Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73

“What kind of car to drive?” Ye Xing asked.

“Take mine, your car is too pretty to look at.” She said.

“No, my car is very low-key, look.”

Ye Xing pointed to the $50,000 to $60,000 BYD on the street and laughed.

“This is your car?”

Luo Xiaoyun looked at the broken car, not daring to believe it.

Although she didn’t know how much money Ye Xing had, Luo Xiaoyun knew that he must have a lot of money.

The twofold status of being the son-in-law of the Murong family and the son of the provincial Ye family alone made it okay for him to casually drive a car of several million.

This broken car in front of him, was it really his?


Ye Xing pressed the remote control, and the car immediately rang.

“It’s really your car, you have such a strange fetish.” Luo Xiaoyun was also speechless. Shaking her head, she said, “Forget it, I can’t afford to be ashamed of this.”

“How can you say it’s a disgrace?” Ye Xing got serious and said in a serious manner, “When you’ve sat in a BMW, a Mercedes. Porsche and then ride in this private car of mine, you will understand that they are nothing compared to my private car.”


Luo Xiaoyun was also not someone who sought for quality of life, and walked towards the car at that moment.

When she got into the car, she was instantly stunned.

The luxurious interior inside instantly attracted good, the moment she sat down on the leather sofa. It was as if sitting on top of a water bed, indescribably comfortable.

It turned out that this guy didn’t lie, it was really more comfortable than a BMW Mercedes.

“How about it, I didn’t lie to you, right?”

After getting into the car, Ye Xing was smug: “You should feel honoured, I’m a new car, I’ve never f*cked a woman before, you’re the first.”

“So, it’s my honour.”

Luo Xiaoyun always felt that the other party’s words were strange, but what was wrong, she couldn’t hear.

However, she didn’t think about it that much at the moment, but laid down and enjoyed it.

The level of comfort that even a Rolls-Royce business car like this one might not have, made her ignore Ye Xing’s words.

“This car of yours, it must have cost a lot of money to modify, right?” She asked.

“Secret.” Ye Xing laughed, then asked, “Where to?”

“Qi Le Leisure Park, do you know it?”

“Don’t know it, navigate it.”

Ye Xing opened the navigation and searched for it, and soon found it.

“Little Bamboo Village in the south of the city?” He asked.

“Right.” Luo Xiaoyun nodded and said, “Cla*smate reunions have changed a lot in the past few years, they no longer go to bars and nightclubs, but to leisure parks, which is good. It’s nourishing, not so spread out and expensive, and you don’t drink and go crazy.”

The car started and headed towards the south of the city.

The car was going rather slowly, just over forty kilometres, less than fifty.

“Can you only go so fast in this car?” Luo Xiaoyun felt it was very slow.

“About right!”

“It’s too slow, it’s not a pleasant ride.”

“You are still young, when you are more mature you will understand that a car is not as fast as you can drive, the most important thing is to drive steadily and for a long time.”

“What does this have to do with being young or not?” Luo Xiaoyun looked at the back of his head and suddenly her face fell apart, “Are you driving again?”

“Yes, I’m driving. What else am I doing?”

Ye Xing looked back at her like she was looking at a monster.

“I’m not talking about this kind of driving, but the kind you men, most of all, love to joke about.”

“Which kind of joking driving?” Ye Xing laughed.

Luo Xiaoyun’s face darkened and he didn’t bother to explain, the more he explained, the more he got carried away.

Half an hour later, the car drove into a small village on the edge of town.

At the entrance of the village stood a large sign with the name of the leisure park on it.

Following the sign, the car soon drove to the foot of a small hill and saw a man-made forest with a few small ponds from afar.

“If anyone asks you later, tell them you are an executive of a small company. The company is in the hardware business. Don’t say anything if you’re not sure, try to go to a place where no one is around, and if you can, it’s best to keep playing on your phone and not talk to anyone.” Luo Xiaoyun admonished.

Not afraid that he would lose face, but afraid that he couldn’t spit ivory out of his dog’s mouth and drive without moving.

“You are the boss, you call the shots.” Ye Xing laughed.

There was someone at the entrance of the leisure park to guide him. It pointed straight to the car park.

When he arrived at the open car park, Ye Xing then found that there were quite a lot of cars, many luxury cars, BMW seven series, Mercedes? Cla*s, a glance saw several cars.

Ye Xing’s broken car looked particularly stark, more so than those luxury cars.

“Huh, isn’t this Luo Xiaoyun?”

The two had just gotten out of the car when a female voice came from behind them.

Looking up, only a woman in heavy make-up walked over. She was about the same age as Luo Xiaoyun.

Her features were quite pretty, but her face was rather weathered and she had to use a thick foundation to cover it up.

“Ignore her.”

Luo Xiaoyun acted as if she hadn’t seen it and said to Ye Xing.

“The former cla*s flower. To ride in a car like this, while it’s not good for you!” The woman walked to the side of Ye Xing’s car, deliberately bent down to look at the car label and exclaimed, “Bentley …… Oh. Sorry, misread it, it’s a BYD.”

Luo Xiaoyun still ignored her and continued walking towards the front.

“Luo Xiaoyun, a guy in a BYD can catch you up, are you dropping the ball so much now?”

The woman didn’t comply, as if she wouldn’t stop until she was taunted to death.

Luo Xiaoyun could endure it, but Ye Xing couldn’t.

In this life, only he rode on a woman’s head, when had he ever been rode on a woman’s head.

He turned around and said, “Miss, my car is a bit broken, but it’s new. The key thing is that only Luo Xiaoyun is the only woman who has ever sat in this car. Your BMW is a bit more expensive, but it’s in such a state of disrepair that the men who have ridden in it must be in the hundreds if not a thousand, right?”


Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Before. He found Ye Xing’s driving repulsive, but now he realized that it was really sour for him to drive his car on another woman.

“Kid, keep your mouth clean, don’t be unaware of death.”

This woman was an old driver at first glance, unlike Luo Xiaoyun who was so innocent, and understood Ye Xing’s words as soon as he heard them.

“Scaring me?” Ye Xing crossed his arms. Coldly smiled, “Laozi was scared all his life.”

“Mimi, what’s wrong?”

The BMW stepped down a man dressed in a new fashion, his hair stood up at the roots, with a Rolex watch on his hand, and had been playing with his mobile phone as if he had just now discovered the situation over here.

“All you do is play with your phone all day, I’m being bullied and you still don’t care?” The woman stomped her foot fiercely.

“Who’s bullying you?”

The man put his phone into his trouser pocket and his attitude started to get arrogant, his eyes fiercely glaring at Ye Xing and Luo Xiaoyun.

“That’s him.” Li Mimi pointed her finger at Ye Xing and said loudly, “He just humiliated me.”

The newly dressed man walked up to Ye Xing, looked up at him and barked, “Apologise to my girlfriend, immediately, right now.”

Ye Xing looked at Luo Xiaoyun and was in a bit of a quandary!

It was certainly excellent to have someone sent to his door to be punched in the face.

The question was in what way to hit his face?

This was a big question.


Chapter 74

“Brother, come here and talk.”

Ye Xing beckoned towards the new wave man.

“What for, say something here.” The New Wave man drank.

After all, Ye Xing was taller than him, he was not sure he could beat him, so he did not dare to go.

“I’m a civilized man, I won’t hit you with my hands, come here.”

Ye Xing said while walking towards the middle of the far corner.

The new trendy man was a bit afraid to go over, but seeing that his girlfriend was watching, in case he wimped out, how could he hold up his head in front of her in the future.

He held his head high at that moment. He walked over to Ye Xing.

“Just now I scolded your girl for being a bus, I don’t know how many men have gone up there to ride it, how do you want to settle the score with me?” Ye Xing asked indifferently.

“I’ll get you killed.”

The new trendy man punched over.

The fist was still in mid-air when it was grabbed by Ye Xing. Then with a hard twist.

It was like a small grappling move and pinned him to a nearby car.

“Let go of me.”

The new wave man wailed in pain.

Suddenly, he felt a chill on his neck and something cold against it.

Looking down, he found it was a dagger, emitting a cold light.

“Big brother, spare my life.”

“Big brother, I was wrong.”

The new wave man was just an ordinary man. Fighting was okay, how had he ever seen such a scene with a knife.

“You’ve seen my skills, I’ll tell you the truth, I’m a gangster, Brother Kei is my boss, Brother Kei knows you, right?”

“Yeah, I know him, a lot of bar venues around midtown, his brothers are watching, we’ve even had drinks.”

The new wave man nodded his head repeatedly, his face turning blue and his voice changing.

What bad luck he had had today, meeting such a punk.

“So we know each other, so we’re all friends.”

Ye Xing put the dagger away.

“Yes, friend.”

The new trendy man smiled with him, but unfortunately the smile was worse than crying.

“Got a cigarette?”


The New Wave man hastily pulled out a pack of China from his body and pulled one out.

“Brother, I’ll light it for you.” He hastily took out his lighter.

“I don’t smoke, I like to hold it in my mouth.”

Ye Xing held the cigarette in his mouth and pointed at Li Mimi in the distance and asked, “Your girlfriend?”

“For now, not necessarily in a few days.” The new wave man smiled with him.

“Been on it yet?”

“Not yet, if I had, I wouldn’t be wasting my time coming here with her!”

“Go over there and slap her in the mouth, ten thousand dollars a slap, as many slaps as you want. Come back to me to settle the bill, with money you’re still afraid of not being able to pick up women.”

“Don’t try to escape, or I’ll find you and kill you.”

Ye Xing poked him in the head, and only then did he go away.

Soon, Ye Xing walked over to Luo Xiaoyun with a smile on his face.

“You smoke?”

“No smoking, for pretending.”

Ye Xing threw the cigarette to the ground.


“You’ll know if you take a look.”

Luo Xiaoyun turned around as soon as the nouveau riche man walked towards Li Mimi.

“Wu Qiang, I asked you to help me out, what have you done?”

Li Mimi was very upset to see Ye Xing leaving all right.

The words were just finished. Suddenly the other man slapped her across the face.


“You hit me?”

Li Mimi couldn’t believe her eyes.

This man who was chasing after her like a licking dog actually dared to hit her.


Another slap, slapping the right side of her face, swelling the other side as well.

“Li Mimi, don’t think I don’t know what kind of person you are, you manly Sl*t, I’m blind to see you.”

You have to find an excuse to hit someone!

After slapping him twice in a row, the new trendy man then pretended to be angry and walked away.

Leaving Li Mimi standing in place, dazed.

As for the money, he did not dare to take it from Ye Xing.

Asking for money from a punk who was in the Dao and didn’t want his life?

“How did you do that?”

Luo Xiaoyun looked at Ye Xing in shock.

She originally thought that Ye Xing would do it himself, but she did not expect him to let the man do it himself.

Being beaten by his own boyfriend. and beaten than Ye Xing, Li Mimi was even more humiliated.

“I just fabricated an identity, and then he got scared like this.”

“What identity?”

“You guess.”

“A cop?”

“Wrong, a punk.”

Ye Xing smiled triumphantly and said, “Punks are mostly more intimidating than you police in the minds of ordinary people because you do things fairly and justly with a bottom line, while a lot of punks have no bottom line.”

“You’re the smart one. Let’s go!” Luo Xiaoyun gave him a blank look.

The two of them had just walked out a few steps when Li Mimi ran up angrily and roared, “Luo Xiaoyun, what exactly did your poor boyfriend say to my boyfriend, say, or don’t guest me unkindly.”

Ye Xing suddenly turned around and slapped her across the face, knocking her to the ground.

“I didn’t want to do it myself, but I had to be forced to do it, your sister.” Ye Xing cursed.

Li Mimi’s right ear buzzed, and her whole body was blinded, unable to react for a long time.

A few moments later. She jumped up as if she was crazy, ready to lunge at Ye Xing.

Suddenly, a brightly shining dagger pointed at her neck.

“You try spilling spice.”

“Do you know what I am, I am the number one fierce general under Ki?”

“Believe it or not, I’ll call dozens of brothers over. Do you believe I’ll call dozens of brothers to come over… and turn you over?”

As a former movie star, his acting skills were not a cover.

At this moment, Ye Xing’s body had no trace of righteousness, he was just a small-time gangster.

This kind of punk. This was what women like Li Mimi feared the most!

“Brother, I’m wrong.”


Li Mimi knelt down directly on the ground, so scared that her face turned blue.

“Behave in a low profile from now on, or you won’t even know how to die.”

Ye Xing slapped her face with his dagger, before he led Luo Xiaoyun away.

“OK, good acting, if I didn’t know you, I would really think you were a punk.” Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but laugh.

Looking at Li Mimi’s arrogant look just now, crumbling with fear, she couldn’t tell how happy she was.

A woman like her, only a punk could shock.

“How can you live by your face and not be able to act.”

“You sound a bit like a duck when you say that.” Luo Xiaoyun rolled her eyes.

“If I’m a duck, then you’re looking for me as a duck, aren’t you ……”

“Disgusting, shut up.”

Luo Xiaoyun was afraid that he couldn’t spit out ivory teeth from his dog’s mouth. Quickly interrupt him.

The two walked and talked, and soon reached a river in front of them.

There was a barbecue site there, and many people were barbecuing, and when they saw Luo Xiaoyun coming, their eyes looked over.

Especially the male students, all of them showed a shining light like animals.

“I now finally understand why you brought me here.”

Feeling these gazes, Ye Xing muttered.

“Luo Xiaoyun. I’ve been hoping for the stars, hoping for the moon, but finally I’ve brought you here.”

At this time, a tall and handsome looking boy walked over and greeted with a smile.

“Introduce, this is our cla*s president Luo Ting, Luo Ting, and this is my friend Ye Xing.” Luo Xiaoyun took the initiative to introduce.

From the tone of her voice, she had a pretty good impression of this cla*s leader.

“Hello, my name is Luo Ting.” Luo Ting extended his hand.

“Hello, Ye Xing.”

Luo Ting’s gaze was clear, unlike other boys who looked at Luo Xiaoyun with such a fiery gaze, he should be a man of decent character.

“Luo Xiaoyun, have you seen Lu Yuan?” Luo Ting suddenly asked.

“No, we haven’t talked about the department for a long time.” Luo Xiaoyun said back.

“Which Lu Yuan?” Ye Xing’s brow furrowed.