Fortune Chapter 3082

Looking at the three major Demon Saints who nodded their heads in agreement with this crazy idea of theirs, even Zhuge Bangruo’s eyes crossed a flash of surprise.

The Demon Saint Race attacking the Demon Race was a very dangerous and crazy idea, although it was said that most of the Demon Race’s forces were currently concentrated on the Human Race’s battlefield, but the Demon Saint Race wanting to attack the Demon Race’s base camp was extremely dangerous.

Moreover, the power of the Demon Saint Race had not yet recovered to its peak, and it was simply not a match for the Supreme Saints and the Tai Saints, who were world-defying powerhouses.

“But this requires the help of the human race.”

The White Tiger Sacred Beast mused, saying; “The Demon Sacred Race attacking the Demon Race is not very feasible as of right now, this time my Demon Sacred Race is attacking the Demon Race for a single purpose, and of course, that purpose can likewise help the Human Race.”

Upon hearing this, Zhuge Liangruo said; “The Demon Saint Race is wanting the Human Race to hold the Demon Race’s power in check?

However, the Demon Saint Race attacked the Demon Race, and other than making Prince Basha, who is in the Human Race, feel a crisis, I wonder what other purpose the Demon Saint Race has?”

“The Ancestral Land, the place where the Demon Saint Race was once born!”

A terrifying divine light flashed in the eyes of the Green Dragon Sacred Beast, attacking the Demon Race, this was their purpose, with the current strength of the Demon Sacred Race, attacking the Demon Race, the chance of winning was too small, however, what if the Demon Sacred Race’s strength had all recovered?

The only way for the Demon Saint Race to recover to their peak strength was to go to the place where the Demon Saint Race was once born, the Ancestral Land! The White Tiger Sacred Beast said; “The Demon Sacred Race has not recovered to its peak, it is simply unable to fight against the Demon Race, at the moment, the Demon Race’s strength is all concentrated in the Human Race, which just gives my Demon Sacred Race an opportunity, as long as my Demon Sacred Race enters the Ancestral Land and recovers to its peak strength, even if it faces the Demon Race, my Demon Sacred Race will not be afraid of it!”

Hearing these words, a brilliant light flashed through Zhuge Liangruo’s eyes, if the Demon Saint Race recovered to its peak power, then it would be a giant existence, no matter if it was for the Demon Saint Race, or for the Ye Divine Hall, it would be beneficial.

The Xuanwu Sacred Beast said; “However, the Human Race needs to help my Demon Sacred Race to hold the Demon Race Lord in check, so that my Demon Sacred Race can succeed.”

Zhuge Liangruo spoke; “I’ve heard that the Demon Race’s Supreme Sage is currently in the Human Race, so there shouldn’t be any problems in holding him back, but the Supreme Sage is always guarding the Demon Race and won’t leave at all, so does the Demon Sage Race have any chance of winning if they meet him?”

The Green Dragon Sacred Beast said; “Don’t worry, as long as you restrain the Too Sacred, dealing with the Supreme Sacred will naturally have someone to help my Demon Sacred Race.”

“Under the blazing sun, in the north of the extreme cold, at the top of the Heavenly Dome, above the Styx?”

The doppelganger looked over towards the three major demon saints, when Ye Han went to the demon race, he had used these sixteen words to make the Da Ming King, and even the Nu clan later, not dare to move, and later Ye Han asked the Vermillion Bird also to know the meaning of these sixteen words, it represented a Gai Shi powerhouse.

This, of course, the doppelganger also knew, right now, when the Green Dragon Sacred Beast said that there would be someone who would help the Demon Saint Clan to deal with the Supreme Sage, it should be this Gai Shi powerhouse! The Three Great Demon Saints slowly nodded their heads, in the entire Demon Race, if there was anyone else who genuinely helped the Demon Saint Race, it would only be this person! Upon hearing this, a brilliant light flashed through Zhuge Liangruo’s eyes; “The Eastern Sea Divine State Island, located at the top of the Heavenly Dome, is incomparably cold and gloomy all year round, a naughty monkey was born in the Underworld Sun, with the sun as its father and the moon as its mother, and after ten thousand years of great success, it entered the Sacred Path to achieve the Supreme Sage.”

The White Tiger Sacred Beast said; “With his help, the Human Race only needs to hold back the Tai Sage, once my Demon Sacred Race succeeds, not to mention helping the Human Race, returning to the Demon Race will only be a matter of time.”

“This time, I will also accompany the Demon Saint Race to the Demon Race!”

The doppelganger said.

“So …… good!”

Zhuge Bangruo’s eyes narrowed into a line; “Then let the Human Race …… break out into a battle of masters!”

The purpose of the Demon Saint Race attacking the Demon Race was for the Ancestral Ground and to return to the peak, if they wanted to succeed, the several great giants of the Demon Race would have to be held back, once the Demon Saint Race attacked the Demon Race and the Tai Sage who was in the Human Race returned to the Demon Race, then with the combined power of the Tai Sage and the Supreme Sage, even if the Demon Race’s long-lost Great Sage would help the Demon Saint Race, the Demon Saint Race would have very little hope of succeeding.

Therefore, right now, the Too Saint who was in the Human Race had to be restrained, and in order to restrain the Too Saint, only the giants from the Human Race’s side could make a move! Soon, the Ye Divine Hall’s side had replied to Cang Tian Burial, but Zhuge Liang did not reveal the true purpose of the Demon Sage Race’s attack on the Demon Race, but of course, once the Demon Sage Race attacked the Demon Race, it would inevitably cause the forces of the Demon Race that were in the Human Race to panic, and it might even be possible to pull out of the Human Race and go back to the northern Demon Race lands to aid them.

Therefore, this could still help with the crisis that the Human Race was currently facing.

“An outbreak of the battle of the masters, Zhuge Bonjourou this woman really dares to think!”

After getting a response from the Ye Divine Hall side, Li Zhengdao and the others were very alarmed, once the battle of the masters broke out, then perhaps it would really come to an unmanageable time, and the human race, as the main battleground, did not yet know what kind of destruction it would be subjected to! “This method, feasible!”

Cang Tian Burial let out a deep breath, although she was also shocked by Zhuge Liangruo’s response, but for now, there was only this method to help the Human Race get through this difficult time.

“Once the Demon Saint Race attacks the Demon Race, and the Tai Sage is held back in the Human Race and is unable to return to aid the Demon Race, it will inevitably make the Demon Race attacking the Human Race’s military unstable, and there is still a Great Sage on the side of the Demon Saint Race to help …… This method, although it is a bit risky, it can be given a try!”

“What’s more, with the crisis that the Human Race is facing right now, it’s only a matter of time before the Battle of the Masters breaks out, and since it will break out sooner or later, why can’t my Human Race go crazy for a time.”

Old Ancestor Qin Sheng and the others nodded their heads, the Human Race right now was already equal to being pushed to the point where there was no turning back, so as long as there was a ray of hope for survival, they all had to take a chance.

“Good, I will inform my Cang Clan’s Heavenly Emperor on the master’s side, if the master agrees as well, then the next battle will begin, so let the battle of the masters break out.”

Cang Tian Burial sealed the deal.

……… “Attacking the Demon Race, the Demon Sage Race’s bottom line is not weak, but the Demon Sage Race is acting like this, I’m afraid it has another purpose!”

Both Cang Tian Burial and Desolate Heavenly Emperor already knew about this matter.

The Desolate Heavenly Emperor said; “It’s to be expected that the Demon Sage Clan would intervene, but for the Demon Sage Clan to choose to risk attacking the Demon Clan, their intentions are naturally not small, but of course, regardless of what the Demon Sage Clan’s intentions are, this method can indeed help my Human Clan.”

Emperor Cang Tian asked; “What are Emperor Xi Tian and Emperor Yan Tian’s thoughts?”

“Since it can help my Human Race, why not do it?”

A cold aura flashed across Desolate Heavenly Emperor’s eyes as he said; “Right now, the Demon Race’s Tai Sage, and the Demon Race’s Earth Demon Venerable duo are following this Demon and Demon coalition army, eyeing my Human Race’s land, but they shouldn’t have expected my Human Race to break out into the Battle of the Sovereigns so soon, right?

Right now, since the Demon Saint Clan has chosen to attack the Demon Clan, this is an opportunity for the Human Clan, so don’t worry, Yan Tian Di will also appear this time!”

At those words, Emperor Cang Tian’s eyes shook as Emperor Yan Tian appeared, the three great Heavenly Emperors of the Human Race, against the Tai Sage and the Earth Demon Zun!