Fortune Chapter 3259

This one night belonged to the two of them, Ye Han and Ye Qing, without anyone coming to disturb them.

The latter waited for so many years, no matter what Ye Han did, always quietly support, she had no other request, the only thing she asked for was to become Ye Han’s real woman.

After so many years, she had waited for this day for too long, and in the case that all the other sisters had already established a relationship with Ye Han, she was the only one who was still an innocent body, which also made her very bitter inside.

And at this moment, stimulated by the surprise of Ye Han entering the Heavenly Emperor, she finally gathered the courage to open her mouth.

After so many years, Ye Qing was very clear that if she didn’t open her own mouth, waiting for that man to come to his own realization, she didn’t know how long she would have to wait, here, she could only hold back the shyness in her heart, and mustered up the courage to open her mouth! For Ye Qing, although Ye Han has long recognized her relationship with himself, but for that last step, Ye Han has never dared to go to the boundary, in the end, in Ye Han’s heart, Ye Qing’s position in his mind, has always been a special existence.

Like a sister, like a mother, and even more like a virtuous wife! Although Ye Han very much wanted to maintain this state all the time, but Ye Han was also clear that Ye Qing had waited long enough for this day, and now that the other party had summoned up the courage to express the truest thoughts of his heart, if Ye Han still backed down, or even rejected it, then it would definitely break Ye Qing’s heart.

However, what Ye Han did not expect and never bothered to think about was.

The moment he and Ye Qing combined, a marvelous change instantly enveloped the two of them.

In that instant, it was as if Ye Han had entered an infinite world in which no boundaries could be seen, much less the existence of any living organisms, and all there was was just endless immortal light enveloping the world.

At this moment, Ye Han’s conscious body entered this boundless world, and he was bathing in this endless immortal light.

Under the shroud of this immortal light, Ye Han seemed as if he was about to be transformed into a different person, a mysterious and subtle feeling that made Ye Han unable to resist sinking into it, bathing under this immortal light all the time in general.

“This is ……” Ye Han’s conscious body raised his head to look up at this unfamiliar world, he didn’t understand why combining with Ye Qing would even make him enter this unfamiliar world?

This was all too mysterious! “Could it be because of the Immortal King Body?”

Twilight, Ye Han suddenly thought of a possibility, Ye Qing possessed the Immortal King Body, which was also an extremely powerful physique, and back then, many people in the Human World knew that once one possessed the Immortal King Body, combining it with the Immortal King Body would grant the other party a powerful ability.

However, Ye Han had not been thinking about this, the feelings between him and Ye Qing were not something that an Immortal King Body could tempt.

With Ye Han’s perverted Ten Thousand Laws Body, what kind of ability in this world could he not obtain?

But right now, since he was in this strange world, Ye Han also wanted to see what kind of abilities Ye Qing’s Immortal King Body would grant him?

Endless immortal light enveloped Ye Han, as if it was going to make him shed his bones, and also as if it was helping him to wash away the mortal dust and remove all impurities, so that his body would, in general, reach a point of perfection.

Ye Han did not resist, quietly accepting the endless immortal light bathing, this kind of immortal light that makes people can not help but sink, Ye Han also happy to enjoy.

This kind of bathing, even Ye Han himself does not know how long it lasted, perhaps a day, perhaps a year …… On this day, just as Ye Han comfortably accepted the immortal light bathing, the immortal light that shrouded the entire world suddenly gradually disappeared, after losing this immortal light bathing, Ye Han found that his body had reached an extremely perfect state, without any impurities, even Ye Han was able to enjoy the immortal light. After losing this immortal light bath, Ye Han realized that his body had reached an extremely perfect state, without any impurities, and even his skin was as delicate as a newborn baby.

At this moment, if Ye Han looked in the mirror, he would realize that he was a living white boy, and still the kind of superb white boy that made women have no resistance! However, after this immortal light gradually disappeared, this world, suddenly surged with a vast spatial aura.

This spatial aura, as if it drained the entire world of its power, all converged towards Ye Han’s body.

At that moment, when this vast power entered his body, Ye Han immediately felt a terrifying spatial wave, and every cell in his body seemed to have turned into a small space as if his body was like the entire universe, in which countless spaces existed! “Space, the power of space!”

Ye Han’s heart was slightly shocked, now in the middle of his body, there was a powerful spatial power present, but this spatial power was not a law, nor was it a rule, but the existence of this spatial power gave Ye Han a feeling that this space, was not lower than the power of the rules that he controlled! Immediately, after that terrifying spatial wave stopped in Ye Han’s body, Ye Han’s consciousness, suddenly retreated from that boundless world.

Ye Han opened his eyes and looked towards Ye Qing, what made Ye Han very surprised was that at this moment, a powerful force was surging up within Ye Qing’s body, under the push of this force, Ye Qing who had already entered the realm of Sacred Hidden Emperor had now entered the middle stage of the Sacred Dao Emperor realm, moreover, this progression had not stopped, that force within his body was still still helping Ye Qing to strike a higher realm.

“Mid Saint Dao Emperor, could it be that when combined with the Immortal King Body, the Immortal King Body not only grants the other party a terrifying ability, but also allows itself to gain power to advance crazily?”

Ye Han was incredulous, this Immortal King Body, it was a little too perverse.

Not to mention this terrifying progress of Ye Qing, just the spatial power that Ye Han now possessed was something one could only dream of.

Among the ten thousand laws of the heavens, there were countless forces of laws and rules that existed, and among them, there were only two forces that were the most difficult to control.

One was time, while the other was space! These two forces, whether it was the Laws of Space, the Laws of Time, the Rules of Space, or the Rules of Time, were all forces that made the world’s strongest people dream, but were unable to control.

In the history of the Divine and Demonic Continent, from ancient times to the present, there was only one person that Ye Han currently knew of who controlled the power of time.

That was the creator of the Xuanmen World, the Xuan Heavenly Sage Emperor.

As for the power of space, Ye Han had never heard of anyone who could control space, perhaps there were such strong people in the previous epoch, but in this era, there were absolutely no such people.

How terrible time is, just look at the Xuanmen world created by the Xuan Tian Sage Emperor will know, once in control of time, it is equal to the same life as heaven and earth, the sun and the moon are the same.

And control of space, the same is extremely perverse, not only can create a piece of the world, but also can travel the universe, to go to any place you want to go, to do the real swim in the world!