Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

After eating, Murong Xue then asked him about what happened last night.

Ye Xing told her that the reason why he had won yesterday was because that talisman of Master Pudu had worked.

When the two women heard this, they were all secretly amazed, amazed that there was nothing strange in heaven and earth.

As for some extra strange things coming out in his mind, Ye Xing did not say anything, to save her from worrying.

“Wife, I will recite the scriptures first and then take a nap, I am exhausted.”

Ye Xing finished. He went back to his room and recited the scriptures for half an hour, then collapsed on the bed and whooped and hollered as he fell asleep.


6pm, Hyland Cafe.

Jiang Ruobing had just entered. She saw Feng Xiao sitting in the corner, with those big eyes that were particularly radiant.

“Ruo Bing, this way.” Feng Xiao stood up and shouted.

Jiang Ruobing walked over and sat down opposite her.

“What kind of wind is blowing today that you, an iron C*ck, would invite me to dinner too?” Jiang Ruobing asked unexpectedly.

“It’s not because I want to thank your cousin’s husband for saving my life, but he’s not available, so I’m inviting you.”

“I dare say I’m still the spare tire. A big fan of S*x over friends.” Jiang Ruobing gave her a white look and warned, “Little ninny, I’m warning you, that’s my cousin’s husband, don’t get any ideas, he’s a married man, an uncle.”

“Isn’t he only twenty-three or twenty-four years old? Not a few years older than us.”

“So what, in our eyes, all married men are older uncles.”

Jiang Ruobing picked up the menu and started to order.

“Is Ye Xing alright?”

“Yes, just a bit tired, think about it, a case that thousands of police officers couldn’t solve for months, let him solve it in half a day, and also fight several battles, can’t he be tired?” Jiang Ruobing said casually.

“That’s true.”

Feng Xiao put her hands on her cheeks and suddenly smiled, “Ruo Bing, I find that your attitude towards your cousin’s husband, is much better.”

“Why don’t I feel that?”

“You used to mention your cousin’s husband as a waste of space, not bothering to say anything; even if he wasn’t stupid anymore, you still looked very disgusted, and every time we were together, it was always Mars on Earth; but now you mention him with pride in your eyes.” Feng Xiao laughed.

“Have you …… reckoned that it’s just that much better.”

“Waiter. Order this for me.”

Jiang Ruobing knew that Feng Xiao’s family was poor and this meal was something she must treat, so she didn’t order anything very expensive.

“Ruo Bing, I actually have one more thing to ask you, I want you to help me pay back one million to Ye Xing.”

“One million?”

Jiang Ruobing’s whole body jumped up, excited beyond belief.

“Feng Xiao, you’re not being adopted by my cousin’s husband, are you?”

“What are you talking about, am I that kind of person?” Feng Xiao hastily denied it and said sharply, “That’s the money he gave for eating noodles.”

“Eating noodles can eat a million, are you stupid or do you think I’m stupid!”

“Ruo Bing you take it easy, don’t get excited.”

Feng Xiao hurriedly walked over and pressed her into her seat. She was afraid that if she continued to scream, the whole cafe would hear her.

This guy, whenever she got excited, she never considered her surroundings.

Next, she had a hard time explaining things clearly.

“A bowl of noodles for a million, this kind of thing, under the heavens, only a brainiac like my cousin’s husband could do it.”

He was willing to spend millions to promote Su Xiaoqiao without asking for anything in return, so this one million was nothing.

After knowing the situation, Jiang Ruobing was extremely depressed.

He was so willing to spend money on outsiders, so why didn’t he give himself a few thousand million to spend?

I can’t. We must squeeze some out.

“My mum said I can’t take his money for free and asked me to return it to him. I don’t have his WeChat, and the few times I met him I was in a hurry and didn’t have a chance to return it. This time I found you, I want to return it to him through you, and I don’t want you to misunderstand.” Feng Xiao pushed her gla*ses and said.

“Don’t worry, there can’t be any misunderstanding. There’s no way he’ll take care of you.” Jiang Ruobing said with a cheeky smile.

“Why, doesn’t he like my type?” Feng Xiao asked curiously.

“I’ll tell you a little secret.”

Jiang Ruobing moved her mouth over and muttered in a small voice, smugly, “Now you understand why I don’t believe it, because he simply can’t.”

“Bingbing, we’re all good friends, you can’t trust me that much to make up excuses like that.” Feng Xiao was a little upset.

“Didn’t make it up, I verified it myself …… bah bah bah, no, my cousin told me herself.”

“You still make it up.”

Feng Xiao stood up haughtily and said angrily, “I’ve never eaten pork. I’ve also seen a pig run, right, when I hugged him yesterday, he was …… clearly a normal man.”

“You hugged him.”

Jiang Ruobing’s mouth grew into a t shape, and the knife in her hand for cutting the steak pointed at her.

“Bingbing. Don’t be impulsive, don’t ever be impulsive, quickly put down the knife.”

Feng Xiao hurriedly stood up, and with great difficulty this was explained clearly.

“It was not on purpose. I thought I was going to die, that feeling of coming back from the dead …… you understand, right, that’s why I hugged him.”

“Let me ask you, if it was a middle-aged uncle in front of you who was in his forties, six-feet tall and weighed a hundred and eighty, would you still hand hug him?”

“Of course not.” Feng Xiao answered back without thinking.

“Then you still say you didn’t mean it.” Jiang Ruobing pointed up with the fork in her left hand.

“I’m wrong alright!” Feng Xiao was about to cry and said, “It’s just a hug to your cousin’s husband, it’s not like hugging your man, why be so jealous?”

“To punish you, I’ve decided to ask for another beef steak.”

“Also, transfer one million dollars to me immediately.”

Feng Xiao thought she was being very dignified, and froze as she uttered the feeling of being a second wife.

In desperation, she had no choice but to transfer the one million dollars over.


Seeing the one million dollars arrive, Jiang Ruobing couldn’t help but laugh.

With this money, there was no need to pretend to be a grandson in front of her family in the future.

“Ruo Bing. This money is Ye Xing’s, you must return it to him.”

Looking at her with that look, Feng Xiao had the feeling of sending a sheep into a tiger’s mouth.

“Don’t worry, I’ll return it to him.” Jiang Ruobing laughed heatedly.


After eating, Jiang Ruobing returned home and it was already nine o’clock at night.

Ye Xing was looking at the phone on the sofa.

She glanced at it and was speechless when she found that it was a motion picture.

“Where’s cousin?” She asked.

“Working in her room.” Ye Xing blurted back.

Inside Jiang Ruobing’s mind, she remembered Feng Xiao’s words. Her eyes couldn’t help but fall between his legs.

This guy couldn’t really be faking it, could he!

No, we must find out, we definitely can’t let him cheat his cousin.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ruobing walked to the sofa and sat down against Ye Xing.

“Cousin brother-in-law, after shopping all night, my feet hurt, help me press them a little.”

As she said that, she put her super perfect and slender long legs on Ye Xing’s legs.

B**bs are not enough, legs are!

She wanted to see if he could continue to pretend, and if he would react like Feng Xiao said.

“What are you doing, am I such a casual person?”

Ye Xing pushed her right hand on her feet, pushing her straight off the sofa.

“Shame on you.”

He returned to his room with big steps and a righteous air.

Jiang Ruobing was petrified.

“This lady doesn’t believe she can’t uncover your fake mask.”

She broke into a cursing fit of shame and anger.


Chapter 72

Early the next morning, after reciting the scriptures, Ye Xing drove his car to the police station.

Luo Xiaoyun called him and asked to go and take a statement, a routine matter.

After taking the statement, Ye Xing came out of the police station and Luo Xiaoyun was waiting at the door.

“Although the priest is dead, but from all indications, there are still a lot of leaks in Jiangnan, the case is not considered closed.” Luo Xiaoyun said.

“The tree has fallen and the rats have scattered, so take your time to investigate.” Ye Xing said.

“That’s true, when we investigated cases in the past. We used to follow the vine and slowly catch the big fish. But in your hands, you just picked off the big melon.” Luo Xiaoyun had never encountered such a thing before.

Was the priest too weak, or was he too strong.

“I don’t like to follow the vine and feel the melon. I like to follow the water and catch the fish.” Ye Xing glanced at her upper body, and then took a look at her bottom.

“Where are your eyes looking?” Luo Xiaoyun got angry again, “How come I didn’t notice before that you were so nasty.”

“Men aren’t nasty, women are.”

“You’re not educated, nasty is a word for men, okay?” Luo Xiaoyun scolded.

“Aren’t you women all nasty for a few days every month?” Ye Xing said and left.

Luo Xiaoyun’s face instantly darkened.

This guy, she had changed her opinion of him quite a bit, but now her impression was bad again.

Just like yesterday, originally felt for him. As a result, she threw herself down halfway and left.

What an impression that doesn’t last more than three minutes!

“You left before I was finished, have you any manners?”

“Is there anything else?”

“Are you free this afternoon?”

“What’s up?”

“Go somewhere with me and come back soon.”

“What kind of place?”

“This ……”

Seeing her squirm in her speech, Ye Xing became impatient: “When did you become such a sissy, can you have a real man’s look.”

Luo Xiaoyun nodded and was about to say something when she suddenly felt something was wrong.

A real man’s face?

This guy was insinuating that he was a manly woman again.

She instantly got angry again.

“I have a reunion this afternoon and my teacher ordered me to go, I can’t push it and I don’t want to be pestered by other men, I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend.”

“No problem.”

“A thousand per hour. Holding hands once for fifty, each time not more than one minute, one thousand all inclusive; kissing once for five hundred, each time not more than ten seconds; sleeping with you is free.” Ye Xing immediately prescribed a price list.

“You give me that.”

“You’re the one who’s renting me and wants me to pay you back, how is that possible”

Ye Xing stared at her with wide eyes, just like looking at a fool.

Endure, I must endure, I must endure.

Because, I can’t beat him at all.

Due to this last reason, Luo Xiaoyun suppressed her temper.

She quickly took out her wallet from her body, took out a thousand oceans, and shoved it into his hand.

“2pm to 3pm. One hour.” She suppressed her anger and said.

“Hand-holding, kissing, sleeping with you don’t need?” Ye Xing asked.


“???? , package to your satisfaction.”

Ye Xing justified the money up and laughed, “A man like me makes millions in minutes, giving you this price is already a friendly price.”

“Come on time.”

Throwing down these three words, Luo Xiaoyun walked away without looking back.

If the police weren’t all crooked and unappealing, she wouldn’t be looking for him!

There was nothing you could do about being handsome, you could just make money at will.

He was about to go out for a stroll. Suddenly the phone rang.

A familiar number, it was Xu Guanglong’s phone.

“Old Xu, the car is done, right?” Just after answering the phone, Ye Xing asked urgently.

“It’s done, where are you, I’ll send it over to you.” Xu Guanglong asked.

Ye Xing gave an address, and twenty minutes later, Xu Guanglong drove his $50,000 to $60,000 BYD to him.

From the looks of it, there was no change at all.

Wow wow wow, here comes the pretentious god.

Xu Guanglong had just parked the car, Ye Xing immediately pulled open the back door, and when he saw to the scene inside. He was instantly stunned.

Real leather, alloy, plastic comparable to an aeroplane.

He sat up and laid down, the feeling, just lying on the beach, was indescribably comfortable.

The interior roof was designed in a star shape, very high cla*s.

“You’re in luck. I have a friend who is a modification freak and especially likes to modify the interior. The interior here is all designed by him according to Rolls-Royce’s taste, especially this star-shaped, which doesn’t look good during the day, but at night, when you turn the lights up, it’s like sitting in space.”

“The wheels, the cha*sis, the circuitry, all changed, keeping the original running system, it’s normally a vintage car. But. Once you press this button, it will change from a sick cat to a roaring horned angry tiger, we call it storm mode, get in and try it out.”

Ye Xing got into the car. Drove the car out.

He didn’t activate the storm mode right away, but continued to use the original system.

Due to the cha*sis modification and the addition of twelve cylinders, the body became hundred very heavy. With 1.2 horsepower, it drove even slower, and it was praise to say that it was a sick cat.

“The body is heavier and you want to keep the original system, there is no choice but to do so.” Xu Guanglong waved his hand, unable to do anything about it.

“It’s fine, it’s better this way.”

Now that’s a real pretence of pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

Finally, when they reached the national road.

Ye Xing immediately pressed the storm mode system!

At once, the sound of the roaring horn of a multi-million sports car price rang out.

That sound, as long as one was a driver, would go berserk.

Within three seconds, Ye Xing sped the car to over a hundred kilometres and was very composed.

The surrounding cars that were overtaken were all dumbfounded as they watched the BYD in front of them soar past like a hurricane. They watched as the monster disappeared from sight.

After a spin, Ye Xing was very satisfied and laughed loudly.

“How about it, satisfied?” Xu Guanglong asked.

“Very satisfied.” Ye Xing nodded repeatedly, then asked curiously, “How did you get it done so quickly?”

“There happens to be a friend’s spot nearby, and he got in a new imported car with everything.” Xu Guanglong said.

“Thanks a lot.” Ye Xing was very satisfied.

“This car has a big drawback that you need to understand.”

“What is the drawback?”

“Because the appearance is preserved. So, it’s not crash resistant.”

“Don’t worry, I’m a steady driver!”

Ye Xing looked around the car and the more he looked at it, the more he liked it.

“By the way, is there enough money, if not I’ll order another transfer to you.”

“Enough, there’s more, I was just about to return it to you!” Xu Guanglong said.

10 million could already buy the world’s top sports car, let alone just a modification.

“You can have the rest, give my regards to my sister-in-law.”

“Many thanks.”

After leaving Xu Guanglong, at two o’clock in the afternoon, Ye Xing quasi-li appeared at the entrance of the police station.

Luo Xiaoyun had already changed her clothes and was waiting.

She was wearing a pair of whitish yellow jeans underneath and a long beige shirt on top, a very simple and casual match.

Due to her height and temperament there, even if her clothes were simple, she still wore the feeling of a high-cla*s designer.

Today, she is less thunderous and more of a small woman, no wonder she is afraid of being pestered by men.

With this figure and looks, any man would want to get close.