Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 7-8

Chapter 7

There is a big red seal stamped on it: the China Disabled Persons’ Federation.

This was really ample evidence, possessing a legal basis.

“Ye Xing, I don’t care why you pretended to be crazy, you didn’t break the law this time, but if you dare to use this small book to do something illegal next time, I will definitely uncover your true face and arrest you personally.” Luo Xiaoyun picked up the small book on the ground, raised it in her hands and said solemnly, “This certificate is issued to people who are really useful, it is the motherland’s care for the disabled, it is not for people to use as a protective umbrella.”

Listening to her righteous words, Ye Xing was in awe of her.

In his last two lives, he was reborn as a soldier, a soldier king, an iron-blooded warrior.

With a strong sense of discipline, the glory of the motherland, so for Luo Xiaoyun’s words, he still appreciated them.

Of course, looks and body, more appreciated.

“Pretty sister, the way you spoke just now scares me!” Ye Xing patted his chest.

Luo Xiaoyun still wanted to say something when footsteps came from behind, Murong Xue came.

Murong Xue was still a little worried, not that she was worried that Luo Xiaoyun would discriminate against Ye Xing, but she was afraid that Ye Xing would accidentally ram Luo Xiaoyun.

“Sister.” Ye Xing hurriedly ran over.

“Ye Xing, did you not cause trouble for Sister Xiao Yun?” Murong Xue asked.

“No no.” Ye Xing’s gaze fell on Luo Xiaoyun and giggled, “So you called Sister Xiaoyun.”

“He didn’t cause me any trouble, so we just chatted casually.” Luo Xiaoyun said back.

“Oh, what did you guys talk about?” Murong Xue asked so strangely.

“Sister Xiao Yun asked me who was the prettiest between you and her, I said of course sister was pretty, she was not happy and got angry.” Ye Xing said seriously.

Luo Xiaoyun was instantly embarra*sed and hurriedly explained, “I did ask him those words, but I wasn’t upset.”

“Of course you’re upset, you’re still crumbling!”

“I’m upset because of you ……”

Luo Xiaoyun didn’t know how to explain, she then realized that this fool had dug a big hole for her.

Can a fool have this kind of intelligence?

She was jumping into the yellow river and couldn’t even wash it off.

If she was ugly, a far cry from Murong Xue, it could be taken as a playful remark.

On the contrary, she was not inferior to Murong Xue in looks, which gave the impression that she was fighting for beauty and jealousy.

“Ye Xing, Xiao Yun is the number one police flower in Huaijiang, how can my sister possibly compare to her.” Murong Xue laughed.

“Xue’er, I really didn’t mean it like that.” Luo Xiaoyun almost vomited blood.

“Xiaoyun, we’ve known each other for so long, how could I not know how you are.” Murong Xue smiled and didn’t think anything of it at all, “I cooked breakfast, do you want some?”

“No, we still have some things to go first, next time we’ll get together sometime?”

After Luo Xiaoyun finished speaking, she gave Ye Xing a white glance before she left with big steps.

It seemed that this pretty police girl, had become interested in herself!

Women’s curiosity was crazy, Ye Xing felt that he should be more careful when he met her in the future.

“Ye Xing, go and have breakfast.”

“Eat breakfast Luo!”

Ye Xing took Murong Xue’s hand and bounced home.

Luo Xiaoyun left the Murong family villa, what still came to mind was Ye Xing’s every action and every word.

“Sister Yun, are we going back to the police station?” Zhao Cun asked.

“Zhao Cun, you go back first, I’ll go do something later.” Luo Xiaoyun said.

“What kind of thing are you going to do, I’ll drive you there?”

“No, it’s nearby, I’ll just walk there, you go back first!”

“Alright then!” Zhao Cun nodded and drove off in the police car.

Luo Xiaoyun’s eyes looked around for a moment, and with a glance, he saw a cafe in front of him, and walked in at once.

According to the information, normally, Murong Xue would go back to the company during the day, while Ye Xing would stay at Murong’s house and be watched by the servants.

I will sneak in myself later and observe his every move to know if he is really a fool.


“Ye Xing, you stay well at home, sister is going to work at the company.”

Murong Xue finished her breakfast, picked up a jacket and put it on, and instructed.

“Sister, I want to go back to the company with you.” Ye Xing said.

“Sister has to go to work and doesn’t have time to take care of you.”

“Sister, I can take care of myself, I’m not the same as before, I’ll be good and obedient.” Ye Xing said seriously.

Although the words he said were still like a seven or eight year old child, Murong Xue could feel that he was indeed not the same as before.

It was at this time that her mobile phone suddenly rang.


Murong Xue picked up the phone and shouted respectfully.

“Xue’er, how’s the matter Grandma asked you to consider?” Old Mrs Murong asked.

Last night at the birthday banquet, Old Mrs. Murong had asked her to consider divorcing Ye Xing.

Murong Xue looked at Ye Xing’s face beside her, and inside her mind recalled the scene last night when he had fought against all odds to save herself.

If it wasn’t for this matter, she might have really agreed.

But now ……

“Grandma, you let me think about it again.”

“Grandma also knows that it’s a bit urgent, okay, you can think about it for a few more days!”

Old Mrs. Murong’s voice was gentle, and her tone was all loving.

She had always remembered Murong Xue’s contribution to the Murong family.

“Thank you, Grandma.”

After hanging up the phone, Murong Xue looked at Ye Xing in a daze.

“Sister, what are you looking at, do I have mud on my face?” Ye Xing asked stupidly.

“Ye Xing, sister can take you back to the company, but you have to be obedient and don’t make trouble.”

“Go to the company Lo!”

Ye Xing jumped up happily, like a child.

Looking at his happy look, Murong Xue couldn’t help but be infected.

The doctor had said that going out more and having more contact with people would help Ye Xing’s intellectual development.

In the past, she had always resisted taking her husband out, unable to get past the psychological hurdle.

But after what happened last night, she realised that she had seen things differently!

No matter how stupid he was, he was still her husband!

Since she had chosen him, she had to face any gossip with him!

How can you see the rainbow if you don’t go through the storm?

“Change your clothes and go to the office.”

“Change your clothes and go to the office to play!” Ye Xing jumped up happily.

When he left the villa, Ye Xing shrewdly felt that someone was staring at his car.

As someone who had been reborn a hundred and four times, Ye Xing’s senses were sharper than many others.

He saw at a glance that the person who was sizing himself up at the cafe opposite his home was none other than Luo Xiaoyun.

This little ninny, she was really a shady soul!

The next few days looked like they were going to be very interesting.

Luo Xiaoyun sat in the middle of the cafe, his brow furrowed.

When Murong Xue’s car drove out, the window was still open, and she caught a glimpse of Ye Xing’s gaze falling on herself through the cafe’s gla*s window.

“Such a keen ability, even I don’t have it, to say that you are stupid, the ghost would believe it.”

She stood up haughtily and left the cafe in a big stride.

She would like to see how long he could pretend!


Chapter 8

Wind and Snow Media is a famous media company in Huaijiang.

Four years ago, when small videos first emerged, Murong Xue paid attention to this new online industry.

At that time, she had just graduated from university and tried her hand at filming herself.

After graduating from university, Murong Bei pulled the sisters in front of him and said, “I’ll give you each five million to start your own business, do what you choose, make it your business, failing that, go back to helping the company.”

At that time, her half-sister Murong Lan used the five million to open a foreign trade clothing company, at that time she thought that foreigners’ money was the best to earn.

The family, at the time, were all very optimistic about her.

Murong Xue, on the other hand, used the money to open a media company, signed dozens of ordinary artists with good temperament and started a network industry.

In two years, Murong Xue burned the five million clean!

At that time, Murong Lan’s foreign trade company was doing well, so everyone in the family looked up to Murong Lan and downplayed Murong Xue.

They all thought that Murong Lan was the future hope of the Murong family, while Murong Xue was a money loser.

Just as Murong Lan was getting complacent, the storm changed.

Two years ago, Dou Yin came out of nowhere and took the whole of China by storm.

The team of professionals under Murong Xue entered DouYin and took to it like a fish to water.

In a short span of six months, many net stars emerged under Wind Snow Media’s artists, with two net stars with 10 million fans and a dozen with a million fans.

The group of artists under Murong Xue’s name who were previously known as the most useless, who only ate, drank and played and scratched their voices, became the most profitable group of people.

In less than a year, Fengxue Media became the most famous media company in Huaijiang and even Guangnan Province, with countless fans blocking the entrance of the company every day to meet their favourite net stars.

While Murong Lan’s trading company suffered an economic depression and declared bankruptcy.

The Murong family was also pitted by a large foreign company and fell into a family crisis, almost collapsing.

At this point, Murong Xue becomes a lifesaver, freeing up $30 million in her own company to keep it afloat.

Finally, with the financial support of the Ye family, the Murong family was able to survive the crisis.

This was also why Old Mrs Murong, in her heart, was grateful to Murong Xue.

“Sister, is this your company, it’s so big!” Ye Xing looked at the building and said happily.

“Ye Xing, in the future, when there are other people around, don’t call me sister, call me Xue’er, do you hear me?” Murong Xue taught.

Calling out sister, once you hear this, you know it is silly.

“Xue’er, Xue’er.” Ye Xing looked like he was trying, learning seriously.

Murong Xue looked at him dumbly, and was a little lost in thought again.

At this moment, where did he look like a fool?

Even those male artists with the most handsome names in the company might not be as good looking as him.

“Sister, why are you looking at me again?” Ye Xing asked strangely.

“Nothing, follow sister later and don’t talk nonsense, got it?” Murong Xue admonished.

Parking the car at the special parking space under the company, Murong Xue took a deep breath before getting out of the car.

Ye Xing got out and followed him, and the two of them took the lift upstairs.

“Good day, Mr. Mu.”

“Good morning, Mr. Mu.”

“Good morning, Mr. Mu.”

The employees around, greeted one after another, their eyes all sizing up Ye Xing, each and every one of them brightening up.

Apparently, they all thought that Ye Xing was the company’s newly signed artist.

Murong Xue glanced at Ye Xing beside her, seeing him in a suit, walking with a breeze and holding his head high, she couldn’t help but look a little smitten as well.

This guy was quite a bluff when he didn’t speak and his eyes weren’t strobing.

She did not know that in his last life, Ye Xing was a soldier king, an iron-blooded warrior, and when it comes to standing and walking, there is no second person in the whole Huaijiang who is better than him.

Finally leading Ye Xing back to his office, Murong Xue then let out a sigh of relief.

“Ye Xing, there is a computer next to you, you can play there.” Murong Xue said.

Ye Xing walked over and turned on the computer.

In the past, when he was at home, Murong Xue was afraid that he would have trouble and taught him to turn on the phone and play simple games.

“Dududu!” There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

A tall woman walked in and gave Ye Xing a glance before saying, “Murong, this is the traffic data of the artists yesterday, this is the order from the advertisers with the mall, and there is another one contacting commercial performances.”

The person who came was Murong Xue’s female secretary He Jing.

“Put it on the desktop!” Murong Xue said.

“This is a new artist, right?” He Jing asked curiously.

Murong Xue was about to nod, but she felt that since she had brought Ye Xing here, she couldn’t avoid it anymore.

“He is my husband Ye Xing.” She said back.

“Mr. Ye?”

He Jing looked at Ye Xing with some disbelief.

Wind and Snow pa*sed on the marriage now that person didn’t know that the president Murong Xue was married to a foolish man.

She couldn’t see the slightest foolish look from this man.

“Ye Xing, this is my secretary,, He Jing.” Murong Xue introduced.

Ye Xing did not reply and did not even look at her squarely for a moment because he saw discrimination in the other party’s gaze.

“Ye Xing, be polite and say hello.” Murong Xue couldn’t help but say.

“No time.” Ye Xing said coldly.

He Jing was instantly a little embarra*sed and hurriedly said, “Mr. Mu, I’ll go out first if there’s nothing.”

Murong Xue nodded her head.

When He Jing left, Murong Xue couldn’t help but say, “Ye Xing, greet people when you see them, it’s only polite.”

“I don’t like her.” Ye Xing blurted out.


“I don’t know.”

Murong Xue wanted to say something else, but suddenly she thought, it’s good that he doesn’t get himself into trouble, and he wants to greet people like a normal person, how is that possible, even if it’s progress, it’s a little progress!

Thinking of this, she was relieved.

Picking up the information that her secretary brought over, Murong Xue began to study and analyse it.

Ye Xing turned on his computer and played Gluttony Snake.

If Murong Xue had seen his computer, she would have been shocked beyond words.

Gluttony had taken up almost the entire computer, how far does one’s IQ and hand speed have to go to be able to play at this length!

It’s no fun, it’s so no fun!

A person with an IQ of 160+ playing a game with less than an IQ of 80 is simply wasting his life.

Life is short, no, I have to go out and pretend!

“Sister, I need to go to the toilet.” Ye Xing shouted.

“Go out and turn right.” Murong Xue didn’t even raise her head.

This silly woman, dare to think that she was at home now!

However, it had to be said that a woman who was working was particularly attractive.

That serious and serious look, especially with her hair hanging down and blocking half of her face, was particularly feminine.

“What a nice woman, I don’t know how cheap that turtle B*****d will be in the future.”

Ye Xing stood up, walked out of the doorway and headed towards the washroom.

The people pa*sing by all looked at him strangely and speculated about his identity.

When they got to the washroom, the doors were closed on both sides, so there were probably women inside occupying the cesspool and putting on make-up.

Ye Xing waited uninterestedly and went to the next floor to look for the washroom.