Fortune Chapter 3083

A battle of masters that was about to break out had quietly enveloped this land of the human race.

The giants of the Human Race had agreed to the outbreak of the Battle of the Masters, so this battle could not be avoided, and although the Battle of the Masters would cause the Human Race to suffer a horrific destruction, compared to causing the Human Race to suffer heavy losses, or even extinguish the race, this was simply not enough to mention.

“Vice Hall Master, the Human Race side has agreed!”

On the Ye Divine Hall, the Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others all looked at Zhuge Bonjourou with admiration, the other party was not only far-sighted and had long ago planned countermeasures for the Human Race, but also dared to think of breaking out into a battle of the masters to hold back the Demon Race’s masters, this kind of vigour was something that a few people had under the heavens.

Not to say that the human race is not to the last moment dare not break out of the war of masters, the demon race, the devil race, the god race is the same, if the outbreak of the war of masters can solve everything, the demon god and the devil three tribes and why need to send out such a strong force to set off this four tribes of the war.

In the beginning, no one in the Ye Divine Hall thought that Zhuge Liang would actually borrow the power of the Demon Sacred Race to help the Human Race, but if the Ye Divine Hall didn’t send out any troops, it’s true that the Demon Sacred Race is the only one that is a cavalry.

Zhuge Liangruo’s face flashed with a wise light as he said; “The Human Race’s side opened their mouths to ask for help, right now this plan is something they have to agree to, it’s the only way to help the Human Race get through their difficulties, but if the Human Race really has the guts, this time will be a great opportunity for them, and it might even be possible that they can solve the crisis that the Human Race is facing at one fell swoop.”

“I wonder what the Vice Hall Master means?”

The Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others looked at Zhuge Bangruo.

“If the Tai Sage, or the Earth Demon Venerable died on the battlefield of the Human Race, what kind of variables would you guys say …… that the crisis facing the Human Race would have in the end?”

Zhuge Liangruo smiled coldly.

Hearing these words, the hearts of the Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others trembled furiously, destroying the Sovereign, they hadn’t even thought about this, the outbreak of a battle of the Sovereigns would be enough to shock the entire world.

And once a juggernaut falls …… Thinking of this, the Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others had already had a horrified look appear on their faces, tens of thousands of years, the number of times the war of the juggernauts had broken out was just a handful of times, but a war in which a juggernaut fell had never existed before.

Once the human world’s battle of masters broke out and a master fell, it would definitely shock the entire Divine Demon Continent, and could even affect the existing pattern of the entire Divine Demon Continent! As the Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others looked at Zhuge Bangruo, who had a cold smile on his face, their shocked hearts felt a terrifying coldness.

This woman in front of her, without leaving her home, a plot, could actually pose a threat to the Lord, such a terrifying mind, more terrifying than the giants of the various races who possessed supreme power! If this time a battle of masters broke out in the Human Race, and a master really fell, then it would be tantamount in disguise to Zhuge Bangruo, with her mind, borrowing the power of the Human Race and pitting a master to death! At the same time, after the human side agreed to break out the battle of the masters to hold back the demonic masters, on the Ye Divine Hall, without anyone knowing, the doppelganger had already left the Ye Divine Hall and headed towards the northern demonic race.

Of course, naturally, there was also the Demon Saint Race that travelled to the Northern Demon Race along with the split, only that the Demon Saint Race was currently hiding in the Xuanmen World, so once the split entered the Northern Demon Race, and the Demon Saint Race was parachuted into the Demon Race, it would definitely cause the Demon Race to lose a great deal of money! After all, two thirds of the Demon Race’s strength was currently concentrated on the Human Race.

And for the Human Race and the Demon Saint Race which were secretly carrying out everything, the Hegemony Prince who was in the Demon Race and the Demon Race’s First Nine were still unaware of it.

In the battle with Cang Tian Burial, the Demon Race’s Choujiu was seriously injured and only gradually recovered until now.

However, for the situation that the devil tribe is facing right now, the devil tribe’s first nine is not worried for the time being, there is Wang Chuyi in the devil tribe to resist the first emperor, even if the god tribe is powerful, it can’t pose a threat to the devil tribe for a short period of time, at that time, as long as her battle in the human tribe is over, then it is the time that the god tribe that attacked the devil tribe will take a knife to the heart.

“The Demon Marshal has recovered well, it seems that even when facing the Cang Heavenly Burial, the Demon Marshal is no less powerful!”

Looking at the Demon Primordial Nine that reappeared in front of him, the Hegemonic Prince said with a relaxed face, however, the strength of the Demon Primordial Nine, currently the Hegemonic Prince was also a little bit scared, although joining forces with the Demon Race was also undoubtedly seeking the skin of a tiger, but if the Hegemonic Prince wanted to take down the Human Race, he could only co-operate with the Demon Race.

However, right now, what makes the Hegemony Prince a bit torn is that on the one hand, he wants to take down the Human World, while on the other hand, he wants to delay the time of the Human Race’s demise, so that the Divine Race and the Devil Race can fight each other, and consume the strength of these two major races.

In this way, the crisis facing the Demon Race in the future would be much weaker.

Only what the Hegemony Prince could not have imagined in the slightest was that right now, his Demon Race was also about to face a crisis! The Demon Race’s First Nine indifferently said; “Cang Tian Burial is a very powerful opponent, but being injured this time has made me whole, allowing me to break through to the Second Stage Demon Emperor!”

Upon hearing this, Prince Basha’s sword brows raised, this woman had actually entered the Second Stage Demon Emperor! “In that case, congratulations to the Demon Marshal.”

The Hegemony Prince laughed in spite of his words.

“Therefore, this time, it is necessary for me to divide victory and defeat with Cang Tian Burial, or even, life and death!”

A terrifyingly cold aura flashed through the eyes of the Demon Primordial Nine, for the first time out in the world, facing Cang Tian Burial as an opponent, she absolutely would not allow herself to fail, although for the time being, the Demon Primordial Nine did not fail, but not defeating Cang Tian Burial, or even killing Cang Tian Burial, this would be a failure in the eyes of the Demon Primordial Nine.

Prince Basha lightly laughed; “Wanting to kill Cang Tian Burial is not easy, even this Prince does not have this kind of certainty, Demon Marshal wants to kill Cang Tian Burial, it would be better to continue to improve his strength, so that the certainty is even greater, anyway, at the moment, the human race is already at the end of the crossbow, destroying them is not more than a moment of haste!”

“Hmph, what, is Prince Basha trying to stall for time?”

The Demon Primordial Ninth sneered and said; “If the Demon Race wants to stall for time, then this Demon Marshal won’t force it, it just so happens that my Demon Race is facing the threat of the Divine Race, and this Demon Marshal wants to go back to the Demon Race to have a look, but the Demon Race can only carry the burden on their own when it comes to things on the Human Race’s side.”

Hearing this from the demon tribe’s Chujiu, Prince Basha’s face stiffened and laughed awkwardly; “The demon marshal is overthinking it, the human tribe is at the end of its strength right now, and if we exterminate the human tribe in one go, I, the demon tribe, would like to help the demon tribe fight against the gods, and at that time, the entire four major territories of the Divine and Demonic Continent are under the control of both of you and I. With such a great eventful situation, how can both of you and I go separate ways halfway through the process. ”

“Hmph, since the hegemonic prince has this idea, right now in the human race’s third war, should also begin, but the heavenly power domain falls into the hands of you and my two tribes, the human race nearly half of the rivers and mountains can be grasped in the hands of you and me, when the distance from the human race to perish, it is one step further!”

Devil clan Chujiu eyes cold sharp, in the human race this battlefield, she can not want to delay for too long, of course, Ba Xia Prince has what idea, the devil clan Chujiu will not know, but now the right to control is still in her hands!