Fortune Chapter 2619

The Doors!

Ye Han thought of that Daoist boy, Qing Xu, whom he had met in the valley, and the other party was inviting him to have a chat under the Heavenly Dao Mountain, and now the Undefeated Sword Dignitary had also mentioned the Daoist Sect, and it also appeared to be some sort of opportunity that the Undefeated Sword Dignitary had secured for Ye Han.

Thank you, senior!

Ye Han stood up and said with a respectful bend.

Before we enter the City of Destiny, we can all still help you, but once we come out of the City of Destiny, all of us are pawns and can’t help you much at all!

The answer to the question of how many people in the world have this kind of skill and courage is self-explanatory.

Right now, Ye Han is still the most important pawn on this chess game, and is still very useful to the person who is playing the game. However, once Ye Han, the pawn, loses his usefulness and he grows enough to threaten the person playing the game in the future, then Ye Han will be wiped off the chessboard without hesitation by the other side!

This point, although Qin Wudao had warned Ye Han several times not to expose his Manifestation Body, all along the way, the great powers of the human race had stood behind Ye Han to back him up, causing Ye Han to have almost forgotten this point.

Little did he know that the reason he had come this far properly, even carrying a dazzling light and making a name for himself, was all because he still had a great role to play as a pawn.

But even the most useful chess piece has a time when its role is exhausted, and Ye Han, the main role of this chess piece, is the City of Destiny for those who play it, and of course, the end is also due to the City of Destiny.

Ye Han clenched his fist, this time the undefeated sword daddy let him come to the sword city, I’m afraid this is the main purpose, know everything, still can have a chance to reverse, but confused, in the end how to disappear from this game of chess do not know.

Moreover, Ye Han also had reason to believe that some of these words of the three great sword dwellers were also authorized by someone, just like the words that let Ye Han enter the City of Destiny to look for the opportunity to enter the realm of eternal life, if Ye Han did not know this, he would have no way to enter the City of Destiny, and only when he knew that, Ye Han would go to look for the opportunity to enter the realm of eternal life.

Of course, that person who played the chess game may or may not have expected that the three great Sword Dignitaries would actually tell Ye Han everything at this time.

Originally, I was going to take you as my disciple at the right time and teach you all my sword skills, but unfortunately, at the beginning, I failed to discover that your physique was actually the Body of All Dharma! The Undefeated Sword Master sighed in his heart, Ye Han was his most valued heir after all, of course he did not want to see Ye Han erased from this world like this.

Moreover, the human race had been ruled for ten thousand years, and there were some underlying rules that the Undefeated Sword Venerable could not see past. If Ye Han could really be reborn against the odds, perhaps it would bring about a sea change for the human race!

Ye Han was born with a destiny, but he did not want to be used as a pawn!

With these words, Ye Han turned around and swept out, sweeping down from the tall sword tower.

If it was possible to find the opportunity to enter the Realm of Eternal Life, perhaps, it would also be a path to rebirth against the odds. At the top of the sword tower, an indistinct voice was passing down.

After all, Ye Han was too good, carrying the Universal Dharma Body, an unparalleled physique that had only appeared once before, and that appearance had ushered in a new era for the entire heaven and earth, and in Ye Han’s case, this was the second time it had appeared.

The fact that Gao Bu Defeated, let him know early, although it will gradually alienate this kid from the human race, however, also let him have a ray of hope for himself, whether he can be reborn against the odds, the next will have to depend on his own destiny, you have helped him enough! Feeling the cold aura from the Undefeated Sword Dignitary, the Peerless Sword Dignitary said so.

The world of cultivators need not be ruled by others. If it were possible, I would like to see the world change for once! The Undefeated Sword Djinn looked towards the top of that heavenly dome, a mocking smile appearing on his face.

If you don’t want to be ruled, why don’t you resist yourselves? Instead, you put your hopes on a young man who is only in his twenties!

At this moment, only a slim figure was seen in the quiet garden at the top of the Sword Tower, slowly walking out, its hands behind its back, also looking at the Undefeated Swordfather and the others with a mocking expression.

Your Excellency has finally bothered to show himself!

The appearance of the other party did not surprise the Three Great Sword Dignitaries, the Soul Clan Li Shengyu and the others, as if they had already known that the other party had come to the top of this Sword Tower.

There’s no point in hiding with you people, haven’t you all been searching for my identity too? So, stand out now and let you have a look! Zi Yi walked to where Ye Han had been just now, and he leaned over the railing of the pavilion to look at the scenery below;It’s really beautiful here, but unfortunately, ah, I don’t like it.

Who exactly is your Excellency? What exactly is your purpose in appearing next to that boy? Li Shengyu frowned, they had been searching for the identity of Purple Cloth, but had never come to a definite conclusion.

I am just taking what I want with him, not as finicky as you. Zi Yi turned his head and said; as the top pillar of the human race, I am curious as to which side you guys are on?

The current human race cannot do without those high and mighty beings to suppress the foolish races, however, the decaying rule also needs a new leader to change the dynasty, and since he was chosen by fate, this path he cannot avoid!

And what if he could not succeed? Purple laughed coldly.

The Peerless Sword Djinn said; then at least, the human race is still the current human race, and the billions of beings of the human race can still continue to survive under this corrupt rule, and not be exterminated!

Humph, a good righteousness for the human race, afraid only that the human race under this corrupt rule, may not be on his side, ruled for too long, they would rather continue to survive under this corrupt rule, rather than accept a new rule, the obscene power is already in the bones, may change easily? Purple laughed coldly.

Your Excellency seems to know the human race very well. A glint of light crossed the eyes of the Undefeated Sword Djinn and said; Every rule that is overthrown and a new one descends is not smooth sailing, doing, is better than doing nothing, your Excellency has come here today, you should also be here for that boy, so far, your Excellency really has no ill will towards him, if I guessed correctly, your Excellency should be the amazingly talented Ice Queen in the history of my Human Race!

The Ice Queen!

Hearing the Undefeated Sword Venerable’s speculation, a look of shock crossed the eyes of the Peerless Sword Venerable and the others.

Oh, I can only say that you guys guessed half right, forget it, chatting with you old guys is really boring, I might as well go find that kid!