Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 99-100

Chapter 99

“Hey, your old man is asking for your help!” Qiang Wei reminded Ye Xing.

At this moment, Ye Xing was playing a game with his mobile phone, as if he was oblivious to what was happening in the outside world.

“I don’t have an old man.”

“How cruel, you don’t even acknowledge your old man.”

“If you knew what happened to me, you would know why I did it.” Ye Xing said indifferently, then warned, “Don’t be a lobbyist, or we won’t even be friends.”

“I won’t be a lobbyist, none of the Ye family heirs are good, one is a lover and the other a gambler, they deserve to die.”

“How can you say that? Need a beating don’t you?” Ye Xing put down his phone and said angrily.

“You were the one who just said that Ye Jiannan is not your old man, you don’t count as a member of the Ye family. What’s it to you if I scold someone from the Ye family?” Qiang Wei was smug.

“You ……”

Ye Xing was so choked up that he had no words to retort.

“There’s not a single good thing in the Ye family.”

“Ye Jiannan’s sons are all tortoise B*****ds.”

The corners of Ye Xiong’s mouth kept twitching and he rolled his eyes, not bothering to pay attention to her.

“All of Ye Jiannan’s sons are ……”

“Sister, stop it.”

Haitang couldn’t look away and couldn’t help but speak out to interrupt.

These two, in their previous lives, were like enemies, and they hadn’t stopped arguing since they met.

Qiang Wei glanced at Ye Xing and saw that he really looked like he was a bit angry. So she stopped scolding and returned her gaze to the field.

Murong Xue looked at Qiang Wei’s reaction with a thoughtful look.

On the stage, Ye Jiannan’s face was a little ugly when he saw that everyone was avoiding his gaze.

“Whoever lends me two billion, I am willing to transfer eight percent of Ye’s Group’s share price to him.”

With no other choice, Ye Jiannan had to transfer his shares.

“Old Ye, I don’t have that much cash either, half of it can still be taken out, so how about taking four percent of yours?”

Zhao Dongshan suddenly stood up and said.

“Thanks to Zhao Dong, one billion is enough, I can still take out one billion on my side.”

The output value of the Ye family was more than forty billion, even four percent would be more than a billion.

If he didn’t have no choice but to do so, Ye Jiannan would never have offered the shares.

“That’s very good, I’ll have someone call the money now, Zhao Dong wait a moment.”

A few moments later, the account was transferred.

After Gao Lao Liu showed the IOU, Zhao Jian Nan transferred the two billion to the account designated by Gao Lao Liu.

“Zhao Dong is really generous, I admire you for that, it’s a pity that you gave birth to a few losers.”

After the money arrived, Gao Lao Liu took a few hands with him. Haha laughing loudly, he raised and face away.

“Second young master, are you alright?”

Wang Xian hurriedly ran over and tried to hold Ye Weimin.

“D*mn old man, f*ck off, get out of the way.”

A long-haired punk, kicked Wang Xian, knocking him to the ground.

Bam, Wang Xian crashed into a chair and was unable to get up for a long time.

Murong Xue only felt a blur in her eyes, and Ye Xing next to her had disappeared.

When she looked again, she found that Ye Xing had already walked next to Wang Xian. He helped him up.

“Uncle Wang, are you alright?”

“Little Young Master, the old slave is fine.” Wang Xian shook his head.

“Apologize to him.”

Ye Xing stared at the punk who had kicked down Wang Xian.

“Kid, do you know who I am, daring to ask me to apologize.” The long-haired punk sneered.

“Apologize.” Ye Xing reiterated.

“Dao you …….”

Before the word mum could be uttered, Ye Xing instantly pressed the long-haired punk’s head and viciously smashed it on a nearby table.


The table was smashed through a big hole, and the long-haired punk’s head broke and bled, instantly fainting to death.

“You dare to touch my brothers, you’re not tired of living, beat him up.”

Gao Lao Liu bellowed.

A few punks behind him immediately rushed towards Ye Xing. Fists and kicks were flying.

The first punk just rushed in front of him, Ye Xing instantly held the fist in his hand and twisted it with force.

There was a small sound and the punk screamed miserably, his arm dislocated.

Ye Xing kicked up and sent the punk flying, knocking over a table.

At that moment, a second and third punk attacked.

Ye Xing slid across. He dodged a punch and a kick and threw both fists together, hitting the two punks in the stomach at the same time.

The two punks were hit with bitter bile and fell to the ground like boiled prawns.

When the remaining two punks saw how fierce Ye Xing was, they just dared not to charge when they were halfway there.

“Kid, quite a fighter, do you know who we are, are you tired of living?”

Gao Lao Liu stood still, took out a cigarette from his body and put it in his mouth.

He had seen a lot of people who could fight. He had never seen many people who could fight and make a name for themselves.

Even if they were able to fight, they would still end up kneeling in front of him.

So Gao Lao Liu did not believe at all that the other party dared to touch himself.

“You think I don’t dare to hit you with my hands?” Ye Xing sneered.

“Do you dare to make a move?”

“It’s true that I don’t dare to make a move, but I dare to move my foot.”

Ye Xing flew up with a kick. It directly kicked Gao Lao Liu between his legs.

All that could be heard was a sound of eggs breaking.

Gao Lao Liu covered his legs and fell to the ground, the cigarette in his mouth falling off.

Bang, bang, bang!

The sound came continuously.

Ye Xing kicked Old Man Gao to his death.

The two remaining punks. They had no choice but to rush over.

Ye Xing copied a table and viciously smashed it on top of them, the chairs were instantly torn apart.

The seven very arrogant punks from earlier, including Gao Lao Liu, were all dying, in a mess like a dog.

“Uncle Wang, come here.”

Ye Xing pulled Wang Xian over, pulled over a table and helped him sit down.

“Each of you seven, come over and kowtow and apologize to Uncle Wang, crawl out from here, and I can spare you.”

“Whoever refuses, dies.”

The voice was icy cold, like a god of killing.

The people around looked at Ye Xing and all sucked in a breath of cold colour.

They had seen many ruthless people, but they had never seen such a ruthless one.

Gao Lao Liu was considered a ruthless man in the Dao. But in front of him, it was like playing with mud and sand.

“Who the hell are you?”

Gao Lao Liu’s head was bleeding and he looked up at Ye Xing, not daring to wipe the blood from his eyes.

“He is the youngest son of the Ye family, Ye Xing.”

I don’t know who said something.

Then, the whole room was in an uproar.

Everyone was looking at Ye Xing like a monster, hardly believing their ears.

A foolish man had shaken himself and become so powerful. How could people believe it?

“Gao Lao Liu, do as you’re told, or you won’t even know how you’ll die.” Zhao Dongshan suddenly said.

At that moment, everyone’s eyes fell on Zhao Dongshan.

“Huaijiang Chen Guangnan, know him, he’s a Taoist, kind of your predecessor, he was destroyed by Ye Xing alone a few days ago.”

“Huaijiang Jiangsu family, know them, also fell into his hands.”

“Now all the top 20 companies in Huaijiang City are in Ye Xing’s hands.”

“To fight with him, you are not even worthy to help him carry his shoes.”

Qiang Wei walked out from the middle of the crowd and came to Gao Lao Liu’s side, looking at him with a cold smile as she uttered these words.

“I don’t believe it, if he’s so bullying, why didn’t he make a move when I moved the Ye family just now?”

Gao Lao Liu shook his head repeatedly, not believing it at all.

Just now he had threatened Zhao Jiannan, Ye Xing was Zhao Jiannan’s son, so why didn’t he step in.

It was only after his own men had kicked one of the Ye family’s lackeys that he had struck.

“I don’t care if you touch the Ye family’s people, but you touch Uncle Wang, no.”

Ye Xing stomped his right foot down on his head and said coldly, “I’ll ask once more, apologize, or die?”

Gao Lao Liu felt that his head was about to explode and said repeatedly, “I apologise, spare my life.”

Ye Xing let go of him and stood to the side staring coldly at them.

Gao Lao Liu obediently walked to Wang Xian’s side and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Kneel and apologise.” Ye Xing ordered.

Fluttering, Gao Lao Liu knelt on the ground.

The eyes of the whole room fell on Ye Xing, no longer able to use words, to describe the shock inside.


Chapter 100

“I’m sorry.” Gao Lao Liu gritted his teeth and apologized.

“Climb out.” Ye Xing waved his hand.

In full view of everyone, Gao Lao Liu only had to crawl out.

The remaining few punks also knelt down, apologised to Wang Xian, and then crawled out.

It was unspeakably wretched!

“Third brother, he joined forces with others to cheat me out of my money, make him spit it out.”

Ye Weimin was as anxious as if he had found a straw to save his life.

He was really unwilling to be pitched two billion dollars just like that.

“None of my business.” Ye Xing rolled his eyes.

The whole room was silent. All seemed to understand that there seemed to be so much discord between Ye Xing and the Ye family.

Only then did Ye Xing walk up to Wang Xian’s side and said, “Uncle Wang. If anyone dares to bully you again in the future, tell me, I won’t kill him.”

Wang Xian’s eyes were flooded with tears as he nodded his head repeatedly.

He had grown up watching the young master, like his own child, and in the past he had always been bullied. Couldn’t hold his head up.

Now that he wasn’t stupid anymore and was so powerful, how could he not be excited.

“Little Young Master, the old slave doesn’t matter.” Wang Xian said excitedly.

“Uncle Wang, sit at our table.”

Ye Xiong pulled Wang Xian to his table, Murong Xue had already moved a chair and placed it next to Ye Xing.

That was the end of a farce.

From the time he struck out until now, Ye Xing hadn’t looked at the Ye family’s people squarely.

Ye Jiannan’s face was very ugly.

Everyone in the Ye family, too, had extremely faceless faces.

Ye Xing had rather helped a subordinate than the heir of the Ye family, which was tantamount to slapping them in the face in front of everyone.

After the farce was over, Ye Jiannan casually said a few words, getting stuck several times in the middle because he was distracted.

After he finished speaking, the dinner party began.

Wine was served and food was served.

“Uncle Wang, I’ll give you a line. It’s enough for you to live the rest of your life, and you don’t have to be a lackey in the Ye family in the future.”

Ye Xing said as he gave Wang Xian a dish to eat.

From the moment he came to the Ye family, Wang Xian had been working as a servant in the Ye family, and this was for twenty to thirty years.

“Young master, the master treats me well, I’m used to staying in the Ye family.” Uncle Wang laughed.

“Uncle Wang, if you need anything come to us directly, Ye Xing can help you with anything.” Murong Xue said.

Since learning that Wang Xian was the only person in the Ye Family who did not look down on Ye Xing. He had also always taken care of him, Murong Xue had treated him with great respect.

“Uncle Wang, you can also look for me if you need anything, Ye Xing is far away and if it’s not convenient to help you the Zhao family can help you.” Qiangwei suddenly said.

“Zhao Qiangwei, I will find you a big handsome man later, I guarantee that you can straighten even if you are bent.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Here we go again, looking for a fight, aren’t you?” Qiangwei got angry again.

The table talked and laughed and time pa*sed quickly. Soon dinner was over.

There was a reception after dinner, Ye Xing felt that there was nothing interesting, so he left with Murong Xue.

“Ye Xing, take it to you to get high today, go or not?” Walking out of the hall, Qiang Wei asked.

Ye Xing looked at Murong Xue a little. Shaking his head, he said, “Not going.”

Murong Xue did not like the night life, picking up bars and singing? Not her cup of tea.

“Let’s go together, there’s nothing to do tonight anyway, it’s not easy to come to the provincial city, it’s not bad to experience the night life of the provincial city.”

Murong Xue couldn’t bear to spoil Ye Xing’s fun and said.

“It’s decided, I’m going to book a room.”

Qiang Wei immediately called someone to book a bar, and then each went home.

When they returned to their rooms, it was almost ten o’clock.

Murong Xue took out a set of clothes from her suitcase. Put it on the bed.

“This is a change of clothes, you go and take a shower!” Murong Xue said.

Ye Xing hugged her from behind and whispered in her ear, “Let’s wash together?”

“If you can bear it. No problem.” Murong Xue smiled graciously.

Ye Xing immediately wimped out.

Now he could not hold back any longer, if he still took a bath together, it would definitely not be a pleasure for him. Rather, it was torture.

Helplessly, he had no choice but to pick up his clothes and walk into the bathroom.

Not long after, he walked out from inside the bathroom and Murong Xue was sitting on the bed playing with her mobile phone.

“Ye Jiannan just called and asked us to go to the company tomorrow.” Murong Xue said.

“What did you say?” Ye Xing asked indifferently.

“I said to discuss it with you first.”

“No, what’s the point of going when you’ve finished pretending.”

“I’ll call him back.”

“No need to call him back.”

Murong Xue was just about to dial the phone when she sighed and put it down.

“Honey, stop thinking so much and go take a shower. Go get high later.”

Ye Xing pushed her into the bathroom.

You need to have fun in life, you must have fun in time.

A few moments later, Murong Xue came out, wearing a casual one-piece long dress.

The skirt was light blue, just above the knee, and a pair of long, slender legs appeared as if steady.

Conservative without losing trend. New but not too elegant.

Paired with a face with unbelievably beautiful features and a shapely body, one could hardly move one’s eyes after looking at it.

“Wife, you are just too beautiful in this outfit.” Ye Xing sighed up.

“Wasn’t I pretty before?” Murong Xue pouted a little.

“It was pretty before too, but it’s even prettier tonight.” Ye Xing circled around her, sticking his chin in thought, and muttered, “No, I have to find a mask to keep you out of the way, in case those little wolf dogs at the bar see you, I’d feel at a loss.”

“All that nonsense, wait a minute, I’ll put on some make-up.”

“What’s the point of putting on make-up for a natural beauty like you.” Ye Xing stepped forward and took her hand: “Let’s go!”

The two of them had just arrived at the car park when WeChat rang, and Qiang Wei sent him a location.

“Hurry up and come over, waiting for you guys.” Her voice came from inside WeChat.

“Ah Xing, that Zhao Qiangwei can’t really be???? right?” Murong Xue asked.

“Didn’t you hear her say that she doesn’t like women either, she should be suffering from a mental illness like love impotence and is more repulsed by men.”

“What if she’s saying that because she’s being facetious?”

“It’s also possible, the Zhao family are all frantic, Haitang has wasted all her means trying to sell her out, all to no avail.” Speaking of this, Ye Xing couldn’t help but smile and said, “Do you know what Haitang said to me?”

“What did she say?”

“She said: Ye Xing, as long as you are willing to marry my sister, my father said that the conditions are whatever you want to propose. Then I said, “What conditions do you Zhao family have that are worth mentioning, I’m richer than your family, so why should I marry a woman whose orientation is bent.”

“If it was just an ordinary person, maybe it would be acceptable, after all, marrying Qiang Wei could be less of a struggle for the rest of your life.” Murong Xue laughed.

“If it were me, even if I were poor for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t marry a woman I don’t like.”

Ye Xing said as he drove towards the location address.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to arrive at Su He Bar, and after parking the car, they walked into the bar.