Fortune Chapter 1589

Seeing Yan Yulan’s appearance, Ye Han was also very surprised, how come she had also come to Heavenly Plane City? And came here too?

However, perhaps to confirm the thoughts in Ye Han’s mind, after entering the tavern, Yan Yulan walked straight towards Ye Han’s location, the slow footsteps gradually falling into Ye Han’s ears.

“This is Yan Yulan, I heard that she has worshipped Venerable Yin Yang as her master, her own strength has already reached the Great Dignity realm, if we only talk about realms, among the young generation of the Yao Guang Domain, Yan Yulan is considered the number one, there is currently no one who has a higher realm than her.”

“However, she still lost at the hands of Ye Han after all, her strength is slightly inferior, and she will only be able to settle for second place on the Group Ying Ranking.”

After seeing Yan Yulan appear, after a short period of silence, there was a burst of whispering voices inside the restaurant, and all eyes inside the restaurant were attracted to Yan Yulan.

At this time, Yan Yulan had already arrived in front of Ye Han, looking at him and slowly sitting down, it was as if she had come here just for Ye Han.

When they saw this, the people around them froze, there were not many young people in the entire Yao Guang domain who were qualified to sit at the same table as Yan Yulan, and judging from the situation, Yan Yulan had come all the way here.

“Hoo, that’s Ye Han!” At this moment, a low cry that came from nowhere rang out in the middle of the restaurant.

Upon hearing this, the frothing eyes inside the tavern stared and carefully looked towards the youth whose back was turned towards them.

“This fellow is also one-armed, it really is Ye Han, that’s right, I didn’t expect him to come to Heavenly Plane City.”

“This guy disappeared after a battle with a demon race powerhouse at the ancient ruins more than half a month ago, I didn’t see that he would appear here.”

“It seems like this guy should be preparing to leave the Yao Guang domain, Tian Hei City is the hub for leaving the Yao Guang domain, he must have appeared here in order to leave.”

“But if this guy leaves the Yao Guang Domain, the entire Yao Guang Domain will only be less exciting next!”

Looking at Ye Han’s back, the people in the tavern were all filled with emotion. Ever since the other party had lost an arm in the Sword Sect and suffered a setback, he had started to stir up the clouds in the Yaoguang Domain, turning his hands into clouds and turning his hands into rain, not only had he broken into the tenth level of the Sword Dignity Tower and was hailed as the first genius by the Thousand Nights Tower, he had entered the Dark City alone and was able to occupy a place, even uniting with the two royal houses and the Blade Sect to destroy the Yan King.

In the many battles at the Ancient Ruins, he even gained the upper hand, uniting with the four parties to destroy the Divine Eagle Fort and force the Sword Sect to flee the Ancient Ruins, and now he has even wiped out the Demon Clan, causing a sensation in the Yao Guang Domain!

Such deeds and methods, not to mention the fact that the young generation of the Yaoguang Domain could not find anyone who could match their beauty, even if the giants of the major sects wanted to achieve these things, it would be difficult.

“I wonder if we are really destined for each other, or is this destiny deliberate?” Ye Han looked at Yan Yulan, who was sitting quietly opposite him, and shrugged his shoulders this way.

“Which one do you think it is?” Yan Yulan asked Ye Han rhetorically, the city-defying face under that veil could not be seen to have any expression.

Upon hearing this, Ye Han said; “Since you can accurately know that I am here, it seems to be that you should have arrived in Heavenly Plane City a long time ago, or at least before me.”

Yan Yilan nodded and said; “Right now anyone with a bit of brains can guess that you will be leaving the Yao Guang domain, and the place you must go through to leave the Yao Guang domain is here, and I arrived here with my master five days ago.”

“Venerable Yin Yang has also come!” Ye Han’s eyes stared, but it seemed that the Heavenly Underworld City was where the Yin Yang Venerable lived in seclusion.

Yan Yilan said; “You shouldn’t think too much, I don’t think she would deal with you now, otherwise, she would have appeared the moment you appeared in Heavenly Underworld City, nothing can be hidden from her in Heavenly Underworld City, even the Thousand Nights Tower would give her some face here.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Han asked; “You two, master and disciple, have appeared here, could it be that there is something going on?”

“Perhaps, the same as you.” Yan Yulan looked up at Ye Han.

Ye Han looked surprised, could it be that Venerable Yin Yang and Yan Yulan were also leaving the Yao Guang domain?

“The reason why the Master brought me here, I think it should also be to leave the Yao Guang domain, as for where to go I am not sure.” Smoky-speaking Orchid shook her head and continued.

Ye Han said; “Personal grudges aside, it is indeed a chance to be able to worship her as your master, at least this woman is quite terrifying, if you follow her, there will be more room for you to improve in the future, even if it is not impossible to surpass her.”

“So what?” Yan Yulan’s beautiful eyes turned as she looked at Ye Han and said; “Even if I could surpass her, I’m only afraid that it would be difficult to stand above you in this lifetime!”

“That’s not necessarily the case, surpassing someone doesn’t necessarily have to be shown in terms of strength.” Ye Han looked at Yan Yulan and grinned.

That smile made Yan Yuran inexplicably feel a little panicky, and after she had smoothed her mind, she said; “As far as I know, the geniuses of the Yao Guang Domain, someone had already left early before you and I.”

“Leaving Hatred Heaven.”

Ye Han’s eyes narrowed as he said, he hadn’t seen him for a while recently, now that Yan Yuran had said that, Ye Han’s first thought was of him, Li Hating Tian’s talent and strength wasn’t weak, he would definitely be even stronger if he went out to make a break for it, if there was a chance.

Smoke Language Orchid nodded and said; “He who was originally ranked first was compared to him by you and me, he naturally wouldn’t be willing to do so.”

Ye Han nodded and said; “So, what did you come to see me for?”

“It’s sort of a goodbye before we part!” Yan Yilan looked at Ye Han and said; “After this farewell, I don’t know how long it will be before we can meet, where are you going?”

“The Heavenly Hub Domain.” Ye Han said; “I’m going to this place, if you are too, then perhaps we might be able to meet again in the Heavenly Hub Domain.”

“The Heavenly Hub Domain, it is a wonderful place, I believe that with your talent and strength, you will be able to rise to fame in this place and compete with the geniuses of your generation ……” Yan Yilan looked at Ye Han’s handsome face and said; “I am also leaving Take care of yourself, if the place where Master is going is also the Heavenly Hub Domain, as you said, we can still meet again!”

After saying these words, Yan Yulan got up and left the restaurant without looking back, leaving a soft back alone to disappear in Ye Han’s sight.

“Just to say goodbye?”

Looking at Yan Yulan’s back, Ye Han found that he was somewhat unable to see through this woman, as a matter of fact, they did not have too many encounters with each other, at most, they were only a little more familiar than strangers, yet they made a special trip to see him before leaving.