Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

“B*****d, dare to act like a fork in front of me, I’ll get you killed.”

Zhao Ya jumped up and rushed towards Ye Xing, her right fist blasting out with a punch.

Don’t look at her, she was not tall and her arms were thin, but this punch carried a whistling wind sound.

She looked like a battle-hardened expert!

Ye Xing did not dare to be careless, after all, this was a member of the Dragon Group, and those who could enter the Dragon Group were not simple.

After a few consecutive sliding steps to dodge the punch, Ye Xing finally found an opportunity to punch her in the chest.

One move won. Ye Xing gained momentum but did not acknowledge it, his body instantly lunged upwards and collided with his shoulder.

This time, it rammed hard into Zhao Ya’s chest. Once again, it knocked her off her feet.

Due to being a reborn body, Ye Xing’s fist strength was not as strong as Zhao Ya’s, and he could not use a dagger, so he used a strength-saving technique like a shoulder slam.

“The body is quite hard practiced, but it’s a pity that it didn’t reach the chest.” Ye Xing patted his shoulder and laughed.

Having been knocked away twice and being teased out, Zhao Ya was instantly furious. Quickly, she drew her gun from her waist and pointed it at Ye Xing.

“Can you fight, can’t you? I think it’s you who is quick to return my gun.” Zhao Ya roared.

“Zhao Ya, put down the gun.” Xu Yihang said sharply.

“Zhao Specialists, don’t be impulsive.” Ren Fei also said urgently.

Both of them did not expect that Zhao Ya would pull out a gun when she was outgunned.

Being pointed at with a black hole, Ye Xing’s face did not change at all, not only did he not get scared, but instead he took two steps forward and put his head on the muzzle of the gun.


“If you don’t shoot, you’re born of a turtle.”

“I’d like to see what kind of rubbish the Dragon Group has taught us now.”

“How dare you pull out a gun when you can’t win a fight? Didn’t the instructors tell you before you joined the Dragon Group that you should never point your guns at your own people?”

These words were spoken in a powerful and hugely righteous manner.

At this moment, if anyone still thought that Ye Xing was an ordinary person, then they were fools.

Anyone without special training would have been scared out of their wits when a gun was pointed at them, much less be able to say such clanging and powerful words to a gun.

Xu Yihang stepped forward and grabbed the gun in Zhao Ya’s hand and snatched it away.

“Who the hell are you?” Xu Yihang asked coldly as his gaze then fell on Ye Xing.

The day they first entered the Dragon Group, the instructor had given them this advice: never point a gun at your own brother.

People who were not from the Dragon Group. It was impossible for someone who was not very familiar with the Dragon Group to know about this matter.

Coupled with the fact that the code names of the two leaders of the Dragon Group had just come out of his mouth, they were almost certain that the weak-looking young man in front of them must have an unusual relationship with the Dragon Group.

“Still, you guys are not qualified to know.” Ye Xing’s gaze fell on Ren Fei and said, “Captain Ren, tell them to go back, I’ll help you solve this case, Huai Jiang doesn’t need special agents.”

Seeing Zhao Ya eating craps in front of Ye Xing, Ren Fei couldn’t say how happy he was.

These two so-called special agents had just arrived and acted as if they were the best in the world. He had long been displeased with them.

But to let the two go back, he was not qualified to do so.

“Ye Xing, they were sent down from above, I am not qualified ……”

“Then I will find someone who is qualified to tell them to get lost.”

Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and dialed Lin Wei’s number.

Lin Wei was the team leader of Dragon Soul, and after Red Dragon’s death, she had a higher status.

Although she didn’t know if she was the chief commander of this operation, it was more than enough to tell these two so-called special agents to get lost.

Soon, the call came through.

“What’s the matter with me?” Lin Wei asked.

“Did Huai Jiang send two members of the Dragon Group down to be some bullSh*t special agents?” Ye Xing asked straight away.

“Yes, Xu Yihang and Lin Ya. Given Huaijiang’s very slow breakthroughs lately, there’s not much progress ……”

“Tell them to F**k off, I’ll take the case poorly.”


Lin Wei returned a word very dryly.

The most important reason why Red Dragon could become the strongest special forces soldier in China, apart from his super strength, was another most important reason.

It was that he had a brain that was comparable to a computer.

Simply put, he was still a very powerful character even without his force value.

“Immediately, right away.”

Ye Xing finished speaking. He directly hung up the phone.

Ten seconds later, Xu General’s phone rang.

“Chief Commander, yes, I know, understand.”

Xu Yihang hung up the phone and looked at Ye Xing with a complex gaze in all his eyes.

“Zhao Ya, the instructions from above, let’s go back to the province immediately.” Xu Yihang said.

“Teammate, I’m not convinced.” Zhao Ya gritted her teeth and said.

“This is an order.” Xu Yihang drank.

At this moment, they finally understood how much Ye Xing was capable of.

Zhao Ya walked up to Ye Xing. In a loud voice, she said, “Surnamed Ye, I don’t know what you are capable of to transfer us away, but I am not convinced, you have the guts to let us stay. Let’s compete together and see who solves this case first. If you can do it faster than us, I’ll obey you.”

“Very wild, let’s have a bet then.”

Ye Xing’s interest also came up. Since she was not convinced, let her admire her to the core.

“I’ll let you guys stay, from now on, let’s each investigate and see who solves this case last. The one who loses, must be punished.” Ye Xing stretched his chin and thought for a moment, grinning, “How about the loser running naked for ten minutes at Tianrun Square at twelve noon?”

At these words, Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but puff out a laugh.

“It’s a deal.” Zhao Ya immediately agreed.

She couldn’t swallow this grievance.

She couldn’t beat him with her martial strength, she didn’t believe that with her intelligence, she wouldn’t be able to match him.

“Having guts, you’ve impressed me.”

Ye Xing dialed out his mobile phone and dialed Lin Wei again, so that he would let the two stay.

He couldn’t wait to see Zhao Ya running naked in the square.

“Captain Ren has been following us for half a day. It’s already starting to cooperate, we need him.” Xu Yihang said immediately.

As the police captain and the person most familiar with the case, the chances would obviously be much better with his help.

“For the police station, I just need Luo Xiaoyun.”

“Another point is that all relevant departments must cooperate during my investigation of the case.”

Ye Xing stated his two requirements.

“No problem.” Ren Fei said immediately.

“I’ve finished reading it. You guys take your time and watch it, Zhao Ya, let’s go.”

With a big wave of his hand, Xu Yihang walked towards the door.

“Surnamed Ye, I’m waiting for the day when you run naked in the central square.” Zhao Ya left these words behind before she left.

“I’ll be waiting too.” Ye Xing shouted.

Only after they left did Luo Xiaoyun breathe a sigh of relief.

Under that atmosphere just now, she simply didn’t even dare to breathe.

“How can we check with just the two of us, why don’t you ask Team Ren for a few more people.” Luo Xiaoyun said.

“It’s because there are more people that something is wrong, I don’t trust anyone except you.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

Luo Xiaoyun’s eyes lit up with shock, “You mean, there is a traitor inside our team?”

“The case of the missing young girl has affected the entire Guangnan Province and has not been solved for a long time, so it is clear that the mastermind behind it is capable of greatness. Inside the team, it would be easy to turn someone.” Ye Xing thought for a moment and said, “Luo Xiaoyun, go to the police station immediately and find your father, pull out all the information on the list of police officers and give it to me.”

“Why don’t you go to Team Ren, can’t you even trust Team Ren?”

“It’s not that I can’t trust him, I just want to minimise the chances of being involved.”

“And how can you trust my father?”

“A dragon gives birth to a dragon, a phoenix gives birth to a phoenix, a rat’s son makes a hole in the ground, you don’t have much of a brain, but you should be fine in terms of character.”

“Are you complimenting me or belittling me.” Luo Xiaoyun gave him a blank look before walking out of the monitoring room.

She now finally understood how remarkable Ye Xing was.

She was getting more and more curious about his identity.


Chapter 66

After waiting for Luo Xiaoyun to leave, Ye Xing this walked up to the surveillance.

“This big brother, which part of the surveillance do you want to see?”

The police officer who was watching the surveillance then came forward and smiled.

Just now, Ye Xing’s tactics had shocked him beyond measure, he had never seen such an awesome character before.

The two members of the Dragon Group didn’t even dare to say a fart in front of him.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Chen Ping, you can just call me Xiao Chen.”

“Xiao Chen, how many people are there in this surveillance room of yours?” Ye Xing asked casually.

“There are three shifts, there are only two people on the first shift, if there is an emergency, more people will be sent over.”

“Who’s on the evening shift now?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“Hong Qiang and Ma Weimin.” Speaking of this, Chen Ping asked curiously, “Big brother, why are you asking this?”

“Nothing. Just asking casually.”

Ye Xing took a pen from the side and, on a piece of white paper, wrote down a series of numbers.

“Keep an eye on the people watching the surveillance for me, and if you think something is wrong. Call me, I won’t treat you badly.”

Ye Xing said as he handed the note over.

“Big brother, you are suspecting that we are here ……”

“Don’t talk nonsense, the police investigate cases, they need evidence, and nothing can be said until there is evidence. This is an investigation.”


Chen Ping hurriedly put the note away.

After Ye Xing’s instruction, Chen Ping immediately checked.

“Four times the speed.”

“Not enough, eight times.”

“Not enough, sixteen times.”

Chen Ping put the speed to sixteen times.

At this moment, his admiration was as continuous as a torrent of water.

At such a fast speed, not to mention seeing, one could not even see a shadow.

“Stop, this is the place.” Ye Xing shouted in a hurry.

Chen Ping paused the surveillance to zoom in.

“The girl in jeans and a white ̄shirt.”

“She got into a red taxi with the license plate ??????.” Speaking of which, Chen Ping couldn’t help but be curious and asked, “Brother, how did you see it at sixteen times the speed just now, I couldn’t see anything clearly.”

“If you could see clearly, you wouldn’t be sitting here watching the surveillance.” Ye Xing said arrogantly.

He had long known that Feng Xiao left the school at half past eleven, so he didn’t need to watch at all and jumped straight to this time period.

As for the sixteen times speed, not to mention ordinary people, even God could see clearly.

“Follow this car.” Ye Xing commanded.

Xiao Chen operated it and tracked it from various surveillance, but after tracking it for half an hour continuously, he lost the trace of the car.

He operated it quickly, and after a few moments said, “Checked it. It’s a set of cars.”

“I see.”

Ye Xing left the monitoring centre, since the other party was using a set of cars, they must have known that they would be tracked, and any further tracking would only waste time.

“Cousin husband, how is it going?”

As soon as he came out, Shen Ruobing came forward and asked urgently.

“There are no clues for now, but don’t worry, I will be able to find her.”

Looking was something he could find, but what would become of her after he found her, he didn’t dare to guarantee.

The thought of Feng Xiao’s big eyes made him feel a pang in his heart.

“Cousin’s husband. You must find her, she’s my best friend, you mustn’t let anything happen to her.” Jiang Ruobing said urgently.

“Don’t worry, she will be fine.” Ye Xing patted her shoulder, “You take a car back first, I need to use the car, go back and talk to Xue’er about it.”

Jiang Ruobing nodded, before turning around and leaving.

Ye Xing returned to the car, put the car seat down and lay down to think quietly.

The case of the missing teenage girl, he had heard about it a long time ago.

Whether it was from Luo Xiaoyun, or from Lin Wei, he had heard it quite a few times.

After thinking about it for a few moments. He still didn’t have any clue, after all, he had too little exposure to it.

“Lin Wei, send me all the information on the missing girl case, all of it.”

A few moments later, Ye Xing called Lin Wei’s phone number.

“The information was sent to you a long time ago, but there have been new developments in the past few days, so wait a moment. I’ll sort it out and send it to you.”

A few moments later, the phone rang.

He opened it up and looked at all the information, summarising it in two points.

First: the mastermind was a man called the Priest, wearing a mask.

Second: the missing girls ranged in age from fifteen to twenty-five and had one thing in common, they were virgins.

It was at this point that the phone rang, and it was Luo Xiaoyun’s.

“Where are you?”

“Still at the traffic bureau, did you get the stuff?”

“Yes, should I go over or should you come and get it?”

“I’ll go over.”

Ye Xing started the car. He headed towards the police station.

Twenty minutes later, he saw Luo Xiaoyun standing by the road, carrying a file bag in her hand.

“The information you want is all in here.” After getting into the car, Luo Xiaoyun handed the file bag over.

Ye Xing took it. As he opened it, he asked, “Luo Xiaoyun, are you a virgin?”

Luo Xiaoyun did not expect him to ask this, so her face immediately turned red and she cursed, “Surnamed Ye. Are you too shameless.”

“If it’s a virgin, you have to be more careful, these people specialize in finding virgins.” Ye Xing gave her a look and suddenly laughed, “But what I asked was superfluous, how could a woman like you ……”

“Who says I’m not, the old lady is, like a fake.” Luo Xiaoyun’s face turned red.

“I’m just asking casually, why so excited, besides, it’s none of my business if you are or not.” Ye Xing couldn’t help but laugh.

Luo Xiaoyun was about to get angry, which knew that this guy had already started to read the document with a serious look.

That look even made her embarra*sed to interrupt.

Was this guy a chameleon?

“You just said that these missing women were all virgins. How did you know that?” She asked so strangely.

“It just came out from up there.”

“Up there?”

Luo Xiaoyun froze for a moment, finally understanding, and said, “No wonder you don’t want anyone of anything, so, you came prepared.”

“Relying on your information, I would have gone to Tianrun Square to run naked long ago.” Ye Xing said as he started the car.

“Where to now?” She asked.

“Think about it, a woman is a virgin or not. What kind of person can tell?”

“The people closest to her, of course.”

“There are only a handful of people who know if Feng Xiao is a virgin, and the people in their dorm room are the most suspicious. The perpetrator is unlikely to take the initiative to contact the people in their dormitory, so they must use a middleman to find out, and this person should preferably be among the school, a handsome and wealthy guy, many girls like ……”

Ye Xing thought for a moment and immediately dialed Jiang Ruobing’s phone number.

“Ruo Bing, tell me Luo Ting’s home address right away.”

Soon, the phone rang, Ye Xing started the navigation and the car whizzed away.

“You slow down, don’t go so fast.”

Seeing him racing the car to over a hundred kilometres in the city, Luo Xiaoyun’s face changed in fear.