Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 501-502

Chapter 501

Five cars entered the immigrant area and the local gangsters surrounded them, after all this was their territory and as long as it wasn’t the police coming in, they had to deal with each other.

The blonde went down with her men, one armed, all with submachine guns, and scared the gangsters into fleeing.

They had guns too, but they were not even close to what the blonde and the others had.

The blonde and the others grabbed a local man. The other man was blackmailed into going to an underground market somewhere.

Ye Xing followed behind, and when the blonde and the others arrived at the underground market, they directly exchanged fire with each other.

The firepower in the underground market was also fierce. Blondie’s side also suffered several casualties until they went on the offensive with rocket launchers to put out the firepower underground.

Blondie and the others quickly attacked the underground market, but screams rang out, along with countless gunshots and explosions.

Ye Xing noticed that something was wrong and quickly walked inside the underground market.

Once the stairway to the underground market was finished. It was pitch black below, but Ye Xing could already hear the gasps of the faceless man.

Meanwhile, the blonde woman’s group was almost completely destroyed, leaving her alone and struggling to hold on.

As Ye Xing moved closer over, the faceless people came frantically all around.

These guys were completely using the blonde as bait to force Ye Xing to come in and save her, their wisdom was really not low.

Ye Xing came in front of the blonde girl and said, “Let’s go.”

The blonde didn’t even know how to take this, there were dangers everywhere, there were monsters everywhere, how could this be done?

Ye Xing reached out and dragged her away. The faceless people were enraged and lunged out from the shadows, but unfortunately, with a flash of cold light, one faceless person was cut in half, followed by the other faceless people as well, either vertically or horizontally, none of them could resist such a sharp flying sword attack at all.

Walking out of the underground market. Ye Xing grabbed it with his big hand and the flying sword returned from below as fast as it could.

“Let’s blow this place up.” Ye Xing said.

The blonde gritted her teeth and directly took out an explosive from inside her backpack and threw it inside the underground market, directly collapsing it.

After this encounter, the people of Scarlet Fortress understood how terrifying these faceless people were, bullets were completely ineffective against them unless heavy weapons were constantly used.

But when heavy weapons are used. The moment heavy weapons are used, they can cause panic among the people.

This time it happened in an immigrant neighbourhood, but what if the next time it happens in an upmarket neighbourhood in the city of Seine?

The silver-haired old man was frowning, he couldn’t sleep or eat without solving Mo Qian Yun.

“Since there are so many of you aspiring people in Seena City, why don’t we call a world a*sembly to discuss ways to deal with Mo Qian Yun, to focus our efforts on big things, and also to facilitate the coordination of law and order in various places.” Ye Xing proposed.

The silver-haired old man hesitated for a moment, “This is troublesome, if the entire continent is complete with all the major powers. There is no guarantee that everyone is of one mind.”

“This is simple, whoever is strong is the boss, I can represent your Scarlet Old Fort.” Ye Xing smiled up.

The silver haired old man was excited for a moment, if he had Ye Xing’s help, Scarlet Ancient Fortress was obviously stronger and became the commander of all the powerful people. That was a great power.

But could the silver-haired old man not be a little wary after so many years of life experience, and looking at Ye Xing he asked cautiously, “What is your purpose?”

“You wouldn’t believe me when I say I don’t have a purpose, but my purpose is also simple, to solve Mo Qian Yun and then the world will be at peace.” Ye Xing said.

The silver-haired old man was compelled to agree, if he continued to let the Faceless Man continue to wreak havoc like this, he really didn’t know how much chaos he would cause by then, he had to concentrate on solving the other side while it was still not unmanageable.

The Scarlet Ancient Fortress had a very powerful appeal in this part of the continent. Invitations were quickly sent out, and countless ancient martial arts factions responded.

Ye Xing also contacted Dragon Shield directly and gave a report of the situation on this side.

Qiao Lily asked with difficulty, “Master. Has my sister been found?”

“Not yet, she is not necessarily dead, don’t worry. I will definitely find her.” Ye Xing had been reluctant to mention Du Jiuniang, but it still didn’t elude him.

Three days later, the Scarlet Ancient Castle welcomed countless ancient martial forces.

Some of these ancient martial forces scattered all over the continent actually had Chinese faces.

Ye Xing could not help but sigh at the greatness of the old ancestors who had allowed the ancient martial arts to branch out and spread all over the world.

The Scarlet Fortress was lit up at night, these foreigners loved to have parties, at this time the drinks and beautiful women kept shuttling in and out, there were also some lawns and pools with lingerie exhibitions directly opened, it was just really corrupt.

Ye Xing waited for half a day, the blonde came to his room and asked, “So many beautiful women, don’t you want to go out and have fun?”

Ye Xing laughed bitterly, “I just died of a lover. That’s in the mood for such things.”

“But if you don’t get out of your predicament, won’t you live in pain for the rest of your life?”

“If it’s not painful at all, it proves that I have no feelings for that woman, what’s the difference between that and an animal?”

“Maybe it’s our different consciousness that makes the difference, for us. You shouldn’t say no when you should be having fun.” The blonde laughed and walked out.

Ye Xing came to the window and looked downstairs, it was really a group of devils, I have to say that foreigners are just open.

Suddenly, the blonde also came to the pool, this chick took off her leather clothes, revealing her beautiful body, and after jumping into the water, her long hair was soaking wet, and her whole body was as beautiful as a hibiscus out of the water.

But no one dared to tease her. The blonde swam a few laps, put on a towel and left.

Ye Xing suddenly heard a knock on the door and went to open it, and it was actually the wet blonde.

“My hair is too long, can you blow dry it for me?”

“That’s a bit of a provocative word for you.”

“No really, it’s fine if I do it instead.” The blonde laughed.

The room soon fell into a low gasp going, but it wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door outside.

“The Baron asks you to come to the conference room.” The person outside the room said and left.

Leafstar gaped, what a bummer, as the blonde leapt to her feet, draped a towel over her and said with a smile, “Thankfully my hair is dry.”

“You’re done, I’m not.”

“I didn’t think you were quite so good.”

“Nonsense, doesn’t destroy national prestige.”

“Haha, machismo.”

Ye Xing put on his trousers and went downstairs, walking into the meeting room, where a group of bigwigs had been waiting for a long time.

These people all had one characteristic, arrogance, contempt and pride, as if anyone owed them money.

After Ye Xing sat down, the group didn’t pay any attention to him and continued to argue about nothing more than who sent how many people, who coordinated the relationship, and the fact that the casualties in the underground market were a bit horrible and everyone was reluctant to put out their men for fear that the most people who would die would be their own.

With a thud, the silver-haired old man slapped down the table, silencing the crowd.


Chapter 502

The old man looked around at everyone and then drank, “It’s fruitless to continue arguing, you can each go back to your own, consider yourselves guests in my ancient castle today, wait until those monsters go to your territory and kill all your people, then think about who you want to ask for help today.”

These were heavy words that dared everyone to speak out in anger, and finally it was another old woman who spoke up and everyone returned to a unified line.

Arranging who would be in charge this was a bit of a problem, it was clear that Scarlet Castle was a big rival and no one was convinced.

The silver haired old man smiled and pointed at Ye Xing and introduced him, “This is the expert from China. Those monsters in the underground market were also exterminated by his hand, and we at Scarlet Ancient Fortress have invited him to a*sist, so naturally he has the ability to command everyone.”

“Gleeman, what kind of idea do you have in mind. Don’t think we are not aware of it, we in Snowman Valley are the first to disagree.” A big, sturdy man in a thick leather coat, close to five foot nine, got up and roared.

He was full of beards, like a tower of iron, and carried an extremely powerful majesty. This man was not weak, although he had not reached the realm of Zong Shi, but he did not want to go far.

The others also made their exit. The silver-haired old man Gleeman sneered, “Since no one has any ideas, then the old rules apply, whoever is strong will be the master, and this Chinese warrior will also represent our Scarlet Old Fort in the battle.”

“With that little physique of his, I’ll have to crush him into a meatball later.” The big burly man from the Valley of the Yeti jeered up.

Everyone shouted and left the meeting room and went outside onto the lawn as the others got out of the way because there was a good show coming up immediately.

It had to be said that these foreigners just loved violence and the men and women were excited to see such a showdown.

The burly man from Yeti Valley took off his jacket and was just wearing shorts, with an explosion of muscles around his body and terrifyingly scary tattoos.

He grabbed a nearby axe, weighing dozens of pounds, and wielded it with incredible lethality.

The guy also kept shouting and letting out a beast-like roar.

Ye Xing frowned as everyone started to rise up at that moment, and the burly man from Yeti Valley looked at him with contempt and roared, “Little dwarf from China, come over here and give me your head as a ball.”

The people around him shouted and looked extremely excited.

Ye Xing walked off the field, thinking to himself that since you have to seek death, you can’t blame me.

The strong man raised his axe and came towards Ye Xing, but unfortunately he stopped just a few steps out. Immediately afterwards, his head fell, blood sprayed out from inside his neck and his body fell on the lawn.

This scene stunned the people around, as if they had seen a ghost.

Ye Xing retrieved his flying sword, looked around at everyone and asked, “Who else wants to try?”

No one dared to say anything, Ye Xing’s tactics had already exceeded theirs by too much, this was not an ancient martial duel, it was a ghostly tactic.

The silver-haired old man was very pleased with himself and greeted people to carry the corpse away, and then started to ask the others to return to the meeting room to continue the discussion.

Ye Xing didn’t go back either, he didn’t want to negotiate with these people, at this moment a group of people came around him. There were both men and women, all of them were descendants of the major ancient martial forces, and when they saw Ye Xing’s tactics like this, they simply hated to kneel down and lick.

Especially those few Persian cats, that simply hated to bring him into the room to have a chat about life.

Suddenly, everyone got out of the way because the blonde woman had arrived.

This was the big sister of the Scarlet Old Fort and was so fierce that these people knew how fierce she was and simply did not dare to call out to her.

As soon as the blonde woman came and took Ye Xing’s arm, she left.

Ye Xing became embarra*sed, it was so easy for a large group of beautiful women to worship him, but it turned out that he was taken away before he could enjoy himself.

And the blonde was a little taller than him. The two were next to each other, instead they made him look like a bird.

“Do you want me to call two more girls for you?”

“That open?”

“Nice try, you’re mine today.”

“That’s too much, you can’t be that selfish, you have to be fraternal understand? We are all children of the jungle, if you give others a little benefit, they will also help you ……”

Early the next morning, Ye Xing appeared in the horse farm outside the ancient castle in high spirits. Riding a horse was something he knew in one life, and it felt really good to revisit it now.

Unfortunately, the people in the stable were all smiling at the sight of him.

Ye Xing asked a woman what was going on.

The woman had seen Ye Xing kill someone yesterday and was very scared, so after thinking about it she said, “They all laughed at you for sleeping with Miss Lina.”

“What? What is there to tell about sleeping with her?”

“Miss Lina is a widow who has died of several husbands, and they think that if you dare to sleep with her, I’m afraid something bad will happen to you too.”

“A poisonous widow, huh? That’s alright, I’m a natural widow killer.”

When Ye Xing finished skulking back to the old castle, the silver-haired old man Gleeman called him to his study and showed him a report. Recently there had been many cases of horrible monsters all over the world, and the whole continent was on edge; after all, this continent had dozens of countries, but they were all interconnected. The monster could be in Seine City today, and tomorrow it could appear on the island of Liebling.

Ye Xing said after reading it, “This can’t be helped, unless we can beat Mo Qian Yun, as long as we kill that female demon. The other monsters are in no danger.”

“You can’t deal with her either?”

“Of course I can’t deal with it, a demon at the Foundation Establishment stage, you think it’s that easy to deal with, but she’s been secretive lately, maybe she’s brewing some horrible blood sacrifice ritual again.” Ye Xing got worried.

Meanwhile, a thousand miles away, on an island with picturesque scenery and blue water, it is a famous holiday resort, but recently there was an accident at an old fort on the island, no one has been out for a long time, the local police force went to check the fort and found that no one was there, the whole fort had no more clues except that people were missing.

After the police left, the old fort was often spooky at night. This has led to the withdrawal of tourists, who no longer dare to go near the place.

The castle is silent in broad daylight when a creaking sound emanates from an empty room, then the floor cracks open and a pair of ghastly white hands grab the floor and crawl out.

It was a long-haired woman, naked, who crawled into the room, where there happened to be a mirror across the room. Twisting her head around, she was startled by herself and then let out a wretched scream.

When the screaming stopped, the woman quickly pulled off a curtain, draped it over her body and ran out.

Leaving the castle, the woman sneaked on her way into a farm and ate the heart and marrow of a cow, as well as sucking a lot of blood.

When she had fed, her senses began to return and she clasped her hands together and let out a helpless, piteous cry.

“Ye Xing, sister, I’m so scared.” The woman cried out in tears.


Ye Xing had a nightmare where Du Jiuniang asked herself to save her, but she was powerless and eventually could only watch her being torn to pieces by the faceless man.

“Something is wrong, I haven’t had a dream for a long time, why would this happen, could it be that Jiu Niang is not dead?” Ye Xing suddenly thought of such a possibility.