Fortune Chapter 3255

Immediately, Ye Han continued to sit down on his knees, the Undefeated Swordfather had now entered the Heavenly Emperor, and the Divine Demon Continent would have another world-defying powerhouse, and such a situation was the most favorable for all beings.

“Next, it’s my turn!”

Ye Han lifted his head to look at the golden raindrops that landed down from this dome of the sky, and then continued to fall into enlightenment.

Ye Han’s mind spread out towards this piece of heaven and earth, continuing to sense the presence of the shadow.

Suddenly, just as Ye Han continued to sense, he suddenly sensed that there was an infinite amount of rule power roaming in this heaven and earth, and that drop of golden rain fell down as if it had attracted all the rule power that existed in the heaven and earth.

“So much rule power!”

Ye Han’s heart was shaken, was it because of this golden rain?

This was a coronation ceremony for those who had entered the Heavenly Emperor.

Ye Han’s mind went to touch with that strand of rule power that roamed between heaven and earth, but the moment Ye Han’s mind touched these rules, these rule powers instantly rioted, as if they sensed the invading power, they wanted to wipe out Ye Han’s mind instantly! Feeling this, Ye Han hurriedly stopped his senses and withdrew his mind power, that strand of rule power was too terrifying under a full-scale riot, even Ye Han didn’t dare to forcefully control these rule powers.

“It seems like it’s still the search for that familiar shadow!”

Ye Han said in his heart, and then continued to sense, this half a month down the line, Ye Han had already established a certain familiarity with that touch of shadow, and controlling it was much easier than controlling other rule powers.

Ye Han’s mind power once again entered the heaven and earth, sensing that endless stream of rule power roaming, Ye Han did not go to mess with these rule powers.

There were countless law forces existing in the heavens and earth, and naturally there were also countless rule forces existing, of course, the rules and laws, all originated from the three thousand great dao.

Right now, these countless rule powers have emerged, and this golden rain is inseparable from this golden rain, precisely because someone invoked the Heavenly Emperor Tablet, the heavens and earth descended this golden rain to crown it, only then did these rule powers come to life from the silence.

……… “Heavenly Emperor, the human race has another master ah!”

After this golden rain descended, the Demon, God, and Devil tribal masters were all looking over in the direction of the Human Race.

The Human Race had once again produced one more Sovereign, and in terms of Sovereign power, the Human Race right now had completely surpassed the three major races of Demons, Gods, and Demons, and had even surpassed the Middle Divine Realm in one fell swoop.

Not only did the Human Race have Emperor Hsi Tian, Emperor Yan Tian, Emperor Desolate Tian, and Emperor Cang Tian, but now there was also an additional one, Ye Han, who was about to enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperors after the Heavenly Emperors and was invincible to the realm of the Heavenly Emperors at this moment.

With such a force, it was naturally difficult for the Demon, God, and Demon Tribe’s gaijin powerhouses to rival it.

God Emperor Haotian looked in the direction of the Human Race and said indifferently; “Right now, the super powerhouses of the various races are all moving towards mastery, now that someone from the Human Race has already succeeded, I’m afraid that the next time around there will only be a few more who will enter into the ranks of the masters, and the three races of the Demons, Gods and Demons, as well as even the Middle Divine Realm will only be able to have super powerhouses who will enter into the ranks of the masters, and the next period of time will be the glorious period of the emergence of the masters! ”

Tongtian God Emperor said; “Since this is the case, my God Race can’t be pulled too far away by the other races, with one more master, in the face of the invasion of the foreign races in the future, it will be one more safeguard for my God Race!”

……… “The Human Race’s Gao Undefeated entering the Heavenly Emperor, this is considered an event for the entire Human Race, among the four races of the Divine and Demonic Continent, although the Human Race’s bottom power is the weakest, but when it comes to the top powerhouses, the Human Race has always been a place where geniuses and powerhouses come out in abundance, which is something that the other four races can’t even compare!”

The Immortal Ice Queen, Dao Ancestor, and the others converged together, looking away from the direction of the Human Race.

The Immortal Ice Queen’s words, the Dao Ancestor and the others all acquiesced, once a race was suppressed the hardest, when they finally erupted, that kind of sharpness was something that was hard for people to match anymore.

Dao Ancestor said; “I already have a premonition that the next will be the most prosperous period of the Divine and Demonic Continent for tens of thousands of years, and there will be quite a few people who will enter the ranks of the masters.”

“Hehe, then who might Dao Ancestor have a premonition that will enter the Heavenly Emperor next?”

A rare smile surfaced on the Immortal Ice Queen’s face, turning the world upside down, but unfortunately, the only ones who saw this scene were these few bad old men beside her! “It’s none other than him!”

Dao Ancestor similarly laughed.

In the land at the edge of the cosmic starry sky, this golden rain spread throughout the entire Divine and Demonic Continent, and it also caught the attention of the two White Emperors and Barbarian Emperors who were guarding the World Gate.

“Advancing to Heavenly Emperor, unless there are massive powerhouses entering this step in this current era, it will all be a drop in the bucket as well, and won’t play much of a role against the foreign races.”

The Barbarian Emperor spoke.

The White Emperor said; “To be able to make this progress, is already considered good, for these people of later generations, we can’t ask for too much, the City of Destiny’s various legacies are only gradually spreading in this world, and have yet to be widely spread out, however, in this era of lack of ancient legacies, there are some good seedling’s, all in all, one more point of strength is one point, the most critical thing right now is on the boy’s body, whether or not a miracle can occur in this world depends on him!”

The Undefeated Swordfather entered the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, and this golden rain lasted for three days before it gradually dispersed throughout the entire Divine and Demonic Continent.

Currently, the entire Divine Demon Continent knew that the Undefeated Swordfather had entered the Heavenly Emperor and was honored by the world as the Undefeated Heavenly Emperor! Soon, half a month had once again passed before the Undefeated Swordfather entered the realm of the Heavenly Emperor.

In the middle of the deserted mountains, Ye Han had been continuously sitting in meditation on top of that mountain for half a month.

This half a month down the line, Ye Han had been trying to control that flash of shadow, and at this moment, Ye Han was already close to success, and under Ye Han’s efforts over and over again, this force of rules, after all, had gradually lowered its guard against Ye Han.

“Devour the rules!”

After that dash of rule power was introduced into Ye Han’s head and branded the rule imprint in his mind, a bright smile appeared on Ye Han’s face.

The rule that Ye Han was controlling at this moment was the Devouring Rule, that seemingly peaceful rule power, once it rioted, it could devour everything in the heaven and earth.

In an instant, right after Ye Han had taken control of this smattering of rule power.

This heaven and earth was suddenly flooded with subtle changes, an infinite power was descending from the sky dome, enveloping Ye Han in it.

Ye Han opened his hands and closed his eyes slightly, at this moment, he could feel that the Heavenly Emperor Tablet, which he had been unable to sense, was already appearing for him! “Today, I will witness the Heavenly Emperor!”

In an instant, Ye Han opened his eyes as if it was a blazing sun, and slowly, at the end of that day, an ancient stone monument emerged!