Fortune Chapter 2620

Queen of the ice!

Is Violet the undead Ice Queen?

This, I am afraid, is something only she knows. Even though the Undying Swordsman guessed that Zi Yi was the Undying Ice Queen, he was not sure with certainty, and as Zi Yi said just now, the Undying Swordsman was only half right.

In that case, Zi Yi was not the Immortal Ice Queen, but, Zi Yi did not object positively either, what exactly did this half, mean? No one knew.

Watching Zi Yi disappear from the top of the Sword Tower, the undefeated sword daddy and the others frowned, who was that young girl who looked somewhat childish, but was incomparably terrifying? Was it the Immortal Ice Queen of the Human Race?

Gao Bu Defeat, how sure are you? The Peerless Sword Djinn looked at the Undefeated Sword Djinn and asked.

Undefeated Sword Djinn said;If we say taking her down, our people here can naturally do it, if we guess she is the Undying Ice Queen, five points, the other party did not deny it, however, no matter who she is, from the looks of things, she really has nothing else in mind for that boy Ye Han, otherwise, she would not have appeared here today.

The Peerless Sword Dignitary nodded and said; There are a few points, she deliberately appeared, not afraid in the slightest of us striking out at her, this also breathes a wave of goodwill, and the other party’s words are all for that boy Ye Han, so indeed one does not feel any malice.

If she really isn’t the Immortal Ice Queen, then who is she? The Invincible Sword Venerable asked indifferently.

The Undying Ice Queen, that was a human superpower before the Undying Sword Venerable and the others, was considered to be the elders of the Undying Sword Venerable and the others, and the Undying Sword Venerable and the others didn’t even know where she was before the other party became famous.

The undefeated sword daddy shook his head and said; it is indeed a very mysterious person, the power she cultivates, among the known super strong people of the human race, can not find a person who can match, and the undying ice queen cultivates the power of cold ice, fusing many ice laws, comprehending the way of ice sealing, there is not the slightest similarity with that person just now, forget it, since she has shown that she has no malice towards that kid Ye Han, there is no need to care too much about her The first thing I want to do is to see what progress that kid Ye Han has made at the Dao Sect!


After leaving the Sword Tower, Ye Han had already contacted Silly Ben, Lin Qi and the others through the soul jade slip, and they were all temporarily staying in a restaurant in Sword City, waiting for Ye Han to come out from inside the Sword Tower.

”Boss, did you gain anything from your trip to the Sword Tower?

Inside the restaurant, when Ye Han arrived, Lin Qi and Silly Ben had already opened a box, and the Zenja Buddha woman was also there, except for Zi Yi, who was nowhere to be seen.

A harvest, not a small one! Thinking of what the Undefeated Sword Dignitary and the others had said, although Ye Han was smiling, his heart was incomparably cold, in this world, no one would want to use him as a pawn, let alone throw him away as a discard.

Even if the other party was that high and mighty God, it would not do!

However, just as the Peerless Sword Djinn had said, after knowing these most secretive matters, Ye Han already had a few faint feelings in his heart towards the Southern Divine Region human race.

In the past, when the Heavenly Emperors of the Human Race backed them up, when the sky collapsed, there were these tall men to hold them up. Before the sky collapsed, for the sake of the Human Race, Ye Han could do anything, make plans and deal with all crises for the Human Race.

But now, Ye Han’s heart is very complicated for the Human Race, no, to be exact, those tall existences who are in control of the Human Race, once they enter the City of Destiny and come out, Ye Han is only afraid that he can no longer go back in, and even if he does, the end that awaits Ye Han can be imagined.

I can feel a majestic sword intent in your body. If Zenja is correct, this sword intent has probably reached the ninth rank, and further on is the realm of the supreme sword intent! The Zenja Buddha Maiden was so penetrating that she could see the change in Ye Han’s body at a glance.

Great Sage, can you offer me a price for the Soul Gathering Stone on your body? I want it. If it was before, Ye Han did not mind taking his time with this Great Sage of the Buddha Sect, but now Ye Han could not afford to wait any longer.

At these words, a look of surprise flashed across the pair of wisdom-filled eyes of the Zenja Buddha Maiden; Since Master Shih knows that Zenja is carrying the Soul Gathering Stone, he should know that the Soul Gathering Stone is a holy relic of my Buddhist sect, and cannot be worn except by people of my Buddhist sect.

Ye coldly said; I am determined to get the Soul Gathering Stone, I don’t want to be an enemy of the Buddha Academy, let alone the Buddha Sect, I wonder how I can get this Soul Gathering Stone?

Seeing this, Lin Qi and Foolish Ben were both a little surprised, such anxious Ye Han was something they had rarely seen, with Ye Han’s composure, he should not be so impatient, not to mention that this object was also the Zenja Buddha’s daughter, her status was extraordinary.

The Buddha’s daughter said, “Although the Zenja is wearing this object, it is outside of her body, but she has no right to dispose of it. If you really want it, you can go to the Buddha Academy with the Zenja and everything will be decided by the holy Buddha.

Ye Han nodded and said; Good, after I go to the Dao Gate, I will go to the Buddha Academy with you.

Boss, are we going to the Daoist Sect next? Lin Qi said;Although that Daoist boy Qingxu had invited us, but who knows if that bull-riding boy was just saying that casually.

The Daoist Gate, we must go! Ye Han let out a deep breath and said; Lin Qi, inform the Eight Heavenly Kings to go to the Human Race and fetch Bonnie, right now in the whole Human Race, the only one I can’t worry about is her!

When Ye Han and Ye Qing both came to the Middle God Realm, Ye Han did not bring Zhuge Bongruo with him, nor did he even let her enter the Xuanmen World, because at that time, the Human Race still needed a capable person who could make plans to sit down, in order to prevent the Demon Race from invading the Human Race again.

But now, of course, Ye Han would not keep Zhuge Bongruo in the Human Race.

As for Yao Chi’s Yiyao …… Ye Han only treats that fling as a dream, not to mention, would that high-minded and arrogant woman leave the human race and live an uprooted life with him?

Boss, what exactly has happened? Ye Han’s words made both Lin Qi and Foolish Ben keenly sense something unusual, and both of them frowned, what exactly had Ye Han experienced, at the Sword Tower?

Ye Han slowly exhaled a breath of turbid air and said; Don’t ask, before the City of Destiny opens, I want to see Bonnie appear in front of me, as for the rest, down the road you will understand.

But, boss …… is there anything shouldn’t we carry it together? Lin Qi’s face was ironic.

I can’t even carry it, can you carry it? In a rare move, Ye Han snapped his face at Lin Qi and said; Do as I say, tell the Eight Heavenly Kings not to have any stay in the human race after receiving the Bonanza, return to the Middle God Domain immediately, call Zi Yi, we will leave Sword City in a while and head for the Daoist Sect.

At these words, Lin Qi’s face stiffened, he knew that Ye Han must have encountered a very difficult and big matter, otherwise it would definitely not be possible to keep his mouth shut to them, and this matter, too, could definitely threaten the future of the Heavenly Dragon!