Fortune Chapter 3256

At the end of the sky, an ancient stone monument slowly appeared! On top of this ancient monument, filled with a barbaric historical atmosphere, as if this monument, from the most primitive world through time and space, the heavy ancient monument was a mysterious and inexplicable power shroud, so that anyone in front of this ancient monument, will feel very small! The Heavenly Emperor Monument appeared, and Ye Han, who was sitting cross-legged on top of the mountain, slowly got up, and the divine light in his eyes was as bright and dazzling as the blazing sun! The realm of the Heavenly Emperor, the Ye Han of the once weak period, this was the realm he had dreamed of, and he had been working hard for many years for this day! “You finally appeared!”

Ye Han slightly closed his eyes and took a deep breath, in the air, there was a vaguely different atmosphere spreading out, he could feel the rules of the heaven and earth as if everything was reviving, and was awakening from its silence.

At this time, the light between heaven and earth suddenly and gradually darkened down, as if from dusk is changing towards night! This scene, not only surfaced in the place where Ye Han was, the entire God and Demon Continent, any corner of the entire world, all became dim at this moment.

And at this moment, it was only just at noon.

“What’s going on, how did heaven and earth turn dark?”

Countless people raised their heads to look up at the sky, at this moment, the heavens and earth suddenly dimmed, leaving everyone puzzled.

This sudden darkness changed too quickly.

Soon, after this darkness descended, a sky full of stars suddenly appeared in the sky, and this kind of stars was so dazzling that it made the entire night sky seem as if it was located in the Milky Way and galaxies, and the dazzling stars seemed as if they were within one’s reach! This star sprinkled all over the night sky, countless, in this star light irradiation, the darkness of the heavens and earth only gradually appeared a touch of light.

When this scene surfaced, the entire world was abuzz with excitement, and all beings raised their heads, gazing this rare spectacle in the face! “Such a vision, could it be that something is about to happen?”

The Immortal Ice Queen, the Dao Ancestor, the Ancient Buddha, and the Bodhisattva of Earthly Treasures converged together as they stood in the void beneath the night sky, looking up at this never-before-seen spectacle! “Not necessarily!”

The Dao Ancestor said in a deep voice; “The stars of the heavens are spreading all over the world, ushering in the dawn of this dark earth, this is a sign of good fortune!”

In the twilight, just as the people of the entire world were boiling over for the scene in front of them, the night sky that was filled with stars suddenly landed a ‘beam of light’, which landed down towards the earth, carrying an intense light towards the earth, as if a rain of stars had fallen, incomparably spectacular and beautiful! “Meteor Rain!”

Seeing this scene, all the giants of the Divine and Demonic Continent were shaken, right now, this night sky was actually raining meteors, this was a spectacle that was rare to see in millions of years! Meanwhile, on top of that mountain, Ye Han was currently carrying his hands behind his back, as if he was walking steps, walking up step by step towards the void, approaching the location of the Heavenly Emperor Monument.

In the surrounding night sky, countless meteor showers descended from above the night sky, causing the entire Divine Demon Continent to be covered in a layer of mysterious, beautiful light.

This scene was unforgettable to all beings, immersed in this spectacular image, and under this meteor shower, it was as if the darkness of the night had dispersed, the dawn had broken out, and the entire Divine Demon Continent would usher in a new light.

“When others enter the Heavenly Emperor, they invoke forces related to the elements of the heavens and earth, but for me, it’s actually a meteor shower, could it be that this is any different?

Is there a moral?”

Ye Han looked up at the meteor shower that landed in this night sky, for the fact that such a scene would appear when he entered the Heavenly Emperor, Ye Han himself wasn’t sure, but no matter what, right now the Heavenly Emperor Monument appeared, it was the time for him to enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor had arrived! “How could it suddenly rain meteors?

Could it be that there is some reason for it?

A spectacle such as this never seems to have appeared in the history of the Divine and Demonic Continent, gentlemen, what do you think about this?”

The Immortal Ice Empress asked as she looked towards the three beside her, Dao Ancestor, Ancient Buddha, and Earth Store Bodhisattva.

“Amitabha Buddha, whenever there is a vision, there must be a demon, right now this meteor shower falling from the stars in the sky, if it is due to heaven and earth, then there will be an unprecedented event in heaven and earth, if it is due to a person, then it will be a great demonic generation coming out of the sky!”

Ancient Buddha said with his hands folded.

Upon hearing this, the Immortal Ice Queen let out a deep breath and said; “If it’s really descending due to a person, then it’s definitely a blessing for my Divine and Demonic Continent!”

……… “The star table of the heavens is spread all over the world, the light of the stars shrouds the heavens and earth, as if the light of hope appeared in the endless darkness, inducing meteors to fall, this scene …… “The edge of the cosmic star world location, the white emperor and the barbarian emperor two people came here together, they looked at this black night spread all over the sky full of stars, that seems to be within reach of the stars, so that their eyes are gradually surfaced a touch of shock color.

The White Emperor said with a shocked face; “This scene, should be the heavenly destiny in the legend of the last epoch, when the gods searched for tens of thousands of years without finding the heavenly destiny, such a vision has now come out, that person who was born in response to the heaven, and who responded to the destiny, will surely become the sole master of the heaven and the earth and will lead all beings towards a glorious epoch.”

The Barbarian Emperor’s face was likewise filled with endless shock as he said; “However, although there had long been a legend of Heaven’s Fate in the previous Era, no one had ever seen it appear, I never thought that after tens of thousands of years, you and I would see such a rare legend from the ages!”

The hearts of the two White Emperors and Barbarian Emperors were shaken, as Celestial Emperor powerhouses who had survived the previous epoch, what they knew was naturally not comparable to the giants of today’s era.

Heavenly destiny, in the last epoch, even the gods were looking for people with heavenly destiny, heavenly destiny, that is to control the destiny of heaven and earth, transcend all living beings, unparalleled supremacy, is the backbone of a world, is the faith and hope of the living beings in heaven and earth! In the last epoch, if there was a heavenly destiny, how would the foreigners dare to invade the Divine and Demonic Continent?

Would the gods have sealed the World Gate at the cost of eternal slumber?

“Who is this person who carries the destiny of heaven?”

The two of them, the White Emperor and the Barbarian Emperor, glanced at each other as they simultaneously thought of a possibility.

The Barbarian Emperor shocked; “If it really is that kid, then, when the gods were searching for the Heavenly Fate, perhaps …… they have already found it, only that this person who carries the Heavenly Fate will only appear after tens of thousands of years, and when the God of Destiny laid all this down, there is finally an answer now! ”

“The sky is full of stars, meteors falling, heavenly destiny is now present, it seems like that kid is about to enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor!”

The White Emperor had an expectant look on his face, a person who carries the Mandate of Heaven is the faith of all beings, an existence that even the gods will go to look up to! “If it’s him, then perhaps it will truly be as you said, whether or not there will be a miracle in this world depends on him!”