Fortune Chapter 1988

With the presence of Xiao Li, it was naturally impossible for Ye Han to enter the Xuanmen world, so he could only slowly cultivate in this cave.

His current physical strength was indeed very strong compared to human cultivators, but in the demon race, a race that advocated brute strength, there were many demons with strong physical bodies, so Ye Han’s current physical strength would not be able to withstand much if he met an expert whose strength was stronger than his.

The cultivation method of the Wild Saint Battle Body ran through Ye Han’s body, reversing the meridians and reversing the process, a process that Ye Han had already tried no less than ten times.

When Ye Han first cultivated the Wild Saint Battle Body, he had only strengthened the upper part of his body, and in the time that followed, Ye Han had strengthened every part of his body, and with Ye Han’s body, it was difficult for the imperial weapons to inflict damage on him.

And at this moment, under Ye Han’s continued cultivation, the strength of his flesh would grow stronger as his strength grew, the Mad Saint at the beginning made it so that no one under the heavens could leave a mark on his body, continuing on, Ye Han would likewise be able to reach that supreme state!

It was only on the morning of the fourth day that Ye Han woke up from his meditation. After three days of training, Ye Han could feel that the strength of his flesh was nearly twice as strong as before.

Immediately, he saw a semi-saintly weapon appear in his hand, and after using 80% of his strength, he slashed at his body.

“There really is a considerable improvement!”

There was a glint of joy in Ye Han’s eyes, if an expert who was equal to him in terms of strength were to fight, even if his opponent was holding a half-saint artifact, it would be difficult to leave a wound on his body.

Afterwards, Ye Han stood up and patted his buttocks and walked towards the outside of the cave. The sound of the crashing water came, causing Ye Han to fix his eyes and see a snow-white fragrant shoulder exposed in that deep pool.

When he saw this, Ye Han was speechless, this girl is too good at picking times!

Perhaps sensing the gaze behind her, Xiao Li turned around, and when she saw Ye Han, who had already appeared at the entrance of the cave and fixed his eyes towards himself, this girl’s voice suddenly raised; “Ah, big bad egg, you’re still looking ……”

“Got, I didn’t see anything.” Ye Han in his heart belly slandered, not to mention where he would be interested in this little girl ah; “You first busy, pack up, we should go on the road!”

Ye Han retraced his steps back into the cave.

“Hmph, still saying he didn’t have bad ideas, I wonder how long this bad guy has been peeking at me!” Xiao Li was furious and stared hatefully at Ye Han’s back, and only after she was sure that Ye Han had really re-entered the cave did this girl leap up from that deep pool, an already fully seductive torso exposed to the air.

She then quickly picked up the white clothes on the ground and put them on completely before she beamed and shouted at the cave; “Big bad egg, I’m ready, come out.”

At his words, Ye Han answered and walked up to her as if nothing had happened, looking at this little girl with wet hair, like a hibiscus, Ye Han could not help but smile, seeing this girl reminded him of Little Qingcheng, counting the time, it had been some days since he had entered the Xuanmen world to reunite with them.

“Humph, big bad egg, you’re still smiling, say; how long have you been peeping just now? What did you see?” Xiao Li crossed her arms and stared viciously at Ye Han with the look of a little tigress, as if this girl would have him eat a tiger thunder bomb if Ye Han’s answer was unsatisfactory.

“Girl, you’re too confident in yourself!” Ye Han innocently shrugged his shoulders, these words immediately caused Xiao Li’s eyes to look as if they were about to spurt fire, Ye Han was nakedly looking down on her.

“Alright, after so many days of delay, it’s time for us to go on our way!”

Not long after, a hissing sound came from above the sky, and a giant bird with a fiery red body appeared above the waterfall, and up there, Ye Han waved at Xiao Li.

Seeing this, Xiao Li, who was sulking, gave a light hum, but despite her dissatisfaction with Ye Han’s words just now, the girl knew that she could not leave Ye Han now.

It was a long way to the floodplain, and now that she was still in the barbaric land, Ye Han naturally had to take a demonic beast to take her place.

Although they were lucky to escape the last time they faced that group of demon emperors, Ye Han would not let down his guard, since the other side had sent out such a powerful formation, they would definitely not let them off easily.

The land of barbarism was vast, and thousands of races and tribes had converged on this land to flourish, so it was not easy to cross this vast land.

Time passed slowly, the two of them rushed during the day and rested at night. Xiao Li returned to her usual innocent and lively appearance, occasionally fighting with Ye Han, but fortunately, during this journey, the two of them did not encounter that group of powerful demon emperors again.

In the distant royal capital, at this moment, inside a mysterious and ancient fortress, which was thousands of feet high, a sound like a cogwheel rang out in the dimness of the fortress, which had little light!

Each gear seems to have a destiny, and each time it operates, it seems to be a reincarnation, making the whole fortress filled with a mysterious and mysterious power!

Above the top of the fortress, a faint light shone in, and in the middle of the fortress, above the earth, there was an altar, and on top of the altar was an ancient wheel.

At this moment, the wheel is spinning as if it is absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, but the spinning wheel causes a man with long hair, a phoenix crown and a black robe to sigh in front of the altar.

This man was a lonely and noble man with a long and slender figure. He had an innate noble aura, and his clean gaze had an air of insight into the world.

“High Priest, I wonder why you are sighing?” Behind the man, a man spoke out and asked.

The High Priest sighed; “My sacrificial plate has detected a surge of demonic power coming towards the royal capital.