Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 9-10

Chapter 9

After going down, Ye Xing found that this floor was the live streaming centre.

Through the tall floor-to-ceiling gla*s, one could see that there were many enchanting-looking and well-dressed beauties inside who were broadcasting live.

There was also a portion of them taking small videos of themselves.

Ye Xing took a closer look and was very disappointed.

These girls, many of them were not good looking, if not for the filters, they were not much different from the ordinary girls outside.

“Su Xiaoqiao, don’t think that just because you look three points, you can climb on top of me, let me tell you, net celebrity is not so easy to be, there are too many women like you who want to become famous overnight. Wang Shao thinks highly of you and is only willing to promote you, want to reap without paying, how can there be such a good thing at the bottom of the world?”

Ye Xing was booing when an arrogant voice came from the female washroom next to him.

“Sister Hong, I just want to rely on my own efforts and let more people know me.”

A voice as timid as a heavenly voice came.

“Don’t pretend to be pure for me, doesn’t your mother need to have an operation and is short of money, don’t say I don’t give you a chance, young Wang said that as long as you can stay with him for one night, he will not only cover your mother’s operation fee, but also spend money to help you package it, so it won’t be easy for you to become popular.”

“Sister Hong, please thank Young Wang for his kindness for me, I just want to work hard on my own.”

“You don’t have to say yes so quickly, think about it.”

Ye Xing walked out of the washroom and saw a sultry dressed woman walking out, squeezing her waist and being very flirtatious.

“What are you looking at, you’ve never seen a beautiful woman before!” The woman drank arrogantly and raised her head.

Ye Xing frowned.

A moment later, another girl dressed in a more innocent way came out from inside.

Around twenty years old, with a petite figure and delicate features, just like the girl next door.

Her face was not wearing a bit of make-up, it was naturally plain.

It was many times better looking than the heavily made-up woman just now.

No wonder that young Wang wanted her so badly, there were probably not many men who didn’t like such an outwardly pure girl, fresh out of school.

When Su Xiaoqiao came out, her eyes were still filled with tears.

When the phone rang, she wiped her tears and took a deep breath before answering, “Mom, I’m at work! I’m fine, my boss’s wife is very nice to me, my colleagues are also very nice, don’t worry, I have a good friend who is very rich and can borrow money.”

Forcing a smile, fighting in the big city and never complaining to home!

How many women are like that.

Su Xiaoqiao hung up the phone, saw a scrap of paper on the ground, casually picked it up and put it in the bin next to her.

The whole time, she didn’t even notice Ye Xing standing in the corner.

Ye Xing strolled around for a while and was about to go back to his office.

Suddenly, a figure walked up to him and timidly asked, “Hello, can you take a video for me, it won’t take you long, just a few minutes?”

This person, was none other than Su Xiaoqiao.

Ye Xing looked around and found that the gazes of many people around him had fallen on him.

Obviously, all of these people were targeting Su Xiao Qiao, not giving her a shot.

Without a photographer, how could they shoot the video!

“Okay.” Ye Xing was about to take the phone.

“Kid, new here, right, do you know the rules?” A familiar voice came.

The woman who had just spoken to Su Xiaoqiao in the washroom and was called Sister Hong walked up to him and looked at him with a coercive gaze.

“What rules, I don’t understand.” Ye Xing said back.

“Newbie, you know what you have to do on your first day in the workplace, first of all, you have to understand what person is the biggest in this company, and here, besides the boss’s wife, I am the biggest.” Xia Hong pointed at herself and held her arrogant head up.

Ye Xing smiled faintly.

In the next moment, she suddenly raised her hand and slapped her across the face.


This slap was so strong!

Xia Hong’s face instantly turned red and swollen.

The person also spun around in place.

Ye Xing’s hand was stained with a thick layer of powder.

“You dare to hit me, call security.” Xia Hong shouted frantically.

As a famous netizen of Wind Snow Media, a celebrity with tens of millions of fans, when had she ever been beaten like this.

Ye Xing grinned foolishly!

The next moment, he suddenly grabbed the chair next to him and smashed it towards Xia Hong’s head.


Luckily, Xia Hong dodged quickly, otherwise this smash would have crippled her if not killed.

Xia Hong was instantly goaded, and she realised how ruthless the man in front of her was.

“Young Master Ye, don’t be impulsive, don’t be impulsive.”

“You guys, stop him, don’t hurt him, he’s Mr. Mu’s husband.”

He Jing, the secretary, suddenly appeared and shouted.

“What, he’s the fool?”

“I thought something was wrong with him, but it turns out he’s a fool.”

“Fools are the worst to mess with, killing people may not even be illegal, I heard that he beat up one of the people pursuing Mr. Mu into a vegetable.”

“Xia Hong is finished now.”

The people around whispered, and none of them actually dared to come over to stop them.

Ye Xing grinned, showing a signature silly smile, then grabbed a stool foot on the ground and walked towards Xia Hong step by step.

“Help, help!”

Xia Hong was so scared that her liver and guts split, and she climbed up and ran backwards desperately.

Ye Xing waved his stick and chased after him!

The whole office, in a mess!

Most of the people on this floor were girls, all of them timid, and none of them dared to stop Ye Xing.

Suddenly, Xia Hong tripped over her feet and fell to the ground.

Ye Xing smashed down with a stick and Xia Hong screamed miserably.

The stick fell short and pa*sed close to her head.

Xia Hong crawled backwards desperately, her screams resonating throughout the building!

Ye Xing smashed down with each stick, each one falling short.

Finally, Xia Hong was backed into a corner, unable to retreat!

And like a devil, Ye Xing came closer and closer!

“Hee hee, now there’s nowhere to run!”

Ye Xing grinned as the stick in his hand danced in mid-air.

A man who was ruthless and had few words could not be better described as he was now.

“Please, don’t hit me, I’m wrong.”

“I’m on my knees for you, I’m sorry.”

“I was wrong.”

Xia Hong felt her legs go cold, and under the strain, she P*ssed herself!

In front of twenty or thirty people, she P*ssed herself!

The feet were wet and a foul smell came from them.

“Help, help!”

Finally, Murong Xue, who had come at the sound, arrived and saw the situation and shouted, “Ye Xing, stop.”

“Honey, you’re here, he just yelled at me!” Ye Xing greeted him.

“Put down the stick.” Murong Xue grimaced.


Ye Xing put the stick down.

At this moment, Xia Hong was nestled in the corner, her lower body was all wet.

The body trembled and kept twitching, the arrogance of a moment ago had long since disappeared.

What was left was the pale face of a man who had come back from the dead.


She lost her colour and burst into tears.

“All of you go back to work, and this matter is not to be told.” Murong Xue ordered.

The group of employees all retreated.

“General Mu, I want to call the police, this matter can’t be forgotten like this.” Xia Hong finally came back to her senses and said in tears.

“You weren’t hurt, calling the police won’t lead to anything, Ye Xing is kind by nature, he wouldn’t hit you if she didn’t mess with him.” Xia Hong pointed to the two employees next to her and said, “You guys take care of Xia Hong, call the cleaning aunt to come over and mop the floor.”

After giving the order, Murong Xue then brought Ye Xing back to the office.


Chapter 10

“Ye Xing, how many times have I told you not to hit anyone, have you taken my words for a deaf ear?” Murong Xue said angrily.

“I didn’t hit her, I just scared her, who told her to swear at random, which knew she was so scared that she P*ssed herself.” Ye Xing shrugged his head.


Murong Xue couldn’t help but laugh.

“So, you missed every single stick on purpose?” She asked.

“If I wanted to hit her, I would have hit every stick.”

“Okay, no more hitting ……”

“I didn’t hit anyone.”

“No scaring people.” Murong Xue added.

Ye Xing shrugged her head and didn’t say anything.

Looking at her like that, Murong Xue had no choice.

But on second thought, it might not be a bad thing for Ye Xing to teach Xia Hong a lesson today.

Xia Hong was one of the two hottest artists under her company’s contract, with ten million fans on Dou Yin and many fans on other video platforms. On account of being hotter than the others, she always claims to be under one person and above a thousand others in the company, and is constantly suppressing newly signed artists.

The contract that Murong Xue signed was for four years, and only two years have pa*sed now. In these two years, Murong Xue has burned a lot of money on her, and now it is the time to get back her capital and make money, but she has repeatedly neglected her work, hoping that she can get a raise, and even more, hoping that Murong Xue can fire her and cancel her contract.

If Ye Xing makes such a fuss, she might be able to temper her and change her arrogant attitude.

If she really couldn’t take her temper, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to make such a scene and bring the potential conflict to the surface.


There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

He Jing, the secretary, walked in and reported, “Mr. Mu, Xia Hong has asked to terminate her contract.”

“It’s no problem to terminate the contract, you tell her to pay the breach of contract according to her contract. Also, her number in Dou Yin belongs to the company, doesn’t she have ties with outside media companies, let her go!” Murong Xue said coldly.

“Yes, Chief Mu.” He Jing left.

Murong Xue rubbed her head, Xia Hong was now at her most profitable time, her leaving now would be a great loss to the company indeed.

Xia Hong’s loss was even greater, it was a lose-lose situation.


A few moments later, the knock on the door sounded again.

“Come in.”

The door was gently pushed open and Xia Hong walked in.

She had changed her trousers and seemed to have recovered from her panic.

“Mr Xia, I don’t want to cancel my contract.” She said weakly.

“It’s good that you don’t want to, it’s a win-win situation for both of us now, it’s not good for either of us to terminate the contract.” Murong Xue nodded.

“People from Huaxin Media did poach me, but I didn’t say yes, I apologise for the negative time in the previous period, I will definitely work seriously in the future.”

“That’s good, let bygones be bygones for what happened before, let’s pretend that nothing happened in the future. Starting from next month, I will raise your salary by ten percent, it’s not much, but you burned too much money in the first period, I think you understand this point.”

“Thank you Mr. Mu, I understand.”

“Good if you understand, go down!”

“Yes, Mr. Mu.”

Xia Hong turned to leave, before she left, she gave Ye Xing another look, in her gaze, she still carried fear!

When Xia Hong left, Murong Xue looked at Ye Xing and could not help but smile.

What a foolish person, if he hadn’t made such a fuss, Xia Hong wouldn’t have taken the initiative to admit her mistake.

Some time ago, she had worked negatively, but it had made her lose a lot of money.

“Sister, I’m hungry.” Ye Xing rubbed his stomach.

Murong Xue looked at the time and it was not early, so she stood up at once: “Go, sister will take you to eat.”

The company had a canteen, but in the morning Ye Xing had made such a big mess, it was inconvenient to go to the canteen, so she decided to take Ye Xing out to eat.


Aquamarine Western Restaurant!

Murong Xue ordered two steaks, some pasta, and some fruits.

At first she was worried about Ye Xing making a scene, but from the moment she sat down, Ye Xing was obedient, didn’t withdraw his petulance or make a scene, just like a normal person.

At this moment, no one could see that he was a fool.

She taught him how to cut a steak with a knife, and he learnt it all like it was right.

“I’m going to the washroom, you sit here obediently and don’t go anywhere, or my sister will never take you out again next time.”

Murong Xue threatened, before heading towards the washroom!

After she left, Ye Xing immediately stood up and walked towards a table ten meters away.

There sat a sungla*ses-wearing, tall woman, over 5’3″ tall, wearing black clothes and a black robe, plus a black cloak.

It looked, in its coldness, with an intimidating pressure that made people not dare to approach.

People pa*sing by, both male and female, could not help but be attracted by her aura, but none dared to come over and strike up a conversation.

Ye Xing sat on his butt in front of her and said indifferently, “Lin Wei, I hope you won’t disturb my life.”

The visitor was Lin Wei!

Ye Xing was reborn for the hundred and second time as a special soldier king, and she was one of his men.

Yesterday, when Murong Xue was captured, Ye Xing had no choice but to contact Black Tiger and reveal his identity.

Black Tiger had told Lin Wei, and he didn’t expect her to come so quickly!

Ye Xing knew very well that he could fool others by pretending to be mad and foolish, but he definitely could not fool Lin Wei.

This was because she was one of the most elite special forces soldiers in the country of China, the strongest female warrior, second only to herself in strength.

“Captain ……”

“My name is Ye Xing, not your captain.” Ye Xing interrupted her words.

“You told me that before, and I believed it.” Lin Wei’s gaze shone with a crystal brightness.

Lin Wei loved Chilong, but Chilong didn’t accept it.

Two years ago, Red Dragon had told her that he was a man cursed by fate who had gone through one hundred and two reincarnations, each time not surviving more than two years.

Each time he was reborn, he inherited all the memories of the previous ones.

She didn’t believe it before, but now she did.

Although there was a strange face in front of her, she saw in him, the shadow of the Red Dragon.

There was no mistaking the feeling of walking away.

“Captain, Mountain Eagle is dead.” Lin Wei said.

Mountain Eagle, one of the six-man squad of the King of Soldiers.

“How did he die?”

“You disappeared, he left the unit to search for your whereabouts despite discipline, met the Hells Angels’ gold medal a*sa*sin and was killed.”


“That’s right, I fought Basil and I couldn’t beat him, the only person in the whole of China who could beat him was you.”

“Do you think I can win against him with this weak look?” Ye Xing stretched his arms and smiled bitterly.

This body of his was not bad compared to ordinary people, but compared to a soldier king like Lin Wei and Black Tiger, he was simply a child.

“The body can be calcined, your fighting sense, experience is still there, just spend a year or two ……”

“I spend all my time calcining my body to bring myself back to my last life strength, and then a lightning strike comes down, or a crash comes over, or an iron nail flies over from there and kills me?” Ye Xing’s voice instantly became louder, almost roaring out.

Tears were shining inside his eyes!

This fate of infinite rebirth was torturing him to the point of collapse!

Every time, when he was at the most triumphant point in his life, fate let him hang up.

“Instead of this, old man would rather be a muddling fool, a salted fish that muddles through.” Ye Xing roared.

“Captain, I know you are not that kind of person.” Lin Wei shook her head.

“It wasn’t before, but it is now.”

Ye Xing looked in the direction of the washroom and saw Murong Xue coming out of it, and said at that moment, “I hope you don’t disturb my life, just pretend that Red Dragon is dead.”

Lin Wei didn’t say anything, underneath her sungla*ses, tears came out of her eyes.

This was Ye Xing, the first time he saw Lin Wei shedding tears.