Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

Huaijiang is not a music school, and to have such a character out of it is pretty impressive.

It just so happened that the singer was also someone she really liked, which is why she wanted to join the club.

At that time, because of the limited music facilities, there were only five club members in the new session and the competition was very high.

When Su Xiaoqiao went, she couldn’t sing half of the song because she wasn’t well prepared, and because she was nervous and chose the song badly. It was interrupted by the music teacher.

“You know, I can never forget what they said.”

Even after four years, Su Xiaoqiao was still very excited.

“What did they say?” Ye Xing asked.

“Two teachers, one male and one female. The male teacher’s said: you can live on your face. Don’t expect to live by your mouth. The female teacher said: waste of time, next.” At this point, Yang Xiaoqiao’s fists clenched.

“Do they still teach at the university?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“I asked my senior sister, they are all still there.” Su Xiaoqiao nodded.

“Very well, in two nights, you can show them how blind they are.” Ye Xing laughed.

The two of them ate and chatted at the same time.

“Ye Xing. I was in General Mu’s office today and saw an agreement, is it true?” Su Xiaoqiao suddenly asked.

“What agreement?”

“The divorce agreement, did you divorce Mr. Mu?”

“This …… is true.” Ye Xing nodded his head.

Originally, he wanted to explain, but felt that, if he did, he was worried that Su Xiaoqiao would be under pressure to be with him in the future.

After all, being with a married man was not the same as being with one who was not married.

“Why, because of me?” Su Xiaoqiao said sharply.

“It has nothing to do with you, don’t think too much about it.” Ye Xing stood up and said, “Not good morning, go back, tomorrow morning at ten o’clock sharp???? , there are still some places that need some practice.”


Su Xiaoqiao nodded her head.


Back home, it was almost ten o’clock at night.

As usual, Murong Xue was sitting on the sofa looking at her phone.

“Wife, I’m back, I’m exhausted.”

Ye Xing walked to the sofa and sat down, his whole body lying on its back.

With the injury on his back, he didn’t dare to lie down on his front.

It had been a full day, fighting in the morning and cultivating Su Xiaoqiao’s song practice in the afternoon. Not stopping for a moment.

“Go take a shower, it’s late.” Murong Xue commanded.

“Wife, I can’t take a shower.” Ye Xing grimaced bitterly.


“Didn’t that bestie of yours, Luo Xiaoyun, tell you?”

Murong Xue sized him up for a moment before noticing that he had changed his clothes and his back was bulging.

“Undress and let me see.” She said urgently.

Ye Xing needed her help to disinfect it, and hiding it from her was not an option, so he took his clothes off at once.

“What’s wrong, is it badly hurt?” She asked urgently.

“No, it’s just a superficial injury, otherwise we’d have to go to the hospital for stitches.” Ye Xing put his clothes back on and smiled heatedly, “Honey. Do you know where I went today? Your husband went to the Chen family villa and ruined all of Chen Guangnan’s dozens of bodyguards and shot him twice in the leg, so he won’t even dare to hit us again in the future.”

“You alone, alone Feng Chen family?”

“Yes, how about that, isn’t your husband so great?” Ye Xing laughed heatedly.

Murong Xue couldn’t believe her ears and ignored even the joke he made.

Wasn’t her own husband a fool, how did he suddenly become so good?

“Ye Xing, how did you become so powerful, is there something you’re hiding from me?” Murong Xue was getting more and more impervious to her husband.

“I don’t know, I pondered over it today. Most likely, I went to the temple and asked for that talisman, which suddenly made me feel as if I had divine help. You don’t know how I felt at that time, as if I was possessed by Vajra, killing in all directions, invincible, one man in charge, ten thousand men ……”

“Okay, okay, don’t blow it off. Go and take a shower.” Murong Xue couldn’t listen anymore.

A moment later, Ye Xing finished his shower and returned to the sofa.

Murong Xue helped him to briefly treat the wound.

“Wife, did you see that video I sent just now, the one of Su Xiaoqiao singing.” Ye Xing asked.

“Received it.”

“What do you think?”

“Very good, I overheard her humming last time and thought she should sing well, so I gave her an a*signment to sing at Huaijiang University.”

“Wife, you made the right decision, where’s the motivation without pressure.” Ye Xing raised his thumb.

“I didn’t think about it that much at the time, I just thought that sooner or later Su Xiaoqiao would have to go out and do commercial performances. Taking endorsements and whatnot, even if she doesn’t sing well, this is still an opportunity for her to experience. It’s just that I didn’t expect her to sing so well. Especially those few hands, they were spot on.” Murong Xue sighed in admiration.

“I designed it for her, how about that, not bad, right?”

“You designed it?” Murong Xue looked at him with wide eyes, “Where did you learn that?”

“Baidu. You’ll know.” Ye Xing laughed heatedly.

Murong Xue: “……”

“I am warning you, only treat these as work, don’t get emotional.” Murong Xue was still a little worried.

Recently, Ye Xing had gotten too close to Su Xiao Qiao, which made her not feel much security in her heart.

It was good that he couldn’t break his S*x ring, otherwise she would be even more worried.

“Wife, don’t worry, I won’t.” Ye Xing laughed.

There was no talk all night.

For the next two days, Ye Xing spent his time inside???? inside to build Su Xiaoqiao until she sang to his satisfaction.

In the blink of an eye, it was the night of New Year’s Day.

That night, Ye Xing and Su Xiao Qiao, arrived at Huaijiang College early.

Tonight’s party was quite a spectacle.

Firstly, it was Su Xiao Qiao’s first time to perform on stage.

Secondly, this evening. That money-loser seemed to be taking revenge on Luo Ting and making him lose face.

With such a good buzz, he was very much looking forward to it.

Since Su Xiao Qiao was representing Feng Xue Media, Ye Xing was brought in directly by her and did not need to call Feng Xiao.

Just as they entered the university, the two saw in the distance, a huge basketball court.

At this moment, a stage had been set up on top of the basketball court. There were many chairs set up there.

Twilight was falling and the party had not yet started, but there were already many people waiting.

Su Xiaoqiao took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, I’m a representative from Wind and Snow Media, Mr. Mu asked me to come over …… I’m at the entrance of the school now, okay, I’ll wait then.”

A few moments later, a woman came over and looked around.

Seeing the woman, Su Xiaoqiao’s face instantly changed.

“Is she the one who said that she wasted time listening to your song?” Ye Xing asked.

Su Xiaoqiao nodded and said, “Her name is Yang Ping.”

Soon, Yang Ping walked up to the two of them and asked, “You are the ones sent by Wind and Snow Media, right?”

“Yes, Miss Yang.” Su Xiaoqiao suppressed her excitement and nodded her head.

“You look a bit familiar, haven’t we met somewhere before?” Yang Ping asked curiously.

“I’m a graduate of Huaijiang University’s cla*s of ’18 ……”

“You used to say that listening to her songs was a waste of time, and she came back especially to waste your time again.”

Ye Xing suddenly jacked in and uttered this sentence.

At that moment, the two women were frozen.

Su Xiaoqiao did not expect that Ye Xing would stir up the conflict so simply and crudely.


Chapter 56

“This gentleman, could you have misunderstood?” Yang Ping was a little embarra*sed.

The other party was sent over by Wind Snow Media, which was very famous in Guangnan Province and had many net stars under their name.

For their company to send someone over to perform this time, or for free, was already very dignified for the school, so she didn’t want to offend.

“It’s a thousand times true.” Ye Xing coldly snorted.

“Ye Xing, don’t say it.” Su Xiaoqiao was thin-skinned and quickly interrupted him.

“Fine, just pretend that I said that.” Yang Ping also stopped refuting and said directly, “If I remember correctly, you are here to sing, right?”

“Yes. Teacher Yang.” Su Xiaoqiao said back.

“When you’ve finished singing, if I think it’s good and I’ve gone out of my way, I apologise; if you don’t sing well. I’m sorry for wasting my time, as usual. In China, there should always be freedom of speech, right?” Yang Ping said.

“We’ll wait and see later.” Ye Xing snorted coldly.

Under Yang Ping’s leadership, the two of them went to the side of the stage, and after handing them the programme, Yang Ping left them aside and paid no more attention to their

Ye Xing’s attitude. It had indeed irritated her.

“Ye Xing, can you not be so impulsive, you’ll make us all get off the stage like that.” Su Xiaoqiao couldn’t help but say.

“Since she is dog-eyed, let her know how blind she is.” Ye Xing’s gaze fell on Su Xiao Qiao and patted her shoulder, “Bring out your strength in a moment, and impress all those who looked down on you before.”

His hand patted on his shoulder with great strength, Su Xiao Qiao nodded heavily as if she was infected.

“Give the programme a look.”

The evening ran for about two hours in total, and one had twenty programmes.

He quickly found Wind and Snow Media’s programme, which came in second.

The first guest to appear, the list said, was a mystery guest.

As for Luo Ting’s show, it was placed at the end, with the finale appearance.

“Who exactly is the first mystery guest?” Su Xiaoqiao asked curiously.

“I don’t know either, for a party, the first and the last are both very important, arguably the two most important shows. The first one can raise people’s interest in the party, and the last one can give the party something to look forward to.

“I hope it won’t be any big names, otherwise I’m under so much pressure being at the back of the line.” Su Xiaoqiao spat out her tongue.

In the blink of an eye, it was eight o’clock in the evening.

The students of the college, one after another, came to the playground. Entering the venue.

The school also started to lock down.

The pretty host came out on the stage and said a few words before the dean spoke.

After some nonsense from the dean, the party officially started.

“First up, the first person to come out is a mystery guest, guess who?” After the host sold a story, he said loudly, “Here is the honorary dean of our academy, a well-known singer in the Chinese music industry, Qi Yang.”

The audience was silent for a moment, and then everyone went crazy.

The noise was like a tidal wave.

“Qi Yang.”

“Qi Yang.”

“Qi Yang.”

The clamour shook the sky and everyone went crazy.

“How did this kid appear here?” Ye Xing asked curiously.

“He is the honorary president of the academy. I told you that the Qing Yin Society walked out, the only songwriter type singer.” Su Xiaoqiao immediately tensed up and said in a trembling voice, “It’s over, this is going to be finished.”

Usually, after a powerful singer had set the stage alight, the next person would be overshadowed and eclipsed by the wind.

“Ye Xing, what should I do now, I’m so nervous, I can’t sing.”

Su Xiaoqiao did not expect to encounter such a situation on her first performance on stage, and was immediately nervous.

At this moment. At the back of the stage, a man in his thirties wearing a leather jacket and carrying a guitar had stepped out.

“Hello, fellow students and teachers, I’m Qi Yang.” Qi Yang greeted.


Below the venue, countless girls screamed up, as if they were crazy.

Next. Qi Yang began to speak, and every time he finished a sentence, the girls below kept screaming as if they were being nailed.

By the time Qi Yang started to sing, the whole stage, completely boiled over, climaxed!

Countless girls rushed to the side of the stage, wanting to rush up and offer flowers, but were all stopped by the security guards.

If there was one woman in the audience who was not excited, it was Su Xiaoqiao.

She had come here with the intention of turning the whole venue on its head. As a result, she was destined to be used as a backdrop.

“Ye Xing, what should we do now?” Su Xiaoqiao was so nervous that her voice trembled.

Given her situation, she would not be able to turn the stage upside down next. Even performing normally would be a problem.

“Xiao Qiao, listen to me.”

Su Xiaoqiao’s spirit was lax and her whole body was in a state of terror.

Suddenly, Ye Xing opened his hand and embraced her. Hugging her tightly.

Su Xiao Qiao was stunned, immediately recovered and hurriedly pushed him away.

“What are you doing?” She was red-faced and her face was on fire.

Attention was drawn away, and she found that she wasn’t as nervous as she had been at first.

This guy, he had actually hugged himself.

Bad man!

“Little Qiao, have you ever heard of borrowing power?”

As the scene was too noisy, Ye Xing brought his mouth to her ear and whispered softly in order to let her hear clearly.

Feeling the breath exhaled from his mouth, crispy and numb, Su Xiao Qiao’s body went a little soft.

Then, a strange feeling spread throughout her body.

At once, she was not nervous anymore.

“Did you hear everything clearly?” Ye Xing asked.

“Heard it clearly.” Su Xiaoqiao nodded her head.

“Su Xiaoqiao. Listen, in my heart, you are better than anyone else, go ahead!” Ye Xing patted her shoulder.

By now, the two original songs by Lu Yang on stage had been sung, and there was a tidal wave of applause.

“Thank you Lu Yang, for giving us a good start to this beautiful evening …… Next, we have a show brought to us by Wind and Snow Media. Everyone, please.”

The applause rang out sparsely.

Su Xiaoqiao took a deep breath and walked onto the stage in her youthful shirt and jeans.

“Hello everyone, my name is Su Xiao Qiao, I am a contracted artist of Wind and Snow Media.”

Su Xiao Qiao finished and gently bent down and bowed to the venue.

“Su Xiao Qiao, I’m a fan of your Dou Yin.” Ye Xing shouted a reminder from the venue.

The next thing they knew, there was an immediate response.

Dou Yin had hundreds of millions of downloads in Hwa Xia, and among the academy, ninety-nine percent of the students had downloaded it.

Su Xiaoqiao was also one of the hottest internet celebrities recently, and was quickly recognized.

Many students screamed, especially the male students.

“Today, I’m very happy to be standing on this stage, and I’m particularly nervous at the moment, especially after listening to Senior Brother Qi Yang sing. Perhaps you all don’t know that Qi Yang is my idol, and when he appeared just now, I could hardly believe my eyes ……”

Su Xiaoqiao kept in mind the advice given to her by Ye Xing, two words, borrow the momentum.

The more she elevated the other party, the more attention she would receive.

Off stage, Qi Yang raised her arm towards her, telling her to cheer.