Fortune Chapter 3261

The seventh split into! Ye Han looked at the seventh split in front of him, the corners of his mouth emerged with a smile, the Nine Changes of the Exorcist God he has completed the seventh change, just two changes short of the last change is to reach the peak of the Nine Changes of the Exorcist God, nine changes together, nine times the combat power, this is the power that Ye Han has been dreaming of.

Abandoning the Nine Heavens at its peak, using the Nine Transformations of God Execution, could kill two Heavenly Lords, then, Ye Han has now entered the Heavenly Emperor, although there is still an infinite distance from the deities, but now if he cultivates the Nine Transformations of God Execution to its peak period, how strong would that strength be?

The heaven-shaking power of Abandon Nine Heavens that killed the two Heavenly Lords emerged in his mind, and a flash of fire flashed through Ye Han’s eyes. Although Ye Han didn’t know what realm Abandon Nine Heavens had entered in his peak period, the peak power of Abandon Nine Heavens had definitely surpassed the Gods! And Ye Han’s goal at this moment was to move forward in this direction! Immediately, Ye Han continued to cultivate the eighth transformation, the Divine Abandonment Land was the best place for Ye Han to cultivate the Nine Transformations of God Execution, with the help of the thunder power of the Divine Abandonment Land, it would not be very difficult for Ye Han to enter the ninth transformation.

However, what Ye Han didn’t know was that at this moment, in the starry world in the depths of the universe, where the World Gate existed, a strong commotion was erupting! “What’s going on?”

In the cosmic starry sky of the World Gate, the two of them, the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor, looked at the astonishing aura that was erupting from the already expanding world crack, and both of their brows were tightly condensed together, the astonishing aura that was erupting from the world crack at this moment made them both feel very terrified! “Although this world rift has been gradually expanding, the world gate has not yet been completely opened, right now with this power that has erupted out, could it be that there are foreign races that are forcibly traveling through the world passageway and coming?”

The Barbarian Emperor clenched his fists, if this was really the case, this was definitely not a good thing for the Divine Demon Continent.

“I’m afraid there’s this possibility, after tens of thousands of years, if the foreign races can’t wait to enter the Xuanmen World now, then the power that’s about to come must be very strong!”

The White Emperor said with a grave expression, those who were qualified enough to go bravely into the World Passage were definitely extremely terrifyingly strong, after all, a place as treacherous as the World Passage was, even the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor didn’t dare to easily set foot in it! Buzz buzz buzz! Shocking power fluctuations continued to pass over from the world rift, as if it was going to burst the entire world gate, causing the cosmic starry sky around here to become extremely terrifying! Even ancient Heavenly Emperors like the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor couldn’t help but step back some distance, gazing at the location of the world crack with staring eyes, after more than a month of this, this world crack had already become bigger and bigger, within half a year the World Gate would be completely opened, this was definitely not an exaggeration.

Twilight, just as the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor were gazing at the location of the world crack, a shocking power fluctuation suddenly burst out from within that world crack, this force seemed to have broken through some kind of bondage, extremely terrifying.

Afterward, a black light stormed out from that world crack, and above this black light, it carried a monstrous evil power! “Not good!”

The faces of the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor changed drastically, and in an instant, the two of them struck out at the same time, endless rules suppressing down towards that black light, to completely obliterate this black light.

“Hmph, after tens of thousands of years, this Supreme God has finally set foot in this barbaric land again, God Demon Race, the time for your destruction has come!”

A terrifying voice resounded in this cosmic starry sky, and that terrifying black light illuminated and turned into an evil, alien powerhouse, the other party holding a Death God Fork that swept crazily across the sky, instantly colliding fiercely with the attacks of the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor! Boom! Earth-shattering explosions resounded through this cosmic starry sky world, the destructive power caused this cosmic starry sky to crazily shake, as if this cosmic starry sky was going to be destroyed under the collision of such power! Infinite waves rolled and spread in this cosmic space, this kind of movement, even the cultivators of the Central State were able to feel it, they all raised their heads and looked at the endless dome of the sky at the top of the flash of a white light, in that white light, everyone felt as if the entire world was going to be destroyed! This scene instantly caused everyone in the Middle Kingdom to be horrified and alarmed! “Evil Spirit Race!”

In the Cosmic Star World, the two White Emperors and Barbarian Emperors looked at the Evil Spirit Race powerhouse with ugly faces, and with the two of them joining forces, they managed to fight this Race to a draw.

“Hahahahaha, the gods have died out, there is no longer a guardian god in your world, God and Demon Race, the time for your demise has come, kill!”

The wild laughter of the foreigner powerhouse shook the entire cosmic starry world, the Death God Fork in his hand pierced through the cosmic starry sky, instantly appearing in front of the two White Emperors and Barbarian Emperors, as if he wanted to nail the two of them to death in this cosmic starry sky.

At the same time, at the location of that world crack, there was a terrifying ray of light storming out from it at the moment.

In just an instant, dozens of alien powerhouses had appeared in the cosmic space around the World Gate, and there were still quite a few more alien powerhouses storming out of that world rift! “What a powerful aura, no good, there’s a change in the World Gate!”

After the major giants of the Central God Region sensed this terrifying force, they immediately came towards the Cosmic Star World.

In the Divine Abandonment Land, Ye Han stood up boldly, and that pair of eyes, as if they were sharp swords, shot into the void.

“What happened to the World Gate?”

Ye Han’s face was grave, and then he used his spatial power and instantly tore through the void and took a step in, and in the next moment, when Ye Han stepped out of the void channel and arrived at the Cosmic Star World.

Looking at the scene that surfaced in front of him, Ye Han’s body, immediately surged out a terrifying icy cold color! “Foreign race, cultivate wildly!”

Ye Han stepped down as if he was a god descending from the sky, instantly appearing in the middle of the battlefield, right now in this cosmic starry sky around the World Gate, hundreds of strong foreigners had already appeared, the aura on all of these people were extremely strong, even the weakest of them were no worse than the super powerhouses of the Divine and Demonic Continent! “Hmph, tiny mole cricket, slaughter him!”

Seeing Ye Han descending, the alien powerhouse who had just arrived in this cosmic starry sky had murderous intent, at this moment, in this cosmic starry sky, apart from the alien powerhouse who was fighting with the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor, there was another alien powerhouse who was not inferior to him at all.

These two foreign races, one harboring sorcery power and the other harboring yuan power, both reaching the level of ninth gravity sorcery power and ninth gravity yuan power, were the leaders of this group of foreign races that had come through the world rift! In an instant, the two foreign races joined hands to kill Ye Han, a Ye Han was like an ant in their eyes.