Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 61-62

Chapter 61

On the field, Ye Xing turned his head to Su Xiao Qiao and said, “Xiao Qiao, you wait on the side.”

“They’re still students, don’t hit them hard!” Su Xiaoqiao reminded.

She wasn’t worried at all, what kind of strength Ye Xing’s was, she had seen it long ago.

“I have my measure, I won’t hit hard, it’s the right time to teach them to behave.”

There was another reason why Ye Xing had struck. It was that he did not want Shen Ruobing to be bullied at school in the future.

What is a relative?

A relative was the kind of person who fought to the death at home, and when things came up, they had to be united.

Although Shen Ruobing made him very unhappy. But it was not something that a third or fourth, a cat or a dog outside could bully, otherwise how could he mix in Huaijiang in the future.

“Give me a fight, it’s on me if something happens.” Luo Ting bellowed.

A dozen of students with tall bodies rushed over.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Hands up and feet down.

In less than five minutes, a dozen students were all beaten to the ground. Spitting bile in their mouths.

The two women were stunned!

The students around them were all stunned too.

One person beat a dozen of them, this was too fierce!

“Holy Sh*t, Ruo Bing, so your cousin’s husband is so capable of fighting.” Feng Xiao pushed his gla*ses and exclaimed.

“I didn’t know he was so …… able to put up a fight either!” Jiang Ruobing’s eyes dropped.

Now she finally understood that back in the mountain forest, he had been pretending.

With this kind of strength, there was still a need to run away at that time.

After lecturing these students, Ye Xing then walked over to Luo Ting and raised his palm.

Slap slap slap!

A few consecutive slaps went down and Luo Ting’s face was instantly swollen like a pig’s head.

“I don’t want to hit anyone, but you can’t even be considered a human being, a beast is worse than that.”

Ye Xing let go of his hand and Luo Ting withdrew a dozen steps away in a row.

The rest of those students also all climbed up and looked at Ye Xing from afar, as if they had seen a ghost for a moment.

“What other tricks do you have, just use them. I am waiting here.” Ye Xing laughed.

The surrounding students who were watching all talked about it.

“No wonder Jiang Ruobing is so bold, so she has such a bullying brother-in-law!”

“If I had such an awesome brother-in-law, I would dare to walk around the school too.”

“Luo Ting has now hit the iron plate.”

Luo Ting covered his face, which was swollen to a pig’s head, and took out the phone, dialing as he bellowed, “Kid, wait, this is not over.”

Soon, the call came through.

“Brother Kei. It’s me Xiao Ting, I got beaten up at school …… who, a nobody, that woman’s cousin’s husband at the bar last time ……”

“I F**k you, Luo Ting, mention the last time again, I get killed. Also, in the future, don’t you hit on that woman or you won’t even know how to die. F**k you ……”

Ki’s voice was so loud that even from a distance, he could hear it.

“Is that the Keith you’re calling?” Ye Xing grinned and said, “Didn’t he tell you that he almost got the Sh*t beat out of him by me last time?”


The people around, all burst into laughter.

Luo Ting: “……”

It was at this time. A group of security guards walked over in the distance, led by none other than the school’s dean, Chen Qiang.

“Dean Chen, Shen Ruobing brought social youths to the school to beat people up, look, he beat us all up like this.” Luo Ting hurriedly ran up to ask for help.

He did not expect that he would one day be reduced to the point of asking for help from the dean.

“Luo Ting, you’ve been expelled from school.” Chen Qiang said.

“What, expelled?” Luo Ting was so shocked that he almost didn’t want to believe his eyes.

“A student like you who corrupts the school spirit is a disgrace to the academy. Now, immediately, pack up the catch cover and get lost.” Chen Qiang said as he did so. While speaking to the two guards around him, he said, “Follow him, he must leave the school by half an hour, if not. Throw him out.”

“Dean, he is the one who beat people up, who are you to expel me?”

“On what grounds? On the grounds that you’ve caused trouble to countless girls, on the grounds that you’ve gathered such a group of students to find someone to fight. A dozen of them can’t even beat one of the others, and you still have the nerve to talk about people beating people up.” The dean’s gaze fell on those students next to him and said angrily, “What are you still standing there for, don’t go back yet.”

The group of students then knew that Luo Ting’s momentum had gone and left.

“Dean, you’ve done a really good job.”

Ye Xing took two steps forward and shook his hand tightly.

“Students, do you think Dean did a good job?”

“Yes!” A unanimous voice.

“And thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have known that the college had students who behaved so badly.” The dean finished and shouted towards Jiang Ruobing, “And student Ruobing, for daring to expose the evil behaviour of your cla*smates, your courage is commendable and deserves encouragement.”

“Ruo Bing. The dean is praising you, yeah.” Feng Xiao said.

“Compliment my a*s, he’s complimenting money.” Jiang Ruobing rolled her eyes.

“It’s late, Dean, so we’ll go back first.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Bye Dean.” Su Xiaoqiao greeted.

“Xiao Qiao, come back to the academy more often in the future and don’t forget your alma mater!” The dean said with a leathery smile.

“I will come back to visit often when I have time.”

After a bit of courtesy, Ye Xing then followed Su Xiao Qiao to leave.

“Jiang Ruobing, what are you still standing there?” Ye Xing shouted from afar.

Jiang Ruobing glanced at her mouth, before she stood up and followed him.

After walking out of the school and just getting into the car, Ye Xing took out his phone, opened the WeChat collection code and reached out to Jiang Ruobing.

“What for?” Jiang Ruobing asked.

“I just helped you solve so much trouble, no credit but also hard work, 110,000 transfer over.”

“I didn’t ask you to solve it, I can do it myself just as well.” Jiang Ruobing grunted.

There was no way she could spit out the money she’d gotten her hands on.

“Don’t give it is it, fine, don’t look for me when you encounter trouble in the future.” Ye Xing put the phone away and continued, “Tomorrow I’ll put the wind out to the school and say that I’m divorced from your cousin and that your affairs have nothing to do with me in the future.”

Without herself sitting in the middle, let’s see how Luo Ting can get her killed.

Jiang Ruobing was startled and immediately changed her expression to a pitiful one, whining, “Cousin-husband, you spent so much money to bribe Pig-headed Chen, this small amount of money should be given to me as pocket money.”

“How do you know I spent the money?” Ye Xing asked curiously.

“Pig-headed Chen is a typical iron C*ck, not a single dime, he treats you so well, it’s a wonder you didn’t spend money.” Jiang Ruobing rolled her eyes.

“Who’s Pig-headed Chen?” Su Xiaoqiao asked curiously.

“The dean!”

Pfft! Su Xiaoqiao couldn’t help but laugh.

“I didn’t spend the money for you, give the money back.” Ye Xing’s tone hardened.

“Cousin husband, can you not be so stingy.” Jiang Ruobing saw that persuasion was fruitless, and then turned her gaze mark to Su Xiaoqiao and said, “Sister Xiaoqiao, I like you the most, and I also follow you, so just help me out and I will support you to compete fairly with my cousin in the future.”

Ye Xing: “……”.

Su Xiaoqiao: “……”.

This nee-san really shattered her modesty for the sake of money!


Chapter 62

“Are you guys going to get a room?”

Ye Xing was driving the car when Jiang Ruobing suddenly came up with this sentence.

The atmosphere inside the car instantly became awkward beyond belief.

Su Xiaoqiao’s face instantly turned red, not knowing what to do, and could only pretend as if she hadn’t heard.

It didn’t take long for Ye Xing to drop Su Xiao Qiao off at home.

The place Su Xiao Qiao lived in was not really a home, renting a place to live.

“Ye Xing, you guys go back, drive carefully.” After getting out of the car, Su Xiao Qiao admonished.


Ye Xing waved. It was only until she went upstairs that she started the car.

“This place is a rental, right?” Jiang Ruobing asked as she looked at the house.

“It’s rented, Xiao Qiao’s family is not in a good condition.” Ye Xing nodded.

“She lives alone, right?” Jiang Ruobing continued to ask.


“Why don’t you go up. I’ll wait in the car, is half an hour enough?”

Ye Xing: “……”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell my cousin, it doesn’t mean anything, I believe you will still choose your cousin in the end.” Jiang Ruobing said.


A slap slapped her on the head.

“What are you hitting me for?”

Jiang Ruobing’s entire body jumped up and only then did she realise she was sitting in the car. Her head hit hard on the top of her head.

“Can you have some positive energy, your mind is all evil!” Ye Xing couldn’t help but curse.

“Don’t pretend, I just can’t believe you’re helping Su Xiaoqiao that much, just a friend.” Jiang Ruo grunted and rubbed her head.

“You really guessed right, we’re just friends.”

“You’re lying to the devil, there’s no cat in this world that doesn’t eat fishy things.” Jiang Ruobing didn’t believe it at all.

“Just because you haven’t seen one, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.”

“Then you were at school just now, and you kissed her so hard.”

“How dare you say that, if you hadn’t leaned over, I would have found something like that to avoid you.”

“You guys were hugging each other when I didn’t go over.” Jiang Ruobing gave him a blank look and scolded, “Daring to do something, are you still a man?”

Ye Xing was instantly furious, from this to the end he was all about pretending.

Jiang Ruobing misunderstood him like this, which made him very unhappy.

“I haven’t even touched your cousin yet, what would I have to do with Su Xiaoqiao, which point do you think your cousin is inferior to Su Xiaoqiao?” Ye Xing said angrily.

“Cousin’s husband. No way, you’ve been married for three years and still haven’t ……” Jiang Ruobing covered her mouth, half revealing a dazed expression of realization and patted his shoulder, “Don’t be sad, nowadays medicine is so advanced, there’s nothing that can’t be cured. ”

Ye Xing: “……”

This aunt dared to think that she couldn’t.

This simply made him feel even worse than misunderstanding him just now.

“Jiang Ruobing, I’m in good health, not every man is like those scum you know who think of sleeping with beautiful women when they see them. There’s no positive energy at all.” Ye Xing stopped paying attention to her and started the car.

Halfway through the car, Jiang Ruobing had a rare moment of peace and quiet and did not speak.

But Ye Xing knew that she must be thinking about something messy inside her head.

When they finally arrived home, it was already eleven o’clock at night.

When the two of them got down from the car, Jiang Ruobing smiled cheekily and said, “Cousin-husband, think about what to tell your cousin!”

Ye Xing began to have a headache, how could he explain it later?

“According to not admit. Rather die than admit it.”

With this determination, he took a big step upstairs.

Anyway, that photo only took a back view, and Su Xiaoqiao’s body was blocked and in a shadowy light, it couldn’t be considered evidence at all

“Cousin, I sent that message to you just now. Does it look like cousin’s husband?”

Just as he went upstairs, Ye Xing heard Jiang Ruobing’s voice.

His sister-in-law was actually helping him.

Murong Xue froze when she heard this from her and asked, “Isn’t he your cousin’s husband?”

“No, it’s a couple from our college.” Jiang Ruobing walked to the sofa and sat down, saying, “You say what’s wrong with all the students nowadays, their families spend so much money to pay for them to go to university, and instead of studying properly, they only care about falling in love. So what if they fall in love? They even make out in public, so shameless.”

Ye Xing had just come upstairs and almost choked to death on her accusing words.

“Wife. I’m back.”

Ye Xing went upstairs, walked beside her and sat down, saying, “What did you just send that photo to me for?”

“What’s this nonsense?” Murong Xue gave him a blank look. Scolded, “Go and take a shower.”

“I’m going to take a shower first.” Ye Xing sighed in relief and went back to his room to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Ye Xing walked out of the living room in his pajamas, and the two women were exchanging words, not knowing what they were saying.

Seeing him come out, Murong Xue’s face instantly turned red and gave him a white look.

“Cousin, I’m going back to my room.” Jiang Ruobing stood up.

“What did you say to Ruo Bing just now?” Murong Xue asked without good humour.

“Didn’t say anything!”

“Then how does she know that we sleep in separate beds and never …… that.”

So they were talking about this just now, no wonder Murong Xue looked very embarra*sed and blushed so shyly.

“I didn’t mean to slip my tongue just now.” Ye Xing walked to her side and sat down, explaining, “Just now I went to Huaijiang University with Su Xiaoqiao. She saw me and she actually suspected that I had a relationship with Su Xiaoqiao, and I said that you hadn’t even slept with her, so how could you have a super friendship with Su Xiaoqiao.”

“She’s still a freshman girl, so innocent, you’re a big man talking to her about this. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Murong Xue gave him a blank look.

She, simple?

Ye Xing was speechless, this money-losing girl was several times more open-minded than you.

Of course, Ye Xing didn’t dare to say this to her, to save himself from leaking out again.

“Wife, Su Xiaoqiao probably won’t take long to catch fire, you can wait to count your money later!” Ye Xing laughed.

“It’s her business if she’s on fire, why are you so excited?”

“I’m warning you, don’t get that close to Su Xiao Qiao in the future.”

“I don’t always feel safe with you two.”

Murong Xue was still worried, although Jiang Ruobing had explained that the person in that photo was not him, she still didn’t feel much security.

“I’ll find someone else to play with in the future, not her.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Go back to your room and sleep!” Murong Xue stood up.

Ye Xing’s eyes lit up, then immediately shook his head, “No, I’m afraid I can’t help but break my fast.”

“Just now Ruo Bing asked if we were sleeping in separate beds, and I said no. She asked me again if we were …… I said that you have a dark illness in your body, and if you go to sleep in the guest room now, won’t that slap me in the face and make her think that there is no affection between us.” Murong Xue said.

“I’m afraid I can’t help it.” Ye Xing took a look at her shapely figure.

Guarding such a big beauty, in the same room, alone with a man and a woman, what man can’t hold back!

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t hold back, I can just hold back.”

Murong Xue took out a pair of scissors from inside the drawer next to her.

“You sleep on the floor, if you dare to climb into bed, I’ll cut you.”

“Wife, you are too cruel!” Ye Xing was speechless.