Fortune Chapter 2618

At this moment, the secret news heard from the mouths of the three Sword Dignitaries had simply pushed back Ye Han’s previous perception of the martial dao.

The realm of Heavenly Emperor was not even the strongest in this world, above the Heavenly Emperor, there was a realm of eternal life that the giants of all clans were pursuing, living forever with the world, which was completely no different from eternal life.

When I was in China, all cultivators were pursuing the secret of eternal life, but I never thought that when I came to this world, people here would be pursuing the same goal.

Wait, is there a connection between these two?

Ye Han’s mind is active, China has been pursuing the mystery of immortality from ancient times to the present, although in modern times, allowing Ye Han and others to find the sacred land of Kunlun, confirming the mystery of immortality from ancient times to the present which is a portal.

But, is this answer really correct?

Is the mystery of immortality that has been passed down from ancient times in China to the present day really just a portal? Or have future generations failed to understand the deeper meaning?

Of course, these thoughts only flickered in Ye Han’s mind. The realm of eternal life in the Divine Demon Continent is, to put it bluntly, longevity, and there is no one in this world who does not yearn for longevity, no one who does not yearn to live with the heavens and the earth, to rule the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth!

You kid don’t need to be too surprised, although it is a secret news, but in fact quite a few senior people in the human race know about it, some maybe knew about it before, and some maybe just now. The undefeated sword daddy said; the reason we are telling you this is, for one thing, to make your goal transcend the Heavenly Emperor, and for another ……

inside the City of Destiny is the opportunity to break through to the Realm of Eternal Life! Ye Han let out a deep breath and said the unfinished words in place of the Undefeated Sword Djinn.

All three Sword Dignitaries nodded, these were not secrets to the strongest of the clans, except that, due to restrictions, Heavenly Emperors could not enter the City of Destiny at all.

The Undefeated Sword Dignitary continued; the opportunity to enter that realm of eternal life is something that the giants of all the clans want to obtain, right now, the Heavenly Emperor is restricted from entering the City of Destiny, so they have all unspokenly placed their hopes on you people, however, the City of Destiny descends once every thousand years, yet no one has ever been able to find the opportunity to enter the realm of eternal life from it, of course, this is not to say that the City of Destiny does not exist to enter the realm of eternal life opportunity, but rather that posterity has never found it.

Senior, do you mean that the real purpose of the giants of the clans letting us enter the City of Destiny is to find the opportunity to enter the Realm of Eternal Life for them? A glint of light crossed Ye Han’s eyes.

At those words, although the three great Sword Dignitaries did not nod their heads, they did not deny it either.

The Undefeated Sword Dignitary sighed and said; “The world is bustling with profit, boy, no one will treat you well for no reason, and even if there is, it is only a small percentage of people, until we have the ability to control our own destiny, we can only be reduced to the pawns of others, so, after entering the City of Destiny, you have to think of all the ways to get your own chance, destiny, only when it is in your own hands, you can be free! Only if you control your own destiny will you be free!

Ye Han had some difficulty in accepting this fact, the Human Heavenly Emperor, was it really like what the Undefeated Sword Master said?

Gao Bu Defeat is right, if you want to not be controlled by others and become a pawn, you can only work on your own, and the City of Destiny is exactly a shortcut for you, in the City of Destiny, the extraordinary qi that exists, remember, the stronger the qi, the greater the chance of entering the City of Destiny. said the Peerless Sword Djinn.

Ye Han nodded silently, at this moment, he suddenly felt that the entire human race, was not as simple as he saw it!

Once the Vermilion Bird said; don’t become a pawn in the hands of others, what is yours is yours, and never be soft when you arrive at the City of Destiny, even in the face of your own people, people’s hearts are wicked, especially in the case of great temptation, your softness may cost you your own life.

Do not become a pawn of others!

Ye Han now, perhaps, has some understanding of the meaning of this phrase!

”Kid, although you are trying your best to hide it, however, if we are not wrong, your physique is extraordinary, in your body the various powers have exceeded ten, as far as I know, there is no other physique in the world other than one that can make a cultivator do this. The Invincible Sword Djinn suddenly spoke up.

At those words, Ye Han’s eyes flickered, the matter of his own physique being the Ten Thousand Dharma Body was only known by the few people closest to him on the human side, but right now it seemed that the matter of him being the Ten Thousand Dharma Body, I’m afraid, had long ceased to exist as a secret!

I know that a physique such as yours appeared once in a very distant and remote past. However, there are some people who do not want to see this sea change, because you are now in the chessboard, you are the most important pawn, so you are still carrying a dazzling aura, once you lose this most important pawn, you may disappear from the game!

Hearing these words, Ye Han’s calm eyes seemed to have no ripples in them, but his heart was already flooded with unsettling fluctuations. The three great Sword Dignitaries said this today, the kind of implicitly expressed meaning, made Ye Han doubt whether his persistence all along was right or wrong?

Senior, so you have already guessed that I am a universal law body? Ye Han let out a deep breath as he gazed towards the three great Sword Dignitaries and the four Soul Clansmen, Li Shengyu, all of whom looked calm and knew, but they had never said it.

The Undefeated Sword Dignitary sighed and said;If we can know, then you should also know, that the people at the top likewise know, so if you want to control your own destiny, don’t lose this chance to be in the City of Destiny.

The emperor’s heart is difficult to fathom, and those who are high up are even more inscrutable. Ye Han smiled lightly and said; If my guess is right, this time, whether I find the opportunity to enter the realm of eternal life or not, after I come out, I am afraid I will have to face a calamity!

At this moment, Ye Han’s long-held beliefs were gradually crumbling, from now on, there would be no more beliefs in his heart, his beliefs were only in himself.

The undefeated sword daddy said; the world is unpredictable, but even if it is a deadlock, there is not no way to break it, after you leave here, go to the Dao Sect, this is the most I can do to help you!