Fortune Chapter 3081

A confident smile spread across Zhuge Bonjourou’s face, Zhuge Bonjourou had already known that Cang Tian Burial would eventually ask for help.

Right now, the human race was facing a catastrophe, in the entire Divine and Demonic Continent, there was no one who could help the human race, and the only one who had any hope of helping the human race was the Ye Divine Hall.

Therefore, Zhuge Liangruo had been waiting, waiting for Cang Tianburial to personally open his mouth to ask for help.

If she wanted Zhuge Bonjourou to aid the Human Race without any request, Zhuge Bonjourou certainly wouldn’t do such a thing, so the fact that Cang Tian Burial had opened his mouth was the time for Zhuge Bonjourou to help the Human Race.

“Vice Hall Master, right now, the Human Race’s Cang Tian Burial has asked for our assistance, I wonder if my Ye Divine Hall will come to our aid?”

The Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others all looked at Zhuge Liangruo with anticipation, after all, Zhuge Liangruo had personally said back then that she wouldn’t mind helping the Human Race for once if the Human Race’s side personally opened their mouths to ask for help.

“Who said that my Ye Divine Hall is going to make a move?”

Zhuge Bangruo’s expression was bland.

At those words, the faces of the Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others stiffened.

Seeing this, Zhuge Liangruo continued; “However, since Cang Tian Burial has personally opened his mouth, this favour naturally has to be done, but it definitely can’t be my Ye Divine Hall that goes to help the Human Race, when the Human Race Sovereign had already expelled the Hall Master from the Human Race, and at the moment, anything in the Human Race has nothing to do with the Ye Divine Hall anymore.”

The Star Departure Saint Emperor said; “Vice Hall Master, if our Ye Divine Hall doesn’t send troops to aid the Human Race, how else can we help the Human Race?”

This was a doubt that had always existed in the hearts of the Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others! “This Vice Hall Master naturally has a way, not to mention that to help the Human Race, does it have to be me, the Ye Divine Hall, who steps in?”

Zhuge Liangruo said with a confident expression.

“It seems that the Vice Hall Master already has a plan in mind for aiding the Human Race!”

Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others looked at the confident Zhuge Bonjourou, they all breathed a sigh of relief, as they came from the Human Race, they really wanted to help the Human Race get through the current difficulties, although it was the Human Race that had wronged the Ye Divine Hall in the first place, but for them to watch the Human Race perish, they couldn’t do it.

Zhuge Liangruo smiled faintly and said; ”If I didn’t have a plan, would I have dared to say the words to help the Human Race?

Right now, the four major races have all successively opened the Battle of the Four Races, and with such a tantalising scene, I would really like to go and get a hand in it.”

“Then, how do we respond on the human race’s side?”

Cang Tian Burial had already opened his mouth to ask for help and was still waiting for a response from the Ye Divine Hall.

“Hehe, what’s the hurry?

Let’s hang this woman out to dry first.”

Zhuge Liangruo let out a cold laugh, making the Star Li Sacred Emperor and the others even more unclear as to what exactly Zhuge Liangruo was up to! Afterwards, Zhuge Liangruo entered the Xuanmen World alone and sought out the doppelganger who was in the midst of cultivation.

“Prajna, are there any other variables in the battle of the four clans?”

Looking at Zhuge Bonjourou who had approached him, the doppelganger asked suspiciously.

Zhuge Liangruo said; “Everything is still in order so far, those who should be involved have already been involved, how is it, can you contact the Palace Master yet?”

The doppelganger shook his head, right now in the Xuanmen world he was unable to contact Ye Han at all except for cultivating to improve his strength.

Upon hearing this, Zhuge Liangruo was silent; “Forget it, even if this guy is not around, for the Human Race, he can never completely put it down, this time, even if we help him return the Human Race’s favour one more time, let’s go, follow me to meet the Demon Saint Race.”

“Let the Demon Saint Clan make a move!”

A brilliant light flashed in the eyes of the doppelganger.

Ever since Ye Han had received the Demon Sacred Race into the Xuanmen World in the Spine-less Land, the Demon Sacred Race as well as the four guardian races had been recuperating in the Xuanmen World.

When the four guardian races (the Heavenly Tiger Royal Clan, Peacock Royal Clan, Jiao Dragon Royal Clan, and Yin Diao Royal Clan) rebelled against the Demon Race, among them, the Heavenly Tiger Royal Clan and the Peacock Royal Clan had defected to the Demon Sacred Race with the strength of their entire clans.

Although the Jiao Long Royal Clan and Yin Diao Royal Clan were only partially loyal to the Demon Sacred Clan, the combined strength of these four guardian races was 500,000 to 600,000 people, large and small! Such a force was enough to help the Human Race.

If the Ye Divine Hall doesn’t send troops, Zhuge Pueruo is still confident that she can help the Human Race, and her confidence comes from the Demon Saint Race in the Xuanmen World.

Hearing Zhuge Liangruo’s intention, the three Demon Saints of Qinglong, Baihu and Xuanwu in the Xuanmen World did not refuse.

“You’ve been following that boy for a long time, you are truly outstanding in all aspects, my Demon Saint Clan trusts you, this time you want my Demon Saint Clan to participate in the Battle of the Four Clans, what do you want to do?”

The White Tiger opened his mouth and looked at Zhuge Bonjourou as he asked.

Zhuge Fanruo said; “Please rest assured, the Demon Sacred Race has been helping him since the very beginning, without you all, perhaps there would be no glorious Ye Divine Hall today, so of course I, Zhuge Fanruo, will not victimise the Demon Sacred Race, if the Demon Sacred Race participates in the war, I would like to borrow the Ridge-less Land, pass through Tianxuan, and enter Tiangui, and silently attack the Demon and Demon coalition forces on both sides with the Human Race. ”

“Not a bad idea, but this is only working for the benefit of the Human Race, and will not benefit my Demon Saint Race much.”

The Green Dragon Sacred Beast said indifferently.

Zhuge Bonjourou said; “Joining forces with the Human Race to fight against the Demon Race and the Devil Race is likewise helping the Demon Sacred Race, after all, this is a good opportunity to deplete the power of the Demon Race.”

“But at the same time, it will also invite the Demon Race.”

The Green Dragon Sacred Beast said; “What’s more, even if my Demon Sacred Race helps the Human Race get through this time as you said, but when my Demon Sacred Race returns to the Demon Race in another day, will the Human Race be there to help my Demon Sacred Race behind them?”

Zhuge Bangruo fell silent, however, this condition was not impossible to negotiate with the Human Race.

The Xuanwu Sacred Beast said; “With regards to the Human Race Master, my Demon Sacred Race is somewhat untrustworthy, that brat once made great achievements for the Human Race, allowing the Human Race to not fall in many crises, but in the end, the Human Race Master still sees him as a thorn in his side, even if we help the Human Race this time, who can guarantee that the Human Race Master will not turn his guns against my Demon Sacred Race in the end? ”

Zhuge Bangruo remained silent.

“Girl, we can help the Human Race, but you have to consider it from the standpoint of my Demon Saint Race!”

The White Tiger said once again.

Upon hearing this, Zhuge Liangruo let out a deep breath and said; “Since you all don’t agree with this plan, there is only one way left to help the Human Race, but it’s a bit dangerous.”

“What path?”

The Three Great Demon Saints looked at Zhuge Liangruo.

“The Demon Saint Clan attacked the Demon Clan!”

Zhuge Liangruo’s expression was calm, but if she had let outsiders hear this, it would have absolutely sent shockwaves through the heavens! Although the Demon Saint Race was the former ruler of the Demon Race, with the power of the Demon Saint Race nowadays, even with the allegiance of the four guardian races, there is not much hope of attacking the Demon Race.

After all, the power of the Demon Saint Race had yet to be fully restored, and it was simply impossible to fight against the Demon Race’s Supreme Saints and Great Saints, or even the Great Saints who hadn’t come out for a long time! “This method, it’s feasible!”

However, regarding Zhuge Liangruo’s seemingly crazy idea, the three great Demon Saints nodded their heads in agreement after glancing at each other!