Fortune Chapter 1989

As the sky darkens, a fire glows in the dense, primeval jungle-like forest, and a mouth-watering aroma spreads out from it.

In front of the fire, which was red in colour, Ye Han was holding a wooden stick on which a rabbit had been skewered, and a drop of butter was dripping down from the rabbit’s body onto the fire, emitting a tantalising fragrance.

On the opposite side of Ye Han, Xiao Li was sitting on the ground, bent over, her hands propped up on her chin, her eyes staring at the roasted golden hare, her eyes gluttonous, and the corners of this girl’s mouth were almost drooling.

Ever since Ye Han once unintentionally showed this hand in front of this girl and tasted the deliciousness of it, every time night falls, this girl will always go looking for some mountainous and wild food to send to Ye Han.

The reason was simple; I’m hungry, do it!

Faced with this girl’s justifiable, yet very gluttonous eyes, Ye Han could only take up the occupation of a caterer.

Neither of them spoke, one was too lazy to speak, the other had only good food in his eyes and kept gulping, only the crackling sound of the fire came out in this quiet jungle.

“Hey, big bad, are you ready yet, I’m starving to death!” Xiao Li swallowed hard and urged Ye Han as he watched him keep flipping the wooden stick.

“I think you’re dying of hunger!” Ye Han was speechless, how could this girl know how to be hungry? If he had known that he would get into such a miserable job, he should not have shown this hand in front of Xiao Li at the beginning.

“Humph, no need for you to care, I’m only responsible for eating!” Xiao Li huffed and made a face at Ye Han.

“Then you have to be careful, maybe one day I will put medicine into it, when the time comes ……” Ye Han smiled conspiratorially, it was very scary under the light of the fire, looking at Xiao Li who was speechlessly rolling his eyes and said; “Big bad egg, I I see that you want to try the power of this tiger thunder bomb of mine, right?”

If one day this girl was angered and gave herself a few of those terrifying Tiger Thunder Bombs, that kind of scene would be a very scary thing to think about.

However, just as the two of them were waiting for the food to be cooked, a rumbling sound came violently above the earth, causing the vigorous fire to jump.

“What’s going on?” Xiao Li tilted his head, after experiencing a previous crisis, this girl had become somewhat cautious despite her brutal personality.

Ye Han’s sword brows stared, this kind of movement should have come from farther away, but the intensity could not be small; “Take it, I’ll go check it out!”

Ye Han threw the wooden stick in his hand towards Xiao Li’s hand, and the man had already swept towards the dark jungle.

“Big bad egg, wait, I’m going too!” Xiao Li was not willing to lag behind and chased straight after Ye Han, the hare in her hand was thrown away by her hand, the two of them were weaving through the jungle, both as fast as ghosts, but in order to take care of Xiao Li, Ye Han had already deliberately slowed down his speed.

A few moments later, the two of them had already rushed out of the jungle, and under the light of the bright moon, a large grassland appeared in their sight, and when they looked at it, they saw an extremely spectacular battle breaking out on the endless grassland.

Thousands of demonic beasts seemed to be surging out from the depths of the prairie, all of them were wolf demons, and basically all of them were demon kings, some of them were even about to enter the realm of demon emperor and were ready to transform!

In front of these thousands of demonic beasts, three men and two women were running furiously, resisting the ferocious wolf demons pouncing behind them from time to time, each of them basically carrying injuries on their bodies, but not giving up on any of their companions, but at this rate, there were bound to be casualties in their group!

“Big Bad, these guys look dangerous, why don’t we help them out?” Xiao Li said as he followed beside Ye Han, tilting his head up to look at him.

Upon hearing this, Ye Han glared at her and said; “Nosy, just stay well and don’t mind other people’s business.”

Hearing this, Xiao Li was immediately a little unconvinced and said; “Humph, a guy with no compassion at all, if you don’t help, I’ll help myself.”

After the words were said, only Xiao Li’s figure flashed, her entire body had swept towards the front, and a golden stick instantly appeared in her hand.

Seeing this, Ye Han’s lungs exploded with anger, what was this dead girl doing to be a hero at this time? Who knew what the other party’s origins were?

“Drink ……”

At this time, Xiao Li had already appeared in front of those five figures, the golden stick in his hand slammed down, that a golden light swept across, a large swath of wolf demons instantly fell head over heels.

Seeing this sudden appearance of the young girl, a flash of joy passed through Lei Yu’s eyes, any force joining them at this time would be a way of life for them.

“Little girl, thank you so much!” Lei Yu said loudly, and then the six of them stood on the same line, resisting together against the packs of wolf demons that came pouncing ferociously.

However, the number of wolf demons was too great, and they were so fearless that they would not give up until Lei Yu and the others were torn apart. If they were in their heyday, it would not be difficult for Lei Yu and the others to deal with these wolf demons with the strength of demon dancers, but now each of them was basically seriously injured and could only struggle to hold on.

Moreover, relying on Xiao Li, a first-robbing demon djinn, would not be of much use, and could only stall for time at most.

“This big bad guy won’t really see death and not save him, will he?”

Gradually, Xiao Li’s face turned bitter, after the confrontation, she felt very tricky to deal with these brave wolf demons, and it was quite dangerous to deal with them, although she could use the Tiger Thunder Bomb, but the Tiger Thunder Bomb in her hand was also very limited, and it would be almost gone after a few uses.

As for Lei Yu and the others, they had added some new wounds to their bodies, and they all felt a bit desperate.

“All get out of the way!”

Twilight, right in the middle of this stalemate battle, a low voice came from behind Lei Yu and the others, Xiao Li’s face flushed with joy as he drew back, Lei Yu and the others also each scrambled to retreat, looking at the back that had descended from the sky!

Ye Han was holding a black iron rod, like a god of war descending from the sky, and the iron rod in that hand landed on the earth with a fierce twilight strike.


The sound of a forceful collision resounded on that prairie, this stick seemed to split the entire earth, the terrifying force spread over the earth in all directions, the earth shook and the mountains shook.

The next moment, as the terrifying force spread, the bodies of thousands of ferocious wolf demons burst open, the force having penetrated from the earth to the bodies of these wolf demons, shattering their bodies and sending limbs and blood mist flying across the sky!

Seeing this terrifying and violent scene, Lei Yu and the others’ faces turned very pale, this stick had brought that blood and violence to the extreme!