Fortune Chapter 3253

With the Dark Heavenly Emperor bowing his head, the crisis facing the three major powers was considered to be lifted.

This caused the three Xuan Tian Holy Temple Masters to let out a sigh of relief, and then all of them looked towards the youth in their line of sight, if this youth had not intervened today, I’m afraid that their thousands of years of foundations would have to be taken over by the Darkness Divine Hall! This kind of great kindness and broad-mindedness, even more so, made the three Xuan Heavenly Temple Hall Masters ashamed of themselves, and the situation that would arise today was all their own fault in the first place! “Dark Heavenly Emperor, now that the great calamity is approaching, we are all preparing for war because of our survival, I hope that after this time, the Dark Divine Hall can act for the sake of all living beings, although I, Ye Divine Hall, have a gap with you, Dark Divine Hall, however, I, Ye Han, will not be an enemy of you, Dark Divine Hall, in the future on the battlefield in the face of the foreign races, I, Ye Han, will need an ally, not an enemy!”

Ye Han looked at the dark heaven and earth in the distance and spoke aloud.

Hearing this, the Dark Celestial Emperor let out a deep breath and stared at Ye Han and said; “A generation of newcomers changes the old, I, the Dark Celestial Emperor, did not lose unjustly, I hope that on the battlefield in the future, you and I can really become allies.”

Ye Han said; “In this world, one more ally is always better than one more enemy, this is true for me, and even more so for your Dark Divine Hall, what’s more, as the master of this heaven and earth, you can’t be the only one who has to guard the Dark Divine Hall, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility, the more the world’s living beings under this heaven, the only thing they can rely on nowadays is the master!”

“My Dark Celestial Emperor’s ideals aren’t as far-reaching as yours, but I’ll give it a try!”

After saying this, the Dark Celestial Emperor instantly disappeared in this heaven and earth, today’s battle with Ye Han had caused him to lose face, but Ye Han had already given the Dark Celestial Emperor face by not continuing to find trouble with his Dark Divine Hall! Watching the Darkness Heavenly Emperor leave, Ye Han also disappeared, he believed that the Darkness Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t continue to lay his hands on the forces of the three secret realms, and the Darkness Heavenly Emperor didn’t have the guts to do so at the moment.

When Ye Han reappeared, he had already appeared beside Dao Ancestor and the others.

With Ye Han’s current strength, he naturally sensed the aura of Dao Ancestor and the others.

“Teacher, seniors, I wonder if you are satisfied with this answer sheet of mine today?”

Ye Han walked towards Dao Ancestor and the others with a smile on his face and spoke with a smile.

Upon hearing this, the Dao Ancestor laughed; “Not bad, but that Dark Heavenly Emperor guy still needs to be taught a lesson, and it would be best if you were the one to step in!”

The Ancient Buddha said; “The Human King has now entered the pinnacle of the Holy Wheel, and one step further will be the supreme Heavenly Emperor realm, and now that the Great Calamity is approaching, it’s a blessing for all living beings for the Human King to have made this progress!”

“The Ancient Buddha is too kind.”

Ye Han said; “However, I have indeed been considering entering the realm of the Heavenly Emperor recently, only that I have not been able to find a way to enter it for the time being.”

“You sense a bottleneck?”

The Immortal Ice Queen asked.

Ye Han shook his head and said; “It’s not a bottleneck, it’s confusion, in the Hell World’s Reincarnation Passage, I have already controlled the power of the reincarnation rules, and now my strength is infinitely close to that of a Heavenly Emperor, which, by all rights, should be enough to induce the Heavenly Emperor Monument to appear, but I can’t sense the Heavenly Emperor Monument from this heaven and earth.”

Upon hearing this, Dao Ancestor and the others fell into deep thought, as this was the first time they had seen a situation like Ye Han’s.

To enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, the first thing was to raise one’s power to infinitely close to the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, then one would go on to control the power of the rules, and once one had controlled the power of the rules, one would be able to draw out the Heavenly Emperor Monument, and then leave one’s name on the Heavenly Emperor Monument, with the heavens and the earth crowning one, and then one would end up entering the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, and only then would one be considered a success.

However, Ye Han had taken control of the rules earlier, undoubtedly having passed this hurdle long ago, it was reasonable that Ye Han could invoke the Heavenly Emperor Monument now that he had raised his own power to a level infinitely close to that of a Heavenly Emperor.

“If you can’t invoke the Heavenly Emperor Tablet, you can’t enter the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, even if you have the power of a Heavenly Emperor now, you can’t use the power of the rules on a large scale until you enter the Heavenly Emperor… This matter, it’s a bit odd!”

Dao Ancestor said in a deep voice, if Ye Han was unable to enter the Heavenly Emperor, that was definitely something that no one wanted to see.

“Since this method doesn’t work, why don’t we change the method?”

At this time, Earth Store King Bodhisattva spoke with a smile.

Hearing Earth Store King Bodhisattva’s words, everyone looked towards him.

Ye Han arched his hand and said; “I still ask the Bodhisattva to clarify.”

Earth Store King Bodhisattva laughed; “How did the previous generations go about it, why should the future generations change it?

How the previous person drew out the Heavenly Emperor Tablet, wouldn’t it be right for the future generations to do the same!”

Upon hearing this, a light flashed in the eyes of Ye Han and the others, being in the middle of the situation, it was surprising that they had overlooked such a shallow truth.

The Ancient Buddha folded his hands and said; “Amitabha Buddha, the words of the Living Buddha are like the purest of enlightenment!”

“Many thanks to the Bodhisattva for clearing up the confusion!”

Ye Han made a bow.

Earth Store King Bodhisattva laughed; “Perhaps you are destined to walk this path, moreover, you yourself possess this qualification, now that you are enlightened, it seems that it won’t be long before there will be one more master in this world!”

“Trying to re-comprehend a rule, it’s not an easy thing to do!”

Having said that, there was still a look of anticipation surfacing in Ye Han’s eyes.

Since his reincarnation rules were unable to invoke the Heavenly Emperor Tablet, then Ye Han would only have to follow the methods of his predecessors and do it step by step.

Right now, Ye Han had already raised his power to a level infinitely close to the Heavenly Emperor realm, and since the Reincarnation Rule was unable to invoke the Heavenly Emperor Stele, if he re-comprehended a rule, would it be possible to invoke the Heavenly Emperor Stele?

After parting ways with Dao Ancestor and the others, Ye Han did not choose to return to the Ye Divine Hall, and stepped in a randomly chosen direction on foot.

It wasn’t easy to want to re-comprehend a rule, but of course, perhaps the opportunity had arrived and comprehending the rule was just a matter of a moment.

Of course, in order to comprehend a rule, the emphasis was on sensing the heavens and earth, and from within this heavens and earth, finding the existence of the rule’s power and then controlling it! Although Ye Han had the experience of comprehending the rules of reincarnation, but unlike this, when Ye Han comprehended the rules of reincarnation it was in the reincarnation channel that he succeeded, there, it was equal to being off track with heaven and earth, and it was also with the help of the God of Destiny.

And this time, Ye Han could only rely on himself to regain control of a rule power.

Of course, this was the only way Ye Han could, with the Ten Thousand Laws Body as a support, control any power between heaven and earth, and it would be difficult for anyone else to succeed in ten thousand ways.

Ye Han walked between heaven and earth on foot, all the way over the mountains, climbing mountains and wading through the water, without using any trace of power, he went without a goal, without direction, only for the realization of heaven and earth! Ye Han is very rare so relaxed down, immersed in this piece of heaven and earth full of infinite mysteries, feel the changes in heaven and earth, feel the existence of heaven and earth countless power, feel the heaven and earth’s joy, anger, sadness and happiness …… so some down, Ye Han for the comprehension of the rules, on the contrary, is not in a hurry, everything is gradual and progressive, perhaps in a certain inadvertent moment will be I can see the hope of success.