Fortune Chapter 2611

It’s so weak!

When comparing the fifth-ranked Life and Death Sword Intent with these Five Elements Sword Intent in the Sword Tower, there was absolutely no comparison between the two. At this moment, after the Life and Death Sword Intent in Ye Han’s body was stimulated, it was instantly suppressed by the Five Elements Sword Intent, and it had no power to resist.

Snort snort snort!

An invisible sword intent whisked in from all directions, its speed was like a gale, and the sharpness contained in the sword intent once again disintegrated the clothes on Ye Han’s body into pieces, and at this moment, Ye Han was completely like a beggar.

It was only here that Ye Han felt the pressure from the Five Elements Sword Intent, the kind of invisible sharpness, if other Ninth-Destiny Supremacy had endured one it would have been instantly destroyed.

The life and death sword intent within Ye Han’s body was re-released and then obliterated, and so on and so forth, while Ye Han was also in this process, constantly walking towards the floors above the sword tower.

The sixty-first floor!

Sixty-second floor!

That terrifying sword intent was released in the middle of the floor, and as Ye Han entered the sixty-second floor, not only was the current Ye Han like a beggar, there was even a bloodstain surfacing on top of that exposed skin.

The sword intent that existed here was already enough to qualify to harm Ye Han’s body.

Even if Ye Han’s battle power was strong and he had cultivated the Wild Saint Battle Body, he would not be able to block the damage caused to his body by those five elemental sword intents.

However, while Ye Han was being harmed by these Five Elements Sword Intent, Ye Han’s own sword intent was released time and time again, and as it was instantly obliterated at the beginning, it was now able to exist for ten seconds under the suppression of the Five Elements Sword Intent.

Moreover, every time his Life and Death Sword Intent was suppressed and refined, Ye Han could feel that his own Life and Death Sword Intent had improved, although this improvement was very small, as long as he persisted and accumulated more, Ye Han believed that his Life and Death Sword Intent would definitely go to the next level!

One more time!

Ye Han’s eyes were blazing as he offered no resistance at all, allowing those incomparably sharp Five Elements Sword Intent to fall on top of his body as he walked forward, one step at a time, while he was simultaneously releasing his own Life and Death Sword Intent, taking in the suppression and tempering of those Five Elements Sword Intent here!

Sixty-third floor!

Sixty-fourth floor!

Right now, every time Ye Han went up one layer, he felt a huge pressure, although these Five Elements Sword Intent could only hurt Ye Han’s body surface for the time being, and could not invade his body, but every time this sword intent landed on his body, it was like being cut by a sharp knife, now Ye Han’s body had countless wounds, and his whole body was almost turning into a bloody man.

Of course, the effort was worth it for Ye Han, who was now able to resist the Five Elements Sword Intent for thirty seconds by releasing his Life and Death Sword Intent, and Ye Han felt that in the process of suppressing and tempering the Five Elements Sword Intent, his Fifth Order Life and Death Sword Intent had reached its peak and could break through to the Sixth Order Life and Death Sword Intent at any time.

It was still a little short, just a little short!

Ye Han’s heart was hissing as he felt that the fifth-ranked Sword Intent was on the verge of breaking through, if only he was given a little more pressure, the fifth-ranked Life and Death Sword Intent would go straight into the sixth-ranked Life and Death Sword Intent.

The sixty-fifth level!


When Ye Han took a step into this layer, a terrifying Five Elements Sword Intent shot out from in front of him, an invisible sword power that seemed to have entered Ye Han’s mind in this instant, wanting to strangle Ye Han’s soul into pieces.

All that’s left is you!

A look of intense longing flashed across Ye Han’s eyes, and then, the moment Ye Han was forced by this sword intent, the life and death sword intent in his body was nourished to a full extent as if it was a long drought that had met with sweet rain.


In an instant, the Life and Death Sword Intent within Ye Han’s body increased greatly, and that overwhelming momentum seemed to sweep across all the Five Elements Sword Intents in this 65th floor.

At this moment, the Fifth Order Life and Death Sword Intent within Ye Han’s body had completely broken through to the Sixth Order Life and Death Sword Intent realm!

Huh, this kid has broken through so quickly!

At this time, in the top floor of the Sword Tower, the two of them, Soul Clan Li Sheng Yu and Twin Sword King Li Cheng, suddenly opened their eyes, although they were on the top floor of this Sword Tower, nothing that happened inside the Tower could be hidden from them.

Although they were on the top floor of the Tower, nothing could be hidden from them. As sword cultivators, Li Shengyu of the Soul Clan and Li Cheng of the Twin Sword King could clearly feel that the power of the foreign sword intent in the Tower had increased, reaching a level that was unparalleled at the beginning.

Double Sword King Li Cheng said; Sixth-order sword intent, if this kid is really a ninth-grade supreme being, having this kind of sword intent is not high or low, but this kid’s combat power is already like a Saint King, a small sixth-order sword intent won’t help him unless it breaks through to the ninth-grade to help him!

Li Shengyu said; it’s not impossible, it depends on whether this kid can persevere in this sword tower, unfortunately, that kid from Zhengdao didn’t come to Sword City, otherwise, this sword tower might be able to help him raise his sword intent to the ninth rank sword intent level!

Sword intent is divided into the first-order sword intent to the ninth-order sword intent, and then there is the supreme sword intent, which is the strongest attacking power that is even stronger than the laws and has the power of invulnerability!

On the top floor of the Sword Tower, not only were Li Shengyu and the Twin Sword King, Li Cheng, but also the three Sword Masters, the Taiyi Arrow King and the Prisoner Demon Saint Emperor, Guihai Liantian.

At this moment, the Three Great Sword Exalts as well as the five of the Tai Yi Arrow King and the Prisoner Demon Sword Saint Guihai Lian Tian all opened their eyes one after another.

Even with a holy place like the Sword Tower, it would still be very difficult for him to advance to this step, depending on whether this kid has such a talent or not!

At the Sword Tower, the pillars of the human race were all present, except for the Taiyi Arrow King and the Prisoner Demon Sword Saint, who did not cultivate swords, the other five were all masters of the sword, and they had more say in the sword dao than anyone else.

Especially the three Sword Sovereigns, if we talk about swords, not many people in the world can compare with them.

Brother Wushuang, which floor of the Sword Tower do you think this kid will eventually stop at? The Undefeated Sword Dignitary suddenly smiled and asked.

Upon hearing this, the Peerless Sword Venerable laughed lightly and said; there was no denying that this kid was indeed exceptional in all aspects, but there was no shortcut to the sword dao, not to mention how terrifying that Five Elements Sword Intent was at its peak, this kid would eventually stop at the upper ninetieth floor and below the hundredth floor.

This conclusion was more than acceptable to Li Shengyu, Double Sword King Li Cheng and the others. Above the hundredth floor, that was a place that no one other than an enlightened person could enter, and with Ye Han’s current ability, there was no way he could enter above the hundredth floor.