Fortune Chapter 3254

“Defeat the Heavenly Emperor with the top of the Holy Wheel Emperor!”

The Divine Race, when that battle between Ye Han and the Darkness Heavenly Emperor spread throughout the world, everyone was shocked by it, and the giants of the various races, even more so, were startled.

Such an unprecedented battle was only going to be a legendary act that would not be followed.

“This kid actually entered the top of the Holy Wheel Emperors so quickly, and even defeated the Dark Heavenly Emperor, should there really be someone so perverse in this world?”

The Taiyi Divine Emperor had a look of emotion on his face, Ye Han was able to defeat the Darkness Heavenly Emperor and likewise possessed the strength to defeat them as well.

However, throughout the ages, among the super powerhouses at the top of the Holy Wheel Emperors, who had defeated a Heavenly Emperor?

I’m afraid that even in the previous epoch, it would be difficult to find such a miracle.

After all, the gap between a Heavenly Emperor and the top of the Sacred Wheel Emperors was too great, and if a Heavenly Emperor made a move, he would be able to slap more than a dozen superpowers at the top of the Sacred Wheel Emperors with a single slap.

The Tongtian Divine Emperor said; “This son, the fire has become established, I’m afraid that it won’t be long before he truly enters the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, and at that time, even if the likes of us were to make a move I’m afraid we’d have trouble defeating him.”

“It seems like it’s really difficult for the First Emperor of my God Clan to surpass this son!”

The Supreme God Emperor sighed.

Not only did the Divine Race giants vibrate, the Devil Race and Demon Race were even more so, right now, Ye Han could defeat the Darkness Heavenly Emperor before he even entered the Heavenly Emperor, making all these giants feel as if they were seeing something unbelievable.

Once Ye Han entered the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, I was afraid that he would be an invincible existence among all the giants, and no one would be able to suppress him.

However, Ye Han had become more and more outstanding, which made the giants of all the clans feel the pressure, a pressure that was not about Ye Han’s perverted strength, but his talent and potential.

Once Ye Han entered the Heavenly Emperor, with his potential and talent, it wouldn’t even be difficult for him to enter the realm of True God, and then Ye Han would become the only True God in this world, the faith of all beings in the world.

Although the First Emperor of the three races of Demons, Gods, and Demons, Wang Chuyi, and Prince Basha, the demonic geniuses who had already obtained the inheritance of the gods, would also have the chance to enter the realm of True Gods in the future, but even if they entered the realm of True Gods, they would ultimately be suppressed by Ye Han, the first to enter the realm of True Gods, which wasn’t a good thing for the three major races.

However, for the current catastrophe facing the Divine and Demonic Continent, for the three races of Demons, Gods and Demons, the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, and they were happy to see this kind of thing happen, only that once the Divine and Demonic Continent survived the catastrophe, then, for the Demons, Gods and Demons in the Divine and Demonic Continent, I am afraid that the position would be very unfavorable! Of course, right now the most happy, the least sense of crisis is the human race, Ye Han’s rise, that is the rise of others, perhaps the future of the divine Demon Continent, the human race will become the first race of the divine Demon Continent! But for these things, Ye Han will not care at all, now the most important thing for him is to enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor.

As for the Realm of True Gods, it was still too far away for Ye Han! Soon, Ye Han had been walking on foot for three days, although he had traveled only a few hundred miles, but to feel the heavens and the earth and all things as an ordinary person had also caused Ye Han’s state of mind to undergo a lot of transformation.

Vaguely, Ye Han had already touched a fluttering shadow, only that he hadn’t grasped it yet.

However, Ye Han was not in a hurry, since he had already touched this shadow, he was already getting closer to success! Soon, half a month passed.

During this half a month, Ye Han walked in the mountains, did not set foot in the bustling city, and did not contact anyone, just immersed himself in this enlightenment.

However, half a month’s time of enlightenment had allowed Ye Han’s accumulation to become deeper and deeper, and the existence of that flash of shadow, Ye Han could feel it appearing within the range of his mind from time to time.

Only, whenever Ye Han tried to take control of this flash of shadow, it would disappear without a trace again.

This cycle went on and on, this half a month down the line, Ye Han was going to try, even if he kept failing, Ye Han didn’t give up, much less get anxious.

This was just like getting along with an unfamiliar existence, after a long time, it would naturally gradually drop its guard and let you get close to it.

However, on this very day, Ye Han, who was sitting cross-legged on top of a mountain sensing the power of rules, suddenly opened his eyes.

He lifted his head and looked towards this heaven and earth, during his comprehension just now, Ye Han actually felt the existence of the Heavenly Emperor Monument, but the Heavenly Emperor Monument was very far away from him, and Ye Han hadn’t intentionally triggered the Heavenly Emperor Monument just now.

This meant that the Heavenly Emperor Monument did not appear because of Ye Han, but someone else had invoked it.

“Just who was it that invoked the Heavenly Emperor Monument?”

There was a strange color surfacing in Ye Han’s eyes, his mind pondering the possibilities, among the world’s strongest, there weren’t many strong people who were most qualified to enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor right now.

Immediately, in less than a minute’s time, just as Ye Han raised his head to look up at this sky dome, the top of that endless sky dome, suddenly rained down a drop of golden raindrops, this golden raindrops fell on top of Ye Han’s cheeks, letting him feel a surge of power fluctuation, that was from the most primitive power in the heaven and earth.

And then, this golden raindrop gradually expanded and turned into a golden downpour that descended from above the dome of the sky, instantly causing Ye Han’s body, who was sitting cross-legged on the peak of the mountain, to be dyed a layer of golden color.

Ye Han immediately got up with a strange color in his eyes, someone had invoked the Heavenly Emperor Monument and was now entering the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, but who was this person who was about to enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor?

“Advancing to Heavenly Emperor, just who is the person who has come this far?”

Ye Han’s heart shook, wanting to enter the Heavenly Emperor this was not an easy thing to do, Ye Han was all still in the stage of comprehending the power of the rules, he didn’t know when he would be able to draw out the Heavenly Emperor Tablet.

Right now, following the Immortal Ice Queen’s promotion to Heavenly Emperor in the first place, who is the one who wants to enter Heavenly Emperor?

Immediately, Ye Han began to contact the major giants, now that someone was entering the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, this would surely cause all the giants to watch, causing the entire Divine and Demonic Continent to be shocked, among them, someone must know who had drawn out the Heavenly Emperor Monument, and who was entering the realm of the Heavenly Emperor?

Not long past, in Ye Han’s soul jade is a message response, this message, is the human Xitian Emperor responded to Ye Han.

When Ye Han saw the person that Hsi Tian Emperor responded to, a bright smile immediately appeared on Ye Han’s face.

Right now, this person who had invoked the Heavenly Emperor Tablet and was about to enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor was one of the three great Sword Exalted of the Human Race, the Undefeated Sword Exalted! “Senior, congratulations!”

Ye Han smiled into the void and said, this powerful person who had constantly helped him had finally made it this far! With the potential of the three great Sword Venerables, there was no problem for them to enter the Heavenly Emperor, and since they had all been immersed at the top of the Sacred Wheel Emperor for hundreds of years, and Ye Han had gifted them with the Ancient Inheritance Martial Arts, it was only natural for them to enter the Heavenly Emperor at this time now.

However, the Undefeated Sword Sovereign had already entered the Heavenly Emperor right now, so the two Invincible Sword Sovereigns and the Peerless Sword Sovereigns were only about to do the same!