to stay away, the aftermath of the destruction of the power of the force of the strength of the strong, even if they encountered it all have to be injured! In an instant, Ye Han in the void above the motionless, while the body of the nine yuan power of the foreigner is a step backward, but with this foreigner against a fist, Ye Han also felt the other side of the amazing strength.

Facing those foreigners who carried eight weights of witch power and eight weights of Yuan power, Ye Han was able to kill them in one move, but facing this foreigner who carried nine weights of Yuan power, even if Ye Han was under seven times the battle power, he was unable to kill him in one move.

Through this, Ye Han also roughly surmised his current strength, under seven times of battle power, with his power at this time, it should be equivalent to the peak of the Nine Heavy Sorcery Power of the foreigner powerhouses, however, after devouring the soul power of the Thousand Cliff Upper God, Ye Han knew that, if he now met a foreigner powerhouses such as the Thousand Cliff Upper God, it would be difficult for him to fight against them as well! However, it was not difficult for Ye Han to kill this foreign race powerhouse in front of him! “Die!”

Ye Han once again took a step forward, monstrous greatness suppressed from the top of the sky, as if the entire world was being suppressed down towards that foreigner powerhouse, and in that instant, this foreigner powerhouse felt the power that was enough to crush him into pieces land on his body.

“Foreigner, from the moment you stepped into the land of my Divine Demon Continent, your fate has already been predetermined, this heaven and earth, will be your grave!”

Infinite greatness madly suppressed down towards the foreigner, making that foreigner powerhouse could only roar to resist this suppressive force, through fighting with Ye Han, he felt that there was a huge gap between himself and Ye Han, at this moment, there was some regret in his heart, as a pioneer force to explore this world, he should not have slaughtered the Divine and Demonic Race with such fanfare, inviting in this terrifying powerhouse.

Boom! After the world-like power above the sky dome came crashing down, that foreign race had already been crushed to pieces by this infinite greatness, and his body, in the void, directly exploded.

A foreign race powerhouse with nine levels of Yuan Power had been crushed to death just like this!