Fortune Chapter 3257

Under the night sky covered with stars, Ye Han stood in front of the Heavenly Emperor Monument with his arms crossed.

Under the reflection of this sky-filled formation, the young man standing in front of the ancient stone monument was like an ancient saint, and his body was filled with a divine radiance.

The night sky, the stars, the meteor shower, the Heavenly Emperor Monument, and the youth ……… that scene of images were sacred and serene, transcending everything in heaven and earth! The meteor shower that rained down from the sky was more like a coronation.

Ye Han stood in front of the Heavenly Emperor Monument, feeling the flood atmosphere emanating from above this ancient stone monument, this stone monument, throughout the ages, I don’t know how many strong people have been summoned out of it, and it’s existence can be said to have witnessed the rise of one of the world’s worldly strongest people! And today, it would once again witness the rise of Ye Han! “Now it’s finally my turn to leave my name on this!”

Ye Han let out a deep breath as he brought his middle and index fingers together and slowly scratched at this ancient stone monument in front of him! In an instant, with the moment Ye Han scratched down, as if he had made a stroke into a law, an indelible trace appeared on top of this ancient stone monument, and the first stroke of the word “Ye” appeared on top of this stone monument! Subsequently, Ye Han once again waved his hand, in a single breath, in a row, the mouth of the word completely written out, each of these, are strong and powerful, as if being carved out of the general, neat and tidy.

Next, Ye Han only needed to write out that cross, then his surname would be completely branded on top of the Heavenly Emperor Tablet.

Snort! Ye Han’s finger once again scratched down at the Heavenly Emperor Stele, his fingertip was like a blade, as if a dragon flew and a phoenix danced, and the pen fell into a spell! In an instant, when Ye Han wrote the last stroke on top of this stone tablet, a complete character of Ye appeared on top of the Heavenly Emperor Tablet.

At that moment, when Ye Han landed the last stroke, he suddenly felt his own bottleneck loosen up, and the realm of the peak of the Holy Wheel Emperor took another step forward, it was moving towards the realm of the Heavenly Emperor.

And for the rules of this heaven and earth, Ye Han felt even more clearly, the countless rules roaming under this night sky, all converged around Ye Han.

It was only at this moment that Ye Han finally felt that the rule power no longer had any constraints on him, and by now, he could move the rule power without any fear, and no longer had any limitations.

Leaving a name on the Heavenly Emperor Monument varied from person to person, those who could leave their complete name on the Heavenly Emperor Monument would only be able to enter the real realm of the true Heavenly Emperor and be recognized by this heaven and earth, whereas those cultivators who left their surnames on the Heavenly Emperor Monument and did not leave their names could only be considered as Pseudo Heavenly Emperors.

Although the Pseudo Celestial Emperor could also use his rule power without fear, this heaven and earth had not yet fully recognized him, and compared to a true Celestial Emperor, the rule power controlled by the Pseudo Celestial Emperor was much weaker than that of a true Celestial Emperor’s realm.

This was where the gap between a Pseudo Heavenly Emperor and a true Heavenly Emperor lay.

Right now, Ye Han had left his surname on the Heavenly Emperor Monument, and now he was already considered a Pseudo Heavenly Emperor, and Ye Han had left his surname on the Heavenly Emperor Monument without encountering any difficulties or obstacles, everything was that easy and comfortable.

Ye Han had once watched the Immortal Ice Queen enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, and although the Immortal Ice Queen had completely left her name on the Heavenly Emperor Monument in the end, the process wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t as effortless as Ye Han.

However, Ye Han knew very well that although this front was not difficult for him, the real difficulty would be at the end, and it was definitely not easy for him to completely leave his name on top of the Heavenly Emperor Monument either! Immediately, Ye Han once again made his move, and with his two fingers together, he continued to carve his name on the Heavenly Emperor Stele.

That one character, Cold, gradually took shape under the control of Ye Han’s fingertips, but just as Ye Han landed the sixth stroke and was about to start the seventh, he suddenly felt a terrifying obstructing force.

Ye Han’s fingertips flipped, but he was unable to continue leaving any traces on this Heavenly Emperor Tablet.

“Is there finally pressure!”

Under the star-filled night sky, a smile emerged from the corner of the mouth of the young man standing in front of the Heavenly Emperor Monument, he didn’t even encounter any obstacles in front of this, everything was watertight, but Ye Han knew very well that even though it was easy in front of this, the further back he went, the more and more difficult it would be to leave a trace on the Heavenly Emperor Monument.

Immediately, Ye Han turned on double his battle power, his fingertips were like swords, waving his hand again, he left the seventh stroke on the Heavenly Emperor Monument.

But even so, Ye Han still felt that the eighth stroke was difficult to succeed, this Heavenly Emperor Monument invariably had a powerful hindering force, preventing Ye Han from continuing to move forward.

“It seems that wanting to leave a full name is still a bit difficult!”

Ye Han’s eyes narrowed, he put one hand on his back, his own double the battle power became double the battle power, under double the battle power, Ye Han landed the eighth stroke in its entirety! Subsequently, the ninth stroke, similarly, forced Ye Han to double his battle power again, and it was only under the triple battle power that Ye Han broke through this terrifying obstacle.

The tenth stroke, Ye Han opened four times the battle power! The eleventh stroke, Ye Han opened five times the battle power! Finally, when only the last stroke was left, the twelfth stroke, Ye Han could only open six times the battle power.

Thumbs up! Under six times the battle power, Ye Han’s strength was incomparably terrifying, his fingertips fell and broke through the obstacles like a bamboo.

At this moment, a complete cold character appeared above the Heavenly Emperor Monument.

Leaving his name on the Heavenly Emperor Monument had almost forced Ye Han to exert his full strength, so it was clear that it was quite difficult to leave his name completely on the Heavenly Emperor Monument.

Buzz! In an instant, after Ye Han had left his name on the Heavenly Emperor Tablet, his own two laws suddenly trembled, detaching themselves from Ye Han’s mind and rushing out of Ye Han’s Soul World, as the Law of Reincarnation and the Law of Devouring roamed the surrounding heaven and earth, and it was as if they had broken free of some kind of bondage and returned to the heavens and earth! At this moment, it was as if Ye Han had touched a higher realm, his living body had reached another height, the world before him was as if it did not hold any secrets for him.

The realm of the Heavenly Emperor, at this moment Ye Han entered the realm of the real Heavenly Emperor, becoming one of the giants of this world, the power surging from his whole body, as vast as the sky, as thick as the mountains and rivers and the earth, as if as long as he was willing to, he could shatter the stars in the night sky with a single punch.

An infinite sense of wonder ran through Ye Han’s entire body, the power brought about by the realm of the Heavenly Emperor caused his life and soul to be sublimated in all aspects.

Master, now Ye Han is feeling his own power, can dominate all things in heaven and earth, this piece of heaven and earth, there is no longer any person who can bully him, there is no longer any thing that can suppress him! Immediately, Ye Han slowly closed his eyes, landed on top of the mountain sitting on his knees, feeling this rare sense of wonder!