Fortune Chapter 1986

Above the vault of the city, eight figures like black light blocked the path of Ye Han and the two of them in front of them. These eight people were covered in black robes, and even their palms were covered by a pair of black gloves, making it impossible to see any of their origins.

A terrifyingly fierce aura blossomed from their bodies, and these eight figures were like a brick wall, as if no force could break through their blockage!

“Demon Emperor!”

Ye Han’s eyes were cold, the aura emanating from the other party was that of actual Demon Emperors, these were eight Demon Emperor powerhouses, with such a formation, Ye Han and the others did not even have any hope of escaping.

At this moment, Xiao Li’s small face also had a tense look on it, she held onto Ye Han’s big hand for dear life, the other party was coming with great force, could she not feel that kind of danger.

“Hmph, kid, only a second-robbing demon dweller can sense our presence, I have to say that you are a very powerful genius, today, we won’t make things difficult for you, but the little girl beside you must be handed over!”

The voice of the Demon Emperor in the centre was cold, and the voice that was permeated with killing intent caused the void around him to freeze, as the eight Demon Emperors had locked the void in place, and the powerful deterrent power spread, causing the attention of many Demon people in the city below.

However, in the Demon Race, a land where strength is paramount, all kinds of battles occur from time to time, and they were not surprised by such things, but there were people watching the action in every place, and the Demon Race was no exception.

“Eight demon emperors, it seems that the people these two little fellows have offended should not be small!”

Above the sky dome, Xiao Li’s small face was written with tension, this was the first time she had encountered something like this, before she had her clanmates to support her in the Heavenly Tiger Tribe, she was not afraid of anything, but now would Ye Han, the only one she could rely on, hand her over?

“Your Excellency, the two of us have never met you, so I’m sorry that your request is difficult for me to do, but I would also advise you that you had better consider the consequences of doing something.” Ye Han looked indifferent, handing Xiao Li over, of course Ye Han would not do it, not to mention that he had promised the Heavenly Tiger Tribe, just the fact that Xiao Li had a chance to inspire the royal bloodline, Ye Han could not stand by and watch her being taken away.

“Hmph, kid, it seems that you are toasting the wine, I don’t care what your origins are, you can’t stop what we are going to do, do it!”

The words fell, and in an instant, eight Demon Emperor powerhouses spread out across this heavenly dome, subduing themselves in eight directions, as if they had blocked all of Ye Han’s paths of retreat, at that moment, two Demon Emperor powerhouses twilighted towards Ye Han and the two of them to kill them, their terrifying attacks were like forming a river of heaven to separate Ye Han and the two of them.

“Stand back!”

Ye Han’s expression was frozen, blocking Xiao Li’s thin body behind himself, the next moment, the black iron rod twilightly appeared in Ye Han’s hand, facing the two Demon Emperors killing attacks at the same time, rolling demon power erupted from Ye Han’s body, the red-hot power was like a flame, causing the black iron rod in Ye Han’s hand to seem to change colour.

“Hmph, insolent brat!”

Seeing Ye Han resist the attack of two Demon Emperors alone, a cold smirk appeared in the eyes of the six Demon Emperors around them, a tiny Second Robbery Demon Daoist resisted two Demon Emperors, this was undoubtedly asking for death.

The next moment, Ye Han stormed up, the black iron rod in his hand ruthlessly smashed towards the attack of the two Demon Emperors!

“This little fellow really has some guts, to face two Demon Emperors with his Second Robbery Demon Dignity realm and still dare to show his sword!”

“However, a mole regretting a tree is undoubtedly asking for death!”

Amongst the city, many people noticed this scene and their eyes were indifferent.

However, in the very next moment, when the youth holding the black iron rod landed a blatant strike on the attack of the two Demon Emperor powerhouses, that scene caused everyone’s eyes to be shocked and frozen.


The sound of a rolling collision resounded through the heavens and the earth, and the endless and ferocious power spread unchecked above the vault of the sky, and the entire void was shattered.

He could only see that the attack of the two Demon Emperors was stopped above the dome of the sky, while Ye Han was frantically retreating under that terrifying collision of power, and a mouthful of fresh blood could not help but spurt out from his mouth.

He kept bursting back hundreds of metres before Ye Han’s form came to a complete stop!

Facing the simultaneous attacks of two Demon Emperor powerhouses, for Ye Han to be able to do this with his realm, this was completely appalling!

“How is it possible, even if those two Demon Emperors only used 10% of their power, it would be completely enough to kill a second-robbing Demon Djinn in seconds!”

“It’s indeed unlikely, but how did this kid manage to do that? Could it be that his fighting power is really that perverse? Wouldn’t this be even more terrifying than that group of fierce people from the royal capital!”

“No, what this kid just used was Demon Power, but even possessing Demon Power shouldn’t be this perverted?”

“Demon’s Power ………”

Amongst the city, tens of thousands of eyes were shocked one after another at this moment, the scene that happened above the sky dome was truly unbelievable.

“What a perverted fellow, where exactly did this son come from?”

In the void, those eight Demon Emperor powerhouses also looked shocked, and that one gaze narrowed into a line, as if they wanted to see through the injured Ye Han at this moment.

Of course, the two Demon Emperors who had fought with Ye Han were the most shocked, although they were afraid of Ye Han’s strength, they had not exerted all their strength just now, but they still had 80% of their strength!

When two Demon Emperors used 80% of their strength, even those who were also Demon Emperors would have to be careful, let alone the fact that the opponent was a small Second Evils.

“Hmph, even if he is perverted, can he still escape our heavenly net? Take him down and take that girl away!” A Demon Emperor powerhouse’s voice was icy cold.

At these words, several other Demon Emperors simultaneously strolled out in the void around Ye Han, at this moment, Ye Han was almost close to being seriously injured, he felt that his internal organs had completely shifted in place, a powerful pain assaulted his entire body, unable to expose his full strength, with his current strength facing the two Demon Emperors, he was barely able to block their attacks.

Ye Han’s expression was cold as he looked around at the powerful figures strolling towards him, and the gap between him and the Demon Emperors was so great that even if he gave his all, it would be difficult for him to resist, and this battle would definitely be the toughest battle he had ever had when he came to the Demon Race.

However, he was entrusted with the task of being loyal to others, how could Ye Han admit his weakness so easily, that innocent girl, he would protect her today!