Fortune Chapter 2617

Looking at the youth bending down and bowing, his sincere face caused the Dao heart of the Undefeated Sword Venerable to fluctuate slightly. Although the Undefeated Sword Venerable had been a great success in his life, and his fame was all over the entire Divine Demon Continent, and there were no rivals under the Heavenly Emperor, the other party had not accepted any disciples in his life.

Get up!

The Undefeated Sword Djinn slowly got up, and when he raised his hand slightly, Ye Han felt an invisible force pulling him up.

Gao Bu Defeat, it’s a pity that this kid is not ordinary, otherwise you wouldn’t want this disciple, I Gu Wushuang can have it! The Wushuang Sword Dignitary smiled faintly, his gaze also flashed with a trace of regret, for Ye Han, nowadays, they all had more or less some understanding.

The future of the …… human race was tied up in one person!

Of course, not everyone among the human race thinks this way, and many people would not necessarily want to see this happen if the old rule was broken.

In the entire Human Race, no one is qualified to teach him, and neither am I, Gao Bu Defeated! The higher they stood, the more they knew. Qin Wudao and Gu Madman had taken Ye Han as their disciple because the heights they were currently exposed to were nowhere near as high as those of the likes of the Undefeated Swordsman, and naturally they did not know as much.

Ye Han has met all the seniors! Ye Han rose and once again bent and arched his hand to the Peerless Sword Venerable, the Invincible Sword Venerable, the Double Sword King Li Cheng and the others.

These seven people in front of him could be considered the pillars of the Human Race, apart from the Heavenly Emperor, they were the most powerful people of the Human Race, and the contributions they had made to the Human Race were definitely enough to qualify for the annals of history!

I have seen many geniuses in my life, but you are the only one who can truly be called the first. The two boys of the Gods and Demons are not bad, but their births have already determined their future, while you are different. You are different.

Ye Han walked over and sat down on the only seat, then personally poured tea for all the bigwigs present and said: “Ye Han owes his success today to the protection of all the seniors, so I would like to toast you all with a cup of tea instead of wine.

After saying this, Ye Han drank his cup of tea in one go.

Soul Clan Li Sheng Yu laughed; Ye kid, you and my Soul Clan proper are bonded brothers, love is stronger than gold, but I have to admit that kid is indeed inferior to you, this time into the City of Destiny, if you have the heart, help me bring him out alive, the future of my Soul Clan, still need him to lead to.

Ye Han said respectfully; senior please rest assured, big brother has something, I, Ye Han, naturally will not stand by and watch, this time into the city of destiny that unknown place, the only way for the geniuses of the human race to have a chance to compete with the clans is to hold a group!

The City of Destiny is a place of hope, but at the same time it is an ominous place, there are too many unknown dangers when you enter it. The Undefeated Sword Master cautioned.

At these words, Ye Han asked the Undefeated Sword Dweller; Senior, have you ever entered this City of Destiny before?

Hearing Ye Han’s words, the three great Sword Dignitaries looked at each other, they all nodded their heads, only the four of them, Soul Clan Li Sheng Yu, Double Sword King Li Cheng, Prisoner Demon Sword Saint Guihai Lian Tian and Tai Yi Arrow King shook their heads, the three great Sword Dignitaries had entered the City of Destiny and all walked out alive, but the four of them had not entered the City of Destiny.

That place, the Three Great Sword Dignitaries had once entered, but unfortunately we had no connection with the City of Destiny and were unable to enter it to see what it looked like! Li Shengyu of the Soul Clan said with considerable regret.

At those words, Ye Han once again looked at the three Undefeated Sword Dignitaries, it was so hard to come across a few people who had once entered the City of Destiny, Ye Han certainly wanted to know something before entering the City of Destiny.

If it wasn’t for the age and realm restrictions, even Heavenly Emperors would want to enter it, there are too many unimaginable things in it, but in the end, it all comes down to the word ‘qi’. The City of Destiny is so strange that even those of us who have entered it dare not say so!

Qi luck could indeed change destiny, but it was not absolute. The silent Invincible Sword Djinn said;In the City of Destiny there are many unknown things, unknown places and unknown people, once I had entered an unknown place and obtained an unknown thing, that’s why I was able to achieve what I have today.

On hearing that, Ye Han said; If one were to say that entering the City of Destiny was in search of that so-called qi and then come to change one’s fate, this should not be that attractive to those high and mighty Heavenly Emperors, right? They were already standing at the very top in this world.

The pinnacle? The Undefeated Sword Djinn laughed lightly and said; Not to mention that the Heavenly Emperors of the human race are not at the top, the Three Saints of the Demon race, the two Demon Dignitaries of the Heaven and Earth of the Demon race, and the Four Divine Emperors of the God race, namely the Hao Tian, Tai Yi, Tai Shang and Tong Tian, they are not even at the top in this world!


These words of the Undefeated Sword Djinn directly caused a huge wave of horror to rise in Ye Han’s heart, the Heavenly Emperor, the Supreme Sage, the Demon Djinn and the God Emperor were not the pinnacle of this world? Could it be that there were even more powerful existences above that Heavenly Emperor?

These were all secret stories that few people knew about. When I was at your stage, I naively thought that Heavenly Emperors were the end of cultivation, that they were already the most powerful people in this world and could do anything, but unfortunately, after entering the City of Destiny, I realised that above the Heavenly Emperors, there was another goal that all these powerful people were collectively pursuing – the Realm of Eternal Life!

Above the Heavenly Emperors, the realm of eternal life! Ye Han was dumbfounded, there was a realm above the Heavenly Emperor, what was the Realm of Eternal Life?

The Realm of Eternal Life, this is a realm that is far, far away from us all, currently those of us who have not even entered the Realm of Heavenly Emperors, how can we talk about exploring that Realm of Eternal Life, there are rumours that in ancient times there were people who had entered the Realm of Eternal Life, but with the overthrow of the last epoch, these histories can no longer be traced, but the Realm of Eternal Life does exist, heaven and earth do not perish, the dao body lives forever! The Peerless Sword Djinn sighed and said.

Heaven and earth do not perish, the dao body lives forever! Ye Han murmured under his breath;could it be that this Realm of Eternal Life could still live the same life as Heaven and Earth?

The Invincible Sword Master said, “The realm of eternal life represents heaven and earth, ruling the three thousand great dao, and living forever with the world.