Fortune Chapter 3252

The earth within a radius of dozens of miles was wildly destroyed, and in the place of that apocalyptic explosion, the Dark Celestial Emperor, who had already been bombarded into the earth, was an unknown whether he was dead or alive! At this moment, looking at the apocalyptic images emerging from the earth in front of them, even the faces of the Dao Ancestor and the Immortal Ice Queen giants appeared in shock.

Ye Han at the peak of the Holy Wheel Emperor was already completely capable of suppressing the Heavenly Emperor! Such a legendary feat would only be difficult to find in a great era like the previous epoch! “The Dark Celestial Emperor is defeated, facing the Human King under the outburst, the Dark Celestial Emperor is actually powerless to fight back!”

“Crushing the Heavenly Emperor at the top of the Sacred Wheel Emperor, this has completely created a legend that no one can surpass!”

“Human King Ye Han is already so terrifying at the top of the Sacred Wheel Emperors, once he enters the realm of the Heavenly Emperors, who else within the Heavenly Emperors will be his opponent?”

“Such power is too terrifying, even a veteran Heavenly Emperor like the Darkness Heavenly Emperor is fully suppressed, after this battle, Human King Ye Han defeating a Heavenly Emperor at the top of the Sacred Wheel Emperors, the next Ye Divine Hall will surely leap to become one of the giant forces of the Central Divine Realm!”

“This battle will definitely cause the giants of the world to lower their eyebrows, Human King Ye Han, has entered the ranks of the giants!”

Boiling fervor rolled through the heavens and the earth, everyone’s faces were very wonderful, here today, they could be said to have witnessed the emergence of a miracle, and such a miracle, only to be afraid that it wouldn’t reappear again in the years to come! “How is it possible?

The Sacred Wheel Emperor’s Peak can actually defeat a Heavenly Emperor!”

The Thousand Idiot Vice Hall Master’s face was ashen, that scene just now, that youth’s terrifying strength, had blasted the only hope in his heart to smithereens.

“Human King Ye Han, whether it’s for the geniuses of the moment, or for the older generation of powerhouses, this era will be his world alone!”

The three of them, the Xuan Tian Sacred Temple Master, the Heavenly Hidden Mountain Sect Master, and the Wanxiang Palace Master, were shocked and at the same time, all of them had a bitter and complicated look on their faces.

If they hadn’t betrayed the Ye Divine Hall in the first place and continued to befriend the Ye Divine Hall, even if the leaders of their three forces were gone, no one would dare to underestimate their three forces.

However, after the initial betrayal, the three of the Xuan Tian Sacred Temple Heads knew very well that even if Ye Han had stepped in to help them this time, it would be very difficult for them to integrate into that circle of Ye Han.

“A new generation will change the old, once he enters the realm of the Heavenly Emperor, it will be difficult for all of us to fight against this brat, however, it’s good that this is the case, right now, the Great Calamity is approaching, and if my Divine Demon Continent has one more giant, that’s one more piece of hope!”

Dao Ancestor had a pleased face, Ye Han could have the current achievements, he as a teacher was naturally happy.

Of course, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility! Above the void, Ye Han calmly gazed at the destructive land, under the opening of three times the battle power, now he could completely crush the Dark Celestial Emperor, if Ye Han opened four times the battle power, then the Dark Celestial Emperor would definitely be killed by Ye Han, although the Dark Celestial Emperor was only a pseudo Celestial Emperor, but his strength was also quite powerful.

However, through this battle, Ye Han was also considered to know his current strength, if he opened up six times his battle power in a full outburst, I am afraid that among the giants of the Divine Demon Continent, it would be difficult to find someone to fight against him.

The only person who can fight with Ye Han under six times of battle power is a strong person like the Bodhisattva of the Earth’s Tibet.

Buzz! At this moment, under the gaze of countless eyes, a pale, woefully injured figure appeared in everyone’s line of sight in that place of destruction.

At this moment, the Dark Heavenly Emperor had long since lost the majesty of the Dark Divine Hall’s Palace Master and was like a beggar.

The Dark Heavenly Emperor’s face was hard to see.

In an instant, he locked eyes with Ye Han in the distant void, and an imperceptible look of shock and trembling appeared in those gloomy eyes.

The Dark Heavenly Emperor had never imagined that Ye Han would be able to suppress him head-on, leaving him without the slightest power to fight back.

Now, the Dark Heavenly Emperor also finally understood that from the beginning to the end, he had underestimated this youth who carried countless glories and legends, and that the other party, was not relying on a number of giants behind him to back him up, and only then did he dare to disregard his Dark Divine Hall.

Underneath these countless honors and legends was a strength that was enough to shock the entire world! “Dark Celestial Emperor, I wonder if I, the top of the Holy Wheel Emperor, can be the saint you speak of?”

Ye Han looked at the Dark Celestial Emperor and spoke aloud, the Dark Divine Hall wanted to annex other forces to strengthen itself, of course Ye Han wouldn’t agree to that, once the Dark Divine Hall was allowed to succeed, and other forces followed suit, then the Divine and Demonic Continent didn’t know what kind of chaos it would be.

Therefore, Ye Han had to step in and stop it, moreover, what the Dark Divine Hall really coveted this time was the Ancient Inheritance Martial Arts that Ye Han had once taught to his disciples, this kind of thing, how could Ye Han agree to it?

Upon hearing this, the Dark Heavenly Emperor’s ugly face suddenly twitched as he felt deeply humiliated; “Ye Han, this emperor has to admit that he has underestimated you, right now, you are qualified enough to enter the ranks of the masters, however, don’t go too far.”


Ye Han laughed coldly and said; ”Dark Celestial Emperor, it seems that you haven’t gotten a clear picture of the situation, if it wasn’t for your Dark Divine Hall relying on the strong and bullying the weak, wouldn’t I, Ye Han, have approached your Dark Divine Hall?

If everyone were to annex other forces like your Dark Divine Hall, how chaotic would the Divine and Demonic Continent be?

Also, you’d better get one thing straight, I, Ye Han, can defeat you, and I can kill you just the same!”

After saying this, a horrifyingly morose color immediately appeared on Ye Han’s face.

In an instant, the aura of four times the battle power swept across the sky and earth like a violent hurricane.

This aura was even more terrifying than when Ye Han had just fought the Dark Celestial Emperor, causing the pupils of the eyes of the Dark Celestial Emperor who felt this aura to contract violently.

The people watching the battle between the distant heaven and earth were even more horrified that just now, under that state, it was not even the peak power of Human King Ye Han! “Just now when this guy fought with the Darkness Heavenly Emperor, he didn’t even exert his full strength!”

The Immortal Ice Queen’s beautiful eyes were flooded with an intense color of shock, right now, the aura released from Ye Han’s body, even she, a true Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, felt the danger! “This kid, hiding deep, it’s not that easy to force him out all the way!”

Dao Ancestor let out a light laugh.

“Dark Celestial Emperor, I’m waiting for your answer!”

Looking at the Dark Celestial Emperor in silence, Ye Han opened his mouth icily, and from his body, a strong killing chance was already blossoming.

“From today onwards, my Dark Divine Hall will never touch any of the forces of the three secret realms!”

  • The Dark Heavenly Emperor opened his mouth with an ugly face, facing Ye Han today, he was considered to be completely and utterly suppressed, if he didn’t bow his head, the Dark Divine Hall would definitely not be able to withstand the wrath of that terrifying youth!