Fortune Chapter 3264

Under the coverage of the terrifying palm, that foreign race powerhouse that was enveloped by Ye Han almost didn’t even have the time to resist before his head was directly pinched and exploded by the five fingers, dead beyond death! Seeing this scene, the alien powerhouses who were launching a frantic killing spree throughout the Central State were all horrified, that youth’s strength, was terrifying! It should be known that the foreigner powerhouse that Ye Han had just crushed to death with one hand was carrying the eighth level of sorcery power, and had fronted up against a giant of the Divine and Demonic Continent without losing a single step, but such a horrifyingly powerful gaijin powerhouse had been crushed to death by Ye Han so easily! “What kind of power is this?”

Such a scene also caused the hearts of everyone in the Divine Demon Continent to shake wildly, the foreigner powerhouse that had just been pinched to death by Ye Han was a bit of a struggle for even the giants to fight against, while Ye Han, however, had easily pinched him to death! If Ye Han could easily pinch that foreigner, wouldn’t he be able to easily pinch the giants of the Divine Demon Continent as well? When this thought fell, all the giants of the God and Demon Continent between heaven and earth were shocked because of Ye Han’s strength.

However, underneath this shock, all of them also saw a ray of hope, Ye Han crushing a foreigner powerhouse to death with one hand seemed to be signaling the beginning of the revolt of the Divine Demon Continent! “Once this guy entered the Heavenly Emperor, he is as terrifying as this!”

The Immortal Ice Queen’s heart was shocked, in recent times, the shock Ye Han had brought to her had been too much! Dao Ancestor said in a deep voice; “Gentlemen, the time has come for my Divine Demon Continent to rebel, exterminate the foreign races, this world, is not a place where they can spread their wildness!”

“Human King ……” “Human King ……”” ……… “Between heaven and earth, countless people’s mouths were frantically shouting out Ye Han, the two words “Human King”, as well as the figure of that world dominating like youth, was gradually becoming the deity in their hearts, the savior in their hearts, and the faith as well as the hope in their hearts! “Heavenly Emperor, and still this super perverted Heavenly Emperor!”

Cang Tian Burial’s beautiful eyes were shocked, at this moment, she had only just entered the Holy Wheel Emperor’s realm, while Ye Han had not only entered the Heavenly Emperor, with his strength at this moment, he was the number one among the giants, the number one powerhouse in the Divine and Demonic Continent, and had achieved true invincibility under the heavens! “This rabbit cub, running too fast, even I this old man can’t catch up, but …… so much the better!”

Ji Berserker grinned as he once again killed a foreigner powerhouse who was carrying the seventh level of sorcery power.

“The world of my generation is the place of our existence, and we will never allow anyone to infringe upon it, those who commit my Divine Demon Continent will be executed even though they are far away!”

Ye Han’s voice shook the sky, that cold voice mixed with shocking crazy killing intent, the God and Demon Continent suffered this massacre, has made Ye Han difficult to curb the heart of that violent gas, today, he will be the invasion of this group of alien powerhouses, all kill all! “Die!”

A terrifying voice came from the back of a foreigner powerhouse who was harboring the eighth level of Yuan Power, and just as this foreigner powerhouse was about to resist, Ye Han directly smashed him with a palm! In the next moment, Ye Han tore through the void and appeared in front of another foreigner powerhouse, as infinite spatial power enveloped him, directly tearing this foreigner powerhouse into smithereens.

“This world, how can there still be someone so powerful!”

The foreigner powerhouse who was entangled by the Bodhisattva of the Earth Store King, who was carrying the Ninth Yuan Power, saw that Ye Han had killed three foreigner powerhouses in the turn of an instant’s effort, and his heart was beating furiously. with such a powerful person existing in the Divine and Demonic Races, I’m afraid that it would only be difficult for their vanguard force to create a shocking massacre in the Divine and Demonic Races! Fourth! The fifth! The sixth! ……… Under the gaze of those countless gazes filled with the color of anticipation, the light of hope, one by one, the foreigner powerhouses were killed by Ye Han in seconds, these foreigner powerhouses that were incomparably powerful to the giants of the various clans, to the beings of the Divine and Demonic Continent, in the front of that young man, they were completely like mole crickets, and couldn’t be blocked at all! the power of a single move from him! “Terrifying as this, who else in the Divine Demon Continent can compete with him in the future?”

The hearts of the three giants of the Demon, God and Devil clans were wildly shaken, Ye Han’s speed and strength in killing the foreigners made their hearts tremble, facing these invading foreigner powerhouses, they hadn’t killed a single person so far, but Ye Han easily killed several foreigners in a row.

With such astounding strength, if Ye Han wanted to kill them, it would be equally easy.

None of the three giants of the Demon, God and Devil clans had ever bothered to think that once he entered the Heavenly Emperor, Ye Han would be so terrifying that he would terrify the giants to such an extent! “In the future of the God and Demon Continent, the person who will dominate the world is none other than him!”

The Dark Celestial Emperor was horrified, he and Ye Han had just fought a battle a month ago, originally, the Dark Celestial Emperor thought that even if Ye Han at that time didn’t give his best, he wasn’t far off.

But at this moment, after seeing with his own eyes Ye Han’s strength that made the giants fearful, the Dark Celestial Emperor knew that when Ye Han fought with him, I was afraid that he didn’t even exert half of his strength, and at that time, if Ye Han really wanted to kill him, it would be completely effortless! “Kill that kid!”

The foreigner powerhouse who fought with the Earth Bodhisattva was filled with killing intent, right now he was entangled by the Earth Bodhisattva and couldn’t get away, but Ye Han had to be gotten rid of.

“Divine Demon Race brat, die!”

Between the heavens and the earth, a full five powerful members of the foreign races who carried the eighth level of sorcery power joined hands at this moment to kill towards Ye Han, and the earth-shattering power seemed as if it was going to overthrow the entire world.

Ye Han was too terrifying, killing foreigner powerhouses was as easy as butchering a dog, in just less than a few minutes he had killed five or six foreigner powerhouses in a row, if he was allowed to continue killing, the foreigner powerhouses that had come to the Divine and Demonic Continent would definitely be killed off by Ye Han! “Die?

Just by you guys?”

Ye Han had a morose look on his face, and between his strides, the Regrettable Force was as if it was going to overthrow the world, and of the thirty or so foreigner powerhouses that carried the eight-fold sorcery power and the eight-fold yuan power, apart from the ones that had been blocked by the giants of the various races, of the remaining foreigner powerhouses that carried the eight-fold sorcery power and the eight-fold yuan power, there were only these five people in front of him.

The five foreign race powerhouses equivalent to the giants blasted out at the same time, and together they shocked and killed towards Ye Han, and the power was as if it was going to destroy the entire Middle God Region, and Ye Han, was in the middle of this terrifying wave of destruction! “Swallow me!”

Ye Han’s hand palmed Qiankun, the Devouring Rule descended from the sky, a wave of devouring power came out across the sky, and under the countless gazes of horror and excitement in the heavens and earth, he devoured all the terrifying power that came from the shock! Ye Han was in the midst of the destructive wave and did not suffer any harm at all! Seeing this scene, the giants of the Divine and Demonic Continent were once again shocked, and panic had surfaced in the eyes of the five foreigners, just how powerful was this Divine and Demonic Race’s powerhouse in front of them?

“A bunch of mole crickets, let me …… send you to meet the Heavenly Lord!”

Ye Han waved his hand, and the Ten Thousand Swords appeared across the sky, that sword swept out, a terrifying sword that seemed to dominate everything, the divine light of the sword, mercilessly sliced through the necks of five alien powerhouses, instantly chopping off their heads! With one sword, he killed five more foreign race powerhouses! At this point, Ye Han alone had killed twelve alien powerhouses equivalent to giants, shaking the world!