Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69

Turning over the tiles, Ye Sing turned back to retrieve the key from the priest and unlocked it.

Inside was a damp, dark pa*sage, and when it went down, there were several dark chambers with gloomy lights coming from them.

Inside each dark room, there were several girls locked up, with chains around their feet.

When they saw someone coming in, the girls all screamed in fear and cowered in the corners, not daring to move.

“Don’t worry, I’m here to save you.” Ye Xing comforted.

The whole basement. It was as if it was a chicken farm, all screaming.

Fear, joy, life after the robbery. It made all these young girls cry out.

“Whoever cries again, leave her here and don’t save her out.” Ye Xing was annoyed by the noise and let out a shout.

The crying came to an abrupt halt.

As expected, the women were all masters at acting out their cries.

“Is Feng Xiao here?” Ye Xing asked.

“Yes, I am.”

In the third dark room, a figure lunged out, just two steps out. It was stuck in chains, making it difficult to take another step.

“Ye Xing, is that you?” Feng Xiao asked with a sobbing voice.

“It’s me, I’ve come to save you.”

Ye Xing walked over and opened the iron door of the dark room.

The door to the dark room was unlocked as each girl was chained up.

Just as he walked in, a soft body flung itself over and hugged him tightly.

Feng Xiao whimpered and cried out.

“I thought I was done for, I thought I was going to be done for.”

“There, it’s all right.”

Holding such a young body, Ye Xing was embarra*sed.

It was comfortable, but oddly embarra*sing.

I don’t know if the shock was too much, Feng Xiao hugged him tightly and wouldn’t let go for all of five minutes.

“Stop hugging, if you keep hugging, I’m going to react.” Ye Xing said quietly.

Only then did Feng Xiao realise that there seemed to be something pushing between her legs, and his waist was backing up.

Her face instantly burned and she hurriedly let go of him.

“Are they all alright?” Ye Xing asked.

“All fine, that monster just catches them practicing every day, saying that he uses something to harvest yin to supplement yuan and cultivate immortal arts.” Feng Xiao said.

“They weren’t violated, were they?”


Ye Xing was relieved at this, which was a great fortune among misfortunes.

“Why do you smell so burnt on you, and. Why do you have a bald haircut?” Feng Xiao asked.

“It was burnt by that monster, you guys wait here while I go out and look for the key.”

Ye Xing went out to rummage for the keys, but after rummaging for a long time, the villa was all over the place, but he couldn’t find any.

In desperation, he had to call Luo Xiaoyun.

“B*****d, where have you been? The Luo family has been killed and the captain wants me to give an account!”

Just after picking up the phone, Luo Xiaoyun said angrily.

“The missing young girl has been found, send someone over!”


Luo Xiaoluo could hardly believe her ears.

It had only been so long. The person had been found?

“Are you deaf or dumb, the missing maiden has been found, send someone over, yes, call a few more cars over, there are more people.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, he hung up the phone and then sent the address over.

Although the case was solved, he was not happy at all at this moment.

Looking at the black head and face in the mirror, with his hair burnt cleanly bald, he wanted to cry without tears.

He was a handsome man, but now he was fine. He’s become a monk, and he doesn’t need a haircut to become a monk.


Luo Xiaoyun suppressed his inner excitement and walked into the Luo family villa.

At this moment, teammate Ren Fei, and two members of the Dragon Group, were all present.

After getting instructions from Ye Xing, Luo Xiaoyun called the police half an hour apart, after getting the situation. All three of them came.

“Is this Ye Xing’s call, where is he?” Ren Fei said urgently.

“Captain, Ye Xing said that the missing young girl was found.” Luo Xiaoyun said.


Ren Fei’s reaction was the same as Luo Xiaoyun’s just now.

The bet had started and it was less than half a day before the person was found and the case was solved.

Xu Yihang and Zhao Ya also gathered around, equally unable to believe their ears.

This nonsense, if it was true, where would they put their faces?

“That’s what he said.”

“How many people were found?”

“He didn’t say, but he told us to send a few more cars. Said there were a bit too many people.”

Luo Xiaoyun had just finished speaking when her phone rang again, WeChat voice.

“The girls are all chained up, have someone bring an unlocking expert over.”

“Go. Let’s go over.” Ren Fei waved a big hand.

Half a little later, the four arrived at the villa, and just after entering, a glance showed Ye Xing sitting on the ground.

His clothes were burnt. A black cloth was wrapped around his head.

There were two dead people lying on the ground, one of them, being the killer from earlier.

“Where is the man?” Ren Fei asked as he stepped forward.

Ye Xing didn’t say anything and pointed to the dark room.

Ren Fei walked in and came out a few minutes later.

“The number of people is one and the same.” He finished and looked at Ye Xing with complicated eyes, “How did you find them?”

“Go back and talk slowly, I’m not in the mood now.” Ye Xing said without a good mood.

“Why aren’t you in the mood, shouldn’t you be happy that people have been rescued, Feng Xiao is also there.” Luo Xiaoyun laughed.

Ye Xing pulled the cloth on his head and pointed at his bald head, “Look at me like this, can I be happy?”


Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but laugh.

“I feel quite handsome, Team Ren, don’t you think so?” She laughed.

“I feel quite handsome too.” Ren Fei also laughed.

With the case solved, his stress was greatly reduced, and he couldn’t help but joke about it.

Xu Yihang walked over to the priest. He took a look at him and examined his body.

“Is it the priest?” Zhao Ya asked.

“It should be him right.”

Both Dragon Group members’ gazes fell on Ye Xing, looking at him as if he was a monster.

“Two people from the Dragon Group fought with the Priest and were seriously injured by the burns, you were only burned with your clothes and hair, how did you do that?” Zhao Ya couldn’t help but ask.

“I know immortal magic, and, the means happen to be that much higher than him.” Ye Xing looked at Zhao Ya. He laughed heatedly, “Willing to bet, what I care about now is, when are you going to run around naked at Tianrun Square!”

Zhao Ya’s face instantly turned ugly, and only then did she remember the bet between the two of them.

In a fit of anger earlier, she had agreed to his bet, not expecting to lose so quickly and so badly.

Asking her to run naked in the square was like asking for her life.

“It looks like you are unwilling to do so.” Ye Xing thought for a moment before continuing, “I’m not an unreasonable person either, how about this, it’s fine if you don’t run naked, I’ll give you another punishment.”

“What punishment.”

“Cut off all your hair and become bald like me.” Ye Xing laughed heatedly.

One person being bald would find it hard, one more person becoming bald would not be so hard.

It was called pain transfer!

Zhao Ya stood still and didn’t make a sound.

“What, the people from the group Dragon are all becoming rogue dogs now?” Ye Xing was starting to get upset.


Chapter 70

“I’ll make sure I cut a bald head to show you, now that’s satisfactory!” Joa finally said.

“That’s more like it, so that I can still look up to you guys.”

Ye Xing stood up and stretched his back, “You guys deal with this place first, I’ll go back and rest for a while, I’m tired enough today.”

The battle with the priest was really extraordinarily tiring, and there were some things that needed to be digested.

“I’ll walk you back.” Luo Xiaoyun took the initiative to say.

“No need.”

“You look very tired, let me take you back!”

In Luo Xiaoyun’s gaze. It carried a hint of a request.

“Since you’re so proactive and enthusiastic, I’ll give you a chance.”

Luo Xiaoyun’s face darkened, to be so submissive to the straw?

Even if she took the initiative and was enthusiastic. Just keep it in your heart, why say it in front of so many people?

The two of them walked out of the neighborhood and headed towards the BMW parked on the street.

Just after getting into the car, Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but say, “Next time, give me some face in front of people, I’m a girl.”

It’s not easy for a girl to give a man a lift of her own accord. He was good, he even folded the table.

Ye Xing glanced at her and said indifferently, “I don’t see it.”

Luo Xiaoyun didn’t know why, but a nameless fire welled up in her heart and held her head high.

“Where can’t you tell, are you blind?”

Ye Xing took a look at her chest and realized that this girl was quite material.

Usually when she wore her uniform, she didn’t show it, but she didn’t expect it to be hidden!

“Hiding deep enough!” He couldn’t help but laugh.

Luo Xiaoyun’s face instantly flushed, and she hurriedly tucked her belly away and sat down.

“Can’t you be more decent, you don’t have the demeanour of an expert at all.” She couldn’t help but say.

After one incident at a time, she already knew how powerful a figure was in front of her.

The Murong family’s door-to-door son-in-law hat had long been removed from her.

“I don’t want to be an expert, I just want to be an ordinary person and live well.”

Ye Xing finished speaking and began to close her eyes, sleeping.

Luo Xiaoyun was about to say something else, but seeing that he fell asleep in an instant, she stopped talking at that moment.

The Great Battle of the Killers. Driving and tracking, dueling the fierce and famous priest, although in his mouth these seemed to be very light things, she knew very well in her heart that none of these things were something she could do.

If it were her, she wouldn’t know how many times she would have died.

While driving, Luo Xiaoyun looked at the sleeping man and suddenly felt that Murong Xue was so lucky. It was only when she met such a man.


Heaven and earth have spiritual energy.

Hidden in all things.


Ye Xing’s entire body woke up in shock, his mind filled with these two poems.

“There are spiritual things in heaven and earth, hidden in all things.”

What exactly did these two lines mean, and why did they suddenly appear inside his head?

Ever since the battle with the priest, Ye Xing felt that his worldview had been turned upside down.

Mysterious flames, mysterious powers, these were like an unknown realm that kept attracting him.

Today, if it wasn’t for the talisman sent by Master Pudu. He would have died and begun his 135th rebirth.

Previously, he had always felt that wearing that talisman was a comfort to his soul, but now he realised that it was more than just spiritual power.

It possessed other mysterious powers as well.

“Get some more sleep, we haven’t reached the police station yet!” Luo Xiaoyun said.

“Xiaoyun. You get off, I’m going somewhere.” Ye Xing suddenly said.

“What place are you going to, I’ll go with you.”

“Big health care, going or not?”

“Get lost, put away your game on earth attitude, I don’t like it.” Luo Xiaoyun said angrily.

Ye Xing didn’t care if she agreed or not, he pulled her off the car in three or two tries and the car roared away.

Priests, immortals. Unknown power.

The talisman, the Three Worlds of Karma Sutra.

And the curse on herself, death in two years. Infinite rebirth.

He had a vague feeling that these were all connected.

He recalled the day when he found Master Pudu and his disciple showed himself that one water jar. Then the water bowl blew up.

It definitely wasn’t because the water basin was old, or why else would it have blown up not earlier but later, just as he was looking at it!

All things considered, it was highly likely that Master Pudu would know the truth.

After driving the car for over eighteen hundred kilometres, Ye Xing headed directly towards Wangtian Peak.

By the time he went to the foot of the mountain, it was almost evening.

He took out a torch from inside the trunk and ran towards the mountain, unaware of his fatigue.

It was two hours later that he found the temple, panting for breath.

“Master Pudu, I, Ye Xing, have an urgent request to see you.”

Ye Xing stepped forward and rapped heavily on the door.

“Master Pudu.”

“Master Pudu, I have an urgent request to see you.”

The door was tapped for a long time continuously. There was no one to respond.

It was at this moment that the phone rang.

It was Murong Xue’s.

“Ye Xing, where are you now?”

“I’m at Pudu Temple.”

“What are you doing running there in the middle of the night?” Murong Xue asked in shock.

“I have some unanswered questions and I need to seek clarification from Master Pudu, don’t worry, I will be fine.”

Hanging up the phone. He continued to knock up, and the temple door still did not open.

He had no choice but to sit at the door and wait for the dawn.

After dawn, looking around, he froze in his tracks.

All he could see around him was that the ground was covered with fallen leaves and he didn’t know how long it had been since they had been swept.

It was completely different from the last time he had been here.

He pushed the door open with force and stepped inside.

Inside was a courtyard, the inside of which had also not been swept for a long time, and the same amount of fallen leaves had accumulated.

In this condition, ninety percent of Master Pudu had left.

Entering the main hall, a four-sided Buddha statue was enshrined inside.

The statue had a divine table in front of it, and a yellow piece of paper was pressed on top of it with a stone.

Ye Xing walked over and took a look, only to see four small lines written on it.

All laws are natural, all things follow fate.

Return to the basics, all beings are said to be good.

“Master Pudu seems to know that I will come back to him, are these sixteen words left for me?”

Ye Xing looked at these sixteen words and suddenly seemed to have a kind of enlightening insight.

All laws are natural, everything follows fate.

I have experienced more than a thousand rebirths, so why am I still so unable to see it, running here in the middle of the night.

If I am truly cursed, there will come a day when I will be unsealed.

Sooner or later, the day will come when it will be unsealed.

He was instantly relieved, and at that moment put the yellow paper away and folded it up, placing it in his arms.

After thinking about it, he immediately relaxed his mood very quickly and quickly walked down the mountain.

After descending the mountain, Ye Xing drove straight home, and it was already noon when he returned home.

“You’re back.”

Murong Xue and Jiang Ruobing hurriedly greeted him.

They all knew the situation from Luo Xiaoyun’s mouth about what happened yesterday.

“I’m starving to death, is there any food?” Ye Xing asked.

After the battle yesterday, he hadn’t eaten anything until now, and his stomach was starving.

“There is, go and eat!”