Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 91-92

Chapter 91

At the moment of a thousand eventualities, the amazing reflexes saved Ye Xing’s life.

He made a sharp turn, the car shifted sideways instantly and the small car crashed hard into the rear of Ye Xing’s car.


There was a loud bang and the car was smashed into the flower garden.

Ye Xing pushed open the car door and tried to get out, but found that the door was stuck dead.

“Xue’er, are you alright?”

Ye Xing couldn’t think about himself. He hurriedly checked on Murong Xue.

“I’m fine.”

Murong Xue shook her head, her head banging a little dizzy.

At this very moment, a cold gun was suddenly It went through the broken gla*s window and pointed at Ye Xing’s head.

The silver-branded a*sa*sin that he had seen two days ago, wearing sungla*ses, had a cold smile inside the corner of his mouth.

“None of the people I want to kill will escape.”

Murong Xue had never seen such a scene before and lost her voice and screamed.

Instead, Ye Xing calmed down. Having died countless times, his fear of death had been reduced to the extreme.

“She is innocent, let her go.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“Please, don’t kill my husband.”

Murong Xue broke down and cried out, hugging Ye Xing to death.

“Don’t be afraid, it will be fine.”

Ye Xing patted her shoulder and comforted.

“Do you think killing a priest is great?” The Silver Killer laughed coldly, “Do you know what a terrifying organisation you have offended? Killing you is no different from killing a mole.”

Ye Xing closed his eyes.

I never thought that in this life, I would die in this way.

After all, he could not escape the curse of fate!

Only, he was not willing.

Unwilling to let Murong Xue die with him like this!


The sound of a gunshot rang out.

Ye Xing thought that the bullet would explode in his own head.

Which knew that he was unharmed.

Opening his eyes, he found that a few meters away in front of him, someone was shooting at the Silver Killer.

It was …… the bodyguard of the beautiful woman.

Ye Xing never dreamed that at the moment of death, this person would appear to save him.

The Silver Killer was affected, reacted and was trying to make a move.

Ye Xing instantly struck out and locked the other party’s wrist!

Bang. The bullet hit above the front window of the car.

Ye Xing wrenched his hands hard, only to hear the sound of cracking finger bones coming from his fingers.

The gun in the Silver Killer’s hand fell off.

The a*sa*sin was also very good, and with a strong tug, he was able to get his hand off Ye Xing’s hand and fled quickly.

The beautiful woman’s bodyguard fired several shots at him in quick succession, all of which were dodged and the killer disappeared from sight.

The whole process took less than a minute, and it was like Ye Xing was having a nightmare!

The only thing he could feel was that Murong Xue was holding him in a deadly embrace. Trembling with fear.

Half an hour later, Ren Fei, Luo Xiaoyun, with a group of police officers, came to the scene.

“Ye Xing, are you alright?” Ren Fei asked as he came up.

“Have you found out the information of that Silver Killer yet?” Ye Xing asked.

“Not yet.”

“How long has it been and you can’t even find out the identity of the individual, you bunch of scum, are you waiting for my head to be shot off. So you guys can do something useful?” Ye Xing cursed.

“Ye Xing, we’re already doing our best to find out.”

“Don’t tell me to do my best, I just want results. I’ll give you three more days, if you still can’t find out, I’ll solve it in my own way, by then. The whole Huaijiang will be in a bloody mess, don’t blame me for not warning you.” Ye Xing roared.

Murong Xue looked at Ye Xing and was a little stunned.

Before, she had always felt that her man was a heartless, nervous man who only liked to pretend.

Never had she seen that he had such a domineering side.

A group of police officers, scolded by him, did not dare to raise their heads.

Only then did she realise. There was still too much about this man that she didn’t understand.

“Xue’er, let’s go home.” Ye Xing took Murong Xue’s hand.

“I’ll take you guys back.” Luo Xiaoyun said.

The three of them got into the car. Headed towards the Ye family villa.

On the way, Ye Xing sat in the back seat of the car and didn’t say a word.

The two women did not speak either. Murong Xue had not yet recovered from the shock.

And Luo Xiaoyun, at this moment, did not know what to say.

“Do you know what a terrifying organisation you are offending?”

“Killing you is no different from killing a mole.”

These two words still rang in his ears.

“Then do you, the organisation, know what a horrible person you are trying to kill?”

“If you want to kill Laozi, Laozi will let you, really, die more miserably.”

Ye Xing muttered, his fists clenched up tightly.

All along, he had wanted to live a peaceful life, even if he encountered something, he wanted to rely on his own ability to solve it.

But now he realized that he had thought of this organization too simply.

He soon returned to the Ye family villa.

“Xiao Yun, thank you so much. It’s not early, let’s go back!”

Entering the villa and just getting out of the car, Murong Xue said.

“Be careful on the way.” Ye Xing admonished.

“Can I go in and use the bathroom?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.



Murong Xue and Ye Xing, almost in unison, replied.

“Can’t even go to the toilet, can you be a bit more stingy.” Luo Xiaoyun gave him a blank look.

Then. Following behind Murong Xue, she walked towards the villa.

Opening the door, the two women were instantly frozen.

Only to see the villa lobby, hung with coloured flowers and balloons, led lights stretching all the way to the first floor lobby.

It looked as if it was set up like a wedding scene.

Murong Xue thought for a moment, and tears flowed out almost instantly.

She suddenly remembered that today was her own birthday, which she had forgotten about due to inertia.

“OK, that’s romantic enough, no wonder you won’t let me in.”

Luo Xiaoyun glanced at Ye Xing, her gaze flickering, her words held a complex taste.

Which woman didn’t love romance, this guy didn’t expect to have such a side.

No wonder he had slipped away so quickly during the training today, so he had run back to set up the scene for the birthday party.

At this moment, outside the villa, a figure pushed a cake cart in.

“Mr Ye, the cake has walked in.”

The seven-tier cake, with all sorts of flavours, was luxurious.

Next to the cake cart, there were four bouquets of delicate roses.

“Many thanks, you can go back now.” Ye Xing said.

The man nodded, and only then did he leave.

Ye Xing walked over to the cake car, picked up the bouquet of roses, walked over to Murong Xue and said seriously, “Wife, it’s been hard for you, happy birthday.”

Murong Xue was ecstatic, covering her mouth and asking, “Why four bunches?”

“After three years with a fool, tonight, I’m going to help you make up for the previous three forgotten birthdays, together.”

Touching the scene, Murong Xue’s tears, again, flowed down.

“It’s too meaty, can’t stand it, I’ll go to the bathroom first.”

Luo Xiaoyun finished speaking and left with big steps.

Soon, she came out.

“Xue’er, enjoy tonight, I’m leaving.” Luo Xiaoyun waved her hand.

“Xiao Yun, stay and spend your birthday with me!” Murong Xue shouted.


Chapter 92

“I’m not even allowed to go to the toilet, I’m going to get thrown out if I don’t leave, bye.” Just two steps out, she turned back and added, “Don’t ever hold back, don’t break your fast.”

“What’s that nonsense?”

Murong Xue’s face instantly turned red, all the way to the base of her neck.

After she left, Ye Xing pushed the cake cart into the house and then took Murong Xue up to the first floor.

“Wait for a moment, it will be quick.”

Ye Xing immediately ran into the kitchen.

It didn’t take long for two fragrant beef steaks to be served.

Wax lamps were lit and a candlelit dinner was prepared. Only then did Ye Xing help Murong Xue to the table.

“Taste my handiwork.”

Murong Xue picked up the knife and fork, tried it and her eyebrows were instantly stretched.

If the steak hadn’t just been finished, he would have suspected that it was packed.

This tasted better than the ones from the western restaurants outside. Correction point.

“Such a good cook, it’s a waste not to go and become a chef.”

Soon, she had a steak and ate it clean.

After he had eaten his fill, Ye Xing then pulled out four gifts from his body and put them on the table.

A diamond ring, a diamond necklace, an emerald bracelet. There was also a diamond encrusted bracelet.

“This is to make up for the year before, this is to make up for the year before, last year, and this year.”

The gifts were lined up one at a time and placed onto the table.

Murong Xue was instantly moved to thin air again, her nose sour again.

It felt so good to have the bitter end.

She walked over and hugged him, curling up in his arms.

“I don’t need anything, I just want you to be well and alive, I’m so afraid I’m dreaming right now.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Ye Xing murmured.

There was nothing left for him to say that.

Into the night!

Ye Xing saw Murong Xue falling into a deep sleep, before he gently wrenched her hand away, rolled over and got up, and returned to the study.

Entering the room, he took out a piece of white paper and wrote down some names on it.

Priest, Lu Yuan, Silver Killer.

“What kind of organisation is behind the disappearance of the young girl?”

What was that beautiful woman that I saw today?

Her bodyguard didn’t seem to be a simple character either, so why did she save herself?

Could it be that she really had some kind of inextricable relationship with Murong Xue?

The police could not be relied on, so he could only rely on himself.

He took out his mobile phone and dialed the number.

“Why are you still awake so late?”

On the other side of the phone. There came Lin Wei’s flat voice.

“Lin Wei, have you found out the information of that Silver Killer yet?” He asked straight away.

“I just found out, I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid of disturbing your sleep, so you’ll wait.”

Lin Wei started to operate it, and soon Ye Xing’s phone rang.

“Tu, Hell’s Angel Silver Killer, age around thirty, Dragon Group Level 1 wanted criminal.”

Looking at this information, Ye Xing’s eyebrows immediately furrowed.

Unexpectedly, the Hell’s Angels were involved again.

Hell’s Angels was a fierce and prestigious a*sa*sin organization outside the country, with a very large number of strong people under them.

Not only did they have silver medal killers. There were even legendary gold medal killers.

It was said that a gold medal killer, the most powerful human machine, had the strength to run over a platoon.

“We didn’t expect the case of the missing young girl to be linked to the Hells Angels either.” Lin Wei said.

“Screw the Hells Angels, if they dare to touch me, I’ll let him die a horrible death.” Speaking of this, Ye Xing’s voice changed, “Where is Basil now.”

“Basil should be abroad, the location is unknown.”

“Mountain Eagle was killed by him, Ye Xing, you are no longer a Red Dragon, you can’t even defeat Tu. Not to mention Basil.”

Lin Wei admonished solemnly.

“Tu, will die; Basil, will also die, sooner or later.”

After saying that, Ye Xing hung up the phone.

It was necessary to be strong, or else there would only be a way to die.


Early the next morning, Ye Xing was chanting scriptures in his room.

Murong Xue walked in, still wearing her pajamas. From behind, she hugged him.

Feeling the sensation on his back, Ye Xing said bitterly, “Wife, stop teasing me, if you do it again I will break my fast.”

Last night, Murong Xue was so moved that she sighed and then hugged and nibbled at him, and pressed her legs against him in the middle of the night.

Ye Xing didn’t know how many thousands of sheep he had counted before he went to sleep.

Now, here she was again.

“No more teasing you, I’m going to make breakfast.”

Murong Xue giggled.

Since he had come back from death several times, Ye Xing had become more devout about the scriptures and recited them every day. It was never left behind.

The Sutra of Three Worlds of Cause and Effect had even gradually become his spiritual belief.

After eating breakfast, Ye Xing went to the gym again.

After a few days of intense running, he clearly felt that his body was getting stronger.

When he went to the gym, Luo Xiaoyun was already training. When she saw him coming, her eyes looked at him strangely.

Ye Xing could read her meaning, she was obviously wondering if she had broken her fast last night.

“I thought you had turned back into a fool and couldn’t come!” She giggled.

“I went back to being silly. You’re happy about that aren’t you?” Ye Xing gave her a blank look.

The two of them went to the treadmill and took their places.

“I think it’s perfectly fine for you to break your fast, how can that wandering doctor’s words be taken seriously, the sky is the limit.”

Luo Xiaoyun said as she warmed up.

Ye Xing really wanted to tell her that her body was not sick, to save her from the pity in her gaze every time she saw herself.

It was like looking at a disabled person.

“Ready or not, ten kilometres.”

“Ready, what’s the bet?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“What do you want to bet on?” Ye Xing asked in return.

Luo Xiaoyun C*cked her head for a moment before saying, “Let’s bet on lunch at noon, whoever loses buys a big meal.”

“No point, you all know that losing money is not a bit motivating for me, this meal at noon is on me.”

A meal could cost a few dollars. For Ye Xing’s stature, gambling money was no longer meaningful.

“Then what to bet, you decide.”

Ye Xing looked at her extremely hot, front and back body, and couldn’t help but think about it again.

“If you lose, kiss me.” He blurted out.

Luo Xiaoyun froze for a moment, then her face darkened and she said angrily, “Good for you Ye Xing. Eating from the bowl and looking at the pot, are you doing this to Xue’er, you B*****d.”

“It’s just a kiss, I didn’t sleep with you, what’s there to be sorry for.” Ye Xing laughed.

“No way.”

“I knew you were afraid of losing.”

“Who’s afraid of losing, come on, so what if you lose?” Luo Xiaoyun said angrily.

“I’ll do whatever you want if I lose.”

“It’s a deal, you wait.”

Both of them pressed the start button at the same time and started running.

The moment the conveyor belt just started, the two began to run, pressing the acceleration button quickly.

Then, the two of them were on the treadmill, running like crazy.

Ye Xing almost cranked up the speed to the maximum, his entire body bringing the speed to the extreme.

Although he hadn’t trained, if he could even run a girl this way, how could he still get along in the future.

Luo Xiaoyun ran while Yili watched him.

Soon the two of them were dripping with sweat and panting like cows.