Fortune Chapter 1987

The battle here had gradually drawn the attention of those in the city, and Ye Han’s powerful performance just now could be said to have shocked anyone in this world who saw this scene.

“Hoo, such a perverted genius is very rare in the barbaric land, but even if he is perverted, the situation he is facing right now, he is still powerless to return to heaven!”

Looking at the strong demon emperors walking towards him in the void around Ye Han, the gazes among the city were all on them, although Ye Han’s performance just now was shocking, his current situation could be seen by anyone.

In the void, Ye Han was holding a black iron rod in his hand, his cold gaze was like a sharp sword, the life force was flowing through his body, causing his injuries to gradually improve, he had to survive this tough battle.

Of course, if he was in a deserted place, Ye Han could still ask the strongest people in the Xuanmen world to come out to help him, but in this crowded place, Ye Han naturally did not dare to expose himself.

“Let’s fight!”

This thought flashed through Ye Han’s mind, causing those eyes of his to become even colder and sharper, an iron-blooded aura moving wildly through his body.

The sky and the earth were surrounded by gazes into the void, and that urgent aura seemed to suppress the hearts of every person in this heaven and earth.

“Big bad guy, get out of the way ……”

Twilight, just under the spread of this urgent aura, a childish voice suddenly came out, and then, only to see Xiao Li’s five fingers above, clutching a finger-sized black orb, its small hand waved forward, that one black orb was bursting towards the Demon Emperor powerhouse around Ye Han.

“Tiger Thunder Bomb, not good!”

Seeing the black orbs bursting over, the faces of the Demon Emperors strolling towards Ye Han’s surroundings changed in vain, and they burst backwards.

At this moment, at this moment, Ye Han had already retreated one step ahead, that one black orb made him feel a terrifying danger, this object, it was definitely a weapon with a very powerful killing power!


In an instant, a rolling explosion sounded out over the city, and the destructive power spread in all directions, like a nuclear weapon, causing dust to roll out from the sky and earth, causing even the city above the earth to suffer, collapsing in one place.

At this moment, even though Ye Han had already exited the area of the destructive shock wave, his face still turned extremely pale, and the mere breath that came over him made Ye Han feel like he had touched death!

In the middle of the city, all the buildings within a thousand meter radius collapsed, and many people of the demon race who were watching suffered!

The faces of the eight Demon Emperors above the sky dome were already ugly to the extreme, their clothes were in tatters, and under their black robes they had revealed their true faces, faces that were distorted with anger, with blood at the corners of their mouths, so one could imagine that they had all been injured in that terrifying explosion just now!

Only, as this terrifying explosion spread, this heaven and earth, Ye Han and Xiao Li’s figures had already disappeared, leaving one completely unable to find a trace of them!

“Damned girl, to bring the Tiger Thunder Bomb with her, give me chase!”

A Demon Emperor powerhouse had a gloomy look on his face, the wind breezing beneath his feet, and under his leadership, the other Demon Emperor powerhouses left like a whirlwind, leaving behind this battlefield that had become a wreck.


In a corner inside the city, the figures of Ye Han and Xiao Li slowly revealed themselves.


With the speed of the two of them, they were naturally no match for the group of terrifying Demon Emperor powerhouses, so they could only take refuge here first.

Seeing the group of terrifying Demon Emperors leave one by one, Ye Han could no longer bear it and a mouthful of blood spat out wildly from his mouth.

If Xiao Li hadn’t possessed that terrifying killer weapon just now, it would have been difficult to predict what would have happened to him today!

“Big bad egg!” Xiao Li clutched Ye Han’s big hand, seeing Ye Han in the midst of serious injuries, the girl looked a little panicked!

“No harm, thanks to you today, well done ……” Ye Han leaned his back against the stone wall and gave her a reluctant smile.

“Humph, I told you a long time ago that I have a secret weapon, it’s just that you didn’t believe me, next time you want to bully me, I’ll use a Tiger Thunder Bomb to blow you up.” Xiao Li gave a light hum in triumph, but looking at Ye Han who was under serious injury, this girl also said with some worry; “Big bad, is your injury alright?”

“Don’t worry, it can’t die.” Ye Han shook his head, if he had known that Xiao Li had such a powerful weapon on his body, why would he have had to fight those Demon Emperors to the death, I think it was before he left the Heavenly Tiger Tribe that Prime had handed over such a powerful weapon to Xiao Li, one was to deal with the sudden crisis, I am afraid that he also had the intention to guard against Ye Han.

Thinking of this, Ye Han said; “Little girl, that group of demon emperors are obviously here for you, although I don’t know the reason, they will definitely not rest in peace, next I have to find a place to heal, you must not be capricious anymore, do you understand?”

At those words, Xiao Li spat out her fragrant tongue, as a promise to Ye Han.

“If you brat wants to get rid of those demon emperors, you better let this girl cover up the aura on her body, those guys are in the same clan as this girl.” At this time, the Vermillion Bird’s voice suddenly rang out in Ye Han’s mind.

Hearing this, Ye Han’s sword brows stared, that group of Demon Emperor powerhouses just now were also from the Heavenly Tiger Clan?

“It seems that the matter with the Heavenly Tiger Tribe is related to these guys, among every power there are collusions and competing interests, and the Heavenly Tiger Tribe with its ancient heritage seems to be no exception!” Ye Han secretly said in his heart, “Is it good or bad for this girl Xiao Li to go to the Heavenly Tiger Tribe now?

Subsequently, Ye Han let Xiao Li cover up her own unique aura and led her towards the outside of the city, there were many people in this city, no one knew how huge the energy of that group of people in the shadows was.

In the middle of the vast mountains, there was a waterfall that fell vertically from the high mountain peaks, forming a clear, deep pool that was a hundred metres wide, and on the side of the deep pool was a cave.

At this moment, Xiao Li was sitting bored on the edge of the deep pool, propping his chin up with one hand, his gaze looking at the location of the cave from time to time.

In the cave, after a few hours of cultivation, Ye Han’s injuries had already healed, however, Ye Han did not stop cultivating, the flesh of the demon race was very strong, this was known all over the world.

Although Ye Han had cultivated the Wild Saint Battle Body and strengthened his flesh, he had only just started, and when he fought against the demon experts, a strong flesh body could often gain the upper hand.

At this moment, Ye Han was continuously cultivating the Wild Saint Battle Body and strengthening his flesh!