Fortune Chapter 1990

The scene was extremely violent and bloody as blood and mist flew across the sky, the earth above that grassland was torn apart, and the violent power spread!

Killing thousands of wolf demons with a single stick, the grandeur of that scene directly shocked Lei Yu’s and the others’ minds into tumbling!

Looking at that bloody and brutal scene in front of them, as well as that back figure holding the iron stick, looking incomparably lonely, a deep look of horror crossed Lei Yu’s and the others’ eyes.

A moment later, the rolling movement subsided, the cracked earth was covered with limbs and broken arms, and the lone figure slowly turned around.

“Yay, big bad, I knew you wouldn’t see death through!”

Xiao Li ran towards Ye Han with a leaping face, grabbing his big hand and not letting go, seeing this, Ye Han gave her a fierce glare, this girl was totally giving him trouble.

Seeing this, Xiao Li spat out her fragrant tongue.

Lei Yu and the others looked at each other and after a deep breath came towards Ye Han, only to see Lei Yu say; “Thank you for helping, I have seen many young fierce people of the demon race, but this is the first time I have seen someone as fierce as you, you are really as brave as ten thousand men!”

“I dare not!” Ye Han waved his hand.

“Haha, you can afford it.” Lei Yu laughed and said; “I am Lei Yu, this is my fiancĂ©e Xue Ying, Yue Ji, Qing Mu and Chang Feng.”

Looking at these people that Lei Yu introduced one by one, Ye Han nodded and said; “Han Ye!”

“I’m Xiao Li!” Xiao Li said as she raised her small hand.

“Haha, and Miss Xiao Li, we all have you to thank for getting out of danger this time, if it wasn’t for your help, several of us would have to die here today.” Lei Yu said.

Ye Han didn’t bother to ask why they were being chased by the wolf demon and said; “Brother Lei Yu, since we have gotten out of danger, then the two of us will take our leave, your injuries are quite heavy, so it would be best to find a secluded place to take care of them.”

Upon hearing this, Lei Yu said; “Brother Han Ye’s words are very true, if it wasn’t for the Monolithic Clan ruins this time, several of us wouldn’t have suffered such a dangerous situation!”

“The Megalithic Clan ruins ……” Xiao Li looked at Lei Yu with wide eyes and said; “Brother Lei Yu, didn’t the Megalithic Clan already perish long ago? Do their ruins still exist?”

The ruins of the Stone Tribe still exist, but they are buried deep under the earth. But we angered this group of wolf demons, and that’s why the scene you saw later came about.”

“Is there something special about this Megalithic Clan ruins?” Ye Han asked, quite curious.

Xiao Li gave Ye Han a blank look and said; “Big Bad, you haven’t even heard of the Megalithic Clan, have you? In the Savage Land, they were once one of the few races that could compete with the PeaC*ck King Clan in a powerful way, and their strength was completely comparable to the PeaC*ck King Clan today!”

“Of course I’ve heard of them.” Ye Han said without moving his voice on the surface; “In that case, now that this Megalithic Race ruins have appeared, it seems that there should be quite a few good things in the ruins?”

Lei Yu said; “Of course, nowadays, I don’t know how many races and tribes have gone to the Megalithic Clan ruins, all wanting to get a piece of the pie… Brother Han Ye, are you going to the Megalithic Clan ruins?”

“Go, of course I’ll go, such a lively place must be fun!” Xiao Li said with a longing face.

At those words, a thought flashed through Ye Han’s mind and he said; “If the journey isn’t very far, it would be a good idea to go and have a look.”

Lei Yu laughed and said; “This place is not far from the Monolithic Clan’s ruins, at most we can reach it in a day’s journey, since Brother Han Ye is interested in going to the Monolithic Clan’s ruins, how about we go together?”

“Are your injuries okay?” Ye Han asked.

“Haha, no harm, our demon race has a strong physique, this injury is nothing, if Brother Han Ye is willing, we will head to the Megalithic Clan ruins first thing tomorrow morning.” Lei Yu said with a big smile.

Ye Han nodded his head.

Afterwards, the group raised a campfire at the edge of a grassland with a water source, and through conversation, Ye Han learnt that the five Lei Yu were from two tribes, Lei Yu and Yue Ji and Qing Mu were from the same tribe, and the two Snow Shadows and Chang Feng were from the same tribe, and their two tribes belonged to a marriage union.

“Big brother Han Ye, someone as powerful as you should come from a very powerful tribe in the Savage Wilderness, right?” Of the five, Yue Ji’s injuries were the lightest, the four Lei Yu had already entered into a state of healing, only Yue Ji remained awake, as for Xiao Li the girl had already leaned on Ye Han’s shoulder and fell into a deep sleep.

Yue Ji was beautiful and tall, and her aura seemed very gentle, without any of the brawny aura of the demon women.

Upon hearing this, Ye Han put down the burning stick in his hand and smiled; “Miss Yue Ji, I am not from the barbaric wilderness.”

Seeing that Ye Han did not say anything, Yue Ji did not pursue the topic and said; “This is the first time that Yue Ji has seen such a powerful genius as Big Brother Han Ye, I have not seen how powerful the ten warriors on the Barbarian Wilderness Demon Ranking are, but I believe that Big Brother Han Ye’s strength is definitely not weaker than theirs. Without your help this time, I’m afraid that my brother and I would have been killed!”

“Meeting each other is fate, Miss Yueji need not take it to heart.” Ye Han smiled lightly, then began to close his eyes and did not speak, too many words would lead to loss, it was better to speak less.

Seeing this, Yue Ji’s eyes flashed with curiosity as she looked at Ye Han, the young man opposite her always gave off a very mysterious feeling, making people unable to understand, as if there was a mysterious veil covering his body, making people want to find out what was going on!

The Rising Sun, Lei Yu and the others all woke up one after another from their cultivation, their respective injuries were basically mostly healed and no longer affected by the battle.

After packing up, under the leadership of Lei Yu and the others, Ye Han followed them with an excited Xiao Li. He was quite curious about the ruins of the Megalithic Race, a race that could once fight against the PeaC*ck Kings, what good things were in their ruins?

A day later, under the leadership of Lei Yu and the others, everyone had arrived at the Giant Stone Race ruins, and on the way here, Ye Han and the others had met many demon experts who were heading to the Giant Stone Race ruins.

At this moment, looking ahead, a crumbling building seemed to have sprung up from beneath the earth, dusty for a long time, each one a thousand metres high and towering into the clouds, and the stone pillar that emanated an ancient aura seemed to be a pillar through the sky.

These ancient castle buildings have been allowed to see the light of day and are radiating their former glory!

The length of the ruins is close to several thousand miles, and at a glance it is extremely magnificent, from which it can be seen that the megalithic race must have been very powerful!