Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 97-98

Chapter 97

“Dad, what’s going on?” Ye Weiguang asked in shock.

“Your third brother, he has recovered.” Half a minute later, Ye Jiannan then returned.

“Dad, what do you mean by that?” Ye Weimin asked urgently.

Wang Zhen Zhen, Lin Ping Ping, and Ye Jian Nan’s brother Ye Jian He’s family all looked at Ye Jian Nan in shock.

“Ye Xing, he’s not eight years old IQ anymore, he’s recovered his brain, he’s a normal person.” Ye Jiannan continued.

Ye Weiguang, Ye Weimin. The two brothers looked at each other and both saw a look of shock from within the other’s gaze.

Inside their minds, a thought jumped out almost simultaneously: one more person was competing for the family’s money.

“Jian Nan, Ye Xing has already joined the Murong family. It’s considered a member of the Murong family.” Wang Zhen Zhen said in a hurry.

“Right dad, if you ask him back now, what will people outside think, they will definitely think that you have broken your word.”

“You sent him out when he was stupid and you want him back when he’s normal, how does that make sense.”

The two brothers spoke up, attempting to stop Ye Jiannan from asking Ye Xing back.

“Do you think I don’t know what you two brothers are thinking?” Ye Jiannan snorted coldly and said angrily, “I’m telling you. He doesn’t care about this property of the Ye family!”

“Dad, you’re lifting him up too much, even if Murong Xue’s Fengxue Media falls into his hands, how much is it worth?” Ye Weiguang said.

“Plus how much is Star Mansion worth, how can it be compared to our Ye Group.” Ye Weimin didn’t believe it either.

Everyone felt that Ye Jiannan was merely lifting up Ye Xing.

“Do you know why all our orders in Huaijiang have been cancelled and several big companies have stopped working with us?”

Speaking of this matter, the crowd all wondered.

The Ye Group had business dealings with three big companies in Huaijiang, but in the past few days, all three companies had cancelled their cooperation with the Ye Group.

These few days happened to be the group’s big day, so they hadn’t had time to check.

“Could this matter, be related to Ye Xing?” Wang Zhen Zhen asked in shock.

“The top twenty companies in Huaijiang have all been acquired by Ye Xing, and all of them within a week.”

At this statement, the table was in an uproar!

A whole city, the top twenty companies, all acquired, or within such a short period of time, how much financial power did that have?

“I don’t want to talk about other things, just these twenty companies, the output value is already no less than fifteen hundred billion, already twice as much as our Ye Group, you think, he will still care about our family’s little money.” Ye Jiannan said angrily.

One word. The table was filled with people who were stunned and dumbfounded.

“Dad, this time Ye Xing came over, is he looking for trouble with us?” Ye Pingping asked worriedly.

The cancellation of the cooperation with the Ye Group seemed to have made his position clear.

“We don’t know yet, but he’s part of the Ye family anyhow, I’m sure he won’t do that now.”

The crowd looked towards the two men in the corner of the last row.

A moment ago, they were looking at him like a fool, but now, their gazes had turned into admiration.

They finally understood why the Zhao family sisters and flowers had taken the initiative to seek him out.

Because. People are bullying up!


“Ye Xing, so you’ve hidden here.”

Qiang Wei pulled her sister and walked to Ye Xing’s side, and was about to sit down when she found that there was no chair.

“Waiter, what the hell, how come there are no chairs?” Rose said angrily.

“The chairs were put away by me.” Ye Xing interrupted her and waved his hand at her, “Zhao Qiangwei, you are just in time, hurry up and explain to my wife. Honey, this is the Miss Zhao family who called me just now, let’s make it all clear. Don’t accuse me wrongly.”

“Who has wronged you, we have made it clear that after I get married, you will marry my sister.” Qiang Wei’s gaze fell on her sister Haitang and said drily, “Haitang, come and say, is that how things are?”

Haitang sighed and said, “Sister. It’s my fault.”


“It was me and Ye Xing who joined forces to lie to you.” Haitang lowered her head, withdrew two steps and said weakly, “It’s not that I saw that you haven’t had a boyfriend for so long and was worried about you, hoping that you would find your true love, so I came up with this.”

“Listen clearly, we are afraid that your orientation is bent and we are united to help you out of sincerity.” Ye Xing said.

“Good for you Zhao Haitang, how dare you lie to your sister too, you owe me a beating don’t you?” Qiang Wei pulled up her arms.

“Ye Xing save me.”

Haitang hurriedly hid behind Ye Xing.

“Qiang Wei, I came up with this idea, don’t give your sister a hard time. Have anger at me.” Ye Xing stopped her.

Qiang Wei’s fist was just about to land on Ye Xing, but she didn’t dare to punch down.

Because she noticed that the other party’s eyes miked up.

She was afraid that if she punched him, she would be punched back.

“Let’s let it go this time, next time you dare to lie to me. Never forgive lightly.”

Rose said as she walked to the corner and moved two chairs down.

“Hey, hey, I’ll take this table. Doesn’t your Zhao family have tables?” Ye Xing said urgently.

“You can’t be a relative, you can’t even be a friend?” Qiang Wei rolled her eyes.

“Ye Xing, forget it, it’s better to have more people, it’s not that awkward.” Murong Xue said.

With the misunderstanding cleared up, she was relieved and was not so repulsed by the two sisters.

“Mr. Mu, I’m really sorry for the misunderstanding, I’m here to apologise to you.”

Haitang bowed politely to Murong Xue.

“You’re welcome, don’t call me General Mu, just call me Xue’er.”

Murong Xue was an easy-going person, not quite used to not being like this.

The first time she saw Haitang, she felt that the girl knew her manners and was well educated, unlike Qiang Wei.

“They are both from the same mother’s womb. How come the difference is so big!”

Ye Xing looked at the sisters a little and sighed.

“What are you talking about?” Qiang Wei was instantly furious.

“Sister, take it easy.” Haitang hurriedly stopped her.

“Ye Xing, they are all friends, don’t be impulsive.”

Although they had only crossed paths for a short time, Murong Xue knew a little about the temper of this Miss Zhao family, she was simply a manly woman.

Even hotter than Luo Xiaoyun, her temper was even hotter.

“Wife. Sit over a bit, be careful of being mooched off by her.”


Murong Xue couldn’t help but laugh.

Haitang cried and laughed and hurriedly shot a wink at Ye Xing as she felt her sister’s anger value, plummeting.

“Ye Xing, I’m telling you, just because I don’t like men, doesn’t mean I like women.”

“Next time, if you talk nonsense, we don’t even have to be friends.”

Qiang Wei finished and sat down angrily.

“Ye Xing, you need to say less than two questions.”

Murong Xue saw that Ye Xing was disliking Qiang Wei with one glance, and also looked a little disgusted.

“I said so much, but I didn’t want to use a provocative method to wrench her orientation right. Dogs bite Lü Dongbin and don’t know the heart of the people, forget it, don’t say anything.”

Ye Xing said nothing more and played dumb.


Chapter 98

It was at that moment that a tall figure approached.


Haitang hurriedly shouted.

“Why have you guys come here, your place is not arranged here.”

Zhao Dongshan said as he looked at Ye Xing.

These recent days, he had been brainwashed by this guy.

Not only did he possess superb body skills, but he also had amazing financial resources.

He couldn’t believe that someone so young would have such abilities.

“We’re not going over, just sit here.” Rose said.

“Fine, I’ll leave you youngsters alone.” Zhao Dongshan patted Ye Xing’s back and laughed, “Ye Xing, a young man can be fearsome!”

“What a thing to say, Zhao Dong, I still have a lot to learn from you!”

“Not condescending. Staying high and not being arrogant, rare.”

Zhao Dongshan nodded his head before turning around to leave.

One must not know that this action. It instantly brought Ye Xing to the attention of many people.

In Guangnan Province, the richest ones were the four great families.

The Zhao family was one of them, and it was also the one that received the most attention.

Zhao Dongshan had no children, but only two daughters, who were so beautiful that he didn’t know how many rich young men, famous families, and noblemen’s sons and daughters wanted to chase them. They all wanted to chase after them.

Because, as long as they chased after one of them, they would be equal to getting half of the Zhao family’s mountain.

Now, Zhao Dongshan greeted Ye Xing and let the two girls sit with him, immediately becoming the focus of many people’s attention.

The people around were guessing his identity.

Only, none of them actually knew him.

In the blink of an eye, it was half past eight in the evening and the dinner officially began.

The pretty hostess in a cheongsam walked onto the stage and said some polite words.

“Here we have the chairman of the Ye Group, Mr. Ye Jiannan, speaking, let’s give a round of applause ……”

All around, there was a tidal wave of applause.

Ye Jiannan straightened his clothes and walked to the podium, sweeping his gaze below, he said loudly, “Distinguished community ……”

“Please show your invitations.”

“You can’t go in, we’re calling security.”

At the entrance of the hall, there was a sudden clamour as a group of people poured in.

At the head of the group was a thin, tall-looking man with a short haircut and a very thick gold chain hanging around his neck.

Behind the man were six men, either with dyed hair or carved tattoos. It was not a good thing at first glance.

“Gao Lao Liu, what are you trying to do?” Ye Jiannan shouted sternly.

The man in front of him was a famous rogue leader in the road, and Ye Jiannan knew him.

It was just that he had always done what was right and had connections with the government, so he had never been afraid of these people.

“Ye Dong, sorry, we came over to look for someone, quickly.”

Gao Lao Liu swept his gaze round the crowd, and his eyes instantly fell on the chief Ye family member.

Ye Weimin’s face changed slightly as he took big steps to Gao Lao Liu’s side and said in a low voice, “Gao Lao Liu. Don’t make a scene here, I will definitely pay you back the money.”

“Ye Weimin, I’ve given you a few days’ grace, you gave you three days, you said five days, you gave you five days, then you said ten days, now you simply don’t even answer the phone, are you trying to renege on your debt?”

Gao Lao Liu said while slapping his slap on Ye Weimin’s face one by one.

As the second young master of the Ye family, Ye Weimin was humiliated in public and was instantly furious.

“Gao Lao Liu. You don’t even look at what kind of place this is, or what kind of status I have ……”


A fierce slap was thrown at his face.

Five bloodstains instantly appeared on Ye Weimin’s face.

“Shame on you, if I didn’t see you as the second young master of the Ye family, I would have gotten you killed long ago. How dare you yell at Laozi, are you tired of living?”

Gao Lao Liu roared.

At this moment, a figure stood up expansively in the middle of the crowd.

“Gao Lao Liu. You’ve got some nerve, get out of my house now.”

The man who stood up was a tiger with a heroic face, and many people knew him.

This person was none other than the captain of the city’s police department, Luo Kun.

“Yo, so it’s team Luo, I’m really sorry.” Gao Lao Liu instantly turned into a picture of an old greaser and bowed to Luo Kun before continuing, “We’ll leave right away, someone, take him away.”

Two of his men behind him, stepped forward and held Ye Weimin in place. Dragging him away.

“Dad, help me.” Ye Weimin was terrified.

“You guys let go of my son.”

Jiang Zhenzhen stood up and shouted.

For a moment, the scene got a little out of hand.

“Gao Lao Liu. You stop right there.” Ye Jiannan shouted.

In full view of everyone, if his own son was taken away, how could he lose face.

“Wei Min, how much money do you owe him?” Ye Jiannan asked.

Ye Weimin stammered. He did not dare to speak.

“Why don’t you dare to say anything, didn’t you say that this amount was a drop in the bucket for your Zhao family?” Gao Lao Liu sneered.

“Two billion.” Ye Weimin said in a thin voice.

All over the room, there was an uproar!

Jiang Zhen Zhen’s face changed dramatically as she said excitedly, “Son, how can you owe so much money?”

For many people, two billion was simply astronomical, even the Ye Group could not have such a large amount of liquidity overnight.

“Wei Min, what’s going on?” Ye Jiannan’s face instantly turned ugly.

“Last time, I went to ……”

“Swallowing a word, a waste, let me speak!” Gao Lao Liu interrupted him before saying, “Ye Jiannan, this precious son of yours, went to Omen last month to play. He lost money and asked me to borrow it. I didn’t want to borrow it, but he said he was in serious business and lacked liquidity, I thought your Ye family was big, this amount was nothing, which I didn’t know that he borrowed more and more ……”

“Let him go, as long as you have proof. I’ll help him pay it back.” Ye Jiannan said.

“Ye Dong, I do trust you quite a bit, but I’m really scared of being cheated, so I also ask you to pay it back now.” Gao Lao Liu said.

“Gao Lao Liu, you know very well how big a sum two billion is, who would have that much liquidity?” Ye Jiannan said.

“I don’t care, it’s only right to pay a debt, if you don’t pay it back tonight, I really won’t leave.”

Gao Lao Liu finished speaking and sat down on a stool next to him with his buttocks.

A clatter!

The people around him all dodged far away like the plague.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m a good man, a decent businessman.” Gao Lao Liu laughed.

Ye Jiannan’s face went cold, unspeakably ugly.

“Ye Dong, let me make a suggestion to you.”

Gao Lao Liu pointed to the guests around him and laughed, “All here are big bosses, there are plenty of rich people, they can casually put together two billion.”

Ye Jiannan’s gaze swept down the surroundings, and the people’s eyes dodged, all afraid that he would exit to borrow money.

Finally, his gaze fell on Ye Xing.

From the information he had inquired about, Ye Xing had used all cash to acquire the top twenty enterprises in Huaijiang.

Among the people present, Ye Xing was one of those who had the ability to save Ye Weimin.