Fortune Chapter 3085

The gloomy sky was drizzling, but a closer look would reveal that it wasn’t drizzle at all, but rather a rain-like attack condensed by the Laws, enveloping the allied forces of the Demon Race and the Devil Race that were killing the Human Race.

“Not good, it’s the Human Race Master who has struck!”

At the back of the Demon Race and Devil Race’s allied army, the hearts of the two people sitting in the dark, the Tai Sage and the Earth Demon Venerable, sank, and in an instant, they similarly struck out.

Terrifying demonic aura and devilish aura shrouded the heaven and earth, making this heaven and earth completely and utterly dark, the infinite power of the laws rioted, this completely dark heaven and earth seemed to be trapped in an ocean, more than a million allied armies of the Demon Race and the Devil Race were enveloped by a layer of terrifying waves.

In this instant, the law attacks like fine rain fell on top of this wave, the collision between the law and the law, although there is no earth-shattering movement erupted out, but everyone feels that the ground shakes, as if the whole world is about to be turned upside down.

“Hmph, Human Race, are you guys trying to break out the Battle of the Sovereigns early?”

In the skies above the allied forces of the Demon and Devil races, the Demon Race’s Tai Sage and the Devil Race’s Earth Demon Venerable, two world-defying powerhouses, appeared.

At the same time, on the human side, the Desolate Heavenly Emperor and the Cang Heavenly Emperor similarly appeared.

“The Demon Race and the Devil Race have bullied people too much, since the two races have vowed to exterminate my Human Race, today, my Human Race will break out into a Battle of the Sovereigns!”

Hearing these words, the hearts of the allied forces of the Demon and Devil Races were shaken, neither of them had thought that the Human Race would choose to break out into the Battle of the Dominators at this time, once the Battle of the Dominators broke out, it would be extremely terrifying and destructive! “Hmph, since you have already made a move against your Human Race, do you think that my Demon Race and Devil Race would be afraid of you?”

The Desolate Heavenly Emperor took a step forward and coldly said; “Earth Demon Zun, since ten thousand years, you and I have not fought head on, today, your opponent is me, the battlefield, Tianxuan Domain, if you have the guts to follow me!”

“Hmph, dying struggle, this father would like to see what ending can be changed by the outbreak of a battle of masters in your human race?”

In an instant, both the Desolate Heavenly Emperor and the Earth Demon Exalt disappeared from this heaven and earth.

This scene caused both the Demon Race and the Demon Race allied forces to feel an aura of a decisive battle; the Human Race had broken out in advance of the Battle of the Sovereigns, and the battle of the races had completely escalated.

“Tai Sage, the battle for the Tian Gui Domain!”

Emperor Cang Tian’s body was like a sharp sword, and without saying much, he headed straight for the Tiangui Domain.

“Hmph, junior who is new to Heavenly Emperor, do you think this Saint will be afraid of you?”

The Demon Race Tai Sage trailed off.

In an instant, all of the destructive aura that enveloped this heaven and earth disappeared without a trace.

The battle of the masters was earth-shattering, their battlefield naturally couldn’t be here, once the battle of the masters broke out here, no matter if it was the Human Race, or the Demon Race and the Devil Race, they would all be subjected to terrifying destruction.

The three major races, the four great masters met in the Tianxuan Domain and Tiangui Domain to fight, this kind of battle of the battle of the masters was definitely not something that could be divided into winners and losers in a moment’s time, after all, at this realm of the masters of the various races, what was used was the supreme power of the rules of the heavens and the earth, and at the moment, this power of the Laws was nothing more than an appetiser.

“A battle of masters destroys the heavens and the earth, the next Tianxuan Domain and Tiangui Domain will definitely turn into a Jedi, I wonder how long it will take for them to split the winners and losers?”

The battle intent in Prince Basha’s eyes was sky high, the power possessed by the masters made him feel as small as an ant just now, but one day he would surpass these masters! “That was a battle that belonged to them, now it’s our turn!”

Killing intent rolled around the Devil Primordial Ninth, the devil blade in its hand swung; “Kill!”

“Human race, battle!”

In an instant, the super battle between the three races erupted once again.

Meanwhile, the northern demon race.

An ancient city-state, which was filled with majestic demonic aura in the sky, on top of a mountain outside the state of that ancient city, a cold smile gradually emerged from the corners of the mouth of an ordinary-looking youth.

“The Battle of the Juggernauts has begun!”

The corners of the youth’s mouth rose slightly as he looked towards the ancient city-state in front of him; here, it was the centre of the Demon Race’s power, and the place where the Demon Race’s supreme power was concentrated.

The Demon Race Sanctuary! And this youth, naturally, was the alter ego of Ye Han who had already changed his face.

The doppelganger looked at the prosperous ancient kingdom, its cold smile; “Since it has already begun, let’s go full blast!”

After saying this, one could only see the doppelganger’s big hand waving, and then, as if it was a terrifying dark cloud, above the void outside that ancient country, countless black shadows continued to appear, and finally converged to form a huge black cloud that covered the sky and the sun, with terrifying demonic aura whistling, as if it was a typhoon that was shrouding over towards that ancient city country.


In an instant, before the people in that prosperous ancient kingdom could react, a terrifying dragon roar, carrying an incomparably terrifying sonic power, resounded through the heavens and the earth, causing the people in that prosperous ancient kingdom to be able to hear this earth-shattering sound of a dragon’s roar.

This dragon’s roar was as if a volcano that had been suppressed for a long time had erupted, and it was as if it was announcing the return of the Demon Saint Clan that had left the Demon Clan for ten thousand years, and it did not dissipate for a long time outside of that ancient city kingdom! Immediately after, the tiger’s roar shook the sky and the Xuanwu roared in the air! The three great Demon Saints, soaring in the void clouds outside that ancient city-state, were incomparably spectacular! And behind the Three Great Demon Saints, were over half a million troops of the four guardian races, the Peacock Great Brightness King, as well as the Heavenly Tiger King all appeared! This scene directly caused the demon races in that ancient city-state to be shocked, incredulously looking at the Demon Saint Race that had reappeared on the Demon Race Lands.

Ten thousand years ago, the Northern Demon Race, this land, hundreds of millions of demon races, could all be under the rule of the Demon Saint Race! “It’s the Demon Saint Race, the Demon Saint Race has returned!”

“The three great Demon Saints have appeared together, and they have brought such a powerful force with them, could it be that they are trying to reclaim everything that once belonged to the Demon Saint Race?”

“………” Shocked, boiling, and incredulous voices roamed the sky in that ancient city-state.

In an instant, it was only seen that within that ancient city-state, there was an equally astonishing outburst of power at this moment.

“Demon Saint Clan, farewell after ten thousand years!”

This mellow voice was like a thunderous explosion, dividing itself from the terrifying voices of the three great Demon Saints.

In an instant, the entire heaven and earth were dimmed, lightning flashed and thunder roared, mixed with howling winds and torrential rain enveloping the earth, with the Demon Race Sacred Temple as the centre, the area within a radius of millions of miles became gloomy.

The Demon Race Supreme Saint, with a single word, was as terrifying as this! At this moment, the entire Demon Race Sanctuary was in the midst of a panicky aura, the Demon Saint Race had returned, and today, here, there was bound to be a superb battle between the former ruler and the current ruler! Subsequently, it was only seen that in the middle of the ancient city-state that had become dim, an equally terrifying power had appeared!