Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 505-506

Chapter 505

The tunnel had steps that went deep into the ground and was only wide enough for two people to go in side by side.

Ye Xing was in the front, a group of ancient martial arts masters in the middle and Hua Ying Ling Ling in the back.

The group was very slow, and everyone did not dare to make too much noise.

As they went deeper and deeper, the smell of blood came more and more strongly, and it was obvious that the Yue Gu Formation was getting closer and closer.

Suddenly, a huge underground cave opened up in front of them.


A black shadow attacked, but it was a faceless man who attacked viciously.

Ye Xing’s hand rose and his sword fell. A Qi Gang cut out, directly cutting the faceless man in half in mid-air.

As the group rushed in, dozens of faceless people appeared in front of them, surrounding the group tightly.

In front of them was a huge ancient formation. Four pillars inscribed with inscriptions surrounded an altar-like platform in the centre.

On the platform, there was a huge red chakra-like object carved into the ground.

Mo Qian Yun was standing in the middle of the red wheel, his whole body was stained red with blood and he looked very hideous.

There were countless textures on the ground, those textures formed strange patterns, and the blood flowing down from above went deep into the textures, about four-fifths of the textures were now filled with blood.

“Ye Xing, the third ancient formation is called the Blood Ritual Formation. It is the most vicious of the four ancient formations.”

A familiar voice came as two people walked in from outside, it was actually Zhu Xiaohong and Du Jiuniang, who had entered.

“What are you doing here, didn’t I tell you to go back?” Hua Ying Spirit said angrily.

Du Jiuniang was very important to humans now, she absolutely could not die.

“Miss Zhu asked me to make sure to bring her in.” Du Jiuniang explained.

“Hua Ying Soul, Du Jiuniang has already left a blood sample, I asked her to bring me in because I had no choice but to.” Zhu Xiaohong pointed to the middle blood red pattern and said, “That blood red pattern is called the Underworld Blood Map, just fill the blood texture below with blood and the Underworld Blood Map in the middle will be able to operate, then the Third Ancient Formation will officially open, don’t let the texture fill with blood.”

“It’s too late to know that now.” Mo Qian Yun laughed loudly.

Ye Xing glanced at the top of his head, the small holes were like rain, still densely flowing blood downwards, at the current rate, it was only a matter of time before the textures filled up.

“Ice system, freezing spell.”

A layer of cold Qi surged up from Zhu Xiaohong’s body and headed towards the top of the stone cave, hoping to stop the blood from continuing to fall downwards.

“Easy Fairy, you weren’t even a match for me when you were at your peak, and you want to stop me even with this borrowed corpse. What a joke.”

Mo Qian Yun slapped out her palm, a fierce wind rose and those icy cold Qi instantly disappeared.

“Don’t hesitate anymore, kill!”

Hua Junsheng took the lead and rushed out.

The other ancient martial arts powerhouses also rushed out, a battle of life and death was about to unfold.

The crowd understood that this was a great battle where there was only forward movement and no way back.

“Mo Qian Yun, your opponent is me.”

Ye Xing’s body surged with powerful heavenly energy, and his Yuan Qi coalesced into a golden light shield over himself.

A flying sword spell shot out from his hand, and a shout came from several faceless people as their heads fell to the ground.

“You’ve actually refined a magic weapon. So what.”

Mo Yun went to know that among the party, the most powerful ones were Ye Xing and Hua Ying Soul, and Ye Xing, whose strength had increased greatly after cultivating the magic weapon, was the first target she had to get rid of. She immediately jumped down from the altar and slapped out a gust of nether wind with one palm.

In the gloomy wind, apart from the icy cold air, it also carried the smell of blood.

Instead of retreating, Ye Xing advanced, holding his magic dagger in his hand, and killed out.

The two of them fought in the middle, and for a while, dangerous images were created.

Before, Ye Xing would not have had the strength to fight Mo Qianyun. However, after he had taken the elixir made from the ginseng fruit, and with the magic weapon in his hand, he was much stronger than before and was able to put up a fight.

Despite this, he soon became a bit overwhelmed, as Mo Qian Yun was much stronger than he had imagined.

“I’ll help you.”

After Ye Xing was ruthlessly slapped away, Hua Junsheng flooded his fist attack to stop Mo Qianyun from multiplying his attack.


Ye Xing spurted out a mouthful of blood. Some of the Faceless Men took the opportunity to come over and Ye Xing raised his flying daggers and cut down a few more Faceless Men.

These faceless people were too strong, not knowing how many times stronger than those rabble of zombies outside.

Between the hands being made, the blood was getting full and it was only a matter of time before the texture filled up.

Ye Xing slashed fiercely at the floor, trying to cut the texture off, but he soon found that the floor was much harder than he had imagined, the slash actually did not damage it at all.

What on earth were these things forged of. It was even harder than steel.

“Zhu Xiaohong, quickly think of a way, this won’t work.” Ye Xing said urgently.

“There is no way except to stop the blood. This ancient formation can’t be destroyed.” Zhu Xiaohong said urgently.

“Don’t waste your efforts, it’s only a matter of time before the Third Ancient Formation opens, you won’t be able to stop it.” Mo Qian Yun laughed loudly.

As she spoke, she had already sent Hua Ying Soul flying with a palm strike. The First Army Soul was no match either.

“Ye Xing, let’s go together.” Hua Junsoul said urgently.

Ye Xing nodded and struggled to get up, and the two of them attacked towards Mo Qian Yun, left and right.

On the other side, Du Jiu Niang and a group of ancient martial arts experts, also killed with the remaining faceless people, and blood and gore rained down in the small cave, as you died and lived.

Ye Xing took time to look at the textures, only the last few were left, and the blood on them was dripping down in a steady stream, impossible to block.

There was no way to stop it from the source.

“Zhu Xiaohong, what great things will happen when the ancient formation opens?” Ye Xing asked aloud.

“After the ancient formation opens, there will normally be very powerful monsters appearing, and then there will be upper world immortals teleporting through the channel. One person is drawn away to leave and travel to the upper civilisation.” Zhu Xiahong explained.

Hearing the words heading to the upper civilization, Ye Xing immediately recalled the scene where his wife Murong Xue was sucked away by the upper civilization’s light beam.

If that was the case, did that mean that he could also be sucked away and travel to the upper civilization to look for Xue’er?

No sooner had this thought arisen than he shook his head desperately.

Now was not the time to think about this, the most important thing was to find a way to finish off Mo Qian Yun. Eliminate this human holocaust.

In the middle of his contemplation, there were two loud thuds!

He and Hua Ying Soul were both swatted away once again.

Hua Ying Soul’s chest was slid by a sharp claw, cutting a large gash and bleeding.

“She’s too strong, it’s not an option if we continue like this.” Hua Ying Soul’s face turned pale as he gritted his teeth and said, “Ye Xing, I want to burn my military soul, if I wound her later, you must find a way to kill him.”

As he spoke, Hua Ying Soul let out a loud roar!

His body suddenly gushed out many white air currents, the powerful air currents were dyed red by the blood flowing out of his chest, gradually, the air currents turned blood red in nature.

“Hua Junsheng, don’t, you’ll die.” An ancient martial artist yelled.

“What are you doing?” Ye Xing was alarmed.

“He’s burning his life to gain maximum power in a short period of time, he’ll die if this continues.” Zhu Xiaohong said.

As he spoke, Hua Ying Spirit was already carrying the blood-coloured air stream and rushing towards Mo Qian Yun.


Chapter 506

Ye Xing’s heart was aching for more.

Hua Junsheng was fighting with his life in this battle.

Sure enough, after burning his life force, Hua Ying Soul was much stronger and fought Mo Qian Yun on par.

In the middle of the altar, true qi stirred and Yuan Qi raged.

The powerful fluctuations made everyone dare not take a step closer and hide from afar.

This was already the most powerful battle on Earth. A battle that would determine the course of humanity’s destiny.

“Hua Ying Soul, do you think you can kill me by burning your true qi?” Mo Qian Yun laughed creepily and exclaimed, “There is a time yin system for burning true qi. At most five minutes, you are only on par with me now, how can you defeat me in five minutes?”

A crowd of ancient martial arts powerhouses felt a pang of sadness in their hearts.

Earth’s number one ancient martial arts expert, even burning his true qi could not defeat Mo Qian Yun, who else in this world could defeat him?

Could it be that this world. Was it really going to be ruled by this abominable woman and turn into hell on earth?

No, absolutely not.

A feeling of powerlessness arose in Ye Xing’s heart, he had lived more than a thousand lifetimes, and this was the most lofty generation in his life.

He had never thought that he would not be able to escape the order.

Was it time to die again?

“I’m not willing.”

Ye Xing sat with his legs crossed on the ground and yelled to Zhu Xiaohong, “You two help me protect the spell.”

The two women did not know what he wanted to do, but at this moment, he and Hua Ying Soul were the last hope, and no matter what, they could only trust him.

The remaining ancient martial arts experts who were not dead also came over and surrounded Ye Xing in the middle.

Ye Xing closed his eyes and his consciousness entered that chaotic space and came to that piece of cards.

He did not know what these cards were, but ever since this opened these cards, his life had changed forever.

At this moment, five of the cards had already lit up, and the fifth memory fragment awakened was the Power of Heavenly Origin.

After receiving the Power of Heavenly Origin, his strength had been terrifyingly strengthened.

At this moment. He kept clicking on the sixth one, and now the only hope to defeat Mo Qian Yun was the sixth card.

“Light it up for Laozi.”

“If you don’t light it up, old me will have to turn in here.”

“You’ve given me hope all my life, why do you want to plunge me into despair.”

Ye Xing kept roaring, hoping to light up the sixth memory fragment.

Unfortunately, no matter how much he roared and screamed, the memory fragment just wouldn’t turn on.

“You won’t light it up, right? I’ll fight him. My life is oiled and I am not at the mercy of Heaven.”

Ye Xing came out from inside the Chaos Space, opened his eyes, reached out and pulled out the vial from his arms, inside were the two remaining pills.

The day he spent last night refining one of the pills, now, he poured out two pills and took them straight down.

“Are you crazy, does your body want to explode?” Zhu Xiaohong said urgently.

Last night, one pill was almost too much for him to bear, and now it was double the strength of the medicine.

Ye Xing didn’t have time to ignore her. After the potion went down his belly, he didn’t even have time to refine it, he directly jumped up and rushed towards Mo Qian Yun.

“Old demon B*tch, come again.” Ye Xing yelled.

The medicinal power of the potion had not been refined and was directly transformed into palm power by him. A golden light burst out from his body at once.

Under the golden light, the magic weapon glowed as brightly as if it had just come out of the fire furnace.


This slash went down, directly cutting a slash mark on Mo Qian Yun’s body.

On the other side, Hua Ying Soul did not have much time left, just a minute or so, and immediately used the same fight method.


Mo Qian Yun’s long nails stabbed him and he didn’t dodge, letting his hand penetrate his chest.

“Ye Xing. Quick.”

Hua Ying Soul’s arms flowed with true air, and his ten fingers were like iron clamps, locked in a deadlock around Mo Qian’s hands.

“D*mn it.”

Mo Qian Yun’s hands were locked. In anxiety, her legs kicked Hua Ying Soul in the air on her stomach.

Each kick had the force of a thousand pounds.

Blood kept spurting out of Hua Ying Soul’s mouth, but his hands were just like cast in stone. They wouldn’t let go in death.

“Old demon B*tch, you go to hell.”

Ye Xing’s hand spells glowed brightly and his entire body leaped high up, viciously zapping down towards the top of Mo Qian Yun’s head.

In a life-and-death situation, Mo Qian Yun’s head tilted, dodging the fatal blow.

Ye Xing’s knife stabbed her under the shoulder and blood sprayed out.

The first stab missed, and like lightning, Ye Xing stabbed down a second time, pointing straight at the sky.

“I won’t lose, I definitely won’t lose.”

In a life-and-death situation, Mo Qian Yun’s hands instantly froze. Then with a forceful tug.

The frozen hands fell to the ground like ice cubes, and Mo Qian Yun escaped death as a result.

This demon woman was so ruthless that she actually didn’t even want her hands in order to live.

“Ye Xing, the mountains and waters have met, I won’t just let it go.”

Mo Qian Yun stomped her hands on the ground. Taking the remnants of her body with her, she fled towards the outside of the cave.

“Don’t let her escape.”

Zhu Xiaohong and Du Jiuniang shot out at the same time, trying to make stop her.

Unfortunately, with their strength, even though Mo Qian Yun’s arms were chopped off and her body was seriously injured, she was not something they could deal with.

Bang Bang!

The two women were simultaneously shaken out of the air.

“Hua Junsheng will surely die, and you won’t survive long either, Ye Xing, I’ll see who else can stop me then.”

After escaping to the entrance of the cave, Mo Qian Yun laughed loudly, however, the laughter only came to a screeching halt halfway through.

When the crowd looked at her, they saw a long sword on her back with its tip showing.

“Laugh, you laugh again!” A familiar voice came.

Shangguan Lan appeared in sight, holding a long sword in her hand, and was putting Mo Qian Yun through the heart with it.

Mo Qian Yun looked at his chest as if he couldn’t believe it and muttered, “Impossible, I won’t lose, it’s impossible!”

In the next moment, Shangguan Lan drew his sword and slashed across.

Mo Qian Yun’s ugly head lolled, then dropped to the ground like a leather ball.

The body fell straight to the ground, too dead to die.

“Shangguan Lan, it’s you.” Ye Xing struggled to stand up.

A mouthful of blood spurted out of him and his body fell limply to the ground.

He hurriedly closed his eyes and ran the power of Heavenly Energy to digest the remaining medicinal power of the Spiritual Fruit.

After a few moments, he finally managed to control the surging medicinal power and prevented his body from exploding, but he also lost the ability to continue fighting.

“Hua Ying Soul.”

“Hua Ying-Soul.”

“Senior Hua.”

A group of people gathered in front of Hua Ying Soul and cried out in grief.

At this moment, Hua Ying Soul’s eyes were flowing with blood tears, his body was as if petrified, and his legs were rooted to the ground.

Even in death, his hands were still raised flat, maintaining a death lock on Mo Qian Yun’s hands.

“Senior Hua, you are the pride of Huaxia.” Ye Xing stood up with difficulty.

“Ice spell, the art of freezing.”

Shangguan Lan offered up icy cold Qi with both hands, freezing the entire last texture of the Grand Formation, stopping it from opening in the last few seconds of its opening.

“The crane and the clam are fighting for the profit, I never thought that I, Shangguan Lan, would be the final winner.” Shangguan Lan laughed out loud in triumph.