Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 507 (End)

“Shangguan Lan, what do you want?” Ye Xing said angrily.

“What do I want, don’t you know best, naturally it’s to open the ancient formation.”

Shangguan Lan said as he slowly walked to the middle of the altar and came to the middle of the Underworld Blood Map.

After Mo Qian Yun’s death, the group of faceless people became a rabble and all turned into birds.

Hua Ying Ling Ling was dead, Ye Xing was seriously injured, and Zhu Xiao Xiao and Du Jiuniang were far from being opponents, so at this moment, Shangguan Lan was the most powerful person here.

“Mo Qian Yun has turned so many living people into monsters. Isn’t it enough for you to see the lesson? Do you still want the earth’s aura to recover and all living creatures to be wiped out?” Ye Xing said angrily.

“Humans will always be the masters of the world, and the revival of aura will only make them stronger and stronger, which is a big deal for Boze’s descendants.”

“After all is said and done you are still not there to cultivate. To become more powerful. If that’s the case, why don’t you fly up to a civilisation in a higher realm like Xue’er. After the ancient formation opens, one person will be chosen to go to the upper realm, so you have the guts to go!” Ye Xing roared.

“When your strength is weak, going to the higher realms is full of crises ……”

“BullSh*t, Xue’er is so weak, she was still not chosen by the strongest person in the higher realm, you are just afraid.”

“Whatever you say. I am not going to say yes, this is what the head of the Prosperous School, and our Prosperous School disciples have been pursuing all their lives.”

Ye Xing stood up straight and gathered his Yuan Qi, since she was insistent on opening the Third Ancient Formation, he would stop her even if he had to fight for his life.

“Lan’er, give up!” Zhu Xiaohong suddenly said.

“What are you, who are you to speak, believe it or not, I will kill you first.” Shang Si Lan said angrily.

“Just because I saved you and pa*sed on your divine ability; just because I am your master.” Zhu Xiaohong said proudly.

Shangguan Lan gazed at Zhu Xiaohong and frowned, the woman in front of her gave her a feeling of déjà vu.

“With my soul, comprehend the spirit of water, with my body, draw the spirit of water, with my ability, cross the law of water ……”

Zhu Xiaohong’s mouth suddenly recited a string of strange words, and after Shangguan Lan heard it, he backed up repeatedly, shocked, “Who the hell are you, and how do you know the spell recipe of the supreme water system of the Free and Easy School?”

“Not only do I know the mantra, I also know that you have a birthmark on your inner thigh, Shangguan Lan. It’s a borrowed body for my master.” Zhu Xiaohong continued.

“Borrowing a corpse to return a soul, Master, have you really learnt the supreme divine ability of the Free and Easy School?” Shangguan Lan was instantly shocked and delighted, and flung himself to the ground, saying loudly, “Disciple Shangguan Lan, see Master.”

Those remaining Ancient Martial School experts around them were all shocked, a dead person, reborn in another person, they had never heard of such a bizarre thing, it was simply too incredible.

“Shangguan Lan, clear the blood formation, I will slowly tell you the story with you.” Zhu Xiaohong instructed.

“Yes. Master.”

Shangguan Lan instantly cast a water spell, drawing water from the air and rinsing the blood from the textures on the ground, and after removing a small portion, she was still uneasy and used an ice sealing spell to freeze a portion of the textures that had been rinsed away, so that the blood could not enter.

The crowd sighed in relief, not expecting Shangguan Gang to be loyal to the Free Fairy.

“Shangguan Lan, I didn’t expect you to still be such a person who values your teacher’s kindness?” Ye Xing laughed.

“Master is as kind to me as a mountain, my life is hers, so naturally I have to do as I am told.” Shangguan Lan coldly snorted.

At this point, a great battle. It was considered to have come to an end.

The crowd went out, without Mo Qian Yun and some faceless people, those monsters were immediately defeated, and the united army quickly rushed into the word island and brought some of the monsters all under control.

Next, the army took over the place, while Ye Xing and a group of survivors were transported away by helicopter and left the place.


A month later. Ye Xing had completely recovered from his internal injuries.

After refining all of the two pills, his strength was much stronger than before.

The country of China held a grand funeral for Hua Ying Soul, and made him the Protector of the Nation, with worldwide fame.

He was honoured with the title of “God Protector”, a title he deserved.

After the funeral, Ye Xing and Luo Xiaoyun wandered among the trees.

“What are your plans next?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

She had heard about Murong Xue being taken away by a strong man from the upper civilisation, and these days Ye Xing had been sullen and unhappy lately, obviously because of this matter.

“Cultivate and be powerful. Go to the upper realm to find her.” Ye Xing said.

“In that case, won’t you have to leave Earth?” Luo Xiaoyun said urgently.

“What, can’t let go of me?” Ye Xing looked at her with a smile.

“Who can’t miss you, it’s not like we’re in a relationship.” Luo Xiaoyun hummed.

“I want to leave no regrets in this realm. Go and find her again. For example, fall in love with some woman who likes me and I like, have a child and be happy for a few years. Now it seems that you don’t like me at all, so forget it.” Ye Xing sighed.

Luo Xiaoyun beamed and wanted to say something, but didn’t say anything.

“Luo Xiaoyun, would it kill you to admit that you like someone?” Ye Xing knocked her head.

“I don’t steal girlfriends to steal boyfriends.” Luo Xiaoyun brushed her mouth off.

“You didn’t rob, I robbed you.” Ye Xing laughed.

“I don’t want to.”

“When women usually say no, they want it.”

The two were joking around when two figures walked over in the distance, one of them standing still while the other walked over.

The one who stood still was Shangguan Lan, guessing that it was not good to come over and say anything to Ye Xing, after all, the two were in great conflict.

The one who walked over was Zhu Xiaohong.

“How did things go?” Ye Xing asked.

“An agreement has been reached between the ancient martial arts and the immortal cultivators, each grows separately and the well does not cross the river.” Zhu Xiaohong said.

“That’s good.” Ye Xing breathed a sigh of relief.

The best biological experts in China had already extracted the blood antibodies from Du Jiuniang and quantified the vaccine. Those monsters were also gradually cured, and the compulsion poison was considered completely solved.

“What are your plans?” Zhu Xiaohong asked.

Just now Luo Xiaoyun had asked the same thing, and when Zhu Xiaohong said this, she instantly felt strange.

The two women looked at each other and actually didn’t dare to look at each other.

Ye Xing grinned and the next moment, he wrapped one arm around Luo Xiaoyun’s waist and one arm around Zhu Xiaohong. Experiencing the taste of hugging the right and the left.

“What I want most right now is to spend the happiest few years with you guys, then soar up to the realm and look for Xue’er.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Dream on.”

The two girls pushed her away at the same time and fled with red faces.

In the next few years, Ye Xing cultivated while playing Flower Capital.

After spending a few fast years with Su Xiaoqiao, Cheng Yulin, Luo Xiaoyun, Zhu Xiaohong Qiao Lily, Du Jiuniang and a host of other women, his strength broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage in one fell swoop and he became the number one powerhouse on Earth.

Three years later, the Third Ancient Formation, the altar.

As the ancient formation opened, a beam of light wrapped around Ye Xing’s figure and disappeared from the sight of all the women.

(End of book)


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