Fortune Chapter 3251

Seeing this scene, a look of shock that was difficult to restrain surfaced on the faces of the distant spectators.

“Kid, you seek death!” The Dark Heavenly Emperor was as furious as a killing god, the amazing dark power was immediately going to envelop towards Ye Han, after entering the realm of the Heavenly Emperor and becoming the giant of this heaven and earth, he had never been in such a sorry state as today.

“Hmph, obstinate, now, I will let you, the Heavenly Emperor, see the gap between you and the top of the Holy Wheel Emperor!”

Ye Han snorted coldly and instantly opened his triple battle power, and then Ye Han’s Divine Demon Arm blasted out, and the fist that contained a shocking-like power instantly pierced through that amazing darkness power, with a speed like light, and then the power that made it difficult for the Dark Celestial Emperor to fight against, instantly landed on top of his chest.


The power of a punch was overwhelming, and the Dark Celestial Emperor’s body, under this triple battle power punch of Ye Han, was directly blasted and fell into the earth.

The earth in a radius of dozens of miles, all exploded crazily at this moment, that scene, as if the end was coming.

Faced with three times the battle strength of Ye Han, the Dark Heavenly Emperor was suppressed to death, without the power to fight back!