Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 95-96

Chapter 95

Provincial City, Oriental Hotel, underground car park.

Ye Xing and Murong Xue got down from the car and walked towards the lift.

Ye Xing was holding a small Wan Chai milk in his hand, sucking on it as he walked.

“How old is he, he still drinks milk.” Murong Xue was speechless.

Ye Xing waved the milk in his hand and laughed, “With it, acting skills can explode.”

“Do you like to act silly that much?”

“It’s the foolishness that makes it easiest to see through a person’s heart.” Ye Xing laughed.

The Oriental Hotel was one of the most famous hotels in the Northern Security District of Southern State, a five-star hotel, where the celebration of Ye’s group’s fiftieth week was being held tonight.

Suddenly. A red Ferrari came whistling and stopped beside the two.

In the car, there was a man and a woman sitting.

The man was around thirty years old and scantily clad. Hairspray was on his head and his roots were standing up.

The woman had a Netflix face, pretty, but the kind you can’t remember.

“Sister-in-law, what a coincidence!”

The man greeted Murong Xue.

“Big brother.” Murong Xue greeted back indifferently.

The man in front of her was none other than Ye Xing’s half-brother, Ye Weiguang, the eldest son of the Ye Group, and the successor of the Ye Group.

Ye Weiguang was particularly flirtatious. He was known in the industry as a flirtatious rich boy, as he had changed women one after another.

“Long time no see, sister-in-law is more and more beautiful, it’s just a pity ……”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at Ye De, the meaning of which is clearly saying, it’s a pity to marry a fool.

“Weiguang, this is that silly brother of yours, it is not bad looking.”

The net-red-faced young lady, with a look of contempt in her gaze.

“Big brother, who is this little brother?” Ye Xing asked, pointing at the female netizen.

“Are you blind, can’t you see this long hair of mine?” The female netizen said angrily.

“Your B**bs are so small, smaller than mine, obviously you are a man.” Ye Xing said in a serious manner.

The female netizen was furious and her face changed.

She was a female model, with height and looks, and a pair of long legs that made many men like and many women jealous.

If she had to find any flaws, it was that her breasts were too small.

I didn’t expect this fool to reveal his shortcomings as soon as he came up.

“Lili, don’t be insensitive to a fool.” Ye Weiguang comforted her.

Lily grunted and the car was about to leave when she suddenly heard a squeak.

The little Wanted milk in Ye Xing’s hand was squeezed hard by him, spewing out a long line of milk that landed impartially right on Lily’s neck.

And. It also flowed in through his chest.

“You’re killing yourself, aren’t you?”

Lily was furious and hurriedly took a tissue to wipe it off.

Tonight was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Ye Group, a very formal occasion, there was no telling how many business tycoons, rich boys, and famous people would arrive then, this was the dress she had bought at great expense, just to steal the limelight today, she didn’t expect it to get dirty.

“Ye Xing, you piece of sh*t, I really don’t understand how my father recognised you, get away from me.”

Ye Weiguang hurriedly pulled out a tissue. Helped face Lily wipe it, while wiping it, he said, “Lily you take it easy, later I’ll go up to the room and wash it for you, use the hair dryer to dry it, it’s still early in the party!”

He had a wolf-like gaze in his eyes.

For him, this was no different from an opportunity.

Murong Xue gave Ye Xing a look, crying and laughing.

This guy was pretending again, if Ye Weiguang knew he wasn’t stupid, he didn’t know how angry he would be.

“Go now, I don’t want to see him.” Lily said angrily.

“Sister-in-law, keep an eye on this fool. Tonight is a big day for the Ye family, don’t let this fool disgrace the Ye family.”

“I really don’t know what Dad was thinking, recalling this fool on such an important day.”

After Ye Wei’s anger, he stepped on the accelerator and the car suddenly whistled away.

“Have you had enough of playing, let’s go!” Murong Xue sighed.

“This is just the beginning, it’s nowhere near enough fun!” Ye Xing snorted coldly.

The two of them took the lift up to the ground floor. They came to the front desk in the lobby and prepared to register.

“Young master, young lady, you are here.”

An old man dressed in a Tang suit walked over, none other than the Ye family’s butler Wang Xian.

“Uncle Wang, we are here to check in.” Murong Xue politely returned.

When she had just married Ye Xing, Murong Xue had once lived in the Ye family, and everyone in the Ye family looked down on them, except Ye Jiannan, the butler, who had always been polite to them. Let’s not say what he thought in his heart, but at least, he never showed outwardly that he looked down on them.

“Own family. No need to register, here’s the room card, 18th floor, room 8.” Wang now handed over a room card.

“Many thanks, Uncle Wang.” Murong Xue was a little touched.

The whole Ye family. The only thing she had some good feeling about was a subordinate, ironic, it had to be said.

“Uncle Wang, take me for tea tomorrow.” Ye Xing smiled and said.

“Good. Tomorrow, young master will go wherever he wants to go, Uncle Wang will accompany you.” Wang Xian said with a smile.

Ye Xing nodded, and only then did he take Murong Xue towards the lift.

Just as he entered the lift, Ye Xing said, “If there is anything left in the Ye family that makes me stay, it’s Uncle Wang.”

When he was young, Ye Xing was stupid and no one was willing to play with him.

The only one who was willing to stay with him was Wang Xian.

Wang Xian had taken him to morning tea, shopping at the office, shopping at the playground, almost all the happiness he had in the Ye family was given by Wang Xian.

“The reason why Uncle Wang is accompanying you is also at the behest of your father.” Murong Xue said.

Wang Xian was a subordinate of the Ye family and received the Ye family’s salary, so accompanying him was also work.

“Then why doesn’t he ever accompany me?”

“Because he’s busy, I guess!”

“Xue’er, you don’t know Ye Jiannan too well.” Ye Xing shook his head and said, “Ye Jiannan loves his feathers too much. He can’t allow his face to be half humiliated, have you ever seen him be cordial to me in public?”

Murong Xue thought back briefly and it seemed that indeed he had not.

Only in private, or when only the three of them were around, did he show that little bit of concern.

“He helped your Murong family through the crisis, yet he wants you to marry me, do you know why?”

“It’s not for his face, even if it goes out. He can also say to people: my Ye Jiannan’s son, even if he is a fool, can still marry a woman from the Murong family, a woman who is the most beautiful in Huaijiang.”

At the end of the sentence, Ye Xing’s voice changed.

“This time is the 50th anniversary celebration of the Ye family, such a big scene, why did he call you back?”

“Xue’er, you’re too simple. Do you think that Ye Jiannan called me back because he remembered that I am a member of the Ye family?” Ye Xing snorted coldly and then said, “That’s because he already knew that I wasn’t stupid.”

“What, he knew?” Murong Xue froze.

“Remember the time I got the Star Mansion, when Ye Jiannan sent his lawyer over.”

Murong Xue nodded, she remembered that time, it was because of that time that the Murong family knew that he wasn’t stupid anymore.


Chapter 96

“Lawyer Lu was Ye Jiannan’s QC and he would have reported every move I made. My sleight of hand at that time had already shocked Lawyer Lu. Plus the series of things I did later, I’m afraid Ye Jianmian has already inquired about them clearly. Don’t think of Ye Jiannan as so simple, he’s an old fox, calling us up this time is definitely not that simple!”

“Who wouldn’t add flowers to a brocade, it’s sending charcoal in snow that makes people remember, like, Uncle Wang.”

Murong Xue saw him reveal a wise gaze, and realised that this man played the earth on the surface, but not many people saw things more thoroughly than he did.

“I’ll see tonight. What can he turn out.”

As he spoke, he had reached the eighth floor.

He swiped his card and entered the room, which had a huge bed.

It is an east-facing room, standing by the floor-to-ceiling windows. The view of the Pearl River was very good.

Ye Xing took a leap, jumped onto the bed and stretched out.

“Wife, why don’t we break our fast here today, it’s a waste not to break our fast in such a nice room.”

Murong Xue blushed and walked over to the bed to comfort him, “Two years will soon pa*s, just bear with it a little longer!”

Alas. What a way to lift a stone and smash one’s own feet.

The two of them stayed in the room until nine o’clock in the evening, and only then did they go down to the hall on the eighth floor.

There were already dozens of tables set up in the hall on the eighth floor, and many people were gathered together.

This time, the Ye Group’s anniversary celebration was presented in the form of a celebration and an appreciation party, which was attended by not only the company’s executives, but also some of the company’s major clients, government personnel, friends and relatives, and the number of people was very large.

As soon as they walked into the hall, they saw two familiar figures standing at the entrance.

One of them was none other than Wang Xian, the butler they had just met, and the other was a man of twenty-seven or eighteen, none other than Ye Weimin, the second son of the Ye family.

“Young master, young madam, your place is on the first seat, please come in.” Wang Xian said.

“I really don’t know what Dad was thinking, calling this fool here and arranging for him to be on the first seat.” Ye Weimin grunted.

Beside Ye Weimin stood a tall woman in a cheongsam, holding Ye Weimin’s hand and looking at Ye Xing with contempt.

“Honey, Dad is nostalgic for the old days, there’s nothing we can do, I hope he doesn’t make a fool of himself.” The cheongsam woman said.

Murong Xue drifted off thinking that last year Ye Weimin got married, but that was the time. Afraid that Ye Xing would come and lose face, so he didn’t call them.

It seemed that Ye Xing was right, that time Ye Weimin got married Ye Jiannan didn’t even call them, only today did he call them, obviously he knew Ye Xing’s not stupid.

Just after walking into the hall, Ye Xing walked towards a table in the corner of the last row of the hall and sat down on his butt.

“Young master, your seats are not here, they are in the chief.” Wang Xian said with a smile.

“Uncle Wang, I’ll sit here.”

“This is the staff’s seat.”

“I don’t care, just sit here, also I don’t like people around me.”

Ye Xing said as he did so. While putting away the chairs next to him, stacked them together and put them in the corner.

There were only two seats left at the large table.

“Ye Xing ……”

“Xue’er, don’t worry about it, I have the right measure.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

Murong Xue sighed and could only sit down.

Growing up in the Ye family, he was bullied, everyone looked down on him and couldn’t lift his head up.

Today, nothing he could do would be too much.

Wang Xian gave him a look and sighed. Only then did he walk towards the chief in front of him.

At this moment, there were already eight people sitting on the chief.

Ye Jiannan and his wife, Wang Zhenzhen.

His eldest son Ye Weiguang, his second son Ye Weimin, and his second daughter-in-law Lin Pingping.

Ye Jiannan’s brother Ye Jianhe’s family.

If we add Ye Xing and Murong Xue, exactly ten people are seated.

“Master, the young master refuses to come over, he wants to sit in the last row.” Wang Xian said.

“Even if that fool doesn’t come over, save yourself the embarra*sment later.” Ye Weiguang snorted coldly.

“Shut up.” Ye Jiannan glared at him. Angrily, he said, “Are there people who talk about their own brother like that?”

Ye Weiguang froze for a moment, unable to react.

He didn’t expect that his father would yell at himself.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t said stupid to his face before and never heard him lecture.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?” Ye Weiguang asked, puzzled.

“Dad, in the past, on major occasions like this, you never called that fool …… no, never called third brother out, now why did you suddenly call him back and put him here?” Ye Weimin also asked in confusion.

“He’s always been a member of the Ye family.” Ye Jiannan thought for a moment and asked, “What else did he say?”

“He also said. Don’t like people around.” Wang Xian continued.

“What kind of person’s seat is that?”

“A seat for a manager-level employee of the company.”

“Tell the waiter to arrange another table, let him be!”

“Yes, Master.”

Wang Xian led the order and went to make the arrangements.

“Dad, you’re letting this fool foolish man fool around like this?” Ye Weiguang was instantly upset. He said sharply, “The two of them sitting at the same table, what decency, even we don’t have such a big party ……”

“Shut up, I have my own way of doing things. When is it your turn to interfere?” Ye Jiannan slammed the table and roared.

In the Ye family, Ye Jiannan had absolute status, just like a king.

With this slap, he made everyone in the room jump in fear.

At that moment, everyone did not dare to speak.

“From now on, I don’t want half a word of foolishness to come out of your mouths again, do you hear me?”

Ye Jiannan’s face crumbled up, not angry and murderous.

Wang Zhen Zhen’s foot kicked her two sons under the table.



Ye Weiguang and Ye Weimin, in unison, said back.

The atmosphere at the table was, for a moment, very dull.

It was at this time that two very beautiful looking women walked up to the table.

The two women, one moving and the other still, were none other than the two thousand daughters of the Zhao family, Zhao Qiangwei and Zhao Haitang, who were on par with the Ye family.

The two daughters of the Zhao family were known as the sister flowers of Southern China. There was no telling how many rich boys wanted to get their favor, even Ye Weiguang had chased his sister Ye Haitang, but unfortunately the other party could not even see him.

“Hello, Uncle Ye.” Zhao Haitang greeted politely.

“Yo, the sisters are here.”

Ye Jiannan’s face recovered and asked with a grin, “Look, how polite they are, coming over to greet me specially.”

“We’re not here to see you, we’re here to see Ye Xing. Where’s Ye Xing, didn’t he come?” Zhao Qiangwei said in a breezy voice.

“Qiangwei, you’re looking for that fool ……,” Ye Weiguang asked.

“You’re the fool, you’re not even worthy of mentioning shoes with him.” Zhao Qiangwei didn’t even look at Ye Weiguang, the playboy, in the eye, and said anxiously, “Ye Jiannan, you quickly tell me where he is, I have urgent business to find him.”

Ye Jiannan’s eyes instinctively looked at the far back corner of the hall.

Zhao Qiangwei followed his gaze and immediately saw Ye Xing in the corner.

“Where is he, sister, let’s go.”

Without any further ado, she dragged Zhao Haitang over.

The people of the Ye family were all blindfolded and forced.

The Zhao family sisters, with their ridiculously high eyesight, actually took the initiative to find Ye Xing.

It didn’t make sense, what was going on here?