Fortune Chapter 3262

Cosmic Star World, two foreign races joined hands and came, instantly killing Ye Han, matchless witch power fluctuation, from their bodies madly surged out, a Ye Han was just like a mole cricket, not placed in their eyes in the slightest! “Those who block me will die!”

Ye Han’s murderous intent was overwhelming, infinite reincarnation rules shrouded down from this cosmic starry sky, instantly enveloping the two foreigners in it, the reincarnation vortex emerged, as if a ferocious beast in the starry sky opened its bloody mouth, instantly devouring the two foreigners in it.

“Hmph, there is some Dao, break!”

Majestic sea-like fluctuations of sorcery power spread out, the sorcery power that these two alien powerhouses carried had both reached the point of the eighth level of sorcery power, instantly obliterating the vortex of reincarnation in this cosmic starry sky.

Seeing this, Ye Han’s eyes condensed.

“Be careful, the witch power practiced by the foreign race is extremely overbearing!”

The White Emperor opened his mouth, at this moment, the two of them, he and the Barbarian Emperor, were battling that Evil Spirit Race powerhouse who was harboring a ninth level of sorcery power, and with the two of them joining forces, neither of them were able to kill this Evil Spirit Race powerhouse who was harboring a ninth level of sorcery power for the time being.

Ye Han naturally knew about the hegemony of sorcery power because his own sorcery power had already reached the peak of the eighth weight sorcery power.

“Hmph, after tens of thousands of years, it seems that this group of descendants of the God and Demon Race really haven’t appeared any decent characters, this time, this world is destined to fall into the hands of my Nine Lives World, this world, is destined to be ruled by the Heavenly Lord of my Nine Lives World!”

The foreigner powerhouse who carried the Nine Heavy Yuan Power looked at the White Emperor, Barbarian Emperor, and Ye Han, and he smiled coldly, although their group of foreigner powerhouses were just playing the vanguard, entering the Divine Demon Continent first to explore the reality and to see how the Divine Demon Continent would change compared to the previous epoch.

But now, it seemed that just this forward force of theirs was enough to make the Divine Demon Continent feel an overwhelming pressure, compared to the last Era, in the view of the foreign races, today’s Divine Demon Continent was just too weak! “Let’s go, attack the Divine Demon Continent, let the Divine Demon Race tremble under our feet!”

The foreigner powerhouse who was carrying the Nine Heavy Yuan Power was raging with killing intent, and he led hundreds of foreigner powerhouses to disappear into this cosmic starry sky in a flash.

The vanguard of this group of foreigners came through the world passage, originally there were more than a thousand foreigners who entered the world passage, but in the end, only a few hundred foreigners were able to come to the Divine and Demonic Continent in one piece.

However, these several hundred foreign race powerhouses were quite terrifying, and among them, there were more than thirty foreign race powerhouses that carried the eight-fold sorcery power and the eight-fold Yuan power.

Eightfold sorcery power, that was an existence that was as powerful as a Heavenly Emperor, and there were a total of more than thirty foreign race powerhouses that were equivalent to Heavenly Emperors, what an astonishing number that was! The remaining hundreds of foreigners had their own sorcery power and yuan power at the seventh level of sorcery power and seventh level of yuan power, and such strong people were also equivalent to the super strong people of the Divine Demon Continent, and there were hundreds of them.

As for the two strong people who possessed the ninth level of witch power and the ninth level of Yuan power, they were even more powerful than the Heavenly Emperor.

Such a force appearing on the Divine and Demonic Continent was already enough to cause a cataclysmic battle.

Moreover, this was only the vanguard force of the foreign races, just coming to explore what changes had taken place in the Divine and Demonic Continent over the past tens of thousands of years, once the foreign races truly poured out the power of the world to invade the Divine and Demonic Continent, what kind of horrifying situation would that be?

Looking at the hundreds of foreign races running towards the Divine Demon Continent, the killing intent on Ye Han’s body was astonishing, once this force entered the Divine Demon Continent, I don’t know how many people would be victimized! “Scram!”

Ye Han was furious, his God Demon Arm blasted out with a punch towards the two foreigners who were carrying the eighth level of sorcery power, the rolling ancient God Demon power rioted, and a shadow of an ancient God Demon appeared behind Ye Han, roaring throughout the cosmic starry sky world.

“The power of an ancient god and devil!”

The hearts of the two alien powerhouses were shaken, and under the release of surging sea-like sorcery power, they crazily greeted Ye Han’s punch! Thud! The dull sound was like a nuclear bomb exploding in this cosmic starry world, and under the sweep of that destructive power, the entire starry world trembled.

However, under the bombardment of this Ancient God and Demon power of Ye Han, those two alien powerhouses kept falling back, and once they let the Ancient God and Demon power invade their bodies, it would harm their souls and even suppress the sorcerer’s power in their bodies.

In other words, the power of Ancient Gods and Demons was the nemesis of sorcery power and yuan power! “Die!”

Ye Han was like a god of killing taking a step out, his own battle power was insanely raised, right now that group of foreigners had entered the divine and demonic continent, he could not continue to delay in this cosmic star world, with the power of that group of foreigners, sooner or later it would spread to the Central State Tian Long Holy City, Ye Han had to quickly settle these two foreigner powerhouses and go forward to stop it! At this moment, the entire Central State was thrown into a panic as hundreds of foreign race powerhouses descended into the sky above the Wasteland, just in time to narrowly meet with the arriving Dao Ancestors, Ancient Buddhas, Earth Store Bodhisattva, Immortal Ice Empresses, Dark Celestial Emperors, Holy Spirit Ancestors, Demon Race Great Saints, and other giants.

The two sides engaged in a battle for the ages! However, the power of the foreign races was ultimately incomparably strong, suppressing the seven giants of this Divine Demon Continent in just an instant.

The earth-shattering battle instantly destroyed countless cities and regions.

The three holy cities closest to the wasteland, the Great Sun Holy City, the Tai Yin Holy City, and the Light Holy City, had become ruins in an instant, and the cultivators in these three holy cities didn’t even have a chance to escape before they were directly wiped out by the aftermath of the giants’ clash! With this alone, the three great holy cities had lost close to ten million people! Such a horrifying number was unprecedented in the Divine Demon Continent! “Hmph, God-Devil Race, your end has come, kill, destroy the God-Devil Race!”

The foreigner powerhouse who carried the Nine Heavy Yuan Power had a brutal look on his face, and although he was fended off by the Earthly Bodhisattva, the foreigner powerhouses who had already arrived in this heaven and earth instantly killed in all directions.

It could be imagined that with the power of this group of foreign races, to start a bloodbath in the Divine Demon Continent, what a scene of carnage it would be! “It’s over!”

The hearts of the major giants were cold, with the power of these seven giants of theirs, they could only block a small portion of the foreign race’s powerhouses, and the rest of these foreign race powerhouses had no one to block them at all! In an instant, as this group of foreign races killed in all directions, under the countless earth-shaking destructive forces that landed at the top of the sky dome, a city on top of the earth instantly turned into ruins.

The cultivators between heaven and earth who came to counteract this group of foreigners were all obliterated! In less than a minute, nearly half of the cities in the Central State were destroyed, and the number of cultivators who died under the foreigners reached an incalculable number! Massacre, this was a massive massacre, blood stained half of the sky! The sky and the earth were filled with the sounds of fleeing in fear and wailing!