Fortune Chapter 2616

The Ninth Order Sword Intent becomes!

A sword intent so severe that it seemed to be able to break through heaven and earth whistled through Ye Han’s body. At this moment, Ye Han’s life and death sword intent only had the power to resist in the face of the supreme sword intent within this ninety-ninth level, and was no longer destroyed as easily as it had been a moment ago.

The Ninth Order Sword Intent had finally succeeded!

Ye Han sat cross-legged inside the ninety-ninth floor, his tense expression slowly relaxed, after entering the ninetieth floor and walking to the ninety-ninth floor Ye Han had spent nearly two days and two nights in total, his body had more wounds than he could count.

Under this kind of high intensity tempering, if not for a person of great perseverance, he would have fallen down long ago.

And now, after Ye Han’s Life and Death Sword Intent had broken through to the Ninth Order Sword Intent, he finally had some resistance in the face of the supreme sword intent within the ninety-ninth level.

Looking at the wounds all over his body, a bitter smile appeared on the corner of Ye Han’s mouth, this journey up was indeed quite hard and difficult, Ye Han hadn’t tried such intense cultivation for a long time.

Immediately, Ye Han changed into a brand new set of clothes, and then began to treat his injuries.

All this was gently watched by the undefeated sword daddy and the others who were on the topmost level, and they positioned Ye Han below the 100th level, above the 90th level, and up to the 9th rank level of sword intent.

And now, Ye Han had indeed done so, not disappointing the Undefeated Sword Dignitary and the others.

How sharp were the eyes of the Undefeated Sword Dignitary and the others, such as Ye Han, such a small cultivator, they would certainly not be wrong in trying to position each other.

This kid was not disappointing, his own sword intent reached the ninth rank, this was already very rare, if someone else were to do it, to be able to raise from the fifth rank sword intent to the eighth rank sword intent would already be unbelievable, let alone the fact that he had reached the ninth rank degree! The Peerless Sword Master said with a smile.

The Undefeated Sword Djinn said; his own sword intent raised to the ninth rank, this kid needs to go and digest it properly to prepare for his future raising to the supreme sword intent, it’s a pity, this kid’s current realm is too low, and it’s been too long since he left his sword intent behind, if not, we could still help him to enter the hundredth floor and feel the true supreme sword intent!

The path is taken one step at a time, it’s not good to be too aggressive, he is already very powerful with the ninth rank sword intent, even if he enters the City of Destiny, after combining his various abilities, few people will be his opponent! The invincible sword daddy, who had always seemed somewhat silent, said.

At these words, all the people present nodded their heads, their perception of the sword dao was definitely at the level of a patriarch!

In the middle of the ninety-ninth floor, Ye Han’s injuries were gradually recovering, and under the repair of the Law of Life, even his wounds would disappear, and not a single trace of his injuries could be seen.

At this time, Ye Han opened his eyes once again, his own sword intent reached the ninth rank, for this result Ye Han was of course quite satisfied.

Of course, Ye Han was also quite interested in the place above the ninety-ninth floor, which was not accessible to those who were not enlightened.

However, when Ye Han’s gaze looked towards the entrance to the one hundredth floor, the pitch-black entrance, as if it was a bottomless black abyss, almost made Ye Han’s mind sink into it, unable to extricate itself!

Huh, this kid is really a fellow whose heart is not enough to swallow an elephant, how dare he hit the one hundredth floor! The Peerless Sword Daoist at the top level noticed this and was a little speechless, with Ye Han’s current sword intent realm and that pitiful martial realm, entering the one hundredth floor would be completely asking for death.

On hearing this, the Undefeated Sword Master’s sword brow furrowed, and a voice full of terrifying sword intent came into Ye Han’s mind like thunder; Kid, over-ambitious, you don’t have such qualifications at present, although you have the courage, you need to know how to stop in moderation, too much greed will destroy your own path!

When this voice full of infinite sword intent entered Ye Han’s mind, Ye Han was immediately struck by a thunderbolt, and his gaze moved away from the entrance to the 100th floor.

Thank you, senior, for your teaching! Ye Han stood up and let out a deep breath, the horror of that hundredth floor was too much to bear just by looking at it, and the current him was indeed not qualified to go through that hundredth floor.

Since your sword intent has been raised to the ninth rank, then come up, we old guys have been waiting for you for a long time!


Twilight, just after this voice of the Undefeated Sword Djinn fell, only to see that inside the ninety-ninth floor, a void passage suddenly appeared in front of Ye Han, like an ancient pathway in the starry sky.

Seeing this, although Ye Han was surprised at such a heaven defying tactic of the Undefeated Sword Djinn, he did not doubt it and directly entered that void passage with one step, and then, when Ye Han reappeared, he had already arrived at the topmost floor of the Sword Tower.

The topmost floor of the Sword Tower was like an airy pavilion, surrounded by white clouds and mist.

There is not only a terrace with a view of the entire Sword City, but also a small garden and a few elegant houses.

At this moment, inside that edge of the terrace, the Undefeated Sword Dignitary and the others were all sitting cross-legged, and on the wooden table in their midst was a pot of fragrant tea, each of their gazes holding a smile as they looked over towards Ye Han.

How is the scenery here? How is it compared to the Heavenly Dragon Holy City that you have fought? The Undefeated Swordfather spoke, as if he was asking Ye Han, but also as if there were words in his mouth.

At those words, Ye Han stood at the edge of the building and looked into the distance, from here, he could look down on the entire Sword City through the white clouds, that visual impact was as if he had the entire earth under his feet, holding the rivers and mountains in his hands!

Ye Han laughed; the scenery was beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful, and there was naturally no comparison between the Heavenly Dragon Holy City and this place.

There were not many people in the world who could compare to the scenery of the Sword Tower, not to mention that the Tower itself was a holy place for sword cultivators, even if there was no such scenery, there would be countless sword cultivators in the world who would come here to admire it!

If you are really nostalgic for the old days, you can take it back when you are able after seeing the scenery.

Thank you for your teaching, senior! Ye Han clasped his fist, knelt down on one knee, and bent down respectfully to the Undefeated Sword Master, this leader of the sword dao in front of him was worthy of his respect, and even more so, he was worthy of being treated as a senior teacher, although the Undefeated Sword Master had never said that he would take Ye Han as his disciple, and Ye Han had no intention of worshipping the Undefeated Sword Master.

However, the help that the other party had given Ye Han in his cultivation over the years was no less than a teacher loving his disciple, and the other party had always helped Ye Han without regard to return!