Fortune Chapter 1590

Smoky Language Orchid came and went suddenly, leaving after just a few words, making Ye Han somewhat impervious to the other party’s intentions. However, from Smoky Language Orchid, Ye Han also got a lot of useful information, that the Yin Yang Venerable would also leave the Yao Guang domain, as to where he was going, Ye Han did not know.

“It’s good that they have all left, the Yao Guang domain at the moment is considered to have returned to a state of balance!”

With less of the great mountain that was Venerable Yin Yang, any power in the Yao Guang Domain would breathe a sigh of relief, the existence of this terrifying woman in the Yao Guang Domain was an untimely bomb for many people, no one knew that the other party would suffer on their own heads one day if they were in a bad mood.

Moreover, with less Yin Yang, the Ancient Sword Master is also no longer a threat, and the old man can continue his reclusive life in the Dark City in peace and quiet.

“He’s been out for so long before coming back, he’s gone to meet that kid, right?”

Inside a room in Heavenly Plane City, Venerable Yin Yang had his back to Yan Yulan, hearing this, Yan Yulan who was walking in from outside at the moment did not say anything, she knew that she could not hide her actions in Heavenly Plane City from Venerable Yin Yang.

“Hmph, you girl really seems to have been enchanted by that boy, what is he? When you go to my formation clan, what kind of geniuses are not available, geniuses who are more outstanding than him abound, with your posture, you can only charm men, if not be charmed by them.”

Venerable Yin Yang snorted coldly, a non-angry and powerful aura filled out from her body, looking at the silent Yan Yulan, Venerable Yin Yang turned her words and said; “However, since you have met the man, now we should also leave, I am afraid that if I stay any longer, I will not be able to resist killing that brat.”

At these words, Smoky Orchid finally spoke up, she said in a soft voice; “I can feel that Master is not really trying to kill him, if Master wanted to kill him he would have done it already, the reason why you are so angry and keep targeting him is perhaps because of a hatred, a grudge, moreover, if Master strikes now, I am only afraid that he may not be able to kill him.”

Hearing this, Venerable Yin Yang hummed lightly; “It seems that in your heart, the status of me, the master, is not as important as him.”

These words caused Smoky Language Orchid to fall silent once again.

In the restaurant, Ye Han had been waiting here for three hours before Helian Wuqi and Ren Chongshan rushed back.

“How about it, when can we leave the Yao Guang domain?”

Ye Han asked as he looked at Helian Wushan and Ren Chongshan who had sat down.

“Two days later.” Helian Wuqi said; “However, the Yao Guang Domain does not have a direct transmission formation to the Heavenly Hub Domain, so we can only go to the Heavenly Hub Domain after we have gone to the Yu Heng Domain first, and then we can only go to the Heavenly Hub Domain from the Yu Heng Domain.”

“Such trouble!” Ye Han’s sword brows gaped.

Ren Chongshan said; “Who made our Yao Guang Domain the weakest one? The teleportation array here can only lead to the two major regions of Yu Heng and Kai Yang, and the four major regions of Tian Shu Domain, Tian Xuan Domain, Tian Gui Domain and Tian Quan Domain do not have teleportation arrays in our Yao Guang Domain to go there directly.”

Helian Wuqi said; “Apart from our Yao Guang Domain, Yu Heng Domain and Kai Yang Domain, the Tian Shu Domain, Tian Xuan Domain, Tian Gui Domain and Tian Quan Domain are collectively known as the Four Great Heavenly Regions, all four of which are more powerful than our Yao Guang Domain, and are even several notches higher in terms of geniuses.”

“The Four Great Heavenly Domains!” Ye Han’s mouth smiled as he said; “With such a division, it seems that these Four Heavenly Domains are indeed extraordinary, I wonder which region that Cang Clan genius that appeared in the ancient ruins came from back then?”

Ye Han had a vivid memory of the woman dressed as a man, she only looked a year or two older than him, but her strength was several notches better than his, from a glimpse of this woman’s strength, he could roughly guess the level of the other geniuses, even if they were not as good as her, they were probably not much worse.

The two of them got a total of three teleportation tickets, one for each of them, but the three of them could only take the teleportation formation to the Yu Heng domain two days later, there were still two days left, Ye Han directly took Helian Wushan and Ren Chongshan into the Xuanmen world, instead of wasting time cultivating outside, it was better to enter the Xuanmen world to cultivate.

Through this period of time, Ye Han felt that his realm, which had only broken through to the early stage of the Little Dignity realm, had consolidated incredibly strongly, and that he would only need to meditate for a period of time before he would be able to hit the peak of the early stage of the Little Dignity realm.

After entering the Xuanmen World once again, Ye Han immediately entered into cultivation, more than half a year was enough time for him to impact to the peak of the early stage of the small dignity realm, and even the middle stage of the small dignity realm was possible.

Right now, he was about to go to an even more powerful and vast region, where the geniuses would undoubtedly be even more terrifying and the competition was fierce.

In the midst of Ye Han and the others’ cultivation, more than two hundred days had passed in a flash, and through this cultivation, just as Ye Han himself had thought, he had successfully broken through to the middle stage of the Minor Dignity.

After leaving the Xuanmen World, the three of them arrived at the wide square in Tianmedi City, which was still crowded at the moment, with the line of cultivators spreading like a long dragon towards the two ancient teleportation altars.

Ye Han and the three of them mingled among the long dragons, and it was only after ten minutes or so that Ye Han arrived in front of one of the teleportation altars, which led in the direction of the Yu Heng Domain.

Looking at Ye Han and the three of them strolling along, the old man who was collecting the teleportation tickets at the front of the altar obviously recognised Ye Han, and with a smile on his lips, he said; “Sir Ye, have a good journey, and if you need anything, when you go to other regions, you can go to the Thousand Nights House.”

“Many thanks!”

Ye Han nodded, looking at the pitch black teleportation gate, he let out a deep breath, Sister, here I come!

In the teleportation array, one could not feel the passage of time at all, the whole mind fell into a deep sleep, the distance between territories was very far, if one did not rely on the teleportation array, it would be a long journey.

It was not known how long had passed, when a bright light appeared in Ye Han’s slumbering consciousness, Ye Han swept directly along with that bright light in the darkness, and in front of him, there was also a human figure swept out.

It was not long before Ye Han’s entire body came into contact with the blazing sunlight, and at this moment, Ye Han found that he was already standing on top of a huge altar, and to his left and right, there were also cultivators who had teleported over.

“This is the Yu Heng Domain!”

Helian Wuqi and Ren Chongshan both appeared next to Ye Han in quick succession, and they both raised their heads to stare this unfamiliar territory down!