Fortune Chapter 3084

Hell World, Turning Wheel Realm! After leaving the Ghostly Sacred City, Ye Han headed directly towards Meng City, now that he had stepped down from his position as the Emissary of the Ten Realms, he was about to head to the Metropolitan Realm, would this trip be life or death?

Ye Han knew that neither could be controlled.

For Meng Gu, of course Ye Han had to go and meet her.

Looking at this city in front of him, Ye Han was a little emotional, thinking that when he had just entered the Hell World, his first stop was this Meng City, and he became a messenger officer under Meng Gu, gradually understanding the entire Hell World.

Right now, it had been more than three months since Ye Han came to the Hell World.

Ye Han entered Meng City and quietly came to Meng Mansion, this place was still as usual, very quiet, the whole Meng Mansion didn’t have many people, Meng Aunt liked to be quiet, so this Meng Mansion wasn’t as lively as A Delusion City Lord’s North New City.

In the case of not alarming anyone, Ye Han came to a quiet courtyard, stone table, a pot of tea, a woman holding an ancient book, at the moment is lazily lying in front of the stone table on a chaise longue, reading the ancient book, that delicate and slender body, full of a unique charm! However, perhaps if she had a feeling, the woman put down the ancient books, her eyebrows raised; “Who?”

“An old friend is visiting!”

Ye Han smiled and walked out from the shadowy part of the courtyard.

Seeing Ye Han, an unexpected look of surprise crossed Meng Gu’s face as he stood up and laughed; “Even if you’re revisiting your hometown, you should still say hello, could it be that just because you’re sitting in the position of the Ten Realms Emissary, you can be impolite to me, your former superior.”

Ye Han laughed; “If I had greeted, how could I see this such a charming side of Meng Gu.”

Upon hearing this, Meng Gu’s face flushed red as she stroked the hair on her temples and gave Ye Han a blank look and said; “How long has it been since I’ve seen you, you Ten Realms Emissary but you’ve already become more and more slippery, you even dare to take advantage of me.”

“A woman’s beauty, if no one appreciates it, how can it be called a beauty?”

Ye Han shrugged and sat down in front of Meng Gu, smiling; “But the current me is no longer a Ten Realms Messenger.”

Hearing this, Meng Gu who was pouring tea for Ye Han’s jade hand trembled, its looked towards Ye Han; “Why?

Could it be that you have committed something and the Turning Wheel Palace has revoked you as a Ten Realms Messenger?”

Ye Han shook his head and said; “It was I myself who resigned from the position of Ten Realm Messenger to the Turning Wheel Palace, I have other things to do, the position of Ten Realm Messenger is no longer suitable for me.”

Upon hearing this, Meng Gu breathed a sigh of relief, but she also asked with some curiosity; “What exactly is it that would actually cause you to voluntarily give up the position of Ten Realm Messenger?

For this position, I don’t know how many people are dreaming of it, do you really not regret giving it up just like that?”

“A position as a Ten Realms Messenger is just that, if I valued power and position, how would I be willing to be a Ten Realms Messenger.”

Ye Han smiled indifferently, he was just a passerby in the Hell World, naturally he would not be bound by a position.

Meng Gu slowly nodded her head, with Ye Han’s ability, truly speaking, the position of a Ten Realms Messenger was indeed a bit condescending.

“Then, after you resigned from the position of Ten Realm Emissary, has the Wheel Turning Hall sent anyone else to take over the position of Ten Realm Emissary?”

Ye Han nodded with a smile.

“Who is it?”

Meng Gu was quite curious, in her conception, Ye Han took the initiative to step down from his position, so the candidates to take over would be people like the Lord of A Delusion City and the Lord of Forgotten River City.

“Far away, but close at hand!”

Ye Han said with a smile.

Hearing Ye Han’s words, Meng Gu was stunned, then she woke up and said; “What kind of joke are you making?

Wouldn’t the Wheel Turning Hall allow me to take up the position of Ten Realms Messenger?

What’s more, I don’t have any interest in the position of Ten Realms Messenger.”

Ye Han laughed; “Meng Gu, the position of the District Ten Realms Emissary is not something impossible, even people like the Forgotten River City Lord can be competent, why can’t you?

I don’t think that within a few days, the Reincarnation Palace Edict will reach Meng City, this is an opportunity for you, moreover, I’m going to leave, it’s hard to say if I’ll come back, before I leave, this is the only thing I can do to help you.”

“Leave the Turning Wheel Realm!”

Meng Gu’s heart trembled as she looked at Ye Han; “Leaving now?”

Ye Han nodded and said; “After returning to the Ghost Spirit from Meng City, I will leave the Turning Wheel Realm and head to the Metropolitan Realm, this time may be very long.”

Upon hearing this, Meng Gu fell quiet and silent, Ye Han’s sudden visit, Meng Gu had been a bit surprised, but now there was an extra sadness in her heart, Ye Han had come to say goodbye to her and go to other realms.

“Good, if the edict of the Turning Wheel Realm comes down, I will take up the position of the Messenger of the Ten Realms.”

After a moment of silence, Meng Gu suddenly changed her mind, originally, Meng Gu didn’t have any interest in the Ten Realms Emissary, but Ye Han wanted to leave and go to the Metropolitan Realm, which made Meng Gu change her mind.

Ye Han laughed; “Being here in Meng City is ultimately too quiet, going to the Holy City is not a bad thing for you, in the future, once the millennium term arrives, perhaps you should enter the Palace of the Wheel of Fortune.”

“I don’t really care if I can enter the Turning Wheel Palace, and I equally don’t care about the position of the Ten Realm Emissary, but with the identity of the Ten Realm Emissary, I would like to go to the Metropolitan Realm to have a look.”

Meng Gu slanted a glance at Ye Han and said so.

Upon hearing this, Ye Han was a bit speechless, so this woman had agreed to take over the position of the Ten Realms Messenger because she wanted to go to the Metropolitan Realm.

Ye Han didn’t stay in Meng City for long, after meeting Meng Gu, he returned towards the Ghostly Sacred City.

By travelling to the Metropolitan Realm this time, he would finally be able to search for Ji Berserker! For that arrogant, overbearing, and protective fellow, Ye Han had been pining for him for far too long since the end of that shocking battle in the Qilian Mountain in the Chinese Great Land back then! Meanwhile, in the human world Tian Gui Domain, the Demon Race and the Devil Race had already prepared for war once again, preparing to start the third great war against the human race.

This time, the demon race’s first nine, undoubtedly had stronger confidence, no matter if they were facing Cang Tian Burial, or the dying human race.

The place where the two domains are separated, the three major races, millions of troops looking at each other across the borderline, the horrible great war, will once again be a touch! However, this time, facing the Demon Race and the Devil Race, the confidence of the Human Race was undoubtedly much stronger.

Of course, this great war that was about to break out would definitely cause the entire God and Demon Continent to be plunged into turmoil and horror.

“Cang Tian Burial, the last battle failed to distinguish victory from defeat, this battle, can we divide life and death?”

The Devil Race’s First Nine was clad in devil armour, leading millions of troops, and his battle intent was sky-high.


Cang Tian Burial replied with a straightforward word and strolled out with the major geniuses of the Human Race.


There were no unnecessary words exchanged, the violent aura of killing intent instantly swept across the heavens and earth, and the allied forces of the Demon Race and the Devil Race were like locusts spreading across the sky and earth, crazily spreading towards the Human Race’s army.

Only, just when the Demon Race and Devil Race allied army crossed the border line, the world within sight, all dimmed down, a wave of destructive pressure as if from the end of the world, instantly the Demon Race and Devil Race allied army shrouded! In the next moment, the sky and the earth were rained down with a fine rain, which was like a sword, touching it would surely lead to death.

The laws of heaven and earth had all become chaotic! The Human Race Sovereign struck out!