Fortune Chapter 2612

Below the 100th floor of the Sword Tower, all the world can enter!

Of course, one must be able to resist the five elemental sword intent in it, but if not, one can still only wander the middle and lower levels.

Above the 100th floor, only those who are enlightened can enter it, and to be enlightened is at least at the level of a Saint Emperor.

The sword intent of the one hundred and first layer could only be contested by a Saint Emperor!

When he heard this, the Undefeated Sword Master did not say anything with a smile on his face, Ye Han was one of the ones he had watched along the way, this kid had a terrible toughness in his bones, if he was persistent, he was as stubborn as a wolf.

Of course, exactly where Ye Han would stop, for the time being, could only be speculation!

In the Sword Tower, after Ye Han’s own Life and Death Sword Intent had broken through to the Sixth Order Life and Death Sword Intent, he still did not stop and continued to walk towards the top of the 66th floor.

The five elemental sword intent in the Sword Tower was extremely strong, and this was definitely a rare holy place of cultivation for quenching a sword cultivator’s sword intent. Since he had this opportunity, Ye Han certainly had to do his best to quench and improve his Life and Death sword intent until the moment when he was completely immobilized.

Snort snort snort!

The terrifying Five Elements Sword Intent raged through the floor, and Ye Han, being the only living thing in this, was undoubtedly attacked by the Five Elements Sword Intent madness, and at this moment, Ye Han’s body was already covered in bruises, a harsh sword scar surfaced above his body, and blood flowed incessantly, and none of the clothes Ye Han was wearing was intact.

Even if he used the Law of Life to repair his injuries, new ones would emerge the next moment, and the speed of repairing them would not be as fast as the speed of creating them with the Five Elements Sword Intent, which would instead distract Ye Han.

Now, Ye Han could only temper his Life and Death Sword Intent every second to become even stronger as he reached his limit. Ye Han also wanted to see how strong his Life and Death Sword Intent would be in the end after tempering it in this Sword Tower.

Sixty-seventh floor!

Sixty-eighth floor!

Sixty-ninth floor!

As he approached the 70th floor mark, an incomparably majestic sword intent suddenly surged from the entrance to the building where he entered the 70th floor, the strength of that sword intent was stronger than any sword intent Ye Han had come into contact with in the previous floors.


The powerful sword intent surged in, the sword intent was so overwhelming that just that aura of sword intent forced Ye Han to take a few steps backwards, and a mouthful of fresh blood spat out wildly from his mouth.

The Five Elements Sword Intent in the 70th level was already so powerful that it was difficult for Ye Han to resist.

In the following floors, every time one floor rose, the power of the Five Elements Sword Intent would increase by one point, but now that he had reached the seventieth floor, the power of the Five Elements Sword Intent had already increased by more than simply one point, it had completely doubled!

It was too strong!

Ye Han’s heart trembled and retreated to the middle of the sixty-ninth floor. Before he was absolutely certain, if he forced himself to enter the seventieth floor, he would definitely be seriously injured.

Subsequently, Ye Han sat down directly on the sixty-ninth floor, releasing his own life and death sword intent, receiving the tempering of the five elemental sword intent here, and this was the first time Ye Han had stopped since entering the sword tower.

Rushing into the sixty-ninth floor in one go was considered very rare, steadily playing and progressing, fully adapting to the power of the sword intent in the sixty-ninth floor before attacking the seventieth floor, generally people would choose to do this, but just wonder how long it would take this kid? The Peerless Sword Dignitary smiled faintly, Ye Han’s movements in the Sword Tower were clearly perceived by them.

Soon, an hour passed, two hours passed ……

Ye Han was kneeling in the 69th floor to temper his own Life and Death Sword Intent, from the beginning when the Life and Death Sword Intent could only withstand for one minute, to now when Ye Han’s Life and Death Sword Intent could already withstand for almost ten minutes.

Snort snort snort!

In the middle of the sixty-ninth floor, Ye Han’s body shone brightly with the Life and Death Sword Intent, turning into an incomparably harsh white sword aura that danced throughout the floor, fighting against the Five Elements Sword Intent that existed here and exchanging blows with each other.

The clash of sword intent and sword intent caused the air here to be cut through, and the shadows of some harsh sword marks could be vaguely seen in the air.

Under this kind of tempering, Ye Han could also feel that his Life and Death Sword Intent was gradually improving, although it was still a long way from the Seventh Order Sword Intent, but every point of progress was rare for Ye Han, and as he improved minute by minute, he would always advance to the Seventh Order Sword Intent level.

It seemed that he could go to the seventieth level!

Ye Han slowly opened his eyes and looked towards the location of the entrance into the seventieth layer.


When Ye Han arrived at the entrance to the 70th floor, the incomparably majestic sword intent once again surged in, just like a monstrous wave, so fierce that even an ordinary Saint King would be seriously injured if he encountered it.


Ye Han put his two fingers together and used his hand instead of his sword, and the terrifying life and death sword intent burst out from his two fingers, stabbing directly towards the majestic sword intent that was surging in.

Subsequently, when Ye Han’s Life and Death Sword Intent stabbed into the majestic sword intent, the majestic force was immediately like a deflated ball, and the sound was no longer as appalling as before.

Seeing this, Ye Han directly stepped into the 70th floor.

After entering here, Ye Han no longer dared to use his body to resist these Five Elements Sword Intentions, the Five Elements Sword Intentions present here were fully qualified to harm Ye Han’s internal organs, and using the Life and Death Sword Intentions to resist them just enabled him to be tempered by the Five Elements Sword Intentions to a greater extent.

Under the protection of the Life and Death Sword Intent, Ye Han walked step by step towards the higher floors with his hands behind his back, and soon he entered the seventy-first floor.

However, Ye Han also discovered that the sword intent for entering the seventy-first floor did not increase by a multiple, it only increased by about one point from the original.

Could it be that after entering the seventieth layer, every tenth layer was only a big hurdle? If that was the case, then entering the eightieth layer would definitely be an even more powerful test!

Ye Han thought so in his heart, but although the sword intent was enhanced in varying degrees, it was still beneficial to Ye Han in refining his Life and Death Sword Intent, and as long as he received a more majestic and stronger Five Elements Sword Intent than the one he had just received, then Ye Han’s Sixth Order Life and Death Sword Intent would definitely be only one threshold away from the Seventh Order Sword Intent, not to say entering the Seventh Order Sword Intent degree!

In the Sword Tower, Ye Han rose to the challenge, releasing the sword intent around him, and in less than half an hour, Ye Han had already arrived at the entrance to the eightieth level of the Great Gate, and at this moment, even before Ye Han had taken a step into the eightieth level, he felt a fierce and merciless force brewing within it, and once Ye Han entered it, he would definitely be subjected to the most terrifying attack.