Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53

“You’re talking about Ruo Bing, right?” Feng Xiao puffed out a laugh and said, “Ruo Bing is indeed a bit lazy, but she has the capital to be lazy, who made her family so rich, if my family also had that much money, I would be lazy too!”

“It mainly depends on the person, a lot of people who are richer than her are more diligent than her and not as capricious as she is.”

Feng Xiao moved across the table and sat down in front of him. Said, “I’ll sit here, do you mind?”

“You’ve sat down, can I still mind?” Ye Xing laughed.

“I’ll tell you a secret.”

“What secret?”

“Ruo Bing has a boyfriend.”

“It’s all in college. Isn’t it normal to have a boyfriend? I can’t wait for her to move in with that guy right away and go out to live, so I don’t have to come back every weekend to fight with her!” Ye Xing grunted.

“You’re so cruel as a brother-in-law, she’s your wife’s cousin!”

“She’s the one who’s cruel, you saw that day too, I saved her from nine deaths. Instead of thanking me, she even said that the reason she was caught was because of my problem, is that human?” Ye Xing was angry at the mention of this matter.

“It seems that it does have something to do with you, if you hadn’t argued with her, she wouldn’t have run out, and if she didn’t run out, she wouldn’t have met the bad guys, and the bad guys wouldn’t have had a conflict and been taken away by the bad guys.” Feng Xiao said in a serious manner.

“That’s what she said, right?”

“How do you know?” Feng Xiao was surprised.

“I know how many hairs she has on her body.” Ye Xing rolled his eyes.

That money-loser, every time she got into trouble, she didn’t make a big excuse.

“That’s a bit disgusting for you to say.” Feng Xiao even sounded a little embarra*sed.

As the two were talking, a middle-aged woman who looked a bit like Feng Xiao walked out, holding a bowl of noodles with a thick layer of pork mash piled on top.

“You’re Xiao Xiao’s cla*smate, it’s spiced up for you.”

The woman placed the noodles on Ye Xing’s tabletop, a large bowl full of them.

“Thank you aunty.” Ye Xing shouted.

“You’re welcome, you guys talk.” Auntie went back to her busy schedule.

“Do you really not care about her anymore?” Feng Xiao pushed her gla*ses and whispered, “Do you know who Ruo Bing’s boyfriend is?”


“Luo Ting. A junior boy, he was the one who called Ruo Bing out that night, he’s liked Ruo Bing for a long time.”

“I thought he was quite nice, but after that night, I recognized him as a person. Later, when I inquired, I found out that he cheated many female students out of their feelings and made two girls have abortions for him, he’s simply a scum.” Feng Xiao couldn’t help but curse.

“Do you mean to say that he is Ruo Bing’s boyfriend?” Ye Xing stopped his chopsticks and asked.

“Yeah. I can’t figure out what she wants either.” Feng Xiao pushed her cheeks and sighed, “She didn’t even accept it before, but now that something like this has happened, she accepts it instead, I’ve been persuading her for a long time, but I can’t persuade her.”

“You can’t persuade her, she doesn’t like that man, she wants revenge.” Ye Xing said.

“Revenge?” Feng Xiao’s eyes widened.

Jiang Ruobing’s character, Ye Xing kind of knew it better.

A rich family’s young lady. With a good family and no setbacks, she was like a princess on high.

Although she didn’t say anything about being caught at the bar that night, she must have felt very humiliated in her heart.

It was all because of that boy named Luo Ting who had made all this happen. It was normal for her to retaliate.

“It’s still possible that you know her, yeah!” Feng Xiao stood up haughtily and said with a sudden realization, “The New Year’s Day party is in a few days, I heard Ruo Bing say that she wants Luo Ting to court her at the party, so she wants Luo Ting to lose face at the New Year’s Day party.”

“Ninety percent.”

Ye Xing was speechless, this is really a troublemaker!

“Luo Ting is not simple, she is a local. She’s a local and knows a bunch of youngsters in the community. If she makes Luo Ting look bad, Luo Ting won’t let her off the hook. No, I have to stop her.” Feng Xiao said as she picked out her mobile phone. It was about to make a call.

It could be seen that her relationship with Jiang Ruobing was really good.

“No need to call.” Ye Xing stopped her and asked, “When does the New Year’s Day party start?”

“The night after tomorrow, it starts at eight o’clock.”

“Can outsiders go in to see it?”

“Yes, but only if our students bring them in.”

“OK, I’ll go to Huaijiang University the night after tomorrow, I’ll call you then and you can pick me up to go in.”

Moments later, Ye Xing finished eating, he took out his phone and swiped the WeChat code on his desktop.

“No need. This meal is on me, thank you for helping me last time ……”

Before he could finish his words, a mechanical sound rang out.

“WeChat arrived, one million yuan in full.”

Feng Xiao was stunned.

One bowl of noodles, one million yuan.

She was almost scared to death.

“Ye Xing, what are you doing?” Feng Xiao said urgently.

“Didn’t you just say. Having money also makes you lazy, I want to verify it.”

Ye Xing laughed loudly and set off.

Feng Xiao’s mother hurriedly ran out from inside and said urgently, “Xiao Xiao, what happened, how did he give you so much money?”

“Mom, I was shocked too.”

“Didn’t you just say that he was your cla*smate’s cousin’s husband, did you become someone’s second wife?” Feng Xiao’s mother asked sharply.

“No, mum, no.” Feng Xiao was startled.

“Then why did he give you so much money?”

“I don’t know!” Feng Xiao almost cried.

“If you don’t tell me clearly today, I’ll beat you to death.”

Feng Xiao’s mother said as she reached for her chicken feather duster.

“Mom, I really didn’t, your daughter is still a yellow girl!”

After talking nicely and even agreeing to go to the hospital with her mother for a test, her mother was finally convinced.

“You can’t take people’s money for nothing, send it back sometime, be a man of honor, you can’t ask for favors for nothing.” Feng Xiao’s mother admonished.

“Yes, mum.” Feng Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

She finally believed Jiang Ruobing’s words, this cousin husband of his, Siemens was a bit evil and often did not follow the rules.

He had almost made himself jump into the Yellow River with this one million.

But seriously, the way he paid just now, quite handsome.


When I returned to the office, it was already noon.

Murong Xue was not in the office, she should have gone for her lunch break.

Every day at noon, she used to sleep for an hour.

Bored, he took out his phone and opened Dou Yin to watch.

After seeing the number of Su Xiaoqiao’s followers, he was shocked.

It had surpa*sed six million, this rate of increase was too amazing!

Flipping through the video of the dinner at the small shop that day, both the comments and likes, the numbers were high.

This little ninny, she really had the potential to become a star!

Ye Xing stood up and decided to go and see Su Xiaoqiao.

It had been a few days since he had gone to see this little girl.

After becoming famous, Su Xiao Qiao had an independent office.

Just as he walked to the office door, a heavenly voice, came out from inside.

“This singing voice, it can’t be Su Xiao Qiao’s, right?” Ye Xing was very surprised.

If she could sing, her ceiling would be limitless.


Chapter 54


Ye Xing knocked on the door of the room.

The singing stopped abruptly, as if it was startled.

He pushed the door and walked in, Su Xiaoqiao’s voice was interrupted as she had her phone in her hand.

“Singing beautifully, keep singing!” Ye Xing laughed.

“I’m singing for fun, it’s too hard to listen to.” Su Xiaoqiao shook her head.

“You have such a good singing voice, why don’t you try singing, it will boost your popularity very quickly.”

“I don’t dare?”

“Why?” Ye Xing asked curiously.

“I’ve been laughed at for singing before and made a fool of myself once. Singing in front of others. There would be a kind of pressure, very nervous, and then you couldn’t sing. These two days. Mr. Mu gave me an a*signment to go to Huaijiang University for a charity performance the day after tomorrow, and I’m dying of nervousness.” Su Xiaoqiao clenched her fist.

“Huaijiang University charity show, for free?” Ye Xing’s eyes lit up.

“I’m already nervous about the free one, if I charge for it, I’ll be even more nervous.”

Su Xiaoqiao’s face turned a little blue. It seemed to imagine herself already standing on the stage: “There’s something you might not know yet, I’m a graduate of Huaijiang University’s 18th cla*s, and this time I’m sort of performing back at my alma mater.”

“My goodness, you should be happy about such a good opportunity to pretend. Think about it, you’re a super big internet star now, performing back at your alma mater, what a thing to be arrogant about.” Ye Xing snapped his fingers.

“I’m afraid I can’t.”

“If you can’t, no one else can.”

Ye Xing walked over to her and sat down, saying, “Sing the song you just sang to me again.”

“You’re not allowed to laugh.”

“I’m not laughing.”

Su Xiaoqiao cleared her throat before she began to sing.

A few moments later, a heavenly voice rang out.

Su Xiao Qiao’s song was ethereal, but there was a bit of a strange feeling within her voice, and Ye Xing felt that something was not right after listening to it for a while.

He pondered slightly for a moment and immediately understood.

“This song is not suitable for you, your voice has a bit of ancient style, the exhalation and breath are a bit different from pop songs.” Ye Xing immediately said.

“You say that. Does it mean that I won’t be able to be a pop singer in the future?”

“You’ve completely misunderstood, no singer can master all song codes, when singers choose songs, they will choose songs that fit their voices well and fit their style. You know the singer Deng Zhiqi, right?”

“I know.” Su Xiaoqiao nodded her head.

“Your voice is similar to hers, very distinctive, recognisable and irreplaceable. Her voice wasn’t accepted before either, and it never caught fire. But then an opportunity made her take off, and you are very much like her.” Ye Xing said seriously.

“You’re not lying to me, are you?” Su Xiaoqiao was still not very confident.

“How would I lie to you, you just lack a guide, someone to point you in the right direction, and soon you take off.”

Ye Xing picked up the pen on the desk and wrote five song titles in a row on the paper in front of him.

In 214, a talented singer came out of nowhere in China, in just two years. He became popular in the north and south of the country.

However, just as his career was reaching its peak, a car accident took his life.

That man was Ye Xing, who was reborn for the 13th time.

“Choose, a few songs that one you can sing?” Ye Xing said.

“A Thought of Love.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

This was a very hot song at the moment, and it was on all kinds of music charts. It could be said that it was a familiar song to young people.

“You sing it clearly and I’ll listen.” Ye Xing instructed.

“Sing it badly, you are not allowed to laugh ……”

“Be serious and bring out your best.” Ye Xing interrupted her.

It was the first time Su Xiaoqiao had seen him so serious, so she dared not say anything else and began to sing.

After clearing the song a few times, Ye Xing analysed it, and although there were still many flaws, it was more than enough to hi-jack a school stage.

He pointed out a few areas that needed attention. After changing a few more syllables until Su Xiaoqiao had sung to his satisfaction, then he said, “Let’s go.”

“Where to?” Su Xiaoqiao asked curiously.

“To ????. Let’s get you to get the beat out.”

The two hurriedly left the company and went to one of the city’s most luxurious??????

Inside, Ye Xing helped Su Xiaoqiao over and over again. Correcting the mistakes in her singing style and leading her into the path.

Throughout the afternoon, Su Xiao Qiao sang inside and kept singing until her mouth was dry.

After she finished, Ye Xing beckoned towards her.

“Look at your own performance.” Ye Xing handed her the phone.

Su Xiaoqiao walked over, tapped on the video Ye Xing had recorded and played it.

After listening to it for a moment, she was stunned.

Was this voice really her own?

Was this song really sung by herself?

In the past, she had felt that she was a person who was incompetent in five voices, especially during that screening competition at Huaijiang University, where she had completely lost face, making her afraid to sing in front of a crowd for the rest of her life. Unexpectedly. After some guidance from Ye Xing, it was like she was transformed.

“Wait a minute, I always feel like there is something missing?”

Ye Xing thought for a moment and snapped his fingers.

“Typhoon, yes, it’s typhoon. Your typhoon is so bad, you stand there like a log.”

“I’ll design a few simple introductory moves for you, you won’t be able to learn the complicated ones for a while.”

Ye Xing helped her design ten moves, like searing her heart, nodding her head, looking back, looking at the sky at a forty-five degree angle diagonally.

He pointed out when to sing and what hands to use.

When all the movements were rehearsed and sung all over again.

Watching the recorded video, Su Xiaoqiao was once again stunned.

“Ye Xing, why do you know so much, so many things?” She was overwhelmed with emotion.

What he had taught himself just now, even a famous musician might not be able to do it.

“Originally, I didn’t want to tell, but since you asked, I didn’t want to hide it.” Ye Xing pressed his voice a little and said mysteriously, “Actually, I am …… a man.”

“I knew you were teasing me, ignore you.” Su Xiaoqiao hummed.

The beauty was shy and delicate.

Looking at her shy and moving appearance, Ye Xing knew very well in his heart that she would definitely be on fire in time.

“It’s eight o’clock, oh my god, we’ve been practicing for six hours.” Su Xiaoqiao was startled.

Forget the exertion, the hunger, the time.

The two of them left???? and went to find something to eat.

While eating at the restaurant, Su Xiaoqiao asked, “Ye Xing, do you know why I’m so repulsed by singing?”

“Just now you said that you used to be laughed at when you sang.”

“Then do you know who the person who laughed at me was?” Su Xiaoqiao continued to ask.

“I don’t know.”

“They were music teachers at Huaijiang University.”

Su Xiaoqiao talked about this past incident.

Four years ago, when she first entered Huaijiang University, she wanted to enter the Qing Yin Club because she liked to sing.

The Clear Voice Society was a music club that was famous in Huaijiang.

Eight years ago, the person who created the Clear Sound Society was now a very famous singer, although not the kind that was popular in the north and south of the country, he was also very famous, having produced several familiar songs, appeared on the Spring Festival Gala of several TV stations, and at his peak, had given more than a dozen concerts.