Fortune Chapter 3260

Of course, the fact that Ye Qing would make such progress was actually inseparable from Ye Han.

If Ye Han had combined with Ye Qing when he was at the Saint King’s realm, then Ye Qing’s progress would definitely not have been so terrifying, and right now, Ye Han had already entered the Celestial Emperor, and he could use the rule power of heaven and earth in a constant stream.

Combining with Ye Qing in this situation would make Ye Qing’s progress very huge! Immediately, Ye Han quietly got up and left, coming outside the house, feeling the vast spatial power within his body, under Ye Han’s mobilization, with a wave of his hand, a terrifying black hole emerged in the void in front of him.

Ye Han followed this black hole and took a step inside, and the next moment, when Ye Han reappeared, he had already appeared above the main hall of the Ye Divine Hall.

A moment ago, Ye Han had torn through the Xuanmen World without any effort and came outside.

“The power of space, truly magical!”

Ye Han was secretly astonished, immediately, Ye Han once again tore through the void with his bare hands, this time, after Ye Han stepped into that void passage, the place he went to was even farther away, surprisingly, from the Middle Divine Realm to the distant Western Divine Realm amongst the Demon Race.

With a single thought, he had crossed over two great divine domains! Immediately, Ye Han’s mind moved, waving his hand once again, the void tore apart, and Ye Han once again returned to the Ye Divine Hall.

After experimenting with the perversion of spatial power, even with Ye Han’s current state of mind, he was pleasantly surprised, with this spatial power, even if he returned to the Huaxia World only now, it would not be much difficult! Buzz! Ye Han waved his hand, the spatial power surged out, and in an instant, it did not enter the plaque on top of the main hall of the Ye Divine Hall.

This plaque was still sent by the human race powers when they came to congratulate the Ye Divine Hall.

At this moment, when Ye Han’s spatial power entered this tablet, in the interior of this tablet, a Hongmeng space was immediately created, this Hongmeng space, as if the world was in its infancy, everything was still in a primitive state, but the structure of the world had already been shaped, as long as the world was given the dao law, then the world would be gradually perfected as in the Xuanmen world! Of course, Ye Han did not have control over time, even if he could create a side of the world, it would not be able to be compared to the terrifying proportion of time in the Xuanmen World! “Space, this is the spatial power that all the world’s powerhouses can only dream of!”

Ye Han’s fists clenched, with this spatial power, not only would it make his current strength even more perverse, the abilities that this spatial power granted him were also diverse, moreover, in the years to come, Ye Han might even be able to comprehend the power of spatial rules from this spatial power! After Ye Han experimented with the spatial power, he once again returned to the Xuanmen World.

At this time, Ye Qing had already awakened from his cultivation and was waiting for Ye Han.

“Top of the Holy Dao Emperor!”

Ye Han returned, sensing Ye Qing’s current strength, he smiled heartily, blinking his eyes and laughing; “It seems that one day of husband and wife’s love can be worth several years of hard training!”

Hearing this, Ye Qing’s face immediately climbed a touch of red color, she glared at Ye Han with a blushing face, but for the first time as a woman, at this time, Ye Qing in that originally mature temperament more a touch of ten thousand kinds of styles, so that Ye Han were almost lost in it.

After the two of them broke through that final barrier, Ye Qing seemed to be even more beautiful than before, especially that touch of immortality mixed with that maturity, as if a goddess of the Nine Heavens had fallen into the mortal world! “Because of the Immortal King Body’s distant past, originally I could have broken through to the early stage of the Holy Wheel Emperor in one go, but before I could avoid a situation of realm instability, I gave it up, but after cultivating for a period of time in the Xuanmen World, as long as I want to, I can enter the early stage of the Holy Wheel Emperor at any time!”

Ye Qing looked at Ye Han and whispered with a blushing face.

“This is a good thing, blindly seeking to be fast will indeed land you in trouble.”

Ye Han took a step forward, stroked Ye Qing’s hair, and laughed; “But my family’s light child, seems to be a lot prettier than before ah, if this walks out, I don’t know how many heroes will have to bend their backs!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Qing blankly glanced at Ye Han, and lightly hummed; “I see that some people are now in this appearance, if they go to attract bees and butterflies, they still don’t know how many women they will scourge, and how many sisters they will add to their own family.”

The Ye Han at the moment, after being transformed by that endless immortal light, was completely a living, breathing white boy, I’m afraid that any woman would have no resistance to him after seeing him.

“Don’t worry, the man of your family, absolutely stick to the husband’s way, how can the wild vegetables outside compare to the peonies at home!”

……… Ye Han left after accompanying Ye Qing for a few days in the Xuanmen world, and didn’t get lost in the gentle land, there were still a lot of things he had to go and do.

Although Ye Han had just entered the realm of the Heavenly Emperor at the moment and was unable to make a breakthrough in his realm, there was still a lot more in terms of his own martial arts that Ye Han needed to improve.

After leaving the Ye Divine Hall, Ye Han arrived at the land of the Thunder Sea, preparing to raise the Nine Transformations of the God Executioner once again.

For the Nine Transformations of the God of Execution, Ye Han attaches great importance to, abandon nine days at the peak of the period will be able to fight with the two heavenly lords, to the end of the blatant decapitation of the two heavenly lords, can be seen to the Nine Transformations of the God of Execution to the peak of the period of cultivation will be how horrible! Currently, Ye Han’s Nine Transformations of God Execution has already been elevated to the point of the Sixth Transformation, and one step further is the Seventh Transformation.

After arriving at the land of the Thunder Sea, Ye Han directly entered the depths of the Thunder Sea and began to cultivate the Nine Transformations of God Execution.

Endless thunder descended from the sky above, centering on Ye Han in a frantic quenching process.

However, Ye Han had stayed in the place at the center of the Sea of Thunder for three days in a row, and under the quenching of those countless thunderbolts, it still didn’t allow Ye Han to make any progress, and his own Essence Blood, under the quenching of the endless thunderbolts, completely absorbed the thunderbolts in the heavens and earth.

This was the first time that Ye Han had encountered this kind of thing, when he cultivated the first six changes of the Nine Changes of God Execution, although the process was painful, there was absolutely no obstacle in terms of progress.

“It seems that if you want to ascend to the seventh transformation, you need even more powerful thunder to quench it, the thunder in the land of the Thunder Sea doesn’t work for ascending to the seventh transformation anymore!”

This kind of thought flashed through Ye Han’s mind, and after thinking about it, Ye Han directly left the Sea of Thunder and used his spatial power to tear through the void with his bare hands before appearing in the Divine Abandonment Land! As one of the three great Jedi lands of the God and Demon Continent, the Land of Divine Abandonment was quite terrifying, even the current Ye Han didn’t dare to mess around when he arrived at the Land of Divine Abandonment.

However, if Ye Han wanted to raise the Nine Changes of God Execution to the seventh change, only the thunder power possessed by the Land of Divine Abandonment would be helpful to him! After arriving at the Land of Divine Abandonment, Ye Han did not go deeper and directly began to continue quenching his own essence blood at the periphery.

Terrifying thunder descended from the top of the dome of the sky in this area where no dao existed at all, the strength of that thunder caused the essence blood under Ye Han’s control to boil, as if it was in need of this kind of power to be quenched for its advancement.

Ye Han’s mind was not distracted, in this God Abandoned Land only half a day’s time, it allowed Ye Han’s Essence Blood to have begun to congeal, this kind of speed was something that the Thunder Sea Land could not compare to at all.

Three days later, Ye Han had already upgraded the Nine Transformations of God Execution to the seventh transformation, cultivating the seventh bilocation!