Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 503-504

Chapter 503

When Ye Xing woke up early the next morning, he found Zhu Xiaohong beside him.

“Why did you get up so early and stay by my side, you’re not trying to do something bad to me, are you?” Ye Xing laughed.

At Ye Xing’s joke, Zhu Xiaohong was not at all impressed and said, “Ye Xing, I think we are just wasting time now.”

“How do you say this?”

“You contacted the Companions, the Blood Tribe, and the local forces, do you think these people will be useful against Mo Qian Yun?”

Ye Xing was silent.

Indeed, the current Faceless People possessed almost immortality, not to mention Mo Qian Yun. So many Faceless Men under Mo Qian Yun were not something that these people could fight against, so what was the use of having more such people?

“Right now the only one who can kill Mo Qian Yun is you, any more people would be cannon fodder. You now instead of wasting your time with women …… every day like this. Why not think about how to improve your strength and have a battle with Mo Qianyun.”

Zhu Xiaohong didn’t say some words, but the meaning of her words, Ye Xing could hear it.

She was blaming Ye Xing for only lingering around with women all this time, what with the women from the compulsion tribe and the blondes, she knew all these.

“I would like to, but the problem now is. I can’t beat Mo Qian Yun at all.” Ye Xing shrugged his shoulders.

“Can’t beat you won’t you think of a way, at least if you try yourself, there’s a glimmer of a chance, if you don’t try, you won’t have half a chance.”

Zhu Xiaohong’s words made Ye Xing fall into deep thought.

“Your wife has been taken away by a strong man from a high level civilization, shouldn’t you be thinking hard about getting her back now, all you do is linger with other women all day, in my opinion, you don’t love her at all.” Zhu Xiaohong finished speaking and left in a rage.

Ye Xing sighed.

This was the first time that Zhu Xiaohong had been so angry with him, so it seemed that he had indeed gone a bit too far during this period of time.

He was about to get up when suddenly a blonde figure walked in, the blonde strutted her long legs and pinned him down under her straddle in a flash.

“What do you want?” Ye Xing asked.

“Big order, what do you think I want?”

The blonde said as she took off her outer clothes.

In the past, if this girl came over so early in the morning to deliver food, Ye Xing would have taken it without any problem and left her to die.

But now, he didn’t have any heart at all.

“Not interested, go down.”

“Just woke up, isn’t that when your energy is at its best?”

“Go down.”

Ye Xing pushed her down with a slap.

“God sick scripture.”

The blonde left in a rage.

Ye Xing closed the door behind him. Awareness entered the Chaos Space and looked at his memory fragments.

The memory fragment was now opened to the fifth one, this one opened to the Power of Heavenly Origin.

The Power of Heavenly Origin was a very special power that could drive ancient martial arts as well as be used for spells, with endless variations.

Unfortunately, the current Heavenly Energy is still weak. If one can enhance one’s internal qi and add the spell flying daggers one has already refined, one may not be without the strength to fight Mo Qian Yun.

The problem was, where to get high vintage spiritual medicines to refine into pills now.

Ye Xing was having a headache. Suddenly the phone rang, it was Hua Junsheng calling.

“Ye Xing, the Faceless Man is preparing for the blood sacrifice ceremony, do you know?” Hua Junsheng asked.

“Yes, I am now contacting the forces and preparing to stop it.” Ye Xing nodded his head.

“The Dragon Shield Bureau got a three thousand year old elixir on its side, do you need it?”

“Great, it’s a life-saving item.” Ye Xing was overjoyed.

He was now thinking about how to improve his strength, and this elixir came, it was like sending charcoal in the snow!

“I’ll send a plane to pick you up, so you should hurry back and refine the elixir. Raise your strength. Then we’ll go find that old demon together.”

Hua Junsheng knew very well that he could not defeat Mo Qianyun with his own strength, so he could only let Ye Xing help.

A few hours later, a helicopter landed and picked up Ye Xing and Zhu Xiaohong.

After the two returned, when Zhu Xiaohong saw a red demonic fruit, she was shocked and delighted.

“Three Ginseng Fruit, where did you guys get this from?”

The Three Ginseng Fruit was a spiritual fruit that was only recorded in the annals of history. This kind of fruit was said to not exist on Earth at all, and she couldn’t understand where the people of Dragon Shield had gotten it from, it was just too shocking.

“Grandma, when I refine this fruit, I will slowly settle the score with Mo Qian Yun.”

Ye Xing held the Three Ginseng Fruit and left without looking back, he had to use the fastest speed to refine the Three Ginseng Fruit into a pill.


Ten days later.

“Chief, we’ve got solid news that the Faceless Man will hold a blood sacrifice ceremony on Jiuyang Island tomorrow.” The subordinate reported.

Hua Junsheng frowned and called over to Zhu Xiaohong to ask about Ye Xing’s progress.

“The dan is refined, but Ye Xing hasn’t taken it yet. It will probably take two or three days to do so.” Zhu Xiaohong said.

“It’s too late, tell him that Mo Qian Yun is holding a blood sacrifice ceremony tomorrow on Jiuyang Island, and there will be tens of thousands of poisoned faceless people attending then. If he is unable to attend, the consequences will be unthinkable.” Hua Ying Ling Ling said.

“Okay, I’ll tell him.”

Zhu Xiaohong walked into a cave where Ye Xing was sitting on the ground. In his hand, he was holding several red pills.

These elixirs were very red and even from a distance, the fragrance was still ethereal.

“Hua Junsheng said that Mo Qianyun is holding a 10,000 person festival on Jiuyang Island tomorrow.”

“So soon?” Ye Xing’s brow furrowed.

The elixir had only been refined, so he had to leave a few days to refine the elixir anyways, so it was simply too late.

“Why don’t you just don’t participate and wait until you have refined all the pills before you make your move.” Zhu Xiaohong said.

“No, many people will die if I don’t make a move to stop it.” Ye Xing shook his head.

“With Hua Junshi around, plus Dragon Shield, the power of the state, and many forces outside the country participating, you don’t have to worry.”

“Mo Qian Yun is an old monster close to the Foundation Establishment stage, and this time the blood sacrifice ritual is held to cultivate evil kung fu. Once we let her succeed, we won’t have half a chance of winning by then.” Ye Xing closed his eyes, thought for a moment, and said, “You go out first, I’ll refine a pill first.”

Zhu Xiaohong nodded and turned around to leave the cave.

After taking the elixir, an incomparably terrifying power instantly hit his abdomen.

The feeling was as if the stomach was about to explode.

Ye Xing hurriedly ran the power of Heavenly Energy to absorb the power of the elixir. It spread towards his whole body.

The spiritual power of the Three Ginseng Fruit was too powerful, and it took him a full night to digest all the medicinal power of the first elixir.

The day dawned grey and gray, and a ray of sunlight shone into the cave.

Ye Xing stood up and walked out of the cave.

Zhu Xiaohong had been guarding outside, and when he saw him come out, he hurriedly greeted him.

“Let’s go, to Nine Suns Island.” Ye Xing said.

“Have you refined all the pills yet?”

“Only one has been refined, it’s too late.”

There was nothing Zhu Xiaohong could do, she knew Ye Xing’s character, what he had decided was unchangeable.

At that moment, she arranged for a helicopter to fly in the direction of Jiuyang Island.


Chapter 504

Jiuyang Island is a small island in a country outside of China, close to the country of China.

There were several countries around this island, all of which were now mutated by the virus, with countless monsters wreaking havoc.

Lu Qing sat on the plane and was stunned when he saw the scene below.

Only to see a small island, countless zombie-like monsters, like a tidal wave, surging towards the island.

At this moment, there was not a single living person left on the island, and only a sea of zombies remained.

Outside the island, a group of joint soldiers were holding heavy weapons. Countless monsters fell to the ground in a river of blood.

But there were also some powerful monsters that pa*sed under the artillery fire. The scene was brutal for a while, with countless dead and wounded, as they broke into the midst of the United soldiers.

“What’s wrong with the Chinese Army Soul, just use planes to drop bombs down, how can we attack with people.”

Ye Xing was a little speechless. With this type of attack, even if all the monsters were killed, how many people would have to die?

“The spirit of the Chinese army is there.” Zhu Xiaohong suddenly pointed in the middle of the island.

Only to see that among the countless monsters, an elite force had already penetrated deep into the hinterland and was advancing towards the central square.

In the middle of the central square, there was a large gymnasium, and at the moment, the monsters were attacking them like ants.

Apart from Hua Junsheng, Ye Xing also saw some other ancient martial arts experts.

“What the hell are they doing?” Ye Xing was speechless.

It was at this time that the phone rang, it was Qiao Baihe calling.

“Lu Xing, is that you on the plane?” She asked urgently.

“Yes, it’s me, what’s the situation.”

“Hua Ying Soul originally wanted to air strike, but below the stadium is the Third Ancient Formation, this ancient formation contains incomparably powerful energy, if we force an air strike, once the ancient formation explodes, by then several small countries around will have to be affected by the aftershocks, the power is no less than an atomic bomb.” Qiao Baihe said.

“No wonder, I just thought Mo Qian Yun wouldn’t be so stupid to find a small island, wouldn’t that be looking for a boom?”

“Below is the Third Ancient Formation, even more so, you can’t cannonball it. You can only break in hard.” Zhu Xiaohong said.

“You guys stay here, I’ll go down to support them.”

Ye Xing ordered the pilot to get closer and jumped straight down from the plane after it was lowered.


Like a heavenly god descending to earth, he landed with the powerful power of heavenly elements, forming a powerful shockwave.

The surrounding monsters of more than ten metres were instantly shaken away and a vacuum appeared.

“You’re here, great.” Hua Junsheng pointed at the entrance to the gymnasium in front of him and said, “That’s the entrance to the Third Ancient Underground Formation, let’s kill it.”

Ye Xing nodded and a faint layer of golden light spread out from his body. Holding the magic weapon, he rushed over.

The monsters all fell to the ground, either dead or injured, wherever they pa*sed.

Hua Junsheng was overjoyed, he clearly noticed that Ye Xing was much stronger than before.

“Follow me, quick.” Ye Xing commanded.

Hua Junsheng and a group of ancient martial artists followed him.

Ye Xing killed a bloody path and rushed into the stadium, finding that there were more monsters inside than he could count, and the group was instantly surrounded again.

After a few moments of killing. Ye Xing was also a bit tired of killing, if he continued like this, there would always be a moment when his strength would be exhausted.

“Go to hell!”

Ye Xing shouted, and the magic weapon in his hand flew out, like a head-cutting divine weapon.

Everywhere they pa*sed, monster heads were cut off and fell to the ground with bones.

The entire gymnasium, was already soaked with blood.

“Look guys.”

Suddenly. An ancient martial artist pointed at the floor and shouted.

The crowd looked at the sound, only to see that there were countless small holes in the floor, and after all that blood fell, it all flowed into the small holes and was absorbed.

“Not good, we have fallen for this old demon woman Mo Qian Yun’s trick, she needs this blood for the blood sacrifice ritual.” Ye Xing said urgently.

The blood sacrifice ritual needed a lot of blood, and Ye Xing’s group, was working for Mo Qian Yun!

“We can’t spend any more time, we must speed up and go in.” Hua Junsheng said urgently.

The group continued to charge inside, and everywhere they pa*sed, there were dense monsters. Mo Qian Yun seemed to have known that they would break in hard and had laid a big trap for them.

Kill it, help her work, don’t kill it. How could they break in?

Just when Ye Xing was in a dilemma, suddenly above his head, a female monster slowly approached and wandered around the stone wall.

Compared to other monsters. This monster was obviously high ranked and could fly over the walls.

Ye Xing was about to sacrifice his flying sword magic weapon to kill the other party, when suddenly the other party shouted, “It’s me.”

“Du Jiuniang?” Ye Xing’s face changed greatly.

Hearing the voice and looking at the appearance, he was basically sure that the other party was undoubtedly Du Jiuniang.

He never expected that Du Jiuniang had not died and had turned into a monster.

“Come with me, take a shortcut.”

Du Jiuniang didn’t say too much to him and wandered up the wall.

“Follow her.”

Ye Xing, Hua Ying Soul, and a group of experts leapt up in the air and leapt up on the wall.

Du Jiuniang was very familiar with this place and quickly bypa*sed it, taking a shortcut and coming to a manhole cover.

She lifted the manhole cover. And dug in.

Ye Xing stood still, hesitating a little.

“What are you still standing there for, if you are late, it will be too late, the Third Ancient Formation will be opened soon.” Du Jiuniang said urgently.

“Let’s go!” Ye Xing followed him in.

At this moment, they had no other choice.

The crowd dug into the sewers, and Hua Ying Ling Ling broke off the back and sealed the manhole cover after everyone had gone in. It made it impossible for the monsters outside to get in for a while.

“I thought you were dead, I didn’t think you were still alive, how did Mo Qian Yun let you go?” Ye Xing asked strangely.

She had clearly been pierced through the chest by Mo Qian Yun’s weapon.

“I thought I was dead too, Mo Qian Yun used compulsions to enter my body to eat me and refine me into those monsters, but I found that after those compulsions entered my body, I didn’t completely lose my humanity and turn into a monster like other people.” Du Jiuniang said.

As she spoke, Du Jiuniang’s body actually recovered from being a disgusting monster and turned into a person exactly like them.

“Is it possible that she has developed antibodies to the compulsion poison?” Ye Xing said.

“This possibility is highly probable.” Hua Ying Ling Ling was instantly shocked and happy, saying, “Now that all countries have no way to deal with the Faceless People, nor any way to control these monsters, Du Jiuniang, you could potentially be the turning point of the whole battle.”

The crowd rejoiced, with Du Jiuniang as a precedent in place, they might be able to research a way to deal with the compulsion in the future and save those who had turned into monsters.

“Du Jiuniang, your life is too important to risk with us. Zhang De, you are responsible for sending her out.” Hua Ying Ling Ling ordered.

“No, I want to go in with you guys and kill Mo Qian Yun.” Du Jiuniang was unwilling to go back.

“Jiu Niang, Hua Junsheng is right, your life is important, listen to me.” Ye Xing said seriously.

After the two of them persuaded each other, Du Jiuniang had to follow Zhang De to leave, before she left, she pointed out to Ye Xing a pa*sage leading underground, from which she could go down and find the Third Ancient Formation.